FARIBAULT, Minn. (CBS) — It could be a twin killing.

Nate Smith, an 11-year-old boy was at a charity game in Faribault Thursday night when his identical twin brother, Nick, was selected to take a shot for $50,000 on the ice.

All he had to do was get the puck into a tiny hole 89-feet away for the goal of a lifetime.

When his family realized that Nick was outside at the time of the selection, Nate stepped in and took the shot in place of his brother.

He nailed it.

After hitting the miracle shot, however, the kids felt honesty was the best policy and came forward to admit the switcheroo.

Now the promotions company insuring the raffle will review the claim and decide whether or not to award Nate with the jackpot. It will likely be a few weeks before that decision is made.

If they do get the money, the Smiths plan on donating some to their school, some to the hockey association, and they’ll put the rest away for college.

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  1. HockyPuck says:

    Since it was a twin… and not an older brother etc…give them the 50K.

  2. Tom L says:

    unless it was specified that the person whose name was on the ticket must be the shooter to qualify for the prize….dont legally see how they can not award the $50k to the family.

    1. Jason says:

      Are you saying then that if they chose one person, and a total stranger ended up making the shot, that they should award the $50K? Unlikely that would happen.

      1. Tom L says:

        I guess the onus would be on the contest holders to check id’s prior to the shot being taken to avoid situations like this. if the family takes it to court…they’d win.

        1. 3M R n D Guy says:


          Based on what exactly? The the contest organizers or the guy calling names on the ice didn’t check the kid’s ID? LOL

          What makes you think an 11 year old has an ID card in his hockey uniform.

          Come on, Tom. Get a clue here, buddy.

          1. Tom L says:

            I guess I need to draw pictures for you…….youre missing the point.

            If there were to be stipulatiions implemented in order to receive the prize, it should have been written that the person whose name is on the ticket must be the one taking the shot. Making it more of a contract than someone just slapping a name on a piece of paper labeled “ticket.” Obviously this isnt the case.

            If the family isnt honest…who would know who took the shot other than someone named “Nick?” They’re $50k richer and this is a non-story.

            C’mon 3M S n M Guy – brush up on your contract laws…pal

            They’ll get their money.

            1. The Axe Swinger says:

              They haven’t gotten the 50 grand.

              Brush up on your “not being stupid” practices, doofus.

            2. Frank Rizzo says:

              From your existing comments, I’d say if you drew a picture it would be stick men and it would be inaccurate anyway.

              They didn’t get the 50 grand, so what fraud has taken place, sir?? What money should they give back? Please be specific.

              1. Tom L says:

                well whatever it would take for the two of you more-ons to get it…stickmen it is…

                you and your pal need to learn to read posts a bit more intelligently. I didnt say they have the $50k…I said they will get it.


  3. just sayin says:

    I think they should give something for it. How often does that happen…

    1. Don_J says:

      Yeah, I agree… I think not being sued for fraud would be a nice parting gift.

      1. 3M R n D Guy says:

        You are an effing ignorant putz.

        In order for fraud, someone has to have gained from it. They haven’t received anything, so what fraud do you suggest they be sued for you total moron?

  4. jdrew says:

    Since the father is trying to set a good example by telling the truth, Odds On Promotions should do the same and honor the prize. Think of the good PR they will get out of it as well.

    1. Don_J says:

      So, you’re saying give them $50K because their dad exposed them for cheating… what have you been sniffing?

  5. lemonhead says:

    If his cousin had made the shot no way would they give the money. Or even a younger brother. A raffle is a raffle. The ticket was redeemed by the wrong person. End of story. Nice shot, nice memory, but no money.

    1. mppd says:

      I agree only if the ticket or the rules of the raffle indicate that the person chosen must be the one to make the shot. Plus, they are getting their 15 minutes of fame by going to New York and being on the news shows….that must be worth something.

  6. Don_J says:

    This is precisely what’s wrong with the young people today, they want it all for nothing… they cheated… end of discussion. They should be lucky they aren’t sued for fraud.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      What a moronic statement, Don.

      These kids didn’t want anything for nothing. The original story said the kid who made the shot was the one who stepped forward and said the truth had to be told.

      What exactly would they be sued for if they haven’t benefited from anything?

      I don’t think you have ANY idea what you’re talking about, and if I were you, I would refrain from publically outing myself as a total idiot in the future. Just a suggestion.

      1. Don_J says:

        OK…gaining $50K… can you people even read? They stepped forward AFTER their father made them… not only did I read the article but I saw the family on TV this morning.

        1. The Axe Swinger says:

          Are you trying to say they got the 50 grand, even though the article states the organizers and insurer of the contest are saying they have not yet decided?

          You read the article and saw them on TV and STILL don’t have the slightest GD clue what you’re talking about. That’s the baffling part here. I mean, it’s almost comical really, that you’re hanging onto this fraud claim, without the family having any of the prize money anyway.

          You, sir, are an idiot.

  7. Mike Hawk says:

    I agree that people should set a good example & the parents are to be commended. Rules are rules & they should not get the money but hopefully they’ll make twice that amount on the talk show circuit.

  8. Kessler says:

    If my ticket was drawn, could I have Lou Nanny stand in for me? How about Wayne Gretskey?

    1. Smartest Guy Here says:

      Not if you can’t spell either name correctly, dipstick.

  9. Garage illogic says:

    Nice shot but the kid should only get a parting gift. He should have ran out and found his brother. Obviously the tickets contained a name so that is the person that should have taken the shot. Give the parents an A for parenting. Nice job folks.

    1. Frank Rizzo says:

      I disagree. 50 grand ponied up by rich folks. Take it and run and get an education that you probably couldn’t have afforded otherwise.

  10. Bobbi says:

    If he is a hockey player and gets money for a shot, than he is a professional. Right?

    1. A Man Called Horse says:


  11. Shirlee says:

    To Bobbi: YOU ARE 100% WRONG!! Just because an 11 year old kid plays
    hockey, he may be lucky or good, BUT HE IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Time
    for you to try COMMON SENSE!

    1. icantbelieveher says:

      Hey no-nuts, what Bobbi was implying, is that if an amature gets “paid” for anything sports related, they loose the amature status and are deemed a pro. Shirlee you must be an idiot!

  12. Shirlee says:

    TO: icantbelieveher

    Hey dirty mouth: you called me 2 dirty names! Twice you misspelled amateur AND it’s “lose the amateur” in your short two lines. I think the kid “WON” a RAFFLE and is not getting paid a salary! (sorry Bobbi if I was too strong to you.)

  13. Greg says:

    They drew a name and that person was a no show.
    End of story.
    The rest is just fluff.

  14. SB says:

    They should not get the money! They cheated! Would they get in trouble if they switched places in school or switched places so one could get out of taking a test? Absolutely! Why should it be rewarded in this instance?

  15. Shirlee says:

    SB: I do believe an “O” must be your middle initial!!! (IF U teach, I pity the kids!)
    In just ONE shot, that 11 year old boy did something fantastic to remember!
    Have you? don’t rain on his parade. I do hope they get the 50 GRAND!

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