MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan said Friday he believes “roaming groups” of adolescents may be responsible for the recent deadly violence in north Minneapolis.

Dolan said they’re not gangs in the traditional sense.

“They’re large groups; they’re 11, 12, 13, 14 year-olds,” said Dolan.

And Dolan is urging residents to provide any information they might have on the incidents.

“When you see these groups of kids that are roaming around, and they [residents] know they’re not from their neighborhood. I talked to a number of residents up there, they’ve been hesitant to call,” Dolan said.

The chief said there are two roaming groups and they’re the same age as the victims of two fatal shootings in the past week: 13 year-old Rayjom Gomez and 14 year-old Quantell Braxton.

Police said they are still looking for the killers. They’ve beefed up patrols and are strictly enforcing curfews in north Minneapolis.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

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  1. me says:

    Curfews need to be brought down to when the street lights go on. And, the parents held responsible for any children out after dusk. I’m sick of being afraid of damn children. Something HAS to…I mean…HAS to be done so this stops.

    1. Reverend Al says:

      Roaming groups of poorly parented Chiddrenz blamin Whitey every time they get caught committing a Felony.

  2. derek p. says:

    bring back the death penalty. easy as that. maybe that would help balance the budget too?

  3. Murph says:

    More jobs at the prisons ,coming right up! The party of No should be proud of that! At least they replaced some of the jobs that they have taken away by not helping the country recover with other jobs! I mean who needs cops when the criminals start killing each other as a rite of puberty! Rick Perry for instance let 1/3 of the state of Texas go up in flames by laying of 75% of his firefighters! But managed to create a handful of lesser paying ones in reforestation work!Woo Hoo the GOP is really on a roll aren’t they! What ??? FAUX news didn’t include the fires in Perry’s record ? I am shocked.Hmmm ,they didn’t report Pawlenty’s efforts to let elderly,the sick and disabled remain undernourished and vulnerable,nor the Constitutional violation he earned in doing it? Again ,I am just totally in shock.The holy ones acting like little devils? Totally shocking?

    1. Samo Samo says:

      You blame the GOP???? You have been duped at the Union Meeting or the Franken Rally. This is more the results 40 years of democratic hand outs, give aways and coddling. The ACLU would freak if these little fellows were caned on main street or sent to prison for their crimes. The ACLU is a direct extension of the Democratic Party. You whine about the fire fighters, the mayor of Minneapolis goes about thumping his chest with victory over a green bicycle program while at the same time laying off fire fighters. How may fires does the Bicycle Cooridinator or Minneapolis or the Parks and Rec department staff put out?

  4. Punisher! says:

    I’m not afraid to punch a kid if he pulls something on me.

    1. Ready or Not says:

      I’m not afraid to shoot a kid if he pulls something on me.

  5. Children Of The Corn says:

    Well then Punisher head over twoards Dowling Ave….and when 10 to 20 kids surround you….and 3 or 4 pull out guns……start punching me boy…….

  6. TL the alligator says:

    …you’d “punch” him?….LOL….i’d shoot the little SOB if he ever pulled a knife or gun on me……and i wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep.

  7. Oh-Really? says:

    I say find them now, lock them up and throw away the keys.. this way they cant make babies.. Problem solved!

  8. Sarah says:

    FYI there is no long-term welfare in MN. It’s a 60 month lifetime maximum. And if you get pregnant while on welfare you do NOT get additional money.
    Wanted to clear that up… I agree with what you’re saying tho.

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