MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Vikings made their Minnesota debut at the newly renovated Metrodome Saturday night, when they lost 23-17 to the Dallas Cowboys.

Despite the preseason loss, it’s hard to forget the image of the Metrodome roof collapsing under the weight of the snow that last December’s blizzard dumped upon it. The destruction caused the Vikes to finish their last two home games of the season on the road.

Eight months of hard work later, the Dome is ready to host games. The renovations include: a new roof overhead and fresh turf under the cleats.

Saturday, the purple faithful packed the new Dome, but many wondered if it will be the Vikings’ final year at the stadium.

“It’s kind of scary, because we don’t know where they are going to be, you know, in the future, “ said Ken Shank, a Vikings fan.

Molly Hall-Martin, another Vikings fan, made the journey from South Dakota to Minneapolis to see her team play.

“I’ve been a Vikings fan since I was in the second grade, and so it’s been a dream to see a Vikings game at the Metrodome. So knowing this could be one of the last seasons here, I was like, ‘We have to come’,” she said.

For many who went to Saturday’s game, the thought of the franchise leaving was at the forefront of their conversation. Their question was this: What will happen when the Viking’s lease is up with the Metrodome at the end of this season?

“I don’t think it’s going to be the last [season],” said Glen Anderson, of St. Paul. “They will play here for three or four years, and off to the new stadium.”

No matter what happens, many fans said they bleed purple and gold, and that they’ll cheer on their team whether it’s in downtown Minneapolis, Arden Hills or points unknown.

“Hopefully we’ll get the stadium situation worked out and everybody will be happy about it, “ said Jason Shumberger, of St. Paul.

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  1. DARREN says:

    I won’t be happy until the Vikings are gone. Bunch of thugs. Rich SOB’s that most don’t care about. Go away Vikings. Just go away.

    1. FairWeatherFan says:

      Pretty harsh! Now if you are talking T-wolves….I’m right there with ya!

    2. Paul Solinger says:

      You won’t be happy until the Vikings are gone? What a sad, pathetic life you must lead.

  2. Zack says:

    Do you not realize that this is too big of a market to not have a professional football team? I will tell you exactly what will happen if the Vikings leave. There will be no team for a few years and then we will get an expansion team and be forced to build a new stadium anyway. Look at the North Stars/Wild… Look at the Lakers/Timberwolves. It’s inevitable that there will be a new stadium, whether it’s for the Vikings or a future expansion team. How can you people not realize this??

    1. “forced to build a new stadium anyway”?? Who is going to force us? The solution is simply to say No– now, and in the future. Those other cities knuckled under. We don’t have to. Show a little backbone, and after a few years, the NFL will be the ones “forced” to build a new stadium. They can’t afford to completely abandon a market the size of the Twin Cities.

  3. Who knows? says:

    Personally, I think, over time, more and more of us have become spectators of the Vikings. Not fans. We can take them, or leave them without much trouble. As I have grown older I find that after the first few downs of the game, I fall asleep on the couch and usually wake up with about two minutes left in the game. That works out well for me. I guess I would miss my sunday nap if the Vikings left Minnesota. But if I had a wish, I would wish more of the players would cut their hair so it didn’t hang out the back of their helmets.like girls, and that all of the players would shave their faces for the games, tuck in their jerseys, and play outside in the snow. I know I have no say in what they do, I haven’t been to a game since the 1970’s. Maybe that’s part of their problem in getting public assistance to build their new stadium? Apathy from spectators.

    1. Joe Aztec says:

      If the twin cities is to big to not have a pro football franchise then how do you explain no NFL in Los Angeles? A FAR larger area than Minneapolis/St. Paul.. Just curious.

  4. dulas says:

    Quit scaring people, Ziggy. Open your pocket book and build your own stadium.

    1. Fed up says:

      Zigi isn’t scaring anyone. Nobody really cares,it’s time you realized that.

      1. Skol always says:

        There are MANY that care. The Vikes are the only important thing from Minnesota. I am a fan of the Vikes, even through the MANY hard times. Skol Vikings forever. Let’s get that stadium done so we can enjoy some northern football for many years to come.

        1. Guy says:

          Get out of town VIkes … and take Skol with you … losers … get a life alreay

          What part of “he!! NO!” don’t you & Ziggy understand.

  5. Stub says:

    saw a bumnper sticker on a car that I wished was on mine. It said “Go Twins, and take the Vikes with ya”

  6. Aghast says:

    How about that Vikings business model?

    The owner is a billionaire. The players are millionaires. And yet, they want us everyday working slobs to buy a multi-hundred-million dollar stadium for them, with taxes, so we can have a place to buy hundred dollar tickets to watch them make more billions and millions.

  7. DB says:

    You people are totally clueless…This state has little to offer other than high taxes that are going to be here whether the Vikings stay or leave. What the Vikings are asking from the state is peanuts compared to the rest of the crap we pay for. Plus at least the Vikings pay taxes to the state and so do the players that come here from other franchises. Just ignorant is all i can say to some of you who think we will be better off without them.

  8. davep says:

    The NFL owners and players should be the ones financing their own stadiums. After all they are in the entertainment business.

  9. haha says:

    Im so glad I didnt set my life up financialy to cry about nickels and dimes, fact is whether its in Minneapolis or a suburb it will get built. The vote will not go to the people, so I suggest you grab them ankles and take it like a good little taxpayer, because your voices will fall on deaf ears.

    1. B.Grant says:

      Even the wealthy don’t want it..It’s a bad,bad deal..Nickels & dimes have nothing to do with it..It’s called general principal..Vikes fans are too ignorant to figure that out.

      1. Paythepiper says:

        Wow the wealthy with all the suites to entertain clients don’t want it? It is about nickels and dimes, Do you think this stadium will cost you personally $13k, it will be a miniscule tax, that you pay here and there, I suppose you vote no on school levys also, I loathe the penny pinchers, open your eyes there are tons of businesses that benefit also, but keep bah humbugging life grinch.

  10. bob says:

    Let’s look at reality. The Vikings are a business, pure and simple. Residents don’t need to pay for someone else’s business venture. Given that both the owners and players are all very rich, they can pay their own way. If we want to go to a game we pay for it. If we want to watch it on TV we have to either pay for it or put up with a zillion commericals to pay for the air time. But, we should not be forced to pay for someone elses livelyhood. They can afford it on their own. Let’s get real!

  11. Chad says:

    You people who say that you want a new stadium are the same people that are not willing to pay for it. I don’t want a new stadium nor am I willing to pay for a new one. The metrodome is fine the way it is. It has a new roof and new turf. It is good for another 20-30 years!

  12. MrB says:

    Do I bleed purple? Nope. Will I cry if they leave? Nope. Will I cheer if they stay? Nope. Why? Because I don’t really care one way or another! What I do care about is my family and myself, either way, if they stay or not, It will not affect us, we will survive……and that my friends is the bottom line!

  13. Paul Solinger says:

    As I was at last night’s game, and I have one question for the Vikings. What do they do with the money they make off the $7.50 beers? And the $4.50 bottles of pop and water that convenience stores sell for $1.50? While I’m a Vikings fan, I have to agree with most of the posters here. I won’t miss them if they leave.

    1. hartong says:

      I think Ziggy doesn’t charge enough. Beer should cost $10. Pop and water, only $8.50. And Hot Dogs, they should be a mere $15 each.

      Think Big, Ziggy, Come On, Think Big.

  14. Winning says:

    hahaha there is a $8 an hour sensor working right now, wow you must wish you worked at Mcdonalds right now, what an epic failure you’ve become, head in sand

  15. Go away Zygi and Vikings! says:

    I hope Zigy and his team leave the state forever. I’m sick of his constant begging for our money and all the dirty dealing that is done behind the scenes between Zygi’s cronies and our crooked politicians.

    We may have swept it under the carpet for a short time but our state is still broke and throwing our money at a billionaire isn’t going to solve any problems for the state or it’s taxpayers. It’ll only make Zygi and the players wealthier at our expense.

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