By Kate Raddatz

Today’s Good Question is one I wanted to answer.

Actually, it’s not really a question at all, but I wanted to give a semi formal sign-off for the months I’ve spent answering your questions as the Good Question intern.

So what does the Good Question intern really do you may wonder (or why did Jason even need an intern?) — I’ll explain.

I shadowed Jason and Jose, the GQ photographer, as well as other reporters and anchors on assignment. I got to partake in many of the things Jason does as part of his work, whether it was doing an anchor read at WCCO-TV, chiming in at WCCO Radio, or meeting other food critics at Minnesota Monthly. Of course, I answered Good Questions for DeBlog on a weekly basis too!

I wanted this internship for a long time. I was looking up WCCO internships when I was in high school!

This opportunity has been an even better learning experience and more fun than I hoped it would be, and I encourage anyone going into broadcasting to check out the internship opportunities here.

I’ll wrap things up before this becomes (too) cheesy. For those of you who have read my articles online, thank you!

For those of you wondering what kind of a guy Jason is, he’s relatively normal—suburban, proud husband and dad, but with talent and class.

I’m so thankful to have been given this opportunity. Now I’m looking forward to graduating from the University of Minnesota in December to begin pursuing a career in reporting and anchoring.

Hope to see you on the air someday!

  1. Daryl Willock says:

    I have a good question with the release of the alledeged spy hikers in Iran , who actually pays the 500,000.00 bail money? Is it the relatives, or the tax payers?