BLOOMINGTON (WCCO) — A Bloomington man is facing possible jail time, accused of breaking a city ordinance that prohibits residents from feeding wild animals.

In Bloomington, it is legal to use bird feeders — as long as they are 5 feet off the ground. Neighbors and the charges allege that Craig Brown was throwing feed onto the ground, which is illegal.

For years, Brown said he tried to make his backyard a haven for birds.

Now, birds rarely visit Brown’s backyard. Months ago, Brown removed all his bird feeders after he said those feeders landed him in trouble with the law.

“I am nervous,” said Brown. “They have the right to send me to jail.”

A video taken by a neighbor in December showed the Bloomington City Attorney just how popular Brown’s yard was for animals. In the video, dozens of birds are seen eating from the ground.

Neighbors said the food didn’t just bring birds, it also brought rodents, which then chewed on their property.

“You have an impact on your neighbors. Your backyard and what you do in it can damage the livability of neighbors’ house,” said Sandra Johnson, the Bloomington City Attorney.

Brown claimed his bird feeding fell in line with the city ordinance.

“I was still putting the feed in feeders. I was doing it legally, but I was getting these ducks in here. What do I do?” said Brown.

According to the criminal complaint, however, Brown admitted to deliberately throwing food on the ground. He claimed the seeds on the ground came from the hanging feeders.

“In this case, I believe the resident was initially warned, but he continued to feed on the ground,” said Johnson.

As Brown prepares to fight for a hobby he can no longer enjoy, he also realizes a not guilty verdict is not necessarily a win.

“I promise they’ll never see a bird feeder in my yard. It’s ruined it for me. I can’t ever do it again,” said Brown.

Brown did have the option of avoiding jail time by pleading guilty, but it is a misdemeanor charge that would have stayed on his record, which was his concern.

Brown’s maximum punishment could be 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Comments (220)
  1. Jay says:

    Man, am I ever glad I dont have your neighbors!!!

    1. Ed says:

      Why aren’t the neighbors being charged with invasion of privacy? They are no legal right to video record this guy over a fence in his backyard. And if you have rat problems maybe it’s YOU who need to clean up your house!

      1. Josie says:

        But ED – Who will the neighbor BLAME when the rats don’t leave his house that has garbage lying in and around it; then the neighbor will have no one to sue for money – then he’ll have to wait until the guy mows his lawn (to sue for his allergies that the cut grass effects). I am sure the neighbor has a list of “irritations” that his neighbor is “causing him harm” – the world just keeps moving downhill at a rapid pace!

      2. Soldier of Fortune says:

        It’s not an invasion of privacy; if you can be clearly seen from off the property… even from a aircraft flying over your house, you’re fair game for anyone to view or photograph you.

        And bird seed on the ground, even that which falls out of a feeder, does attract unwanted vermin besides the desired birds.

    2. teaisstronger says:

      We have to fight to create a nation we can live in again before the government sends troops to our homes to disarm us. . Socialism makes slaves out of us. Slaves do not have any rights.

    3. LibertyTreeBud says:

      Me too! Those neighbors SUCK!

    4. Jo says:

      I have a neighbor that put the feeder 5 feet from my car, we don’t have garages here, i have birds nesting and tearing up my home and pooping on my car and porch chairs, would I be a busibody if I askd him to move it? Oh and he also pulled out the property line marker when he put it in.

      Well thing is, he is a nasty neighbor, and I’ve done nothing to him, and I did ask him to move it, and I doubt he will, so now I have to invest in an expensive bird deterent gadet that may not work., There should be more laws to protect people from nasty neighbors.

  2. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    I agree, these are busy bodies doing this. I wonder what sort of illegal activities these busybodies are doing because no one is taking a pictures of them?

  3. Lisa Ann Blickem says:

    We cant feed the wild ducks who do no wrong but we can feed child molestors in prison .. do that make any sense?

    1. Ed says:

      Actually, don’t fed Ducks. They won’t go away and they will harass you if you stop.

      1. Louis H. says:

        How does a duck harass s a person? Quack in a threatening way?

    2. Bernie Bouck says:

      I like ducks. . . . . the last ones were DELICIOUS !

  4. Julie says:

    I agree to your agreement… they should be looking for criminals.
    Not bird feeding hooligans.

    1. jnsesq says:

      You bet! There are those menacing kids’ lemonade stands to be shut down!!!

    2. fred says:

      Bird feeding hooligans are no threat, that’s why they go after them.

    3. Edward Boothe says:

      We are not heading for Communism, we are already there

      1. Alex Brown says:

        I don’t think even the communists in the USSR where this facist or stupid. I think you could feed birds quite safely without being taken to the Gulag.

        1. Matt H says:

          This has absolutely nothing to do with Communism or Socialism. This was a Democratic city passing a municipal law in compliance with the processes of our Democratic republic as outlined in the Constitution. One free citizen tested the boundaries of that law, and other free citizens exercized their rights to try to stop him in a legal and non-violent fashion.

          This was Democracy in action, folks. Anyone who links this to Communism is in dire need of a Civics lesson, preferably before you next vote. You remember voting, as in a Democratic process to determine legislation? To claim that this incident has any releation to Communism or socialism belies a profound and willful ignorance of what those words mean. You are entitled to your own opinions, NOT your own set of facts.

          That having been said, in my opinion this is a stupid and fascist law, and the neighbors ought to be ashamed of themselves for sending a (seemingly) nice man through the justice system and possibly to jail because he wanted to feed the ducks in his own backyard. This is proof positive that good fences do not necessarily make good neighbors.

        2. Аляксандр says:

          you have NO idea what USSR was. And what you have is Americanism!!! You can take to court anyone and for anything.

  5. Wil in Minneapolis says:

    Apparently his neighbors are angry schmucks who desperately need lives.

    And I sincerely hope the city attorney in Bloomington realizes this is a ridiculous case and drops all charges against this man.

    Good god .. I think Bloomington needs a serious attitude adjustment and a light shined on a few gang and drug dealer hang outs so they can direct their attention the ACTUAL law breakers in their midst.

    1. Ray Christl says:

      We’re all lookin’ for freedom…even the drug dealers just supplying a need that people have. Why go and blame them ?

  6. Linda Berglund says:

    Holy Toledo man! The neighbors must have something else against him…

  7. KT says:

    This is completely stupid! The busy bodies should be ashamed of themselves. Get a life and clue

    1. Sue says:

      the tattle tale neighbor is completly pathetic… Can we no longer take care of our own problems without involving the authorities and the law?? What happened to communication?? We no longer look out for each other, we don’t talk to each other — we inform and snitch on our neighbors…. No wonder so many of our neighborhoods have drug problems and such – we’re all strangers….. What happened to “it takes a village”?? I guess it take a village idiot with a video camera…..

      1. Mary Sparrowdancer says:

        It does NOT TAKE A VILLAGE to raise children. It takes a mother and a father. Get the village out of my affairs. The notion of “the village” is Communism.

      2. Liz Urban Montreal says:

        No more community, just nasty individuals. I can understand why this man is nervous ! I would be too. As as for a “village” being communist – no its is a humanist concept and an ancient, prehistoric one.

        I agree with Ed, I have a pond, birds, raccoons, skunks, dogs, cats (the occassional fox)… no rats (rats are in the sewers – well, I do live a dense urban environment. But no the vermin stay away, deep down.

  8. drts says:

    Throw feed on the ground. Attract vermin. Good idea. Good neighbor.

    1. Ed says:

      I fed wild animals and have NEVER seen any rats or mice. Since the video doesn’t show ANY rodents It’s simply the neighbors word. Prove it!

  9. Dave says:

    The fact that a neighbor is the one who turned him in for feeding the ducks is kind of pathetic. How many of these neighbors have turned in the neighborhood speeder who is a threat to the children in the neighborhood, or the drug dealers, or the party house, and many other things that go on in the neighborhood. I guess feeding wild birds are more of an important issue to them in Bloomington. I guess we know where the crooks and pedophiles can go to, because the neighbors are too busy looking for the petty things.

  10. Sam I Am says:

    Leave the guy alone! How ridiculous.Go after the neighbors for frivolous reporting!

  11. Mike Gilbertsen says:

    Mike in Chaska

    My wife and I could hardly believe we had this kind of illegal activity, not out east in the Southamptons, but right here in Minnesota, in little ol’ Bloomington. Thank God and City Attorney Sandra Johnson this law breaker has finally been brought to justice! Sure, it starts as “just feeding the birds”, but pretty soon it’s the ducks and woodpeckers, and then it’s the squirrels and chipmunks! Then were will this lawlessness end, when someone gets killed??! Seriously – I hope someone posts this on You Tube for the world to see – With the goofy judgement of Ms. Johnson, she belongs in Washington D.C.!!

  12. quentin says:

    I assume you all live in apartments and don’t have to worry about rats and ‘coons chewing on your stuff..

    1. Jay says:

      A few years ago, I too fed the birds. I had 10-15 various feeders in my yard and trees.Birds are messy creatures, feed and seed gets strewn all over in the area where feeders are placed. They dont know enough to pick up after themselves! Due to a cutback in hours at work I let the feeders slowly empty so the birds would find another source. I gave my neighbor all my feeders, and they added to them. with another 10. WE DONT have trouble with rats, coons or skunks! IF your a person that doesnt keep your yard free of places that animals can make a nest in, youll attract unwanted animals.. Even a garbage can will attract coons and possums. Ive seen whole flocks of black birds and crows at the feeders next door which are less desirable, but they need to eat too. Some people are just so bored with their lives they have nothing better to do but find petty things to complain about. The tallest privacy fence allowed would be installed in a heartbeat to keep this nosy neighbors view somewhat blocked! Bet they also watch this guy with binnoculars whiile he is inside his home too!

      1. VT says:

        That is absolutely true. We have but one big bird feeder up in a tree and we have grass and weeds growing underneath in a gravel road, because of all the seeds that the messy birds leave behind on the ground. It’s ridiculous to expect a no-mess feeders, plus if the neighbor has a problem with mice, they can get an outdoor cat and yes, clean up the area of your yard and even if the vermin comes to feed on seeds, they will leave again if there is no place to nest and breed safely. There’s also a beautiful thing called pest control, in case things get out of hand for whatever reason.

      2. Gayle says:

        Did you see his yard? He seemed extremely well kept. Although I know what you’re talking about it didn’t seem to apply in this case.

        1. Jay says:

          You bet I saw his great looking yard. My post was directed at the complaining neighbor. That nosy busy-body may be attracting the varmits himself without realizing it.

    2. Michael Ledbetter says:

      Rodents go where the food is. Its obvious that the neighbor has no lack of food, so it is her own fault if rats are in her house. If she would keep a clean home and take preventative measures to deter the unwanted pests (like keeping trashcans off the ground and lidded) then they would stay away. People love to blame others for their own ineptitude.

    3. Ed says:

      Do you? I live out in the country. I don’t have rats or mice. I keep my place clean and trimmed. When the random “coon” shows up I simply shoot it. Why risk the rabies with the neighbors’ small kids. If these people have rodent problems they need to look at their own habits and property first.

    4. Don Mitchell says:

      you don’t know much about wildlife do you dippy do

  13. R.Waite says:

    Life, Liberty and the Pursiut of Happiness, except in Bloomington. Put the police to real work catching druggies, rapists murders, thieves, yes Bloomingto has them. Animals and birds don’t do any harm and are a real joy to watch.

    Buy a bag of bird seed and apoligize to your neighbor. Real “Neighbors” don’t do this kind of thing!!

    1. Woodsman says:

      You want the police to break down doors and arrest people getting high? I don’t get what for…

  14. BP says:

    Really let’s worry about more important things in this world. Than if someone is feeding the birds.

  15. Willow says:

    Clearly these people have nothing better to do with their time. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  16. Redneck Purist says:

    Note to self: Pick up bird feed, go to Bloomington and throw on ground. Repeat on next day. Repeat on successive following days.

  17. Darren says:

    Where does this gentlemen live? I would like to donate a winters worth of food for the birds and animals.

    And wow, a peeping Tom as a neighbor, videotaping the whole thing.

    I do have a few neighbors with kids and teenagers that are always noisy, up all hours of the night, maybe I can get my neighbors to stop feeding them so they aren’t a problem either.

  18. RUFUSFUNGUS says:

    This is just wrong don’t these people have anything to do,Like balance the finances or keep crime down. Whoever brought these charges should be FIRED AND REMOVED FROM THE COMMUNITY THEY RESIDE IN.This is the most communist thing i have ever heard of and just makes me sick that feeding the birds is a crime,WHAT A DISGRACE.LET THE GUY FEED THE BIRDS AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…..STAY OUT OF OTHERS STUFF AND DO YOUR OWN THING…

  19. Hank Warren says:

    Useless bureacrats and their useless rules, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Jay says:

      Get off your soap box! Feeding the birds isnt a right idiot. Its a desire to help our little creatures.

  20. Bob says:

    Any judge who gives this fellow jail time should be recalled and disbarred. The presecuters should also be disbarred.

  21. Ben Dover says:

    I say we also arrest the store that sold the man the illegal bird food.

  22. JohnDD says:

    Good golly Miss Molly. We are in a country that is going bankrupt, we have politicians who Tweet their private parts and get retirement income for life, and this guy might go to jail because, QUOTE however, Brown admitted to deliberately throwing food on the ground UNQUOTE. Oh, the horror of it, he DELIBERATELY threw bird food on the GROUND. Off with his head, off with his head. The man is a monster.

  23. ItsTheLaw says:

    90 days in the slammer for you buddy. And don’t feed birds on the ground again ever, you reprobate!

  24. Kathy says:

    Control freaks like this poor guys neighbors make me sick.

  25. el Presidente Obama says:

    He must comply with the government authorities or he will be sent to the gulag.

  26. John in the Free South says:

    Ahhh! Welcome to the new age of Homeland Security! You are encouraged to report your neighbor for ANY type of transgression against the powers that be…

    1. DawnB says:

      I’m no fan of the DHS; however, this type of thing was going on long before DHS’ creation.

  27. Uncle Joe says:

    Put him in a cage and throw away the key!

  28. ODIrony says:

    You know, maybe they were right all along; maybe decades of all that fluoride in the water really have driven significant portions of the population into imbecility.

  29. Harleyxx says:

    What nonsense! Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves. Say goodby to the late great USA, Land of the, “not so free and home of the not so brave”.

  30. Tennessee Budd says:

    One of many reasons I refuse to live in city limits.

  31. Nowhereman says:

    My mom had the same problem in Quincy Massachusetts.
    She had to go to court twice. I think in the end she could have one feeder.
    I thought we lived in a free country. Dont feed the birds or you will end up in court;

    1. Mary Sparrowdancer says:

      The USDA has a lot of input into laws, and they regularly kill wild birds that eat grain in the industrial agricultural fields. Birds are our friends, because nearly all baby birds eat insects. I spent 20 years taking care of wild birds and animals, and cared for about 20,000 of them. We need the wild birds, not the chemicals.

  32. Ben Dover says:

    Throw this cold blooded criminal in jail. But let Casey Anthony go free.

    1. rabbitnexus says:

      First make sure he is not a Muslim, because it could be terrorism after all. Then it is secret rendition and torture for the fellow. I personally think that since he is a dangerous criminal (member of the public) he should be feeling very lucky he didn’t need to be shot or at least tazed for the protection of the police. I guess they were not involved, or else it probably would be part pf the story.

  33. TheCas says:

    The TRUE Shame is that there is a LAW on the books against throwing feed on the ground! What has this “free” country come to?

  34. Ima says:

    Remember a day when a neighbor would lean over the fence and say, “Hey, Charlie, I know you love your birds and all, but I have to tell you, I’ve been having rodent problems and I believe its because you’re luring them with food”? Neighbors nowadays call the police before asking a neighbor to turn down a radio or curb their dog, etc. Now this poor old guy who didn’t have anything but his birds has to have a record. It’s disgraceful. Our govt. isn’t supposed to be imposing these ridiculous regulations.

    1. John says:

      That’s because neighbors nowadays can be dangerously crazy. I once very politely asked my neighbor to turn down his thumping party music because it was vibrating our shared wall, and making my dishes rattle. He threatened to pull a gun on me. That makes me less inclined to be so “neighborly.”

    2. wncchester says:

      Well, soft, sensitive l”bberuals’ seen to have a genetic disposition to order others around but also want to “help” wildlife so they design and pass such trivial regulations. Then bored bureaucrats on a power trip seek expanded ways to apply the regulations in ways no one ever dreamed and harmless citizens get run over by the blind majestic power of petty officials. Forget the birds, those are the peoply who will soon be controlling our health care.

      1. Gordon Wagner says:

        I think you’re foolish to try and pigeonhole every issue into “conservative” or “liberal”. That kind of thinking is non-productive.

        1. arg2015153 says:

          Funny, GW, liberals always say that when the dynamic results of their feel-good nanny rules catch them in their own juices. Wncchester has it right.

        2. L says:

          Liberalism is a mental disorder

          1. Matt says:

            Name calling and bully-tactics are all that libs have in their arsenal. Every silly lib post just justifies why conservatism is the correct ideology. I thank people like you who make it obvious what side of the aisle is morally superior. Thank you, Ivan….I mean John.

          2. Larry says:

            JOHN – IL1 nice use of talking points and name calling. Joe Biden would have to follow your advice to clear your mind.

          3. nygru,mp says:

            Do you feel powerful when you repeat that over and over, like a cult mantra?

  35. JoeThePlumber says:

    Like America’s gun laws, we need to go after the manufacturer of the bird seed and bust him big time!

  36. VT says:

    Unfortunately, America has a bigger problem than a “handful” of corrupt politicians in Washington. Way to many everyday Americans, for whatever reason I can’t quite comprehend, are playing along the Big Brother Game eagerly. Reporting neighbors for throwing bird seed on the ground, or for swatting a toddler on his butt, or for letting an eleven year old home alone for an hour…even those, who happily propose that parents of abducted and murdered or accident stricken children be persecuted, since apparently it’s all the parents fault and the only capable institution to care for children is the government itself. Many worried Americans on the other hand, compare these situations to Communism, but I can tell you this, growing up in communist country myself…Communism (at least the European one) had way more common sense and nobody got prosecuted for feeding birds or spanking children. And the real criminals got blamed for what they did…now, of course, don’t think I’m promoting Communism here, in no way, it is a despicable way of government, but I’m saying that America is at this point more degraded than many communist countries in the sense mentioned above.

    1. Bobby C says:

      You’re right VT, we are far from free anymore. In fact, Argentina and dozens of other nations are more free than we are now. The sad thing is that it happened so slowly and insidiously that few realize it. And, of course, it was all done in the interest of “public safety”.

  37. AnnMC says:

    We have become a communist country. Petty people turning in their neighbors for feeding the birds. What neext? Turning in their neighbot for going to church; for parking on the wong side of the street.; for yelling at a kid who is vandalizing their property, for any petty thing they can find. Like someone already said, don’t we have more immportant things to be spending our money, than on prosecuting someone on than a petty complaint. So fine the guy $25 and move on.

  38. J.V. says:

    Any budget cuts in Bloomington is now very easy to make. Just fire all officials and cops that had anything to do with Mr.Brown. If feeding birds in ones own backyard is part of any public officials’s duties to monitor and/or enforce such stupid laws against a citizen’s private activity, then the law(s) should be changed and the city’s manpower reduced – thereby saving citizens from over zealous state control officials and their associated taxpayers costs…

  39. MrB says:

    Oh Ms Johnson how I hope you read these comments. You are the type of person and reason why “Bec” left this world early. She would be ashamed of you! You are a disgrace to your proffession, and I would say a disgrace to the city of Bloomington as well, however having worked for the city I know this is standard procedure for them. What a feeble attempt to take another step on the corporate latter. On a positive note…..this should definately look good on your resume when you are trying to land a gig with one of the big law firms in town!!!

  40. sue says:

    Obviously this man will not be given jail time. The stautory penalties were listed for informational purposes not as the expected outcome of this violation. You people need to get off your high horses and look at both sides of this issue. The law is in place for a reason. People have the right and duty to report a violation especially if their property is adversely affected by this inconsiderate man’s actions. He is living as is he resides in a wilderness area not a suburban neighborhood. Feeding animals is not inherantly bad. Doing so in excess and in a manner that throws off the natural balance of the ecosystem is selfish and only serves this man’s interests, not the best interests of the animals. It also demonstrates a total lack of respect for the other human beings who are dealing with the consequences of this man’s violation of the law. Grow up.

  41. sue says:

    Obviously this man will not be given jail time. The statutory penalties were listed for informational purposes not as the expected outcome of this violation. You people need to get off your high horses and look at both sides of this issue. The law is in place for a reason. People have the right and duty to report a violation especially if their property is adversely affected by this inconsiderate man’s actions. He is living as is he resides in a wilderness area not a suburban neighborhood. Feeding animals is not inherantly bad. Doing so in excess and in a manner that throws off the natural balance of the ecosystem is selfish and only serves this man’s interests, not the best interests of the animals. It also demonstrates a total lack of respect for the other human beings who are dealing with the consequences of this man’s violation of the law. Grow up.

    1. Magnum says:

      Let me take a wild guess, that in grade school you were a milk line monitor, and felt duty bound to report the slightest violation of “the rules”. Later, you aspired to be a lawyer, a lecturer, or a corrections officer.

  42. MrB says:

    I know, I know……ladder, I was in a rush 🙂

  43. will smith says:

    You guys must all be city people who have no clue about animals other than Disney films. Birds throw feed all over. Feed falls on ground. Rodents get it, decide it’s great, and call all their friends. Some places have a lot of rodents, some have few/none. Obviously, this place had some, and enough to share their work with the neighbor. Neighbor has a right to be free of vermin. Seriously, get a cat? Sure, you pay for it, the feed, the litter box, and inconvenience. Better yet, YOU get a cat and do all that’s required. Bunch of know-nothings. Anything is ok until somebody else is inconvenienced, then it has to be worked out. Get real, this guy’s feeding jones was getting out of hand and caused real bother to other people. Reign it in, control it.

    1. Bobby C says:

      No, you’re out of control! A few chipmunks and squirrels. Big friggin’ deal. You know what, I’m sure that YOU have habits that your neighbors have to “deal with” too. Perhaps you have noisy kids or an unkempt yard, or an ugly satellite dish or you smoke or you cook horrible smelling food. Or perhaps you’re just a jerk (and I would bet $1000 that the last one is it!).

      So yes, the man feeds birds. DEAL WITH IT!

      All I can say is that you’re lucky you’re not my neighbor. And I am lucky that I don’t live in the People’s Republic of Bloomington because there would probably be an armed standoff if they ever threatened to take me to jail over BS like this.

  44. dar says:

    Is this The Onion?

  45. chuck in st paul says:

    although on the face of it this seems like a silly waste of time, it is not

    For those of you who do not have parks or wild lands nearby, or empty lots, etc. you do not know what you are talking about with regards to the rodents. I trapped out 9 chipmonks at the end of last summer. My back yard looks like an 18 hole golf course because of them. People were twisting ankles and falling down because of the hole which are hard to see until you step into one.

    Oh yeah… I wasn’t the one feeding the birds. It was the neighbor next door. I got the critter overflow in my yard. I love birds too, but the rodents suck.

    1. Up and Under says:

      Well chuck maybe you should contact your local authorities and have them pass an ordinance BANNING chipmonks and any other of natures creatures you feel are impugning on your imagined sovereignty of planet Earth. Make them face fines and prison time for non-compliance to your will. That should fix the problem… Because after all that dirt is yours right?

    2. Woodsman says:

      I have your solution.

      Get a lawn chair, a pellet gun and a 6-pack of Coors Light.

      Fun for the whole family. Those chipmunks really flip out when they get shot.

    3. Hugh Jorgan says:

      Those aren’t chipmunks, numb-nuts. They’re called gophers:

      Now go back and graduate from high school…

  46. Nancy Ellen Yoder Eigenhouse says:

    Some birds like mourning doves ARE ground feeders. It’s hard for me to believe that any city would even waste time coming up with an ordinance like this much less prosecuting someone for this. I think cities have their hands full as it is with all the real criminals that there are!!!

    What ever happened to the underlying American principle that “A man’s home is his castle”? Too bad this individual doesn’t challenge the constituionality of this law!

  47. John says:

    FTA: Neighbors said the food didn’t just bring birds, it also brought rodents, which then chewed on their property.

    So yeah, it DOES sound like someone had their garage eaten…at least partially. Perhaps the wildlife lover should consider how his behavior adversely affects his neighbors? Because maybe they want to come home from a rough day at work and zone out watching TV, instead of chasing off rodents and fixing their damaged yard?

    I also live in suburbia, and have seen the inconsiderate behavior that ignorant people take merely because they think their life is more important than the grief they cause their neighbors.

    1. Damon S says:

      Get a cat and stop whining like some sort of pampered idiot. People should be able to do what they want with their property as long as it’s their property. Maybe you should move to Venezuela or Cuba, John, the state can protect you there. Ridiculous. Put down the bottle and grow up.

      1. pags says:

        Snakes are better for rodent control. 🙂

        By the way.. are we talking about uhm.. squirrels? chipmunks? little woodland creatures here? I have been reading comments and I’m seriously confused. Are squirrels that terrifying in Minnesota?

        When I first read this story I was assuming the rodents in question were roof rats or maybe some sewer rats. We get roof rats here sometimes but the snakes take care of them. Later, the alligators take care of the snakes that the owls and hawks don’t. You know… circle of life and all that.

        1. Howard Beck says:

          maybe they don’t want moose and squirrel in their back yard

        2. Charles Aronowitz says:

          Probably killer rabbits are on the attack.

          1. Monty says:

            LIke the one from Monty Python…

      2. John says:

        Yeah, people should be able to do what they want with their property…as long as it doesn’t negatively affect mine.

    2. Ed says:

      Maybe the neighbors need to clean up their own homes. I feed birds on my property and I have NEVER seen a rat or mouse.

    3. Mega says:

      I note snow on the ground….when animals are starving they go anywhere they can get anything to eat. Actually, giving them more food might be the answer.

      In this drought and heat (Texas) my deer knock down the bird food from the feeders. And strange critters in the night are drinking their water; they eat all the food. Even the snakes are coming to the water I place on the ground.

      And I could let them die of thirst. Not likely; I’m hauling in water to make sure that doesn’t happen. Of course, if it did, I’d be feeding the buzzards…now that is something the neighbors might not like.

    4. jbmw says:

      I guess they should get rid of all the trees too since they bring rodents that eat the nuts from the trees. You should see the damage a squirel can do to a shed. All without one bird feeder in the neighborhood.

    5. Chris K says:

      Makes me wonder just how clean the neighbors’ properties are if ground feeding is bringing in rodents. We don’t have any problems like that in my neighborhood other than the two trash houses, where the owners don’t do upkeep or really clean period, and the one house that sat vacant for 2 years. Quite a few of the neighbors (including my mom) all have hanging feeders, pole feeders, and throw some on the ground.

  48. FEDUP says:

    Just wait ! this is only the begininning! How else are local, state and federal governments going to get by. REVENUE from the most assinine laws and regulations are going to come at us from all kinds of ways. We have become the Soviet Union.

  49. klm says:

    In Bloomington, it is legal to use bird feeders — as long as they are 5 feet off the ground…….

    OK I don’t understand why having them 5 feet off the ground would make any difference. Seed falls out of feeders and birds throw them all around landing on the ground anyway. Which in turn would attract other animals.

  50. too observeint says:

    Good going to the rat neighbor who was so clever to capture this heinous crime on video. I bet they feel better now that this criminal will soon be served justice. Note to Mr Brown, build yourself a nice high fence to obscure the view of the clown who is snooping on you.

  51. Damon S says:

    Our nation burns, we have a financial crisis, we have drought in Texas, floods along the Mississippi, inflation is through the roof despite what Bernanke says, yet these idiots in Minnesota are worrying about bird seed? Talk about Nero fiddling on the roof! Get a clue, people, and get the nation in order before it’s too late. This city attorney is part of the problem. Too many attorneys, like the attorneys using commercials you see on TV sucking the bottom of the barrel looking for victims, are a huge part of the problem. Too many laws, too much in taxes, no freedom to use YOUR property as you see fit anymore. It’s off the scale, and this isn’t America anymore. It’s Germany. Wermacht Germany. Google it. Learn our future.

    1. mfirebrand1 says:

      I agree. We now have the council of 13 to make all the decisions for congress. We are an oppressed people and over the years of slowly warming the water now we, the frogs are beginning to boil.

  52. MS says:

    My mother feed wild birds all her life. I have had bird feeders as well. We have NEVER had a problem with rodents . I suspect there is another issue here. People today stink. So many seem to take joy in hurting or inconveniencing others. We have become a nation of whiners and takers with no regard for the welfare of others or the extending of kindness to them – except for the spouting of great platitudes and cliches with nothing behind them. Too bad. America was a much nicer place back when.

  53. MrB says:

    CHIPMONKS!!!! Good lord, someone call out the National Guard, we have to stop this before we are overtaken!!!!

  54. Massimo Deportado says:

    Come and get me , Nanny State!

    I’ll feed anyone or anything I damn well please because THIS IS AMERICA.

    And until the left destroys everything, they’ll be fewer and fewer tax payers because libs throw them all in jail.

    How’s hopey dopey workin’?

  55. Founding fathers student says:

    Welcome to the world of LIberal (progressive ) fascism .
    “the welfare of humanity ,is always the alibi of tyrants” -chambis

  56. Rowdy Boots says:

    I SEE.

    The neighbors have such exciting lives that they have to spy on their neighbors BIRD FEEDING HABITS?




  57. Bobby C says:

    OK, for one thing, the neighbors are whiny complaining jerks! Secondly, birds absolutely do drop seeds on the ground from feeders. Third, this is an absolute travesty! How dare they dictate what this man can and can not do on his property with a legal (and harmless) product such as bird food. It’s his GD property!

    This personifies what is wrong with this country right now. The America that has done so many great things is gone now, replaced with a nanny state that is run by radicals, ignoramuses with money and lowlifes. It’s so sad.

  58. Guido says:

    I knew an Armenian guy whose uncle had some nasty, nosy neighbors who opposed his landscaping changes and made his life hell. He didn’t take it-he got revenge.
    He turned his home into a half-way home for aids-infected teen moms. This charity drove down the home values and his neighbors sold out and moved away. Then, he bought their homes at a discount, closed the teen-aids-mom shelter, and sold all of them at a profit. THAT’S sweet revenge.

  59. Common Sense is Missing says:

    The law is reasonable. Put the feeders on a pole and make sure they are 5 feet off the ground. Add a squirrel baffle to keep them off the feeders. No one should be allowed to throw bird seed on the ground. You are just asking for rodent problems. What is wrong with you people?
    Warn him this time, fine him next time and jail him if there is a 3rd offense.

    1. Bobby C says:

      Yeah, lock him up! From the same folks who let illegal aliens roam the streets freely. Great priorities there. Are you a Harvard graduate as our Dear Leader the Bamster is? Because you think just like him.


    2. youaresodumb! says:

      Seems like your common sense is missing…
      …and presumed dead!

    3. Woodsman says:

      “No one should be allowed to throw bird seed on the ground.”

      Now I’ve heard everything. It’s official.

  60. paolo says:

    i know it sees crazy that he would be forced to stop feeding the birds. But, we have a man in our neighborhood who does the same thing. The problem arises from the fact we know have hundreds of pigeons roosting in every nook and cranny of the neighborhood, always near their food source. Their droppings have destroyed my roof, the paint on my car, and made it impossible to enjoy my backyard. And i’m not the only one. He refuses to dial back his feeding to a reasonable level. We all know we’ll have to live with birds and bird droppings in life, but this is well beyond normal. They are wild animals afterall, they can and should forage for dood as nature intended.Our city refuses to enforce its bird feeding ordinances…so I lose my right to enjoy my property, which I also paid for and pay taxes on so he can enjoy his? Part of living in a society folks, is we agree to follow certain rules, some of which we may not like, to make it a better place for all.

  61. townhome prison says:

    Our townhome association fines you $25 if the birdseed falls on the ground. A person with a clipboard checks everyday for violations.

  62. David Heath says:

    Thank God I live in Germany, a country that knows all too well the dangers inherit in a state where the police overstep their mandate to trample on the well-being and livelihood of the common man. The state looks after its people whilst allowing them to live as they see fit without undue interference. The US seems more and more to be following a fascist route; as its influence diminishes around the world, it seeks to enforce its dominance upon its own people. There doesn’t appear to be any hope given the general decline in its education system and completely ignorant, unqualified people who run for office and are given headlines due to notoriety rather than experience and ability. What a dystopia the US has become, and we in Europe, grateful for the US of three generations ago, can only shake our heads and bemoan the loss of a former model and friend.

  63. MrB says:

    If a rabbit sneaks into my yard at night while I’m sleeping and drops poop pellets all over my lawn, can I sue the city? Surely someone has to have control over these rodents! Who is responsible?

  64. Diego Roswell says:

    People that complain about the laws passed by the law makers that they, themselves, elected, are truly ignorant to the workings of representative government. If you don’t like the law, change the lawmakers. I can only imagine the kind of reactionary, over reaching, big government worshipping, progressive liberal politicians are running your city there in State-Sota.

  65. Greycoat says:

    Don’t cha just live the dictatorship we are increasingly finding ourselves in? This is tyranny….It is about time we hung the political class…

  66. Greycoat says:

    Perfect opportunity for JURY NULLIFICATION….

  67. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Birds can feed themselves, just watch. Having the appearance of compassion is not necessarily compassionate.

  68. johnny drama says:

    Typical ignorant aggressive behavior by an increasingly overbearing an out of control government. He should counter sue them for 8 million in emotional anguish and drag it out for years. Fire with fire.

  69. RECO says:

    I guess the term “Private Property” no longer exists.

  70. Jon Weiss says:

    It is cases like this that make me more likely to keep to myself in all things. I keep inside my house and whatever I do in there I do not advertise. Why? Because is it no one else’s damned business what I do there.

    If the city is going to fine me for spreading bird seed then I won’t spread bird seed, but then if a crime happens in my neighborhood and the city and the cops are going to punish bird feeders then they are likely to find some reason to fine or punish me for any involvement in anything. Therefore, not only will I refrain from feeding the wild life, I will also refrain from assisting the police in any other efforts they may undertake, like law enforcement. If a crime happens here, you are on your own.

  71. joe says:

    Freedom its gone. We as a nation are old. That”s why they started this contry. Well I’m on the other side. I live in the sierras where we have blue jays. Rotten birds. For the last 20 years I ‘ve shoot about 100 of them in my back yard. Well my noisy stupid old fart next door calls the sheriff and all the nieibors. The sheriff let me off whith a warning cause he did the samething at his house. Don’t feed wildlife they are wild. I got this recording of a hawlk it bugs my neighboor I tell him call the cops.

  72. Jud says:

    This reminds me of the woman who called police because the man across the street was walking around his bedroom naked. When the police looked out her window and said they couldn’t see anything, the woman said, “Well you just try standing on this chair!: The neighbors need to come to grips with life – otherwise buy 60 acres on the side of a mountain.

  73. IP-II-IMI-IP says:

    I think they should arrest the birds. They are obviously strung out on birdseed. We should have mandatory sentences in place to handle these habitual offenders. We need a Seed-Czar to fight the Seed-War. New funding will of course be required. and a new Federal Ornithological Comestible Kaleidoscopic Department will need to be created to handle to the escalating burden of wild bird feeders. I am sure with proper funding and legislation, the FOCK’ers will eradicate the problem in our grandchildren’s lifetimes.

    1. Real Talk says:

      Ok….probably one of the most creative and funny post i’ve read in a while. You made my morning:)

  74. awake says:

    hahahah this is not about feeding birds at all.
    Most of you are asleep..

  75. Ornley Gumfudgen says:

    While I don’t condone th feedin of wild animals cus it makes em dependent on humans fer food an when th humans stop they end up starvn ta death, I do wonder if this attorney is lookin inta th man’s right ta privacy in that a video was apparently illegally taken of his back yard. Thair’s no problem with photographin somethang can be seen by th general public such as a front yard which anyone in the public can easily view. But takin photos of someone’s back yard, a private place not seen by th general public, is illegal accordin ta Federal Law.

    Yep, th man broke th law, admits ta it an should be punished accordingly. But th neighbor, who could have spoken ta him about th problem, broke th law with th illegal video tape ta turn it over ta law enforcement authorities an she should be punished as well fer her transgression of th law.

  76. Rob says:

    Someone recorded him or his yard? Wow. These are absolutely the sh!++!est neighbors ever.

    1. Keldon says:

      This is whap happens in repressive regimes. Neighbors turn on each other as they are all competitors of rationed resources and want to score points with the ruling class. Secret informants and police, arbitrary ruls and regulations, rule by nameless and unaccountable bureaucracy–all hallmarks of dictatorship!

  77. C-Lee says:

    More GOVERNMENT OVERREACH. Sounds like the neighbors woke up on the wrong side of the cauldren!

  78. Montford John Greenwood says:

    I think it’s time Americans turn to crime so we don’t run afoul of the law.

  79. Mudd says:

    I hate birds, I hate people who feed birds. This guy would be the next birdman of alcatraz if I had my way. Lock him and those stupid birds up forever.

  80. Kenny West says:

    Good material for the new “Liberals Gone Wild” video. Those caring, tolerant, compassionate libs in the Peoples Republic of Minnesota should give a warning to others skipping down the path to enslavement.

    Seriously, think about this – you can go to JAIL for FEEDING THE BIRDS.

  81. Keldon says:

    This is why we have a Tea Party movement. To end oppressive and burgeoning government at all levels; to return the citizen back to an individual, with individual rights.

  82. Steve says:

    “Hey mister, whatcha in for?”

    “Feeding the birds….”

    1. Keldon says:

      Kinda like that old Arlo Guthrie song Alice’s Restaurant
      “‘What were you arrested for?’ I said, ‘littering.’ And they all [on Group W bench at the draft board] moved away from me . . . “

  83. KATHY says:


    1. Montford John Greenwood says:

      Where have you been? We haven’t been free for a while.

  84. what says:

    This law was created as part of a larger initiative to disband the evergrowing bird feeding black market syndacate. In fact thats where the word seedy comes from. Thank you nanny state for keeping us safe from ourselves.

    1. Mudd says:

      If you look into the eyes of a bird, you will see pure evil. Birds think about murder all day long.

      1. Ed Ruffin says:

        That made me laugh.I have a chihahua who has nothing in his gaze, just two black eyeballs looking back. It worrys me that there is nothing there.

    2. Keldon says:

      Well, afterall a group of Crows in called . . . a murder!

    3. Keldon says:

      Well, afterall a group of Crows is called . . . a murder!

  85. Detective Lucius Allens says:

    This is the 2nd time I had to cite this individual. The 1st time he walked his dog on the wrong side of the street. His grandaughter is a habitual offender(she having been ticketed for selling lemonade without a permit.

  86. Ed Ruffin says:

    If the po-po would get out of the way, we would eventually police our own streets. And for these flash mob goons, we would mete out some real harsh treatment(you know why we don’t now?the police would come after us).

  87. swathdiver says:

    This is Statism folks, get used to it! Turn from God and the heathens take power and their overriding desire is to control every aspect of your life.

    Socialism in ANY form is immoral and EVIL!!!

    1. Real Talk says:

      Hows those med’s working out for ya pal? Sounds like you may need to up the dosage just a bit. Cheers.

  88. Rodger McNay says:

    See if you were smart which your not. Everybody in that town should dump bird food on the property of City Hall and the police and let the birds peck them all in the head. You run the local Gov. They dont run you percker heads.

    1. Jon Weiss says:

      Not bad idea, walk past city hall and handful of birdseed every time you visit there, what are they going to do then cite him for littering? Illegal distribution of food?

    2. Hugh Jorgan says:

      No kidding, great idea! I would do that, and then I’d dump a gallon of liquid soap into the fountain in front of city hall, followed by writing “Loser!” in big letters on the neighbors lawns with Roundup grass killer. No, I haven’t done these things before… 🙂

  89. ew_3 says:

    Problem is that we don’t have “scarce public resources”.
    We have an overabundance of public resources with nothing better to do. If they were truly busy they wouldn’t have time for this nonsense.

  90. Montford John Greenwood says:

    So the law is the law. Ok, lets go ahead pick some winners. Laws like, oh I don’t know, Black sitting in the front of the bus should be arrested and treated like criminals. It was the law so it was just right!?! Come on. The law is not always right.

  91. Jason Weishaupt says:

    The people complaining must be White. Whites always have to have their nose stuck in somebody’s business. The solution is to get some Black, Latino, or Asian neighbors because they mind their own business. Come to think if it Uncle Sam is White and he has his nose in the business of about 150 countries. I see a pattern here. I am White by the way.

    JJ The Fed

  92. CactusCath says:

    What a waste! The tattling neighbor should be spanked, not rewarded. The city attorney and half the city employees should be fired. Big government leads to boredom and the need to look busy, which leads to enacting and enforcing ridiculous ordinances.

  93. Mannie says:

    Everything that is not mandatory is forbidden.

    Shut up and eat your cake.

  94. Ben Dover says:

    This country needs an enema!!!

  95. Dave says:

    Anyone that would elect Franken to the Congress has nothing but BIRD BRAINS anyway.

    Move to another State old man, you’re in looneyville.

  96. Robert MacDonald says:

    F**K the neighbors!

  97. Jud says:

    What do you people expect from a state that sends a failed comedian, failed talk radio host to the United States Senate? Obviously the people of Minnesota are incapable of being embarrassed about anything.

  98. MP_CID says:

    I live in Craig Brown’s neighborhood. Every day, Mr. Brown would dump a bucket full of sunflower seeds, peanuts and corn onto the ground. This would then attract crows, ducks, blackbirds, squirrels and mice to the neighborhood. Everyone has mice in their garages and sheds and the rabbits and deer are everywhere. Watch the video and you will see the flocks of ducks and crows and you will also notice that there are no bird feeders, that’s because he never owned any. Over the years, Mr. Brown’s neighbor’s have repeatedly asked him to stop his excessive ground feeding and they have offered to buy him bird feeders, instead, he has started fights with everyone. After years of the neighbor’s trying to handle the situation themselves, Animal Control was then notified and Mr. Brown was cited for ground feeding. He ignored the citation and continued feeding. He was then cited again and again he ignored it. Last January, he received a $125.00 misdemeanor citation. Instead of paying the $125.00 fine and stopping his excessive ground feeding, he has requested a trial by jury. In preparation for his September 1st trial, he is now calling the news media and attempting to play the victim. This is a situation of his own making and it is sad that he has chosen to alienate himself from all of this neighbors. All that the city and his neighbors want is for him to stop his excessive ground feeding and to become a good neighbor. And that’s, the rest of the story.

  99. Jon Weiss says:

    The article states…”Neighbors said the food didn’t just bring birds, it also brought rodents, which then chewed on their property.”

    And these neighbors know that the rodents are there for the bird seed…HOW? If Mr. Brown is putting bird seed on his own property, and the rodents are chewing on the neighbors property, what in the neighbors property is drawing the rodents to them? Sounds like the real problem here is the nosy neighbors who live like slobs enough that rodents are drawn to their property by leaving rodent food out for them.

    Perhaps Mr. Brown’s neighbors should read the Bible, there’s an interesting passage about “removing the beam from your own eye so you can see well enough to remove the speck from your neighbors eye.”

  100. Kate says:

    Police go after the bad guys, and leave the people alone.

  101. disillusioned says:

    I can hear the jingle now.. ‘Wild Birds AmeriKA.. where you can get arrested for doing something innocent..’

  102. morrie liberman says:


  103. Bloomington Birdbrains says:

    This law is absurd. It should be illegal to feed politicians instead.

  104. Tomm Katt says:

    This is the kind of things that will start pushing people over the edge. Feeding God’s creatures is part of my soul and I would not stop feeding them. I would be the guy the cops had to shoot, before I would let the Government take that away from me. My neighbors would need to decide for themselves what they think their best options are. Rats would be the least of their problems. When a political party starts talking about getting rid of laws like that one, then I will believe they want smaller government.

  105. Apocalypto says:

    Police State. Nanny State. Prison Planet. Sick of it all. Rome is burning. We need less Police and more detectives. The Police State is a burden on the system and when seconds count they are minutes away. Less Police more Detectives. They only show up in time to clean up the mess anyway so no need for that many Police. Wake up! Protect your OWN life, liberty and property. Don’t rely on the government anymore.

  106. Klaus Larry Fischer says:

    3 words “get a life”

  107. Roland says:

    Off with his head, and all those terrible kids with their lemon aid stands, off with their heads

  108. otbros says:

    Soon he’ll only be able to feed fellow JAILBIRDS!

  109. dhall says:

    the man clearly violated the law. he also is guilty of assisting animals to become dependant upon humns for survival, which is also a crime against earth. he is also guilty of bad stewardship with his food. tossing it onthe ground is wasteful. the food sould be held ina bin with a food distribution tray at the bottom. this leds us to the waste of his money, which ought to have gone to a poor mother of eight with no job so she can afford to buy a bus token to the cell phone store in order to recharge her free government cell phone. with the charges againt him, i say take his house and give it to someone more deserving, like a union member or maybe donate it to ACORN. then the rest of you animal loving law breakers will know who your jackin’ with! big bro’ is in da howze dawg.

  110. CookieK says:

    This is news?? Doesn’t the county have bigger fish to fry than this guy feeding birds? Are we in a police state with no freedom to feed birds? What’s next? Give me a break.

  111. wildbill6996 says:

    Every time i turn on the BOOB TUBE, you have some ANIMAL GROUP wanting you to send $19.95 a month to help the animals. This guy is feeding the little buggers and is threatened with jail time. WHAT IS GOING ON !!!!! Has everyone taking leave of what little brains GOD gave us. Lighten up PEOPLE.

  112. RED TAPE (AND IT IS RED) says:

    Point of story – A GOOD REASON to get rid of more government WASTE!! I see one cost savings in this story!!

  113. Prorkba says:

    There used to be a time in this once-great country that you would pass by a lemonade stand manned by a few kids, a neighbor refilling their bird feeder, and a man giving some food to someone in need. Not now – not since the liberal-progressive fascist maggots have come into so much power. The liberals are America’s terrorists and it’s time we started treating them so.

  114. Rhonda Tracey says:

    this man does not deserve to go to jail… leave it at that..
    if i was him i would move out of the neighborhood an live where you can feed any kind of bird you want.. life is short stop living with idiots..

  115. Miguel says:

    The DA who prosecutes this will have to be punished, maybe by being charged with wasting the public’s money and being forced to pay this utterly wasted money by the entire office staff back to the public treasury. The waste should be about her yearly salary considering all other officials involved.

    Then maybe she could sue the busybody neighbor for his/her part in bringing this case on, just b/c they weren’t tough enough to clean up their own places up re: rats.

  116. Jim says:

    The damage was done by a hack saw,or a saw. That was BS.

  117. markH says:

    Clearly there is an imbalance in our understanding of which crimes warrant incarceration and which ones do not. I have read (as have most of you) many WCCO stories about repeat drunken drivers that received NO jail time at all and also those who killed innocent motorists (read: families and children) and received several months in a county jail. Now we are told that a man who feeds birds in his own yard may go to jail? I must ask; are we so serious about not feeding birds that we are willing to deprive our friends and neighbors of their freedom? Personally, I think the state of Minnesota has lost its marbles.

  118. George says:

    Can you imagine what how far Mayor Bloomberg could go with that? He could hire 5 more chefs.

  119. Lisa says:

    4yr old cannot have lemonade stand and a gentleman cannot feed birds in his backyard. What has happened to these United States? Enough is Enough! Freedom or Slavery, make the choice before it is too late!

  120. Mackenzie says:

    The idiots responsible for that law are the ones that should be jailed.

  121. Connie says:

    Neighbors should stick to there own business. They must have to much time on there hands and pretty boring yard of there own that they have to pick on someone who is feeding the birds.. Grow up!! Connie

  122. Jerry says:

    I’d say the rodent is the neighbor….

  123. Matt1 says:

    This man is an idiot. There is no “right” thing about the law and the charges placed against him. I’d fight and sue my neighbors and city about illegal wrongdoings placed against me from slander to false charges.

  124. Kelly says:

    Neighbors better get on the city to outlaw vegetable gardening, composting and restaurants as those too may attract a rodent. Can’t have that rogue rabbit coming around chewing on lettuce or a mouse near a restaurant’s dumpster. Laws should also be passed to require residents to drive their garbage to a dump as trash cans out for collection may cause a raccoon to appear. Trees and shrubbery should also be completely removed as a bird or critter may nest there. But then, still a problem – dirt has earthworms which birds will eat so that needs to go too. City laws should ban grass, dirt and all plantings and allow only astro turf. At that point Mr. Brown’s neighbors should be happy.

  125. Harry says:

    This whole issue may be bogus. No one has provided the specific Ordinance number of the City of Bloomington that states this man violates a law. Besides, I know for fact that feeding birds on the ground does not invite rodents. Rodents prefer overhead routes. they do like suet placed seven feet above ground level, but above all, they prefer to find a way to get inside your house or city building. They prefer your area garbage dumpster and even your garbage can you put out on the street each day for pick up. I don’t believe there is an Ordinance of this sort passed by the City Counsel.

  126. Tracie says:

    Good grief. This is just so sad. it is awful how America has become such an awful place to live where you can’t even feed birds in your own back yard.

  127. laget says:

    More is going on here. The neighbor is harassing this man to drive him out of the neighborhood and possibly STEAL his property by having it confiscated by the city who will then “sell” it to the neighbor for much less than it’s worth.

    Petty crime accusations are often really an attempt to steal propertiy.

  128. Karen says:

    We have bird feeder, and we put all of the food in the feeders. So the first thing the doves due is to pick out the sunflower seeds and scatter all of the other seets on the ground for the sparrows who congregate on the ground and eat the fallen seeds. They cannot pass an ordinance that prohibits the birds from scattering seeds

  129. Zander_SIG says:

    This is INSANE!!!! WOW!!!

    You can’t do stuff like this now! Don’t you know that we live in a POLICE STATE / NANNY STATE? This is ORWELLIAN!!! We are living in a Dictatorship!!! We are LOOSING OUR FREEDOMS AND LIBERTY!!

  130. Charles Cole says:

    I personally would but every feeder in the county and place every one of the exactly 5 feet off the ground and 2 foot apart untill covered my whole back yard THEN I would start on my front yard !!!!