MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Madison police say a pit bull attacked and injured a 9-year-old boy, biting the child in the face and latching onto his arm.

Police say the boy’s injuries were non-life-threatening. The dog’s owner also suffered puncture wounds on her hands when she pried the dog’s jaws off the boy’s arm.

Officers say the boy was playing outside a friend’s home Wednesday afternoon when the friend went inside to fetch a drink. Police say the friend came back out and the 2-year-old pit bull rushed past him, attacking the visitor.

A WISC-TV report says the woman voluntarily surrendered the dog to a county animal-control officer. Police say they expect the dog’s owners will be cited.

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Comments (9)
  1. Sam i am says:

    But they are such nice dogs and totally misunderstood.

    Yeah right.

    1.'re not. says:

      They are. But unfortunate popularity in the breed offers to bad breeding for profit as happened with Rottweilers, Dobermans and German Shepherds. Do your research please and stop being so bigoted.

      1. Sam is a non-graduate says:

        Roger that – idiot owners are the problem. Go back and finish 7th grade and try to pass reading there ol’ Samantha…

      2. HaHa says:

        Yet we hear of so many more pitbull attacks than Rot, Germ. or Dobermans, I hope everyone of you defending this junk mutt breed owns one of them and has children, we’ll see how that works out.

        1. Jim in Forest Lake says:

          And yet another undereducated school girl speaks. Got two, one 3 yr. old, 65 lb. female and one 4 yr. old, 75lb. male, both rescue dogs, with 5 and 14 yr. old kids at home, and two cats too. They’re outside playing with them along with the neighbor kids as I type, and will sleep on their beds again tonight. It’s dorks like you that buy a Pit or Am Staff and has happen what happened in this story. Mutt? Obviously uneducated – ever heard of Google? Google it and learn something factual, dummy.

          Uneducated, whiny, selfish, know-it-all (but really don’t), brat is what you are – a debt to our society. Now do us all a favor and go get weaned off your mommy and quit being wet behind the ears, already.

          1. PoorJim says:

            When breeds mix they often are referred to as mutts, thats what your dogs are, as you probably are a mutt also, that’s cool they’re good dogs for years then something triggers them and your kid is missing a hand. I would own a stray dog before I would pay $2 for a pit bull. If you enjoy the breed good for you, you can live 50 more years or 50 more minutes I could care less.

          2. Hmm says:

            You wonder why pitbulls are favorite dogs of drug dealers? This breed is as useless as the mutt humans that deal drugs in North Minneapolis

  2. whoaaaaa says:

    I thought Michelle Bachmann was in Iowa????????
    She carries that frothers disease which may be fatal in some cases.

  3. OINK oink says:

    michelle bachmann is a biatch

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