MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Lakeville woman has been sentenced to a year in jail and 40 years probation for ‘cyberstalking’ a family.

Prosecutors say 26-year-old Kaley Hennessy stalked a family after breaking up with one of their in-laws. She was obsessed with a mother and her two young sons, and she harassed the mother online in various ways, taking over a social media account and sending scurrilous e-mails.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

“You can just imagine the trauma that caused to the victims in this case” said Dakota County Attorney Jim Backstrom.

In this case the suspect had a history of mental problems. But Backstrom says such crimes are on the rise, here and elsewhere.

“The cyberbullying, cyberharassment is on the increase throughout this country and we’re very concerned about it”.

Investigators say they’re seeing a steady increase of impostors on Facebook and other social media.

Comments (11)
  1. Let the punishment fit the crime, "they say." says:

    40 years probation? Wow, I wonder what she would have gotten had she thrown a bratwurst at her and stained her shirt.

  2. Mike says:

    I wonder what sort of probation she would get for 40 years. Seems a bit much. A year in jail I think is okay. I wonder what other sorts of crimes get 40 years of probation.

  3. Ryan says:

    A year in jail for this? I would say a restraining order and a year of probation would fit the crime. She must have had a really bad public defender.

    1. Hugh Jorgan says:

      Perhaps, yet I believe that the almost complete pu$$ification of America is a major reason for such nonsense, and a major reason that this Country is loosing the battle on most fronts. Grow a spine people, and start making a real difference after 30+ years of bringing up your little wussies.

  4. See BS says:

    And to think Ashton Larson and Brianna Broitzman got 6 months and a year of jail over their heads for spitting on and punching old people in the genitals.

    People who think Facebook and email are suppose to be this big of a deal are ditzy.

  5. Deontae says:

    The bimbo thought she was still in high school and untouchable by the law.

  6. Ted says:

    I really wonder what sort of probation this woman got and why for 40 years. Last March I was outraged that a man who entered a house in Winona sexually assaulted a woman who was sleeping and he only got 90 days and five years probation. Yes, cyber stalking is wrong, but is it more wrong than sexually assaulting somebody while they are sleeping? I don’t understand the sentencing of this case.

  7. Name what name? says:

    “You can just imagine the trauma that caused to the victims in this case”
    Oh my god somebody took over my Facebook account and sent scurrilous e-mails to all 20 of my virtual friends and now I can’t leave my house or go online unless I have Zanex and I’m wearing a disguise.
    People that emotionally unstable should not be on the internet because all it takes is one wrong TEXT and there swinging from the ceiling fan by a rope.

  8. Jill Walek says:

    Geez, I had an ex that stalked me for almost 3 years, threatened to take my life, and all he got was a restraining order that wasn’t enforced very well… It jusr goes to show how some people care, while others don’t.

  9. DARREN says:

    Is it against the law to make a fake Facebook or Myspace?

    What if you want to make a fan page for a famous person or athlete?

  10. well she is now harassing me on facebook marketplace over a chair that she wasn’t able to purchase. i googled her, and this makes total sense. I will be contacting her probation officer tuesday.