MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis police announced Friday that the officers involved in the Little Earth residential community shooting, which left one man with a bullet wound in his torso last Monday, have been authorized to return to duty.

After reviewing the investigation, Minneapolis Police Chief Timothy Dolan said the officers involved in the incident acted “appropriately and courageously.”

The shooting occurred near the Little Earth residential community, located on the 2400 block of Ogema Place, just before 11:15 p.m. Officers Terry Nutter, Steve Herron, Derek Chauvin, Brandon Brugger and Gwen Gunter responded to the shooting and saw the suspect – 23-year-old Leroy Martinez – running from the scene with a pistol, police said.

The officers took chase, and after repeatedly telling Martinez to drop the gun, an officer shot him in the torso.

Martinez is an Alaskan Native American who was living with relatives nearby. Investigators believe Martinez may have been targeting a fellow resident when the initial shots were fired.

He was charged Tuesday with felony second-degree assault by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. He faces up to seven years in prison and up to $14,000 in fines if convicted.

He was treated for the bullet wound at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

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  1. Thin Blue Line says:

    Sounds like the men & women in blue did an excellent job! Glad to have you back on the street. Stay safe!!

    1. Jeff says:

      True Dat! And to Hell with all the naysayers that will be posting on here…

  2. 777 says:

    Contrary to this article, witnesses reported martinez was shot AFTER he already had surrendered with his hands in the air and weapon dropped see here .http://www.startribune.com/local/127589838.html But i guess the officers involved will get a medal for shooting another unarmed Indian. Oh and if this was an African American they would waving their faces all over the T,V

    1. @777 says:

      Witnesses from Little Earth…yeah they’d NEVER lie to get the cops in trouble. A private bedroom community of law-abiding citizens who love a law enforcement presence. So glad we get to hear from fools who swallow everything the media outlets feed them instead of thinking for themselves.

      1. 777 says:

        Yeah well, we can argue all day about what happend or what supposedly happend. What they should do is tear that whole complex down and build a park. Then give the people that live there incentives on owning their own houses. That would fix the problem right there.

        1. @777 says:

          What does that have to do with anything? You made the allegation that officers shot an unarmed man. And you’re right, we can argue all day about what DID happen. I’ll tell you what WILL (or rather, WON’T) happen though…these officers will be recognized by their department (and rightfully so) for putting themselves in harm’s way and taking a dangerous suspect into custody without getting themselves or citizens harmed.

          1. @777 says:

            …and the officers won’t be charged with a crime or be found to have violated policy

          2. 777 says:

            What can I say? I’m a complete idiot that has no idea what the hell I am talking about. I would rather jump on to the anti-police bandwagon than to admit some moron in my community pulled a gun on a bunch of cops.

            1. 777 says:

              The Internet is a safe-haven for cowards, please attack me instead of focusing on the topic. Hopefully Martinez will sue the city and win a nice settlement.

  3. Randall says:

    it also said that other independent witnesses back the police. one detractor who could have an agenda of her own and it’s god’s truth?

  4. rj says:

    The cops need more range time.