PARK FALLS, Wis. (AP) — Ashland County authorities warned residents Thursday not to pick up any hitchhikers as they continue to search for four suspects involved in a large-scale marijuana growing operation in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin.

Ashland County Sheriff Mick Brennan said nearly 10,000 marijuana plants were destroyed in the bust and had an estimated street value of $1 million. Brennan said it the biggest drug bust of its kind in the county.

“We still have law enforcement searching. Two suspects didn’t even have shoes they left the camp so quickly. They’re on foot in a vast forest area,” the sheriff said. “It’s uninhabited; there was no way to get into that area by vehicle. We had to come in on foot, and had to have it eradicated using helicopters.”

One man was arrested Wednesday at the scene in a remote part of the 1.5-million-acre forest, 25 miles northwest of Park Falls. Authorities said they were alerted to the marijuana operation after a tip from a hunter in November.

The sprawling site had thousands of plants hidden over several acres and included a camp for the people cultivating the marijuana as well as loaded firearms when I was raided by about 175 law enforcement officials from 22 agencies.

“It feels good to get it out of there,” Brennan said. “We wish would’ve gotten all five suspects. We’re still working on that.”

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Comments (22)
  1. Cheech says:


    1. upinsmoke says:

      …..Dude, where’s my car?

  2. Kent says:

    That stuff sticks out like a sore thumb from a Chopper.

    Growing the weed
    You must take note
    The Choppers will spot you
    And bust up your stoke

    1. dahdah says:

      Try reading th story a heli. didnt spot it, a hunter called it in, so thanks for your input non growing dork pothead.

  3. Common Man says:

    Just think, that could have been $1,000,000 of legal sales by the government plus taxes. All they did is drive the price from other sources up. We lost the war on drugs a long time ago. Why do we keep wasting money with enforcement of pot laws. Sell and Tax it. PS. I am not a user, just a person who is real about what is going on. Booze causes so much more problems, deaths and crime.

    1. Farmer Jones says:

      Yes, they shoud catch those guys and put them to work as government pot farmers…. think of $$$ that the government would make and they would be happy and there would be no shortage of qulified product testers to ensure quility.

  4. ROBO-COP says:

    I have a feeling that even if you picked up one of these guys hitchhiking that you would not be in any real danger…. just my opinion….

  5. nonsense says:

    A marijuana farm worth millions? Why are we not litigating this stuff?

    1. Just My 2 Cents says:

      Legalize and stop making criminals out of users of a natural substance that can’t kill and promotes thoughtful and peaceful pursuits. Stop giving people motivation to send money south of the border to Mexican thugs instead of local farmers. Stop wasting money on law enforcement of a flower. Freedom now, or are you afraid people will realize what’s really important in life when they smoke a bowl and take a look around.

      1. See BS says:

        Potheads are lazy and paranoid, that’s why they need so much welfare and EBT money.

        You sound like someone working for a greedy and evil big marijuana corporation. Next you’ll be targeting children with an illegal cancer causing substance.

        The Peace symbol is the “Joe Camel” of the corrupt marijuana industry.

        1. @see bs says:

          I wasn’t sure if legalizing pot was a good idea until See Bs said it is not, now i know its the right thing to do, because he a living birth defect.

        2. get real see bs says:

          yes he is a living birth defect . not all potheads are lazy i work 40 + hours a week and like to go home and untangle myself with a joint and i have a good paying job , not a wal-mart greeter or working in McDonald’s either been smoking 25 years and worked the whole time i have never collected unemployment , ebt or welfare

  6. Bill Berditzman says:

    Wait. The story says drug bust, but then all I read about was some pot plants. What gives?

    Who is safer now?

    1. Huxley says:

      It makes very little sense to many of us. Seems some in government think that if you start pulling on the stray thread that is marijuana our whole system will unravel. When something like pot laws make so little sense you have to start looking at the true motives behind it. The current policy is nothing short of insanity. Obama came in warm to the idea of MJ. Once he got elected he went back to towing the corporate/government line. Now the Obama justice dept is threatening medical facilities with arrest. Hope and change.

  7. jim says:

    Well, it’s a beautiful part of the Country up there, so, while Crime may not Pay, at least the surroundings are nice!

    I agree, however, that it should be legalized. The only down side is what to do with all those unemployed FBI people!

  8. Hugh Jorgan says:

    “It’s uninhabited; there was no way to get into that area by vehicle. We had to come in on foot, and had to have it eradicated using helicopters.”

    Whatever, you pu$$ies. There is hardly a square mile in that entire forest that isn’t covered by dirt or gravel roads/trails that practically any vehicle could traverse. And you make it sound like it resebles the Northern Territories of Canada. Cowboy-up, girls…

    1. @Hugh says:

      Wow you have covered 1.5 million acres walking and driving in that forest, I guess you would know the road situation, try shutting your kok smoker you know nothing.

      1. Stan in MN says:

        Hugh is right. Pull up Google Maps/Earth and have a satellite view.

  9. jerknoff says:

    My dog ate my stash.

  10. Massvocals says:

    Marijuana taken and distroy by thugs which are law enforcement < I person feel that the war should come to be such and that law enforcement should be reason as the ememy the law which they enforce is base on lies and congress will not react into we all start defending the plants our god made canabis and this foolish war by the government continue because they refuse to legalize When thousands even millions smoke marijuana as they call it they save no one and truly are seperation form the public good is there acts A war they call it , yet the grower do not kill the trugs who come arm , they play army lets see ya start wiping them out growers besides the police who do such raids are tnothing more the thugs there reasoning for such ( the law ) is joke because we the people can not change the federal law as it inbedded like tick and only by open war will congress act
    the liberty of everyone is at stake they have used the drug war to attack cars on open high way your home , land and fill the jails with our people
    its high time we start defending ourselfs and put the other d in the DEA DEAD

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