MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A number of streets in downtown Minneapolis are getting repaved, and some of the roadway rehabilitations will include bicycle lanes.

According to the City of Minneapolis, crews started by working on 3rd Street South from Hennepin Avenue to 11th Avenue South. The work will continue along 4th through 7th Avenues.

Many of the streets being repaved were used as detours in the aftermath of the Interstate 35W bridge collapse in 2007, which led to extra wear and tear.

The city says more than 50 blocks will have a smooth new surface by October, which should extend the roadways’ life by another decade.

Most of the construction is expected to take place during non-peak traffic hours, but the city warned of forthcoming road closures.

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  1. andre says:

    I worked with someone who had left the DOT. They reported that the companies paving roads could use inferior materials.

    However, they were fined a certain amount per unit if the material was inferior to the contract specified materials.

    When it came down to the fine per unit compared to the profit savings per unit, the contractors were making out like bandits by using inferior materials, the fines were less than what they saved, so more profit for the contractors to use inferior materials.

    Why would the state write up contracts where they encourage the contractors to use cheap pavement?

    Can someone validate if this practice is still going on?

    If so, call your officials and demand quality surfaces so we don’t have to keep paying.

  2. Pay for my new suspension says:

    um how about start with the hennipen/lyndale/394 clusterf*** that looks like a warzone? One could probably get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving trying to dodge the sinkholes on that mess. Thanks

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