NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Thursday that America needs a miracle to recover its economic footing and retain its position as leader of the world.

“This is probably the most crucial election. I think it’s a last chance election,” she told about 300 people attending a town hall meeting. “We need a miracle right now. But I always believe there is a God big enough to give us that miracle.”

Bachmann, who criticized President Barack Obama’s handling of the recovery from the Great Recession and vowed to shrink the size of the federal government, said just electing another Republican won’t help — she’s the Republican who will make the difference.

“You can put a Republican in there to manage big government, but you’re not going to have America as the prosperous big dog in the world again if you do that.”

She vowed to go to Washington to cut federal spending and get the nation’s economic house in order.

“We’re going to be turning a lot of lights off and locking a lot of doors in Washington, D.C.,” the Minnesota Republican said.

Bachmann, who won the Iowa straw poll earlier this month, has been campaigning frequently in South Carolina, site of the first GOP primary in the South.

Bachmann said she will not preside over any more government stimulus programs or bailouts for big corporations.

“The president has failed on unemployment,” Bachmann said. “After the president passed the stimulus we saw millions of jobs in the private sector go away.”

At the same time, she said, “hundreds of thousands” of government jobs were added. Those federal jobs, she said, have average wages and benefits of $123,000 while the average for private sector jobs is $61,000.

Bachmann spoke at a meeting hosted by Republican Rep. Tim Scott, a South Carolina freshman, who is a tea party favorite. Scott has not yet endorsed a candidate for president.

Halfway through the meeting, Gov. Nikki Haley made an unexpected appearance and asked Bachmann about the National Labor Relations Board, which has filed a complaint against Boeing. The aircraft maker recently opened a $750 million plant in North Charleston, South Carolina’s largest industrial investment.

The NLRB alleges the plant was built in South Carolina, a right to work state, to avoid unionized labor in Washington state.

“I would take your phone call when you call me,” Bachmann told the governor. “Gov. Haley has tried desperately to get the attention of the administration not only on health care and in dealing with illegal immigration. I would take your phone calls.”

Bachmann also said she would only appoint pro-growth members to the NLRB.

Asked about immigration, Bachmann said the nation needs to secure the nation’s southern border.

“I would build the barrier or fence. Every mile, every yard, every inch of that southern border needs to be covered,” she said.

She said her position is not anti-Hispanic.

“We are a loving compassionate people in the United States. We also believe our borders need to be secured. When you have unemployment over 9 percent, why would you not secure your borders?” she asked.

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Comments (56)
  1. Speechless up North says:

    I don’t even know how to comment on her picture… waiting for food from Momma Bird Bachmann?

    1. Redneck Purist says:

      Here’s how you should comment. What’s with the media on this photo? They always choose the worst if it’s a conservative. Personally i wish they’d use the one of Obama with a smoke hanging from his lip, looking like the gang-banging gangsta’ from Chicago that his is in private with his homies, but you’ll never see it. If you’re waiting for the media to ever portray a conservative in a positive light, you might as well be waiting for Pelosi and Biden to stop saying idiot things, or Barney Frank to stop eating, or Barack Obama to cut spending. Ain’t never gonna happen, fools.

      1. @rednecky says:

        no need to be so slanted and hate filled in your comments always….your true color shows without them. lol

        The pics they post of politicians are often bad….seems we had more fun with Billary and Pelosi over the years than anyone.
        We all would like it if you go hide in your cave with Omar and Osama and cover it up with sand….just sayin’
        Your daily rants and comments are like stale bread — the mold is getting old. This is coming from a life long GOP voter ….. you are STALE

        1. Redneck Purist says:

          You mam are a moron who couldn’t find your own arse with both hands and a flashlight. Nice try on the life long GOP voter claim too. My guess is you’re a life long lib. You couldn’t possibly be GOP voter if you don’t see the media bias which is as plain as the wart covered nose on your face. Or perhaps you’ve been in a coma since, say, 1960. Or still are. Being gainfully employed, I wouldn’t know moldy, stale bread like you do. But it sounds bad and I empathize with your plight. Maybe you’re just cranky because after Perry is elected next year your government cheese will be (like Obama) history.

          1. facts Of Life says:

            “The Purist” is not a Bachman supporter. WOW

    2. Carl says:

      Thats the problem with Democrats, they vote based on pictures! Good luck wasting your vote on Obama next year, boy theat man has a great smile!!

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        Carl, typical of your comments.

        I believe you would endorse burning America to ashes as long as it meant Obama would get burned by the flames.

      2. Matt says:

        and republicans vote based on lies

    3. Empty Space says:

      If you look close enough when she has her mouth open (which is always) you can see her hair roots!

  2. to Redneck Carl ;-) says:

    over the last few weeks a postby one of your pseudo’s is followed shortly thereafter by the other one.
    me-I enjoy the stupidity of your posts. I copy to a file and soon as I have enough of them I will write a little booklet for toilet or outhouse reading for all the meth heads out there. its dumbed down to their level, prolly written by one at that (?) or more likely an unemployed wanna be one, so it is perfect.
    where should I send the royalty check to redneck Carl?

  3. Mark says:

    I base my vote on the substance and integrity of the candidate, and how closely they align themselves with my beliefs and values, as well as who I feel has the best vision for the country. I personally wouldn’t care if they looked like Gloda Meir or Eddie Haskell, or any other non-attractive or gourgeous physical speciman. How they look, or how they dress means nothing in the determination of my vote. I recall some republicans stating they wanted to vote for Sarah Pallin “Because she’s hot!”

    You sir, sound like what’s wrong with the music industry. If you are gourgeous and photogenic, but have no talent, you can be a star. But if you sing like an angel, but look homely, you have no chance. Remember the woman from England? She was nothing to look at but what a voice. Did an album, but they made her go through an extreme makeover before release.

    Case in point I believe.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Mark

      Conservatives never vote for someone who is smart, intelligent, who uses common sense, and put together a complete sentence, and doesn’t get corrected alot. They vote for someone like Bachmann who is nuts, delusional, gets corrected alot, doesn’t use common sense. As her followers have said they don’t care how often she corrected, they want to know her plans for jobs. What does that tell you?

      But we all know that smarts, intelligence, common sense, and putting together a complete sentence is not tolerated by the those people!

      1. Tom says:

        @ Mark

        And besides Bachmann doesn’t need the media too look bad she does a good job of that on her own. But her followers need someone to blame!

        1. Nostradamus says:

          You really ought to be a little more respectful toward President Bachmann.

          1. Tom says:

            @ Nostradamus

            President Bachmann? LMAO! Then these people wonder why we call them delusional!

    2. meow says:

      I agree with Mark 1000%

      You nailed it. Great post.

      1. Give me liberty says:

        Spoken like two ugly liberals.

        Try some personal accountability starting with your hygiene. Meow!

  4. Murph says:

    The photo is actually flattering,crazy eyes barely noticable.Crazy statements and ideas are her everlasting problem and ultimate downfall! All these straw candidates really suk! Without a doubt the GOP is headed for a massive voter rejection in 2012! You just can’t win while pleasing just the top 2% and sucking everbody else dry like this!

  5. A Voter says:

    Now that we’ve thrown Bachmann under the bus, who’s next?

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      Bachmann laid under it and had it drive over her, all by herself. Nobody needed to lay a finger on her to do it either…

  6. Timmy says:

    She will be there just in time for the Hurricane. I hope she brought her good broom so she can get out of there when the storms hit.

    1. parked broom for now says:

      2011 version of OZ will air tomorrow night at 10:00pm

    2. H Clinton says:

      So much sexism. An outspoken woman is automatically a witch?

  7. Come on .... says:

    I am in the 6th District, confess to not liking MB any longer after voting for her twice. I also think, by her standards of always yapping non-sense lately about things, this may be a somewhat acceptable and flattering photo. Again – using the MB today.
    She has shifted and drifted off into some concept or vision that I find difficult to relate to. I suspect even today maybe her core beliefs remain somewhat viable but wow — she is one drifty and silly woman today.
    I heard she has dropped to #4 or maybe it was #5 in the GOP polls right now. Thankfully. Ron Paul was sitting at #3 but Perry heads the list and that also means a fellow dillisional nut case. We are in trouble folks, we are in trouble. Obama may be headed back despite all. ;(
    On the economic side – I blame both parties for every damn dime we owe. No free ride to anyone

    1. meow says:

      @ Come on …


      Perry is no contest. He is just another BUSH and most everyone hasn’t forgotten what a mess that was nor do they want that back in office with all the religious garbage he vomits.

      1. Rico Suave says:

        Feel the love! Are we a bit catty today? Have you been in the crabby pills again? Did you take more than one?

        1. Carl says:

          Meow isnt intelligent enough to come up with her own post. She is just another “democrat yes puppit”

          1. Deep Thinker says:

            What exactly is a puppit? I know what a puppet is, but I have no clue as to what a puppit is? Lucky your name only has four letters or you probably couldn’t spell that correctly either…..dope

        2. meow says:

          Rico, I thought we kissed and made up? My other cheek is feeling lonely now.

      2. Rick says:

        this is why we need to listen to Huntsman, He’s the guy I’d vote for and I was a Obama supporter. Huntsman is rational, realistic, level headed and the right man for the job. This would be the first time i ever voted Republican. I hope the fringe candidates go away and the real ones start getting the spotlight without the pressure from the far right. I think most Americans fall somewhere in the middle politically and were being ignored.

    2. Todd says:

      Very well said Come on… Anyone who points to one candidate iin office is wrong. What ever happened to doing what the people who you work for need? I voted Obama but he really hasn’t given any indication he has a backbone, keeps backing down to idle threats. We need another Bruce Vento out there, someone who cares. Even Wellstone stuck to his guns on what he thought was right. Love him, hate him…at least he stuck to what he thought was right and for that I will give him a lot of credit. BTW, the debt we are in right now is solely on GWB’s shoulders. Two unpaid wars, a stupid drug plan unpaid for, 2 tax cuts that predominatly helped the rich (the extra $10 I got every two weeks really didn’t stimulate the economy). Remember, he came into office with a surplus and left a mess. I have yet to hear any one of these politicians talk about taxing imports, the only way to get America back on track. Why do you think China has all the money folks?

      I am very, very scared for the future of this country and the whole damned world right now.

      1. easyrider says:

        The world seems to be dividing into two camps, just looking at Pakistan and Iran on one side, unchanging Fundamentalists, and Egypt and Libya on the other, attempting at becoming Progessives and moving into the 21st Century, as examples. It’s much the same in the US with Conservative Fundamentalists on one side, and Moderates and Progressives on the other. The smell of fear is in the air because of an unbalanced economic crisis and a lack of ethical and morale (they are actually one and same) backbone in US Philosophy when it comes to commerce and the Judicial system. We end up chasing phantoms rather than root causes.

    3. Dave's Not Here says:

      So YOU are one of the idiots who was fooled by her.

      I doubt you’re any smarter now than you were then, to be honest. People don’t shake that kind of naive stupidity.

  8. A Voter says:

    How many wives does Perry have?

    1. Redneck Purist says:

      Fewer than Clinton has underage intern/mistresses.

      1. next question then says:

        LOL – does that mean less or more than MB and Marcus have in their closets Redneck?

  9. Angus says:

    Don’t talk about Clinton’s love life. At least he didn’t change Congressional pages like certain conservatives

  10. the rednecky thing says:

    me wonders if the redneck purist is a she-he? a bitter one at that
    things just don’t ever work out for the twerp it seems. to bad

  11. John says:

    It’s amazing the stupidity of people has become so low, to think Bachmann is presidential material…

  12. Larry says:

    She’s a bimbo… Perrect for simple minded imbicils….

  13. George says:

    Happy Birthday Elvis, and next Easter we can say Happy Birthday Jesus.

  14. Max says:

    All the nonsensical posts on here aside, what is HER plan for solving the recession? Does she plan to ask Marcus to “pray it away?”

    1. torch says:

      they been there and done that….they praying now to avoid burning in hell for their lies

  15. Murph says:

    REALITY CHECK…. he failed to deal out warrants for the arrest of the PARTY OF NO!. If I was Prez they would all be meeting in the mess hall in Sing Sing! Or up agains’t the wall at LEAVENWORTH! They are trying to turn us ALL into slaves you nitwits! They even said so!

  16. Deep Thinker says:

    As bad as things are, Bachman still couldln’t beat Obama because she in mentally unstable & liked only by those who are themselves mentally unstable

  17. commonsense says:

    The miracle Bachman needs is for her God to reset the deluded button.
    I would be very surprised if she could make proper change at a kool aid stand.
    Good grief.

  18. Joy says:

    You all need to grab a glass of wine and sit outside to enjoy some fresh air. Is there really such a growing need to completely obliterate conservatives? I thought you all were the tolerant party? This country seems to be getting more and more divided every day, and the hostile index is climbing. What happened to Obama’s call for toning down the hostile rhetoric? Oh yeah, that only applied to the conservatives. Liberals can say whatever the heck they want without backlash. They have the golden ticket, free ride on the megal-left media expressway. Well, this true-blue American conservative isn’t going to just roll over and take it. You all are a bunch of hypocrites with a capital H. You pretend to be so tolerant and peaceful, but you are hateful and hostile toward anything that counters your viewpoint. And, no one who disagrees with you could possibly have a reasonable argument for it; they are just dumb, insane, nutjobs, looneys, deluded, etc… Now, sit down cause this might shock you; some people think differently than you. Should I say it slower? I realize it’s hard to fathom that in this world of diversity, that people actually have intellectual, philosophical, spiritual reasons behind their alternative worldview. So, get off your thrones of false humility before you fall and hurt yourself.

    1. easyrider says:

      Neither side can claim the high ground, none of those who can’t or won’t discuss what the problems are, but rather sink to the level of just name calling. It’s not “big Government”, it’s the failures in the Public Sector that brought us into the Great Recession. That’s just the truth! The Government does provide jobs for the American People…closing those jobs down wouldn’t help any. Making false claims isn’t going to help either. Corporations are saying that the layoffs haven’t hurt their productivity any, but it increases the likelihood of mistakes in doubling the workload of those left. In Job critical situations, that might not be a good idea. Stressed workers will make mistakes over time. But what one takes away from what the Corporate world is saying is that they aren’t going to open job prospects “since they are still making profits”. That being the case, we have to turn to repairing the infrastructure, and only the government will do that. The private sector won’t do it until someone pays them to, and that money will only come from us…the government. So…lets talk about those issues without name-calling on either side. Think that’s possible?

  19. A Voter says:

    If we get a few more political parties a candidate will only need 10% of the votes to get elected.

  20. Sue J says:

    Bachman 2012!!!!!! Obama had my vote in 2008 but no more!!!!

  21. RIP old -non purist says:

    doggune it – driving to office this morning and a stray skunk like criiter runs out in front of me – I clipped and killed the dang thing
    turns out it was a slime slider, of the the swamp critters that lives near Carson Bay. I kicked it off the road but the thing had a slime collar that fell off so I picked it up. Danged if it wasn’t one of our very own, the one and only redneck purist slime slider himself.
    R.I.P. redneck purist slimer, R.I.P

  22. dphilips says:

    america needs a miracle! For Bachmann to disappear!

  23. met says:

    America may need a miracle, but she is not it!!!

  24. markH says:

    No, Michelle Bachmann-we do not need a miracle or any other suspension of the natural order from some unseen deity to remedy our economic ills. What we DO need is substantive, reasonable, pragmatic policies from Washington. Looking to the skies is a complete waste of time-look to yourself and your fellow Washington policy-makers to actually THINK and use your critical faculties to effect real change. It may take a while; hell, it may take a long while. But wishing for a miracle from your supernatural friend or shaking your Magic 8-Ball is just not going to cut it. I expect more-MUCH more than superstitious nonsense from someone who claims that they have the brains to be the leader of a superpower in the 21st century. Peace.

  25. Steve says:

    Yes we do. But Bachmann is the farthest thing away from being that miracle.

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