DJs are the new rock stars. Some would say DJs are rock stars like professional poker players are the new professional athletes. Many of the top electronic DJs change upwards of $30,000 for one night performance while, according to websites like, the entire Sugar Hill Gang is available for under ten-thou. In the past, it would take years and years for a DJ to build a reputation and a commanding reputation. According to Jack Trash, owner of Sound in Motion, “With the power of social network activity, rockstar DJs can be created overnight.”

Jack Trash and Sound In Motion are renowned in Minneapolis-St. Paul for bringing in the hottest of electronic acts to the Twin Cities. Big electronic showcases are a perfect example of the overnight rockstar DJ status. Up until six months ago, Skrillex was a fairly unknown electro-dubstep DJ. For those that don’t have a doctorate in electronic music genres, this is an extremely fast growing style of music. It has an extremely fast beat that is so many beats per minute that it almost sounds as if it could be danced to at half speed.

Skrillex, 23, has had plenty of productions credits under his name, but no real mainstream exposure. That is no real national exposure until the summer of 2010, in which Skrillex opened up in a national tour for one of the top, Grammy nominated house DJs in the world, DeadMau5 (pronounced “Dead Mouse”). Being an opening act for DeadMau5 catapulted Skrillex to the top of the list of most demanded electronic DJs and making him, virtually, an instant sensation. In April 2011 Alternative Press listed Skrillex as one of the top 100 bands you need to know.

Catch Skrillex on his nationwide tour this fall.

Chris Castle has an affinity for all social, artistic and exciting experiences related to the Minneapolis-St.Paul nightlife scene. He is a resident nightclub DJ, promoter, and owner of the local nightlife website,

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  1. The Architect says:

    “DJs are the new rock stars.”


    Um. No. They are not even second tier to mainstream. They are so far down the list that nobody knows what you’re talking about or cares to find out.

  2. KAy says:

    There have always been DJs that charged $30,000+ a night. It’s nothing new. The only thing that is new is the electro sound that was popular in the electronic genre 5 years now being infused into the mainstream pop songs (think black eyed peas, britney spears, etc..) So now you have more people aware of the style which means now anyone can be a rockstar DJ!
    Dubstep is the worst style of music ever invented.

  3. Jack says:

    For those of you who are open-minded to experiencing different styles of music, the Twin Cities has a vastly underrated electronic/dubstep scene. Sound in Motion has done a fantastic job of bringing in some huge DJs/groups (Deadmau5, Skrillex, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Wolfgang Gartner to name only a few) I highly recommend checking it out sometime! Also, in response to Kay, aren’t music tastes subjective? No need to insult something millions of people love because it doesn’t strike your fancy.

    1. KAy says:

      IMO dubstep takes no skill at all to DJ, or to yes it’s not my favorite. I can take it in short bursts – about a minute or two. But I know the younger kids love it, so my hope i guess would be that the same kids that fell in love with dubstep..can go to your shows (and other local events) and realize how much else is out there and appreciate all forms.

  4. Phil says:

    Phil strongly agrees with Jack. Also, Dubstep is the best style of music ever invented. Also, The Doctor > The Architect…

  5. The Architect says:

    I don’t understand the draw. At all.

    I have to ask though… After all these years of having record scratchers and DJs, why do y’all still have a regular set of headphones jammed between your shoulder and your ear to hear the other record? You still haven’t found a better way to keep tabs on your tunes?

    1. Amelia P. says:

      I don’t understand you. At all.

      I have to ask though…After all these years of being alive, why do y’all post multiple comments in one thread, solely to express your displeasure with DJs. You still haven’t found a better way of spending your time?

      1. Mr. Smith says:

        Meta. So meta.

      2. The Architect says:

        I didn’t express my displeasure with DJs. I said I don’t get the draw, and I asked a question.

        Are you going to answer it, or just blather on like a billy goat who didn’t get his tin can breakfast, Amelia?

  6. Lucas says:

    I love it when old people complain about how the kids’ music isn’t as good as the music they listened to as kids. Glass houses and all that…

    1. Outdoorsman says:

      When it comes to House and DJ scratched music, they’re right.

      This stuff will always be underground rave music. It will never make the radio, so to compare it to “the music old people listened to as kids” is not a valid comparison.

      Dance music is not the same as regular music. It never has been.

  7. just my small input says:

    well kinda wrong in fact Korn and Skrillex have the song get up.. sweet song too I might add

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