CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A 6-year-old from Chaska is being called a hero because she knew exactly what to do when her grandma had a bad fall.

Maggie Sanders said she learned from her mother that if an emergency happens, you call 9-1-1 immediately.

Apparently, Maggie was listening.

While babysitting, the Chanhassen grandmother tripped and fell on the garage floor where she lied unconscious. Maggie said instinct kicked in and she made the call for help.

Joan “Grandma” Babel is hands-down the little girls’ favorite babysitter.

“I just love her,” said Maggie.

“Just being with the kids, and having fun with them, and you know, you can send ’em home at the end of the day,” said Babel.

It was while babysitting, watching the kids play outside in the yard when Babel took her sudden spill.

“To get back around the door, it’s really narrow — and so, I stumbled and I fell like three feet, flat on my back,” Babel said.

After Maggie got off the phone with 911, Babel started to regain consciousness.

” I was just really fuzzy, and I looked at her and I said, ‘Maggie, call 911!’ and she said, ‘I already did, Grandma!” said Babel said. “I’m just very, very proud of her.  Every time I think about it, I get tears in my eyes.”

In response, Maggie said to her Grandma, “I wanna say, thank you for saying that. I’m proud that I saved you.”

Babel said she is recovering well at a rehabilitation center in Hopkins. She said she’s ready to get back home.

Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight wrote Maggie a letter saying, “I am proud of you, and so are the other police officers, paramedics and doctors. You are the reason that your grandma is OK, today.”

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  1. hate the system says:

    finally a good story with a happy ending on wcco

  2. allisen says:

    I believe it is “laid” on the floor and not “lied” on the floor.

    1. sushan says:

      lied is correct :)… laid is passive… or when you think eggs.

  3. KShaw says:

    It’s nice to see a news story with a happy ending. Koodo’s to the little girl for her quick thinking.

    I saw this story and had to read and comment. I live in Florida, along the Treasure Coast. Just a few days ago we had a story here about a husband who has filed suit against a local EMS services because his wife died. He claims that she didn’t get help fast enough. The problem, the woman who was in her mid fifties, dialed “0” for help and not 911. The automated system that initially received the call, states at the very beginning “If this is an EMERGENCY hang up and dial 911.” The woman, did not and well you know. Yet here a young child, age 6 knew to call 911.

  4. abw says:

    It should be “lay” on the floor – (simple past tense intransitive verb – no direct object after it) on something, versus you “laid” an object (simple past tense transitive verb) on something]; eg. She lay on the floor for hours awaiting help vs. She laid the book on the table. See

  5. Jay says:

    ps. I like how you changed your comment because you too made a mistake and didn’t write “lay” the first time you posted. So again, shut up.

    1. Liz1388 says:

      Nice attitude! NOT!

    2. Brenda says:

      What is your problem? The correct word is “lay,” which is the past tense of the verb “lie.” Simple. Keep your “shut up” remarks to yourself, please.

  6. Rob Durkheim says:

    Allisen, you got OWNED! LMFAO