MANKATO, Minn. (AP) — Mankato police probably never expected to get a call like this.

The 911 caller said two young girls, dressed in their pajamas, were out for a walk with a goat about 11:30 p.m. Saturday. The girls told the investigating officer that the goat lived in their bedroom closet and that they regularly took it out for late-night walks.

The officer walked the girls home and talked with the parents. The stepsisters, ages 6 and 7, had been at a birthday party at the Sibley Park Zoo earlier that day and came up with a plan to take one of the goats home. The Free Press says police don’t know how the girls managed to free the goat, which was returned to the zoo.

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Comments (29)
  1. Smith says:

    why were the kids not put in foster homes? After 11 pm is after curfew and the parents should lose thier children (they can keep the goat)

    1. Billy the Kid says:

      Put the kid in prison, and send the girls home.

    2. Samantha Jo Evans says:

      wow really?you think that they should get rid of their 6 and 7 year old daughters for that?im guessing that they had never snuck out berfoe considering theyre so young.its no reason to put them in a foster home.the parents probably thought the girls were in bed.seriously,theyre 6 and 7.they probably didnt really know cant tell me you didnt think about having a secret pet when you were that age too,they just actualy went out to get it.the parents are probably paying alot more attention to them now.

  2. TG says:

    Are you Serious Smith… The Parents should lose custody of the kids because they were out after curfew???? This CAN”T be a real comment!!!

  3. Dean says:

    Ah, come on. Haven’t you ever pulled a prank when you were a kid? Good show, gals.

  4. Chris says:

    Really Smith? What if the kids snuck out of the house? And what makes you think the government can do a better job of raising any kid?

    Your idea is just like other freedom killing ideas (e.g. no smoking in bars, bans on fast food) that the nutty lefties come up with to try to protect us from ourselves. Not well thought out and totally inappropriate.

  5. LMAO says:

    Funny as hell – glad the officer handled it as he did too.
    This is one of those stories that will be legendary in the family, if not the community.
    Tooooooo funny

  6. smiley7276 says:

    Smith must be perfect. Store tantrum? Foster care. Let’s be glad those kids weren’t picked up by the wrong person at that time of night.

  7. TWeber says:

    I think ‘Smith’ was probably trying to get a reaction, and it worked. These little girls obviously thought this through, and had a plan. Kuddos to them. Next time maybe they should ‘plan’ something that won’t get them in trouble.

  8. Joker of Spades says:

    You know, it’s stories like this that really just get my goat!

  9. TerriR810 says:

    I think the story is funny. Police have to be given kudos for handling this so tactfully. My question is how did they get this goat home without mom and dad knowing? they cant be that cluelessl

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      The police brought the girls and goat home and discussed it with the parents who did not corroborate the girls’ story. Sooo, they DIDN’T get the goat home without mom and dad knowing. Did you not read the article at all?

  10. Kevin says:

    They were not in Mpls….they did not shoot the goat…..

  11. Frank says:

    “It is unlawful for any minor person under the age of sixteen (16) years to be or loiter upon the streets or public places between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.”
    heres the Mankato laws.

    The girls were breaking the law and should be punished !! SMITH IS RIGHT !!

    1. suds says:

      frank you are so stupid….

    2. You Tell 'Em Dad says:

      Frank? Frank Smith?

  12. Student123 says:

    How do you suggest we punish them Frank? Take away their blankets and stuffed animals for a week?

    1. Joker of Spades says:

      Prison. They broke the law. Send them to prison.

  13. NavyVet says:

    I never would have thought about SNEAKING out of the house at that time of the night, or going to the zoo and STEALING a goat! I guess people don’t properly raise their children and teach them not to do things like that. I’m glad to hear they were unharmed because a lot could have went wrong in that situation. I hold the irresponsible parents responsible. 6&7! Come on!

    1. tiol says:

      oh my god kids watch tv and kids hear things everyday there is no way in this world a parent can watch their kid 24/7 and come on i am sure they got scared stiff when the cop brought them home no need to arrest parents for god sakes

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        If you’re unable to watch your 6 year old “24/7” then you need to be calling child welfare and confessing this to them as well.

  14. tess says:

    I loved this story. We need some new to make us laugh. I still cannot believe they got so far.

  15. Pam Teig says:

    Unbelievable that no one stopped these two girls until the police noticed? Hmm?

    1. Gloria says:

      The article states that a 911 caller reported seeing the girls and the goat. The police weren’t the first to notice.

  16. I Don't Condone says:

    Heaven forbid, if we make light of this there will be copy cat goat kidnappings by 6 and 7 year olds all over the country. Damn the main stream media for promoting such criminal acts just to raise their ratings!

  17. Save the Children says:

    This has satanic underlyings.

  18. an atheist says:

    I say invoke the conservative 3-strike rule.

    Two more goat thefts and it’s the slammer for life for both of them…

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