MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Women have been warned about the dangers of the human papilloma virus (HPV) for years, but men now face the risk of oral cancer.

Doctors say the HPV is causing an epidemic of oral cancers in otherwise healthy young men. It’s estimated that HPV causes about 70 percent of cancers of the tongue and tonsils, and 80 percent of these cancers occur in men.

Experts say the cancer is spread through oral contact.

Doctors call it a shocking trend, saying it could be the start of a pandemic.

“To see a change in the demographic like this is concerning, because the patients coming in now are really these clean-living patients. Most of them are professionals. Very few of them have any tobacco history,” said DR. Eric Genden of Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The virus can also be spread through kissing; it can lie dormant for years before possibly developing into cancer.

Comments (6)
  1. M says:

    Nice picture. The article tells you basically nothing. Not what to do to prevent, diagnose or treat. WCCO is a joke.

    1. MoeHill says:

      Is it the responsibility of WCCO to give health advice for the general population which has various lifestyles and situations? No. Find a better source for your medical advice- the news is for general information. If we all took news media seriously we would all be being treated for bird flu, swine flu, SARs and HIV because, according them, it was supposed to infect everybody by now.

  2. youknowit says:

    You can prevent it by not doing oral and don’t kiss anybody that has……Is it more common in gay men or straight men or does it not matter? Why wouldn’t it be common in women?

    1. Flanagan says:

      Women usually have some serious and continuious mouthy issues. I am not surpised.

    2. HPV says:

      Women get cervical cancer from HPV. There is an HPV vaccine that is recommended for women as well that will prevent it.

      1. Sue Velure says:

        The HPV vaccine is given to men/boys now also.

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