FALCON HEIGHTS (WCCO) — The Minnesota State Fair is up and running and so are residential lots in nearby neighborhoods.

“People seem to like it and it’s convenient,” said Jen Peper.

Peper’s parents live in a home on Snelling Avenue across from the fair. She spends much of her day helping her brother shuffle cars around the lawn.

“Usually, the line to go into the parking gate is backed up as far as Highway 36,” said Peper. “You can avoid all that and park here.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

However, the convenience will cost you. To park on Peper’s parents lawn will run you $20. To park at the fair, its only $12 and they offer discount coupons as low as $9.

Peter Kurr lives four hours away from the Twin Cities, he traveled from Ghent, Minn. He thinks convenience is more important than price, so he paid $20 for his spot.

“We were driving around for 40 minutes trying to find a place to park, but they’re all full,” said Kurr.

Driving through the neighborhood, you’ll find dozens of places to park. Some in the back allies of homes and others smack-dab in the middle of their front lawn.

Also, if paying $20 dollars is a bit too much, you might want to try parking at Leann Clemmons’ home. She’s charging $10 and is about four blocks down from Snelling Ave. Further down, homeowners are charging $5.

“I can park six cars in my home,” said Clemmons. “I’m not really close enough to charge $20 and I don’t get enough traffic to get $15. So it’s more like $10.”

How much these homeowners make during the 12 day event is a sensitive subject. Some made enough to repave their driveway and others enough for a new bird bath for their garden. Most wouldn’t disclose, but all said they pay taxes on the money they make.

“You have to deal with living on Snelling Avenue and deal with the fair. This kind of makes up for it,” said Peper.

Comments (9)
  1. G says:

    Or there are places to park and ride the bus. I tryed it and it works out great. They drop off and pick up in front of the main gate, And they have many busses running the same routes so waiting is hardly an issue. I got on behind the Target store near Har Mar mall. There was no traffic problem coming or going from that distance and a quick hop onto HWY 36 to get me away from the mess.

  2. Commuter says:

    Park at TCF Bank Stadium for free & catch the free busses every 5 minutes that drop you off at the gate on Como Ave…Parking in someones yard for $20 is so 1991.

  3. taxes thats great says:

    Yeah like they pay taxes on the cash they receive. The wastefule, income distributing, charity intermediary gov deserves none of their parking revenue.

  4. Mike says:

    Dayton should put a tax on their home parking spots, and where is the State to see if they have a permit to do this?

    1. yay dems says:

      Does Falcon Heights vote dem?

  5. Linda Smith says:

    The reporter needs to do a little more fact checking. The residents in Falcon Heights are NOT allowed to charge for parking for the fair. Only Warner Stellian is allowed the special privilege of “raping” out-of-towners. It is ST. PAUL that allows residents to charge for the use of their yardspace.

  6. Bryan Olson, FH resident and Dist. 3 member Ramsey Co. Charter Commission says:

    The houses on the east side of Snelling that have been doing their own mini-State Fair for a number of years now, is actually in St. Paul. The borderline is Hoyt Ave. – the north side of Hoyt and above is Falcon Heights, up to Roselawn.

    Some years ago there was a mild controversy when the City of St. Paul fathers were talking about somehow taxing or getting some of the profits from this annual eyesore “carnival” as I call it. Whether these homes have to buy permits for this activity, and the city gets revenue from those permit fees, is something I don’t know. (Also, the vendors using those spaces should be collecting sales taxes – whether these monies are being turned over to the state and City of St. Paul is something to double-check)

    One of only two things that the Falcon Heights City Council has done right in the 14 years I have been a resident here was banning these carnival businesses on FH residential property. No mini donut stands or car parking is allowed. However, the city council only got it half-right: they allow fair parking in Warner Stellian’s parking lot, where the public is gouged by a $20 fee.

    I have mentioned this at FH city council meetings, so I am not saying anything new here. I feel the price gouging reflects badly on the city.

    To make comment on some of the previous reader comments here, I will say that the State Fair traffic is handled very well. For residents on Snelling Ave., above the carnival area, the fair activity has had minimal impact on our sensibilities for a number of years now, since they ‘ramped up’ the shuttle bus operation.

    Getting people to and from the fairgrounds works like a well-oiled military operation and has been efficient and effective. I recommend to all to use the various Park n’ Rides and the fair shuttle buses.

    The most annoying event at the fairgrounds is in July, the second “hot rod” show. The first one of the season, the “Back to the 50’s” is not as bad, but the second one is terrible. It seems to me that law enforcement could be making all kinds of problems for these “hot rodders” but choose not to do so. Excessive speeding and noise seem to go unfettered. Snelling Avenue is used as a dragstrip – and that’s exactly where an event like this should be held – at a dragstrip.

    To answer another reader’s question about DFL activity here, FH is about 80% far left-wing. There’s a tiny clique among them who think they know it all and want to control this tiny little briar patch, mostly because they couldn’t handle a larger one. It’s very easy to beat your chest and call yourself “King of the Hill” — always intentionally omitting a description of the size of the hill.

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