I sat and struggled to maintain consciousness during yesterday’s late night Angel beat down. Since the Twins are playing the most heavenly of teams I thought I’d try to put a positive spin on some recent losses.

Let’s start with what’s fresh in our minds …

Last Night’s Game

Bummer News: Twins lost at the hands of the long ball and Torii reminded us of the old days.

Positive News: Span is back. He drew a four-pitch walk right off the bat and immediately stole a base. His head is fine. AND Revere is just waiting in the dugout to do somersaults back onto the field!

Sunday’s Loss In Oakland

Bummer News: Twins were rocked twice by an equally inferior team?

Positive News: Thome hit No. 597.

Petey And Coley’s Baseball Adventure

Bummer News: We didn’t win the video road trip competition.

Positive News: Now I don’t have to go to a WhiteSux game but a trip to Gotham City is still in the works.

The 1st Twins Broadcast Auction To Benefit The Twins Community Fund

Bummer News: I narrowly missed out on an opportunity to own what appears to be the greatest motorized vehicle of all-time. I was only about $12,580 bucks short.

cushman twins scooter Twins Blog: Win Some, Lose Some

(credit: Minnesota Twins)

Positive News: There’s always my Twinsbike … if I can ever find it. Stand by.

  1. Robert Crampton says:

    Twinkies are a hopeless team so are all Minnesota teams they suck

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