MANKATO, Minn. (WCCO) — A Minnesota Vikings player was arrested early Sunday morning by Mankato Police for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

According to the Blue Earth County Jail Roster, quarterback Rhett Bomar was booked into jail around 5:15 a.m. Sunday. He was arrested for third-degree driving while intoxicated.

Bomar was no longer in the Blue Earth County Jail on Sunday night.

Bomar played college football at the University of Oklahoma and Sam Houston State. He was drafted in 2009 by the New York Giants and signed by the Vikings in December 2010.

Bomar was once the Sooner’s starting quarterback, but was had to leave the team after it was discovered he was getting paid for work he didn’t do at a car dealership.

Comments (35)
  1. Jack says:

    Hey! lets keep telling our kids to be JUST Like our Pro-sport players!!

  2. kman says:

    Viking QB Like this Loser was even going to Make the Team

    1. Warren Moon says:

      Agreed. I understand why the newsies would jump all over this, but where was this clown on the depth chart? We’ve got McNabb, Ponder, and Webb. This goof probably drove Frazier around on the golf cart. Bye bye.

  3. Paul Solinger says:

    A Vikings player in trouble with the law? He’ll fit right in.

  4. DARREN says:

    Remember, we look up to these pro athletes and tell our kids to also.

    Lets see, they make millions of dollars, they cuss like nobody hears them, they get in trouble with the law, they have sex parties on boats, they get arrested for DUI, Assault,Carrying a weapon, running over a police officer, running from a police officer, hitting their girlfriends and wives.

    YEAH RIGHT if I am going to look up to any pro athlete.

    1. craigmon says:

      I don’t think very many people look up to athletes anymore. I certainly don’t and neither do my kids. Most of us can make the distinction between individuals with wonderful athletic talents….who also happen to make stupid decisions, and a true role model. These types of incidents make great “teachable moments ” for my children.

      1. Bill Berditzman says:

        Baseball and football players are definitely involved in more thuggery than soccer or hockey players. Anybody want to hazard a guess as to why that might be? I have no problem with the posters of Wayne Rooney and Jarome Iginla on my son’s walls.

  5. Booze Hound says:

    Nice. 3rd degree DWI. That means he either has a prior offense OR he was over .20 BAC when he was arrested. Either way, nice work!

    1. Beer Man says:

      …or he had a kid in the car with him…

  6. Gay Bruce says:

    Never heard of em.

  7. JH says:

    Another Viking’s finest moment

  8. Madalena Oconnell says:

    You Can go to do jail time For DUI but no one does anything if you report an. Illegal alien . All I know I have been failing reports after reports for over 3 years with no success I guess they will have to be on DUI for an arrest God bless illegal nvm

    1. Gringa Loca says:

      Well, bless your heart, Madalena. Honey, it isn’t illegal to report aliens.

      How could you tell they were illegal? They were tan and spoke Spanish?

      Or they were white, said “eh” and “aboot” too much? Those darn Canadians!

      1. Madalena Oconnell says:

        Gringa Loca. Thanks. For the comments but I do know about this illegal alien. In 2008 I had sent letter. Of invitation for someone to visit the United states of America his visa expired in Feb 18 OF 2009 since then I have been communicating wiki immigration tip line last time I called I reported that illegal was offered me $200 a month to keep IT secret still. nothing. he also paid $6000 to get married to stay here.The problem now I can’t have my family members came to visit me because I still have a visitor IN violation. I AM AMERICAN AND I CANNOT HAVE FAMILY CAME HERE BECAUSE OF HIM???

  9. Momma of 2 says:

    What a great role model for todays youth! This is so pathetic … CALL A CAB!!!!!

  10. Kelsey's Grammar says:

    Gee, what number string is he? And great reporting! “…but was had to leave the team…” I may not have the best grammatical skills but I’m not a reporter.

  11. Done it says:

    Shucks – he already made the A team now.

    Go Purple _____ to LA

  12. yep says:

    Sounds like a true winner here…even his college days are shady. Get rid of him.

  13. Nasty says:

    Take your gayness elsewhere please.

    1. The Architect says:

      i’ll take it to your eager’s that?

  14. Build 'em a new stadium! says:

    Yet Zygi is insisting MN taxpayers shell out for a new stadium so employees such as this fine citizen can play games.

    Yasureyoubetcha Zygi, ya’ll kin count on me ta give ya all my spare change.

    1. Boyz will be boyz ya know. says:

      Oh, you mean “play games” as in when they have time and feel like it rather than when they’re busy going crazy on a boat, doing dope, getting drunk and going for a ride, beating up their wives or girlfriends, spreading their DNA around the bar scene, making headlines up at the resort, or yuk-yuking it with his Zyggership?

  15. And the light bulb goes on! says:

    Hey! NOW I know what the stadium supporters mean when they’re talking about all the money the Vikings bring to MN (fines, court costs, etc.) and all the jobs the Vikings bring to MN (police, attorneys, court reporters, news reporters, jail bar manufacturing, jump suit sewers, jail cooks, locksmiths, etc.).

    I feel so enlightened now! But, ya know what, I still don’t wanna pay for Zygi’s new stadium. Let some other state have all the money and jobs his team creates. We can’t afford it.

    1. Bill Berditzman says:

      What about the stadium for the state of Minnesota? Do you support that?

      1. Teams make $, stadiums lose $ says:

        Nope, stadiums are not profitable … they’re on the “liability” side of the balance sheet, not the “asset” side, as far as making sense for Minnesota.

        Seriously, stadiums are money pits, not profit centers. It goes right back to the obvious question: If owning a stadium was profitable, why doesn’t Zygi build his own? By extension … why doesn’t the state want to own it, why don’t investors want to own one, why, why, why? Answer: Stadiums cost a lot of money to build and to forever maintain.

        1. Collins Tuohy says:

          Zygi won’t own the stadium. I think we’ve discovered the problem here. You don’t know all the information about the stadium proposal. You should probably reserve comment until you become better informed.

          Why do all major cities have a newer sports stadium then? Because of Zygi Wilf? LOL

          1. When in doubt, vote. says:

            Of course Zygi won’t own it, he’s too smart to own a stadium. But his team, and thus Zygi, will economically benefit big time from playing in one. The point is: the use of public funds to build a new stadium is an enormous waste of monetary resources the state does not have. MN will have no economic benefit from a new stadium or, more specifically, any economic benefit will be far outweighed by economic cost. Those who derive the economic benefit should be those who pay for it … and, buddy, it ain’t the taxpayers of MN, it’s the Wilfs of NJ and to a lesser extent, the players.

            If you think the state’s $5 billion budget deficit has been resolved, you need to think again because it has not been resolved. The only thing accomplished by our wise governor and legislators was to delay facing the enormous deficit by a short time. It has not gone away, it is still poised to cripple the state. Adding the burden of paying for any portion of a new stadium will come directly out of funds sorely needed elsewhere.

            The true test of what the people of the state really want to spend their money on would be made extraordinarily clear if the brilliant political minds in the legislature would put the question to a state-wide vote. If that doesn’t give people on both sides of this issue their chance to go for broke and reach a final decision, nothing will. But, those who support it won’t allow a vote on it because they know with certainty they will be soundly defeated.

            1. Collins Tuohy says:

              I vote for a new stadium. Let’s get it done.

  16. Liz says:

    I do believe athletes are great role models. Also, I do believe that the athletes that are good role models, do not get the headlines. Maybe we need to move away from reporting about the bad boys of sports and look at the good boys. Granted, that’s going to take a lot of work on a larger level. However, I assume that you’re reading this post right now and you might have kids, nieces, nephews, young cousins, etc. How about YOU telling them about the good athletes that are great role models.

    Here’s some names to get you started: Brad Meester, Curtis Martin, Warrick Dunn, Steve Nash, most of the Twins have charities and other organizations they work with, etc. How about telling those stories?

  17. RetroDude says:

    Oh, golly!! The Minnesota Vikings just make me so proud!!!

    1. Collins Tuohy says:

      Calling this guy a Viking is a real stretch. He wasn’t going to be signed to begin with.

  18. Move to LA says:

    Typical Viking

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