SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Sunday that she would consider oil and natural gas drilling in the Everglades if it can be done without harming the environment.

Bachman said the United States needs to tap into all of its energy resources no matter where they exist if it can be done responsibly.

“The United States needs to be less dependent on foreign sources of energy and more dependent upon American resourcefulness. Whether that is in the Everglades, or whether that is in the eastern Gulf region, or whether that’s in North Dakota, we need to go where the energy is,” she said. “Of course it needs to be done responsibly. If we can’t responsibly access energy in the Everglades then we shouldn’t do it.”

In 2002, the federal government at the urging of President George W. Bush bought back oil and gas drilling rights in the Everglades for $120 million. Bachmann, who wants to get rid of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, said she would rely on experts to determine whether drilling can be done without harming the environment.

“No one wants to hurt or contaminate the earth. … We don’t want to harm our water, our ecosystems or the air. That is a minimum bar,” she said.

“From there, though, that doesn’t mean that the two have to be mutually exclusive. We can protect the environment and do so responsibly, but we can also protect the environment and not kill jobs in America and not deny ourselves access to the energy resources that America’s been so blessed with.”

The Minnesota congresswoman, who is seeking the GOP nomination to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012, is on a four-day swing through Florida, ending Monday in Miami.

At each stop she has said she wants to eliminate the “job-killing” EPA. She elaborated on the idea in an interview after rallying hundreds of enthusiastic supporters in Sarasota.

“We do have EPA’s in each of the 50 states and I think that it’s up to the states,” she said. “The states have the right to develop their own environmental protections and regulations, as they all have.”

She said she recognizes there is a federal role when environmental issues cross borders, but she added that a big problem with the EPA now is that it does not consider job creation or job losses as part of its role in enforcing regulations. She said the regulations it does have prevent businesses from being able to reasonably create a profit.

“If we create a new department that is focused on conservation and get rid of the EPA, that would send a strong signal about what our priorities are. We believe in conservation, but I also believe at the same time that the EPA has overstepped its bounds,” Bachmann said.

Among other topics, Bachmann said the stock market drop after this summer’s debt ceiling compromise demonstrated disappointment that Washington had not taken more significant steps to reduce spending.

“We need to get our house in order fairly quickly,” she said. “What you saw with the markets was the markets reacting to the fact that Washington, D.C., did nothing to get its house in order.”

She also said she would consider Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who took office earlier this year, as a running mate.

“Marco Rubio has the hallmarks of, I think, everything that a person would look for in a potential candidate. He’s got so much going for him,” Bachmann said, also naming South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint as another possibility.

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Comments (165)
  1. GOGOGO!!! says:

    Drill, baby, drill!!
    Spill, baby, spill!!
    Kill, baby, kill!!

    Then I’ll have cheap gas for my Hummer!!
    Go 4-wheeling up in the BWCA.
    Chase them damn moose around.

    Har, har, har

    1. ID10T says:

      Why not own a Hummer, it is a free country.

      Idiots like you in your eco green homes should not have a say if Alaska wants to drill. Alaskans will watch out for their environment.

      You just want control.

  2. Mr. Fister says:

    I’d consider drilling in Bachmann’s brain, if it could be done without harming the environment. But I think that is an impossibility. Drilling in her brain would release all of that toxic stuff she has in there.

    1. Jack says:

      you’re an idiot. You have no idea about many things in life, it’s quite apparent. You people are so far left you can’t see beyond your own rhetoric and ideas that have been implanted in your head by CNN and Al Gore. Al is now likening racism to global warming – or “climate change” now. How absurd. Sounds like you’re from his fanatical camp. Blame the rich for the stupid’s mistakes.

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        Far left? It doesn’t take anybody on the “Far Left” to see Michele Bachmann is an idiot.

        What motivates you to defend her? You think it’s possible a god is shifting the techtonic plates and causing hurricanes off the Atlantic Coast? Really?

      2. th says:

        And you live under a rock.

      3. Mr. Johnson says:

        I would disagree Jack, it seems to me that you’re the ignorant one (I don’t know about Mr. Dister because he hasn’t said enough to prove or disprove his idiocy) because you are drawing radical conclusions from nothing. Just because Bochman is about as radically conservative as we’ve seen in Minnesota for many years, doesn’t mean that only the “far left” can disagree with what she says. As for your far right views (as i have to believe you have considering your prejudiced views against anyone who disagrees with Bochman), many people don’t agree with Gore and not everybody watches CNN. Liberal and conservative ideas have been getting implanted in everyone’s’ heads for all of history, especially the recent 200-300 years of democracy in the world). To me , it looks like you are just regurgitating exactly what Bochman, or some other conservative extremist, has said before. Next time you decide to display your ignorance, how about you try for some intellectual argument, instead of grasping at straws trying to make yourself look like you have an actual idea

    2. meow says:

      L M A O !!! R O F L !!!

      awesome post

    3. Julio says:

      I’m an educated republican woman and I would never vote for Michelle Bachman. Do people really take her seriously?

      1. marcus b says:

        There is no such thing as an educated republican.

        1. Alvin Frankenstein says:

          Why can’t we see Obamy’s transcripts?
          A straight D average, that’s why.

          1. So the Birth Certificate says:

            wasn’t enough fer ye?

            Don’t you guys ever get tired of being wrong?

            1. Tim Geithner doesn't pay taxes and that doesn't bother the dems says:

              Run scared fool!!
              You haven’t seen the transcripts and this is the person who has run our country into debt by 14 trillion dollars and you don’t even care?
              WAKE UP FOOL!!!

              1. Ice says:

                Speaking of uneducated idiots.


                That 14 trillion was Bush’s doing. 🙂

          2. CarmenSo says:

            Why do you tea baggers want to see the transcript? You didn’t eat enough crow over the birth certificate debacle?

        2. Biden's grades are higher than Obamy's says:

          As there is no such thing as an honest dimocrat!!! Name calling! It’s useless with braindead marcus b!

      2. Donkey Kong says:

        I’ve never voted for a Republican, but you have my vote.

    4. CC says:

      Left or right. No drilling in the Everglades. One single accident would be a catastrophe to the state and would undo all of the work that is being done to restore it. Enough with the BS, Florida’s natural heritage must be protected for future generations.

    5. Sheriff Where's The Money Biden? says:

      And Obama’s plan?…………….

    6. Obama Sucks- Worst oil spill under his watch!! says:

      If Obama had a brain you could try drilling that but I think Bawney toothless Frank beat you to it!!
      HAR HAR HAR!!!

  3. v says:

    You said it GOGOGO!
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaawwwwwwwwwww!

    Thems is good idears.

  4. a scared manatee says:

    It can’t be done you dimwit. It’s a fragile ecosystem that we’ve almost destroyed. Get a grip Michelle. sigh…

    1. Carl says:

      You are a fine example of how american inginuity is lost by all our “Everyones a winner” mentality. At one time It was thought that landing on the moon couldnt be done, flying like a bird couldnt happen or breaking the sound barrier. We are a country that can accomplish anything when you incent people to do so.
      Listinening to people like you truely shows that lack of independence and inginuity in this country. Very sad!

      1. Tan pup says:

        and YOU listening to MB! How about clean renewable resources? Job killing EPA – Do you like Lead? Here have a bowl – I took it from the toys your kids are playing with and tossed them with paint chips from your windows. That’s not enough, like lung cancer – here have a nice whiff of my car exhaust mixed in with all the manufacturing, coal and steel industry smog. Thirsty? Here is a class of water from the aquifer that contains the lead, chemicals, and drugs that don’t break down – and oh, have some nice vegetables and fruit that are grown in contaminated soils. Don’t like veggies and fruit, here is a slab of beef that has been feed grains contaminated by those same chemicals. Are you a hunter? Have a duck covered with oil – or just the fact that DDT was reintroduced and whipped out all the animals AGAIN. What you are reflecting is the GOP blind following and inability to form a logical thought on your own. EPA job killers – E-gads – without it, you die. Talk about supporting death squads.

        1. meow says:

          Tan pup, you rock. Great post.

      2. Don_J says:

        Carl, have you ever seen or heard this quote…

        “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

        – Martin Luther King Jr. –

        1. Jack says:

          Oh please, another quote from MLK? This isn’t about race dumb dumb. Another democrat that can’t see beyond his own ideas that he’s got swirling around in that small brain. You keep hanging on to the race card because that’s what CNN and other networks keep telling you to do.

          1. concerto says:

            I don’t think that quote had anything to with race. It was a quote from a leader about ignorance and stupidity,not race. Who’s dumb now?

            1. Don_J says:

              concerto… thanks for explaining that.

        2. Obama Lies says:

          We know. In the last 3 years we’ve seen stupidity incresed by 14 trillion. Those are numbers and facts that no dimocrat can argue with. All they can do is try to distract. It won’t work again!!
          OBAMA SUCKS!
          That’s his record!!
          Show how stupid someone can be by voting for that again?

          1. Yeah!! says:

            so take that, you!!!

          2. SnowFire says:

            The debt ceiling went up by 6.11 trillion during bush’s 8 years and this last increase was needed to cover money already spent by mostly by bush and it took GOP votes to make it happen. You and MB have alot in common.

      3. a scared manatee says:

        Yes Carl, thank the Army Corp of Engineers who are trying to undue the damage they caused as you read. Years of innovation that have devastaed the “only one on the planet” ecosystem.

        Wow did you read a lot of stuff into my post. Kind of reactionary.

    2. J Audobon says:

      Please identify a single place where we (or Saudi Arabia or China) are currently drilling that is NOT an ecosystem. Your argument is without a basis whatsoever.

      1. Carl says:

        There isnt one. Please name one location in the USA that homes are not built on an Ecosystem? Please name one Hwy not built on an Ecosystem? WTH is your point?

        1. J Audobon says:

          Angry Carl, I was commenting on Manatee’s post, not yours. Every location is an ecosystem. Manatee’s argument is without merit.

          1. hard rains says:

            Are you saying that since everyplace is an ecosystem it should be okay to go ahead and built and drill on all of them? Regardless of any consideration?

  5. Betty says:

    If you dont agree with her statement you are not thinking clearly. “If it can be done without harming the environment” What is wrong with responsibly tapping all our resources?
    The Left can talk about foreign oil independence but have yet to do anything about it except waste money on Ethanol and battery operated cars that most people do not want.

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      The Left? LOL

      This isn’t a case where “The Left” think one thing about energy, and “The Right” thinks another, opposite thing.

    2. Tan pup says:

      Betty: your are not thinking at all much less clearly. Do you understand and even remotely know how drilling is done? Drilling is not the answer, only a simple fix and no matter, it hurts the environment- how about thinking long term – like 50 years from now. Oil will eventually run out. We use oil for everything, not just fuel. Why is it so hard for people like you to think beyond today? Here are the facts, cars can get higher milage – the oil companies have the patents. Cars can run on batteries and yes people do want them. They are making them more efficient. Ethanol is not a waste because it is a renewable resource. Oil is not. Gas is not. If you would open your mind past your 8th grade education, you might find out that there are multiple resources out there other than oil. Here is a suggestion – get off your lazy butt and go to the fair and stop at the technology or the Ag building and get a quick education about renewable resources. And don’t worry, if you get too overwhelmed with ideas and fact about renewable resources, there is plenty of food cooked in your precious oil. OOPs, I was wrong – the food is cooked in a renewable resources – corn.

      1. Betty says:

        Ethanol is a renewable resource? Its 85% petroluem!

        Oil companies o=wn the patents to higher milage cars? Nice Conspiricy theory!

        Go enjoy your Chevy Volt, the rest of us dont want to be tied to an extension cord!

    3. hard rains says:

      So how do we do that responsibly without oil spills etc. Thinking clearly about BP, and other examples, it’s probably not within our technology to do it safely from the gitgo.

  6. Citizen says:

    Get over it, Betty. There is a reason the Florida Everglades are left alone–the Everglades are the “glands” of Florida’s water ecosystem and drain and sieve all manner of toxins out of Florida’s ecosystems. Damage there would mean ecological and water contamination throughout Florida and beyond. There is no way to responsibly tap the Everglades–or have you forgotten last year’s oil spill in the Gulf? Get an education or read National Geographic. You are beyond ignorant.

    1. Betty says:

      Citizen, you need to read the article and figure out that she is talking about the big picture. If all you take from her comments is that she will drill in the everglades on day one you have not bothered to read the entire article. Let me help you out here. She is making a broad statement that we need to tap US sources and all areas should be on the table. ND, FL or the Gulf. I dont think you would disagree with looking at all possible sources, would you?

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        Betty, do you think we can safely drill in the Gulf of Mexico?

        Just wondering…

        1. Betty says:

          If you are looking for 100% safety, no. What business is run on 100% safety? You have to look at the tradeoffs. Do you propose banning all car sales or travel in the US because it cant be done with 100% safety? Of course not. ND has proven reserves and they need to be tapped. controlling a spill is far less dangerous on land than sea.
          All you have to do is look at how gas prices have risen since Obama took office. We need to tap our natural resources!

          1. Caitlin Prodoehl says:

            And look how gas prices were when Bush was in office. It happens with every president. Once all are resources are tapped what happens when they run out? Or we do worse damage to the environment then before?

            1. Dave's Not Here says:

              Gas prices are set by gas station owners, not the President, not oil companies, not the stock market. Just the gas station owners.

              You know that, right?

          2. Dave's Not Here says:

            So a spill in the Everglades would be what then? No big deal? Or are you guaranteeing that no oil would be spilled in the Everglades? Or are you simply willing to take the risk?

          3. hard rains says:

            ND is being tapped. In a manner called Fracking, which is very expensive and experimental. As has said many times, no president controls the price of gas, and before you argue that, it lets bush off the hook for the high prices when he was in office. If we can get the cost down by being able to use alternative methods, we will gain an advantage for ourselves. Like it or not, Oil is not infinite regardless where it comes from.

      2. Tan pup says:

        Big picture of herself? Broad statement? So we are suppose to guess? Read her mind? Go blindly because she is the next coming of Christ? Betty you really are a simpleton. Just go into these areas and drill. Don’t ask, just drill because MB says it’s OK. Seriously, let’s think about this: MB has absolutely no experience or formal education in any industry, topic, issue that she either supports or demonizes. Yet she acts as if she is an expert on everything . How can that be? The FACT is MB has NO CREDIBILITY! MB forgot that you are entitled to form your own opinion, however you are not entitled to form your own facts. Betty dear, Issues are not as simple as you want or believe they are. If you want to look at the big picture, I think you had better do some of your own homework instead of letting the homecoming queen do all your thinking.

      3. Don_J says:

        Betty… here’s your quote for the day…

        “There’s nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot.”

        – Scott Adams –

        1. Jack says:

          that’s your best shot? Some quote that now applies to all situations that you don’t agree with? Let’s do away with the quotes and have some critical thinking occurring. We’re so far in debt and you don’t want to think beyond what Al Gore is putting into your head? Stop the liberal lunacy.

          1. hard rains says:

            Bringing Al Gore into it…that makes Bush fair game for putting us in the position we now find ourselves in…and creating the majority of our current budget problems. Let’s go back to Reagan and deregulation, his major running platform…

          2. Don_J says:

            OH… and how many conversations do you think Michelle Bachmann has had that required “critical thinking”? Jack, stop carrying her water, it make you look as dumb as she is… or are you?

        2. Obama Sucks says:

          Once again, Obamy fits the quote!!!

    2. Noah Webster says:

      Wouldn’t “beyond ignorant” include being well-informed?

      1. Citizen says:

        @Noah. Depends on which direction you’re going. The phrase generally means to have the mental capabilities of an amoeba or swamp moss.

        1. Doug T says:

          Love the great debating skills of so many on the left – name calling seems to be the default….

          When reason and logic fails – call them names! 🙂

          1. Citizen says:

            When the extreme right lies (like they continually do about President Obama), they will be called ignorant liars. Calling someone a liar isn’t name-calling, it’s calling them out for what they are.

            1. CG Mike says:

              Calling them ignorant and having amoeba brains is name calling. Heaven forbid anyone insult your savior Obama who can do no harm. Its time to stop blaming Bush, Obama is not a good president and an even worse policy maker. He hasn’t done anything he said he was going to do in his campaign promises except force a health care bill down our throat that will not only bankrupt this country but has proven that our congress is morally bankrupt seeing as most didn’t even bother to read it.

              1. Don_J says:

                Mike…Mike… Mike… you just wanted to say something about President Obama anyway, so go ahead and get it out… you’ll feel better, either way, here is a quote for you.

                “We have no desire to make anybody look like a blithering idiot, but we do love it when they do.”

                – Stephen Colbert –

                1. Jack says:

                  You need to rely on Stephen colbert to get your point across? Don, why is it that you can’t really on your own intellect? The problem is that you don’t bother to get your facts from any other source than MSNBC and CNN. Now the Dems have taken to calling the Repubs racist just because they don’t like his policies. I didn’t know that once you were at least half black that you couldn’t be criticized because of our country’s history of slavery. Now everyone’s got to agree with Obama just because he’s part black? Unbelievable. Your vision is so clouded with antiracism rhetoric (despite that he was even elected) that you can’t see his policies for what they really are – socialism at it’s best. Everyone deserves the same thing whether you work or not.

                2. Don_J says:

                  OK Jack… so what would you like to take on “critically” of course, the fact that;
                  a. Michelle Bachmann is a liar, hypocrite or both?
                  b. Michelle Bachmann has no clue what would “safe drilling is”.
                  c. Michelle Bachmann has no clue what an oil spill in the Everglades would mean to Florida not to mention the wild life there.

                  And we won’t even consider that she’s dropping in the polls and needs very badly to do something, maybe another gaffe about Elvis, I wonder if she knows that Johnny Cash gave a concert at the fair last night… or the “pray away the gay”… or the money she and her family(s) have taken from the very government organizations she wants to crush… or how she worked for the IRS as a tax attorney to take away homes and businesses from the same people she wants to represent… so, come on, lets get “critical” about Michelle Bachmann.

  7. Citizen says:

    Here is what the “Progessive Populist” newsletter has to say about Bachmann’s candidacy–it’s over.

    “Bachmann suffers hideous disabilities against Perry. She is a woman in a hierarchical, authoritarian party with a rigid defense of all forms of inequality as its principal ideology. She is a middle-westerner when it is southerners and westerners who most want to be excited to fever pitch. No one can claim she is a decent person, or has boundaries beyond which she will not go, but she has never been up against as vicious a weasel as Perry before. Moreover Perry perfectly fits the Rethug methodology of treating Presidential campaigns as if they were advertising vehicles: in his case, they have gone from Bush Lite to Bush Zero.”

    In other words, for you 8th grade readers, Perry is the favored candidate of the GOP and far-right right now.

    1. Betty says:

      Everyone knows that MB will not be the GOP candidate, but she offers a shield and can bring up the issues that the DFL and GOP cant or wont touch. I guarantee you Obama will not make a single speech in the next 15 months about specifics on tapping more resources in the US. He will only make a general “we need to” speech again that we have all heard 100 times before.

    2. Katie says:

      So what, we could have read that ourselves. So we’re supposed to believe this lunatic on the left now just because he wrote something that was published? Please.

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        You’re willing to dismiss it simply because he’s “on the left” so what’s the difference?

    3. dan says:

      So Citizen, some Left-winged moron writes is opinion in a excentric publication and you take it for the truth. You should know the difference between fact and fiction as well as opinion and facts.
      Perry has been in the race how long? and you think you know how and what he stands for? What policies he will put in place as a president and what he believes in?
      The biggest advertiser in the history of American Presidents is Obama. He has been on a constant campaign since 2007.

  8. TL says:

    how ’bout considering (and then doing) dropping out of a race you have absolutely no chance of winning?!?!?!

    tell you what…show us the $2 a gallon gasoline price fix first….then I’ll consider giving you my vote….

  9. Citizen says:

    @Betty. “I guarantee that Obama will not make a single speech in the next 15 months about …. blah, blah, blah.” Obama already okayed more drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. So, he probably WON’T HAVE TO tap more resources or make more speeches. Again, do you read anything or just listen to faux news, Rush, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Coulter.

    1. Betty says:

      He giveth and he taketh away! Gas prices have spiked under Obama’s energy policy.

      1. TL says:

        Gas prices spiked because of jittery investors and greedy OPEC members….all probably because they’re all republicans in one form or another…..

        little to do with Obama.

        1. StraycatStrut says:

          It was just “bad luck” under the Bush Adm also…… I concur.

      2. Brian from MPLS says:

        Why does no one realize that gas and oil prices are decided SOLELY by the markets? Folks, gas and oil are traded on the mercantile markets along with gold, silver, rubber, etc. These prices are set just like the price of Apple stock. That includes investor speculation.

        If you want $2 a gallon gas, or even $1 a gallon gas, you need to bring back government regulation of oil and gas and ban it from being traded on the markets by speculators who don’t even plan on taking shipment of the oil they buy/sell.

        However, good luck getting Bachmann to ALLOW regulation of anything.

        1. Doug T says:

          “Speculators” (new word for buggie man) can make the price go down too Markets go up – markets go down……..Its called a market for a reason and speculators are what make a market a market…..

          “regulation” is what cause the financial problems we have today. The financial system is one of the most regulated industries we have today and see where it got us…..

          Let the markets be markets and the buyer needs to beware….And no one should be speculating with their home – that is simple and long understood… any adult –


          1. hard rains says:

            Actually, Deregulation allowed for the markets to operate in a manner that is only good for the big investors in terms of making wall street profits…it also allowed for housing prices to be inflated beyond the current wages of most home buyers. In other words, deregulation did away with the checks and balances that kept this country stable for so long. Speculation runs rampant in a deregulated market place like a heart attack waiting to happen.

      3. Citizen says:

        Gas prices were $2 a gallon under Bush and went up to over $4 a gallon thanks to his unfunded wars in the Middle East. What’s your point besides trying to bash President Obama?

        1. Doug T says:

          One need not try too hard to “bash” Barry O – the material simply writes itself…..

      4. Dave's Not Here says:

        Gas prices are set by gas station owners. Period. Nobody else.

        Obama doesn’t own any gas stations that I’m aware of.

        1. Dave you really aren't all there says:

          That’s not at all right Dave. Gas stations do not set the price. Ask them next time you’re there. If it was true, first thing I’d do is buy up a lot of remote land and build me some gas stations. I’d be rich. You’ve posted this insanity before, don’t embarass yourself with this again!

          1. Dave's Not Here says:

            Completely true. I’ve already spoken to several gas station owners.

            It’s apparent that you have not.

  10. Mark says:

    If we spent half the money we currently spend on draining every fissure of crude oil on this planet, and spent it on a viable, affordable alternative to our current desire to poison our earth for our future generations we would be doing something right.

    The Michelle Bachmann’s and Sarah Pallin’s and all others with this drill, baby, drill metality, I have a question: do you hate your children and grand children and all future generations to allow your greed to destroy THEIR chance to live on this earth? I have a proverb. After we have cut down the last tree, and poisoned the last river, and destroyed the last fish, will we then realize that we can’t eat money?

    1. Carl says:

      What are you suggesting as a affordable alternative? Ehtanol? When it takes $1.25 to produce $1.00 of Ethanol I wouldnt consider that an affordable alternative. Crude Oil is the most affordable, flexible and in most demand energy source we have access to.
      Economics will kick in at some point when Oil is priced too high and we will be forced to use alternatives. At this point there is nothing, except Nuclear that is a potential alternative worth pursuing.

      1. Citizen says:

        Have you ever heard of hydrogen cars, Carl? China is using a lot of them–the technology is viable NOW.

        1. Carl says:

          Sounds like you should buy a bunch of these and resell them in the US. You could advertise the wonderful milage they get and make a million! Oh but wait that would take risk and that should not be taken on by an ordinary citizen. govt should do that for you!

          1. Citizen says:

            Who do you think makes these cars, Carl? All we need is infrastructure which is not getting promoted by “Big Oil.”

            1. Doug T says:

              Your right …”Big Green” is sooo much better – cept did does not work and we have to keep “investing” in it with our extorted tax dollars because in the market place it just does not work….

              1. Caitlin Prodoehl says:

                Ethanol is viable it takes millions of gallons of water to make one gallon as well as it being costly. Nuclear isnt worth pursuing because where would you put all the nuclear waste?

            2. dan says:

              Infrastructure = govt motors! If it is a viable product that can make money private industry will build and market a product. If its another feel-good gimmic then govt will need to step in and waste more of our tax dollars.

      2. Mark says:

        I never suggested Ethanol. That doesn’t solve any problem! if oil is such a cheap way to go, how about you pay for the oil spill in the Gulf. Or the Exxon Valdez spill. Or how about the nuclear plants in Japan and Chenobyl. How about you pay for those, Carl. Or how about the myth of “clean coal”? Do you believe in that too, Carl?

        I stated that we need to find a viable, affordable, and affordable alternative. I further staed that I am tired of poisoning our planet. That in itself should let you know that oil / ethanol and nuclear; neither of which are clean or affordale, are alternatives.

        Citizen stated Hydrogen. The only waste product from hydrogen is water vapor. But hydrogen is still not affordable.

        So Carl, if the oil companies and car manufacturers and their high priced lobbiests weren’t in ca-hoots with government, do you think that they already have the answer but refuse to create it, because they might lose some profit, and the oil companies might lose their 100 billion a quarter profit?

        1. Carl says:

          FYI – Oil companies are in the “Oil Business”

          1. Mark says:

            Precisly my point sir. If we continue to look to the current energy corporations for answers to replace their model of business, why do we think we get no viable answers or solutions to the problem?

            We need to think in different terms to find new and cleaner sources of energy, not the same old answer of oil.

            Oil is a finite resource. Do we wait until the last drop is burned before we actually start to produce a new type of affordable, dependable energy that will not destroy our earth; or do we start to develop it now, and quit listenening to the closed minds of those who say; “DRILL, BABY, DRILL! BURN THAT OIL,!”

            Carl, I think it’s time to open our minds to believeing that we can find a new answer. Not because it will be easy, but because it is the right thing to do.

  11. Betty says:

    So when you cant make a point you go personal. Happy Monday to you as well Citizen!

    1. Citizen says:

      When you lied about Obama’s okaying more drilling in the Gulf, you asked for it, Betty. Liar!

      1. Get Real says:

        Citizen needs to get a job.

        1. Citizen says:

          I have three jobs and do volunteer work. What’s your point?

          1. Architect says:

            Thats what happens when you dont get a college degree. You have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. I feel sorry for you Citizen.

            1. Citizen says:

              @Architect. I have two college degrees, and I work three jobs by choice, not because I have to because I’m retired. Don’t waste your pity on me, I certainly don’t need it. Pity the United States of America full of uneducated Neocons he11 bent on destroying our great country.

              1. Cry me a river Citizen says:

                That would be according to your narrow one-sided opinion, slant, and devout partisan dogma. I think a lot of us are trying to “save” the country also, but we happen to have other methods than you. Some want to cut the socialistic tendencies that this country was never founded on and start holding people reasonably accountable, offering help when needed and not just “cuz”. The “boomers” have managed to save an average of $29,000 total for retirement according to the most recent data. Social Security WAS NEVER meant to be retirement income, only a supplement—My Dad understood that, why didn’t the rest of them? My generation doesn’t count on SS at all! So guess what? Like you choose to work, it’s time to tell the rest of them to keep working or get a job. It’s not our fault they were ignorant to what social security really was and didn’t save their entire working life. There is hope for this country—it’s MY generation that’s going to clean up YOUR generations mess. Step aside socialist. This is America, and very much worth fighting for!

                1. DotCom says:

                  So your kids are racists? Nice way to raise your kids citizen. The only reason we would have to speak Chinese is because your generation sold us out to the Chinese. Couldnt just live within your means could you! My grandparents were self sufficient and so are my parents, its too bad there are people like you ruining this country.

                2. Citizen says:

                  @DotCom. How did you come to the conclusion that my children are racist? They said THEIR GENERATION is a bunch of slouches–both my sons are professionals who work over 50 hours a week and are highly successful. They are anything BUT RACIST. But it is obvious that you cannot read just like Cry me a River and Reasonable. And you are all delusional about how many, many poor people live and how many people are unemployable. And, by the way, Reasonable, Brazil is not a third world country and neither is Scandinavia.

                3. Cry me a river Citizen says:

                  Hahaha. Politically speaking, when the Soviet Bloc dissolved, the “2nd world” did too. But economically, the BRICS divide the world into three groupings once again. They decided this terminology at their own Summit. Depends on where each fall as developed or developing. Don’t try to correct me. I’m not a blowhard and you will lose every time. You’re not an economist, you’re an armchair propaganda reader.

                4. Cry me a river Citizen says:

                  Well your sons must be spineless slouches to think that the result would be such. I hope you don’t take credit for civil rights and freedom. Being raised by such a liberal—spineless slouches sums it up. Stop with your Brazil speak—leading economy? The U.S. is the largest economy and 2nd is China. That 3rd world country, Brazil, is so tied to our hip via China (I know a hell of a lot more than you do, by the way!) that they don’t stand a chance with what’s about to happen globally. I also understand such technical terms, as “socialist”. You are a demeaning, derogatory, ignorant mess of a human. May you rest in peace while I speak in English slang.

                5. Reasonable says:

                  @ citizen. The solution to those who cannot save—“live with in your means” now translated to live below your means. You meet your expenses and have 10,15 or ideally 20% leftover to save. Adjust life accordingly, move if you have to, cut back if you have to. It’s responsible survival. Next question, where do they get a job—they keep their current jobs for as long as they need to or they have to find another one just like the rest of us. That should solve the “beggars on the streets” problem. Government will still help those in justifiable need. We just have to cease subsidizing the ones who are able to help themselves. Why do you need that explained to you?

              2. Architect says:

                @ Citizen. I wouldnt consider Obama a neocon, but you are right, he is he11 bent on destroying our great country!

    2. Ignore it Betty says:

      Citizen is prickly, more than usual today. Ignoring the behavior and posts are the only options. She ignores individuals smarter than her all the time. No one deserves an oily rag in their face.

      1. BetyBoobhead says:

        Ignore what hun?

  12. Dave's Not Here says:

    I second both proposals.

  13. ram says:

    Michelle Bachman is dumb dumb dumb to think that we can just drill drill drill. She was terrible for Minnesota and would even be worse for the rest of the country. I mean do you know where we import most of our foreign oil from thats right the great foreign area of Canada. And history has shown that a politician cant control the price of oil and gas that is controlled by the markets. And even if she thinks she can I am sure the United States if we controlled all the oil would export it to help out other areas. The problem with Michellle Bachman is she is useless. I mean look at what is going on now the price of oil is down from 100.00 barrel to around 85.00 per barrel but the price of gasoline is still increasing so that tells me that the great companies that run the show who would still run the show even if Bachman was in office which hopefully will never happen has no control and she is just talking a bunch of political rhetoric.

  14. Sam says:

    “Bachmann says she’d consider Everglades drilling if it could be done without harming the environment…”
    It can’t.
    Unless you can build a platform and pipelines that take up no space, and build them in such a way that doesn’t involve large machines being dragged through the swamps, and which guarantees that we’re not going to have any oil spills like have happened in the past few years, it’s just not possible.
    Since science has not learned to break the basic laws of space and physics, these things aren’t possible.
    But thank you for thinking about it, Bachmann. It’s like hearing about how 6-year-olds come up with new ways to get into space. “There’d be this big slingshot…”

  15. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    “Gas prices have spiked under Obama’s energy policy.”

    The same came be said for Sarkozy, Merkel, Putin, Assad, Hu and 100 other heads of state. Aren’t they equally culpable? Or is the US the only country on the planet?

    Anyone who feels that the POTUS has any real impact on the short term price of world commodities has a very poor grasp of worldwide market capitalism.

    1. Jake says:

      Well, Richard, then Obama’s claims about helping the environment as a candidate were false promises, too. Unless the environment is static over the US (which it is not), those other 100 heads of state also have “equal culpability” and according to you, Obama is unable to have “any real impact” on the environment.

  16. Jake says:

    I cannot believe WCCO allows a comment that advocates hurting someone, especially a public official. Nice work, moderator.

    Everyone save a screen shot of this post so WCCO can have it’s moment in the sun if someone acts on the post’s call for violence.

    1. too late says:

      You got here to late. You should have seen the hateful thread that followed!

    2. Citizen says:

      You know what, Jake, I guess it’s okay to lie and distort with impunity, also. Which is what you and your GOP apologist posters do constantly. Don’t ever let facts get in the way of your delusions. I suspect most of you are paid to post your garbage, anyway.

      1. too late says:

        You are extreme Citizen. Intolerant towards any idea not based in your own made up philosophy. Which includes being a socialist leaning, liberal banging, faux environmentalist spewing, hate mongering, intolerant, and not so intelligent “citizen”. You should run for office you qualify. I hope my kid never has to encounter a “teacher,” such as yourself, that appears to prioritize a personal agenda such as yours and when not in agreement—fail the kid or put an oily rag in their mouth. Your “facts” are based on liberal propaganda

        1. Citizen says:

          @too late. Funny, but almost everyone I know feels as I do. Everyone calls people like you and Betty and MB “extremists.” You, Jake, and Betty continually spew hatred toward President Obama and, as far as I’m concerned, are probably trying to overthrow his presidency–at the least undermine it. I am not teacher, and I wasn’t the one who said to put an oily rag in someone’s mouth with the hope that they would gain intelligence. But then you CONservatives can’t read and process a coherent thought, either.

          1. too late says:

            I’m an independent and an independent observer on this site. I rarely post but read it all the time to get a “pulse”. So you can take me out of your “suspect” line up. I’d had to be shot for forming an opinion opposite of yours. Wait, yes I would because I’m rational. YOU ARE A RETIRED TEACHER! I’m sure your personality hasn’t changed since retirement. YES YOU DID say you wanted to throw an oilly rag in Betty’s face—CCO took it down. LIAR! You are a serious idiot!

            1. Citizen says:

              @too late. “She just lost me” was the poster making the comment about MB. I just seconded it as did another poster. Guess Betty didn’t like it, and I didn’t like her lie about President Obama. I don’t care if CCO takes my comment down, or not. My past work is really none of your business, nor have I made your past work my business. Independents are just people who are wishy washy and can’t take a stand or know what they believe in.

              1. too late says:

                “Calling someone a liar isn’t name-calling, it’s calling them out for what they are.” your words Citizen. I’m calling you out. Backtrack all you want. I’m gonna take my own advice from an hour ago and IGNORE YOU NOW. Child!

          2. Doug T says:

            You need to get out of your echo chamber if “everyone” thinks like you.

            FYI – we don’t


          3. hard rains says:

            NeoCons have an agenda, deregulating everything and driving wages down and profits up. Capitalism in it’s purest form, without any regulation, is another name for Anarchy…which in reality is bad for civilized business.

            1. Reality sucks says:

              I think you’ve been drinkin’ Citizens Kool-Aid there hard rains. I read your post up there about housing and, though in a distorted way, you get it right, factually it’s all wrong. Housing prices went up because credit was easy and demand was high. Credit got easier and became corrupt lending. Those mortgages that were handed out like candy got packaged and sent to market. Therefore, housing prices were due to people wanting houses, bad mortgages were due to people signing on a dotted line for things they can’t afford, and Wall Street was, and always will be, there to take advantage of the situation. If you want to regulate, regulate the source—greedy bankers.

          4. dan says:

            @ Citizen
            “Almost everyone feels the way I do” What color is the sky in your world? You must mingle with a pretty small bunch of Left wingers. You should probably try to step out of the Metro to see how the real world functions.

  17. StraycatStrut says:

    We should be on the drilling project in other parts of the country first. ND, MT and Alaska seem so far hot beds for new energy for the country with no boarders, no ID needed and no bith certificate needed to be President. The Energy Dept of the US Gov’t appears to be a waste of time….. and we need to get off the mid-east energy need. Glad BO is doing all he can….(nothing)….. typical for a Democrat.

  18. Mike says:

    Michele Bachman is no longer a viable candidate and is fodder for the media.
    Her and the rest of he merry band of terrorist are so yesterday……………

    1. meoq says:

      True … she is rather boring now. Isn’t there a story on Mitt or Perry we can jump into and bash? I mean the GOP makes it just so easy.

      1. Biden is smarter than Obama says:

        Yeah there’s nothing to bash about Obamy!!!
        TOO STUPID!!
        Listen to you idiot meoq!

    2. Dave's Not Here says:

      When are you suggesting that she WAS a viable candidate? Please be specific.

  19. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    Why are you all wasitng bandwidth? She took a distant Third in Iowan, she is nothign,k does tno hae a prayer of getting the nod. Of course WCCHOE is tryign to focus you on her so that the left candidate does tno look so bad. Inone year, she will bea distant memory adn all this hate and vitriol will be directed at Romney. Dont let this liberal station misdirected your hatred and vitriol and waste it all on MB.

  20. jan says:

    Bachman has given me no choice but to vote for Obama and I am a right leaning independent

    1. I'm Just Sayin' says:

      Ian, you are a democrat in republicans clothes. If these two are the “best” that the democrats and republicans can offer this country is in deep trouble. MB will not even be on a ticket because the republicans can not stand her and she was number three and a distrant numebr three in Iowa. You are throwing your vote to Presicent Obama prematurely and based on MB, when she will not even be on a ticket. You are a democrat and looking for any excuse to vote democrat.

      the funny thing is, this is the best that this paper can do, take a non contender to make President Obama look good? Wow, so when she is not running do to not getting the endorsement, who will this paper use to try to make President Obama and his doubling of an already rediculaous debt look good?

  21. She just lost me --- part 2 says:

    Oh my — they took down my post about “she just lost me”
    Funny – even us , the one time staunchest of MB supporters have had enough of her crazy rants and yes – we have abandoned her, She has fallen off a cliff with her insane quips, comments, speeches. If the Betty’s of the world remain loyal despite MB’s near suicidal attempts at a White House run so be it. No doubt she still carries some votes around with her but if they can continue to follow is the question. And if she truly desires the GOP to defeat t the current President – she needs to step aside and allow someone with some creditibility to plow forward. She is totally defeating the purpose of the party ….. but then that is the Bachmann way now too. Sad days ahead for the party I suspect

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      You were dumb enough to fall for her before and cast your vote towards Bachmann, and she has never said anything smart prior to this campaign either, so how dumb were you then compared to how dumb you are now?

  22. Betty Boobhead says:

    I am having a very difficult day here today remebering what I posted a minute ago.
    Michell’s staff sent me a playbook but dagnit — it’s the one for the following week. Michelle – you need to have a chat with Marcus about flustering the wanna be interns now. The boys all say he is to much “hands on” – what the heck does that mean anyway? 😉

  23. Little Tin God says:

    Anyone who thinks they can drill for oil/natural gas without harming the environment somewhat has no concept of what they are talking about. Thankfully, if she keeps on saying things like this, she will be gone that much sooner. Then the question is whether she’ll go back on her word about not running again for the 6th district or whether she’ll enter the senatorial race against Klobuchar.

  24. Murph says:

    I BELIEVE! Yep,I believe I’ll have another beer! Unfortunately I left the pretzel bag open overnight and they got all mushy,just like Michele’s similarly twisted and mushy thoughts on how to ruin the country even further!

  25. red says:

    some one PLEASE get this woman to shut up!!!!

  26. Andrew Mostovoy says:

    Ireland: Mary McAleese
    Germany: Anglea Merkel
    Australia: Julia Gillard

    America: Michelle Bachmann… what’s wrong with this picture?

    1. Saintly hmmmm? says:

      None of them are Virgins ?????
      oooooooh wait. I am hearing Michelle hollering she conceived immaculately and remains a virgin to this day despite the false statements that say otherwise

      Go Bachmann !!!! hip hip horraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  27. Reality sucks says:

    CITIZEN: “My past work is really none of your business, nor have I made your past work my business. Independents are just people who are wishy washy and can’t take a stand or know what they believe in”. What an ego. “Work,” are you an acclaimed author in the posting world? And the description of independents…that’s flat out ignorance at its best. Independents listen to both sides and extract the best overall solution. Extremism isn’t a place “everyone” wants to be. To generalize like that is, again, ignorant.

  28. Give me liberty says:

    I cannot believe how brainwashed the progressive base has become. They blindly spew the liberal talking points without ever thinking for themselves. Do they really believe all Democrats are altruistic? The super rich Democrats drive the progressive agenda? And their base is so stupid all of their leaders need to do is buy their votes with entitlements and play the environment card. Cheaper gas benefits everyone and the lower and middle class the most. But keep fighting for the entitlements that keep your head just above the poverty line while the rich left get richer and laugh at your stupidity. The progressives that post on these walls are probably all on someone’s payroll. I fear for my kids.

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      You’re the one supporting Bachmann. Soooooo…. Not much of a leg for you to stand on there, chief….

  29. BettyBoobless says:

    Did ya’ll know that God gave ya feet and a brain.
    Start walking vs driving
    Start thinking vs listening to Bachmann or Obama or the dogs barking
    Grow up and and not

  30. djp says:

    I wish this idiot would shut her mouth and get out of the race…NOW!!!~

  31. Derek says:

    Why do people just hang around comment pages calling anyone that thinks differently and idiot?

  32. Billy Bob says:

    Drill my backyard! As long as we break away from the rag heads who cares! Now lets attack more conserv females! I am a glitter throwing liberal and I have no life….so I jumped on the “Bash The Babes” band wagon……but leave the liberal hotties like Pelosi alone….her poster is on my bedroom ceiling…….she is mine all mine….I ride her wrinkels like a monkey in heat….

  33. Question says:

    Perhaps Norway would be a valuable model to emulate for oil and natural gas production. Norway is a major producer and exporter of oil…over twenty billion barrels since the 70’s. They appear to have a very efficient and safe system for production with very few spills. Much of the oversight, safety standards and new technology is handled by the oil industry itself.

  34. CC says:

    Looks like nobody is going to win this, politics for some of you are like stumps in the mud. They always get in the way and impossible to move. God help the state of Florida.

  35. worryfree says:

    If Michele suggests we do something we should do the opposite. North Dakota has oil but fracking takes lots of water and the world is running out of water faster than oil.

  36. jan says:

    Obama couldn’t ask for a better campaigner for his reelection than Bachman

    1. Biden's brain disappeared!! says:

      He certainly can’t run on his record of failure.
      Are you voting for the failure again?
      Once not enough?

      1. Dave's Not Here says:

        So you’d sooner vote for Michele Bachmann to be our President? Are you serious?

  37. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    Look at how worked up you all are getting over a non contender. She was number three in Iowa and a distrant number three. If this is the best that the democrats can do is to hold up a distrant number three just to make President Obama look good, then this country is in worse trouble than we all ever imagined. How about he democrats come up with a moderate and the Republicans do the same and we all can work together towards a good future instead of all this far left and far right garbage? Unless you all like wasting trillions on running in one direction for four or eight years and then trillions more going back the other extreme direction.

  38. Stephanie says:

    I live near the Florida Everglades, and on Bachmann’s opinion on drilling there I believe shouldn’t be followed through. It is a delicate system which we have destroyed before in the past. That is a reason why we have a huge National Park: to try and repair human-generated damage. I really think that if she’s seriously considering this, even if it “can be done responsibly”, it’s going to end up in disaster.
    Floridians as a whole did not approve of drilling in the Gulf and the outcome of that was the oil spill a few years ago.
    I agree with Bachmann that we need to tap into other sources for energy and I think that’s fantastic. But the Everglades is an important piece of Florida and should not be considered for drilling at all. Neither should the west coast of Florida. Many people here are still bitter about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and you want to drill more? I’m pretty sure most of us will disagree with this. Not the mention the fact that she wishes to get rid of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. I do not approve at all. I understand what she is going for, but I think she needs to find a different source.

  39. Biden=Citizen says:

    @Citizen-TAKE YOUR MEDS!!
    Very few agree with you. Call the nurse and retire from this site.
    The last 3 years have been pure hell to our country’s future. Time for healing to start in 2012.

  40. StraycatStrut says:

    Again…. CITIZEN has 25 posts here with nothing worthwhile to say. Must be a Democrat.

  41. Citizen says:

    @Cry. So why does it bother you so much what I am? I promote the progressive Populist agenda just like you promote your radical right-wing agenda. That is balance, but you are against that. I never claimed to be an economist–I read history. A lot of economists did not predict the housing bubble–indeed, they said it wouldn’t happen. I knew it would happen and said that for years. I also don’t remember any economists predicting the economic problems in Europe, either. And, really, who cares about the labels (BRICS) that you put on things–what most people can see is that Brazil’s economy is soaring as is Scandinavia’s. Labels don’t matter, people matter, and the reality of what is happening matters. I’m not correcting you at all because you are not correctable.

  42. Citizen says:

    @Cry. So why does it bother you so much what I am? I promote the progressive Populist agenda just like you promote your radical right-wing agenda. That is balance, but you are against that. I never claimed to be an economist–I read history. A lot of economists did not predict the housing bubble–indeed, they said it wouldn’t happen. I knew it would happen and said that for years. I also don’t remember any economists predicting the economic problems in Europe, either. And, really, who cares about the labels (BRICS) that you put on things–what most people can see is that Brazil’s economy is soaring as is Scandinavia’s. Labels don’t matter, people matter. I’m not correcting you at all because you are not correctable.

  43. Cry me a river Citizen says:

    @ Citizen. I can see you want an answer. It doesn’t bother me as to “what you are” just your passive-aggressive way in projecting it. It’s as if you get on your keyboard to prove others wrong as a form of Prozac for your soul. Your statements become, sometimes, inappropriate and intolerant and you stagnate on an issue rather than evolve. Requiring a responder, such as myself, to become defensive and, indeed, a defender of the opposite position to match your aggressive energy. Having a passionate debate is one thing, an aggressive debate is another. This is America, if someone wants to be a neo-nazi, they need practice peacefully and all is fine. It’s just the way it is. And let’s get this straight, I am not a radical right winger. I am an independent—and since you’ve made it clear, that just defines me as confused, I won’t try to justify. But there are a lot of us, so you need to get used to it and try to understand it so you can talk rationally about it. Now, can we just pass the proverbial peace pipe and agree that we are BOTH above average– intelligent– individuals and discuss issues in this format, learning from the other rather than type-fighting? It would be my preference. As an aside, I have read Predatory State, many years ago it seems. A good example for this post. Though an informational book, it was a book that stagnated a reader in a George W. hate-fest. Rightfully so. But, the problems then have evolved and we need to evolve and move on. A good book, that I would recommend, is Aftershock, second edition updated for 2011 by authors Weidemer and Cindy Spitzer (there’s another economic book with the same title by a different author, so easily confused). Though the authors here boast about their ability to have predicted the financial crisis in their first book about America’s bubble economy, they offer excellent insight explanation of what really happened and what will happen in their predictions of what to expect in more serious downturns still to come. Enjoy.

  44. goober2step says:

    i have to vote for her this crazy gal will put on a great show its like jessie v all over again