MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — About 100 Somali-American students plan to walk from Minneapolis to St. Paul to support famine relief efforts in Somalia.

One of the organizers of Saturday’s walk is Shukri Abdinur. She says young Somali Americans have an obligation to do whatever they can to help. She says walkers want to pay homage to those in Somalia who did not survive, or who lost children to starvation.

She says the walkers want to show they care, and create long-term change in Somalia.

The walk starts at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Profile Event Center, 2630 University Avenue. Walkers plan to arrive at the state Capitol about 6 p.m.

The United Nations says 12.4 million people need food aid, and tens of thousands have died.

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Comments (25)
  1. Mr D says:

    To bad they can’t walk back to Somalia.

    1. Jesus I Am says:

      I’ve been watching you from heaven for some time, Mr. D. This post and your previous posts on articles about Somalians would indicate that you are a racist. I can see that you are a sad, scared, angry little man. You will have to change your ignorant ways if you ever want to get into paradise. I want you to stop posting and write, “I will not act like a bigot” one million times. Oh… and also say five “Hail Marys.”

      1. Mr D says:

        I guess I am not alone in the perception of the Somali community. Here are some quotes from another Somali story.

        I know about the Somali people in the Twin Cities. They are rude, think they are entitled to everything they want. Live off siciety like leaches, getting free schooling, free housing, food stamps, a free taxi cab, the government sets them up with businesses, and all they contribute are young gangs, They are anti social, in the community out side of their own, many into illegal ventures. prostitution, even drugs. I know a lot about the Somali people because I live among them.

        And another.

        The thing is the Somalian people I know are not good nieghbors or citizens. They hate Americans and are only here for the hand-outs. In Somalia there are no free hand-outs. That is why Somalians and Americans only get along in the minds of polititions. The legislators have no clue about Somalians, their ideology, their Sharia Law, or there motivation for their world jihad.

        I would imagine the courts don’t know much about Somalians either. But try living amoung them for a year or so. Then you will get the picture. Have you ever noticed that no Muslim is ever wrong, never the agressor, never anything but a loving a kind hearted man.? Just ask one of them they’ll tell you.

        The thing is Somalians are just like must Muslims, in their own minds they think they are the only perfect people in the entire world. But in reality they are the worst people in the world and they think they are better than everyone else because the Koran, Sharia Law, and Hadith tell them they are perfect.

        The only way they will ever get along with Minneasotans is when the Minnesotans are Muslim or dead. They are not and never will be good neighbors. Go ahead and live next to them you’ll soon understand and be removed from ignorants.

        If I you want to call me a racist because I don’t care for those who hate us, I can live with that.

      2. lib says:

        Who do you think you are to demand that someone not post a comment because it doesn’t agree with your perception of the Somalli community! The Somalli’s didn’t walk for the victims of 911 they cheered. They give their welfare $$ to the terrorists, now it will be under the guise of this walk to relieve famine. I dare you to go get a Starbucks on Riverside, you’ll be in for a treat.

      3. Kevin says:

        No…the Lord does not like Somalians…as they hate the Lord…..get a clue…..

        1. Jesus I Am says:

          Mr. D, lib, and Kevin….in those moments of lucidity when your minds are not clouded with hate and fear, you cannot really believe that 100% of Somalians in America are horrible people. You are denigrating other Somalians who are good, hard-working people who would show you kindness. Shame on you for trying to rally others to hate all Somalians, including their children. All that your hatred does is fuel more hatred which then fuels all that is evil. Is that how you want to live your lives? I hope others don’t judge Christianity by the examples you set.

          1. Kevin says:

            Shhhh…I am reloading….Bless me Lord fore I am about to sin….

          2. Kevin says:

            Bless me Lord fore I am about to sin….

          3. me says:

            yes; I’ve seen the ONE Somali who was NOT “a horrible person” … he’s in grave 3482 of the cemetary.

            (ie – the only GOOD Somali is a DEAD Somali)

    1. Mr D says:

      You can go with them.

  2. Kevin says:

    I will give them $100 each if they keep walking twoards Chicago….and stay there….

    1. DARREN says:

      not even Chicago deserves that.

      Tell them to get jobs if they can and send their own money to their own country and people instead of trying to get us too help.

  3. Billy Bob says:

    Go ask someone who lives in St Cloud, which is now nearly 30% Somalian…….how that whole forced diversity thing is working for them. Ask them why the state of MN had to build a Human Rights Center in St Cloud, just to deal with all the Somali law suites and complaints. Ask the surrounding compainies how they love being sued by Somalians (who are not Americans….just green cards) to have the Muslim religion forced dwon their throats……ask them about the Somali gang issues…..the Somali crime issues……again I state the if diversity does not effect you…..you can love it…..but when diversity changes your life due to violence……property value……you are not so “into” it…….trust me….by looking at the states data we are now #1 in Hmong, Somali, Nigerian, and the list goes on and on…oh and we were voted the #1 gay city in America…..oh I am so proud…as you will be when you get a taste of what diversity brings with….enjoy the ride…..while I reload,,,

    1. Steve says:

      Why do you use so many ellipses? That is not how English works.

    2. stayinsomalia says:

      I work in St Cloud and want to say that I’ve never considered myself to be a racist, but I do want to point out my experiences with Somalians. Without a doubt the rudest, most unfriendly, and selfish people I have ever met. I have not had one Somlian show any amount of gratitude or kindness. In addition, I’m acquainted someone who works at the hospital and she tells me on a regular basis how much money goes into providing translators for Somalians. How they have state funded healthcare and treat the hospital staff like dogs. As far as I’m concerned, Somalians need to go back to Somalia and stay there!!!

  4. Waste says:

    I am all for immigrants who want to come to America. But don’t come on and start demanding americans have to bend to your foreign country’s beliefs. What they do in their homes is their business.

    But when the politicians decided to bring in thousands, give them tax breaks for seven years. Welfare out of the box. Set up polygamists as a family with one mom and dad, then the other wives as single mothers. What were our politicians thinking.

    Go to St. Cloud, go to Willmar and live in a city becoming dominated by them, and you would agree we needed to think this over better when it was being researched.

  5. Pat says:

    Bringing Somalians to MN is one program that needs to be undone.

  6. Rufftouch says:

    I need someone to spread “Bigots be gone” in this room. Such ignorance, my lord. I think I just lost 20 points off my IQ from reading these stupid comments. In short, these are young AMERICANS who happen to walk for a good cause. They are not doing anything illegal, immoral or ungratefull. If you think we need to hear about your racist and uncivil comments, then obviously your racist blog has 0 visitors this week.

    1. Mr D says:

      Looks like you are in the minority here Rufftouch. You call people Bigots, racist, and ignorant. However you ignore their personal experiences with Somalis thus forming or creating their feelings toward them. The people like you are the real problem here with your higher that thou attitudes. While you kiss the entitlement peoples ass they spit on you but you are to stupid to see.

      1. Rufftouch says:

        Mr D, It’s an innocent walk for a good cause by AMERICAN students. I see the same comments as the one posted after an alleged crime commited by a SOMALI or any other AMERICAN with a foreign name. For once in your racist way, comment positively that these students did an AMERICAN act and try to reach out and help.

  7. Sue J says:

    I thought they were driving their Taxis for the walk?

  8. Sue J says:

    Have fun with them. Bring some Pork to the check out counter at Target:)

  9. RIII says:

    It is good to see a positive news story about the Somalia’s, even if it is self serving. I wonder how many donated to the Haitian relief effort.

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