By Pat Kessler

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — The Vikings final pre-season game is Thursday night and that’s kicking off a lot of talk about a new stadium.

Gov. Mark Dayton returned to the State Fair on Thursday — and was talking lots of sports.

There are a lot of moving parts to this billion dollar-plus stadium project. But the governor says time is running short — and he wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings consider moving to another market.

Dayton made the comments at the State Fair on KFAN radio.

He told the Bumper to Bumper Show, he now believes a new Vikings stadium should have a fixed roof and not a retractable roof to save money.

He said he’d like to call a special session within weeks to vote on it.

“We’re really talking about the end of October, the beginning of November. Then we’ve got a six-month lead. The Vikes say for every year of delay the cost is another $50 million to the projects, which is probably a low number,” Dayton said.

Another obstacle emerged Thursday — Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch said she supports a stadium referendum in Ramsey County so voters can give a thumbs up or down to a stadium, possibly killing the project.

Dayton said if there’s a referendum, he wants it to be held fast, and not linger into next year.

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  1. tom says:

    a new stadium, i would think not. The vikings cannot even fill the one they have and to spend the kind of money this state does not have and the way the economy is going we do not need a new stadium for a team that cannot finish a season by going to the playoffs, then when they do we lose. This is not a good deal for minnesota. A thought when redoing the metro dome a new roof, new field, and empty seats???? think about it people we DO NOT NEED A NEW VENUE FOR A LOSING TEAM. I would say , you win the super bowl this year , then we talk NEW stadium.

  2. Jason says:

    No stadium, we cannot afford it, we have a mess of a budget to prove it. Dayton you are a joke.

    1. lefty says:

      moron do not blame Dayton for the state of the economy blame the moron pawlenty and the repulikin congress.We had money before these idiot got control.
      As for the stadium I do not think we should build one the Dome is just fine for a mediocre team like the Vikings

      1. :) says:

        Yeah blame Bush, Blame Pawlenty, Blame the GOP, its all their fault. Tax the rich tax the rich, spend more money to earn more money. Your the moron.

        1. Ferris Lind says:

          Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

        2. Hooray everyone says:

          Really? “Your” the moron. I love irony.

      2. Garry Freeman says:

        lefty u can blame pawlenty and the republican congress as you desire but please do remember that a democratic house and senate passed the largest tax increase in Minnesota history, I would be willing to bet your paycheck that if you were not so blinded by your hatred and disdain of the republican you would also find that they did not do anything about their spending. Of course if you are getting some type of support from taxpayer dollars that needs to go away. I would not want such a whiner stealing money from my family to support your on a government handout

      3. Jason says:

        @ lefty so im a moron because you dont agree with my statement? Wow.

      4. Alvin Frankenstein says:

        Facts don’t lie. Dayton wants a new stadium even with the bad economy. All he knows is tax and spend. Aren’t you tired of supporting a one trick pony? Blame isn’t distracting anyone.

  3. Guy says:

    The dome already HAS a “fixed roof” – they just FINISHED “fixing” it. They don’t need a new stadium.

  4. okiedokie says:

    Thank the good ol’ GOP for getting this clown elected. They pushed through an unelectable Emmer when Seifert would have been elected by a fair margin.

    This is a leader?

  5. KeepItreal says:

    He’s a moron, queens fans are morons…a match made in heaven…

  6. Just me says:

    What exactly is wrong with the dome? I’ve been to many Vikings games and many other NFL games around the USA. The dome is loud and awesome. If the lease is the problem then the Viking should renegotiate it.

    Otherwise any kind of roof on an MN football facility is stupid. If you love football you should watch it outside. I hate the packers, but Lambeau is a fantastic place to watch a game in December.

  7. Don Carter says:

    Why is it that every body involved in the Viking fiasco, the thug multi millionaire players and the thug Billionaire owners all make money on the deal and the Public has to put big money into including taxes don’t make one thin dime on the deal…if our thug insane Billionaire governor wants it so bad, let him invest in it. If they want us the public to invest in it then we need a big part of the revenue stream! They want our tax money but we get nothing????? …it is nonsense …ONLY the thugs make all the money????….it’s hooey. You want my tax money I want a pay back “IN CASH” not in HOOEY. The legislature, governor and the viking gangsters are snake oil salesmen. I’m not buying it!

  8. Politics is a foney. says:

    You all are idiots. Every comment left behind on a news article always gotta be about politics. Get a life! I’m surprised I don’t see more of you guys out on the polls trying to run for a government position. Always talk the talk, but can’t walk what you talk. If you have a better way of running our government, get off your computer chair and go change MN, since you all think you have it figured out.

  9. NO NEW TAXES!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  10. Rico Suave says:

    He can build it out of lead crystal for all i care. As long as I don’t have to pay for it.

  11. Judy says:

    I thought Dayton was for the middle class? Why would he want to tax us more?

  12. StraycatStrut says:

    Dayton will blow this “stadium” project just like he did the budget….laying off 22,000 for his $1 cigerette tax and his idealogy…… He better get his butt moving on this since he has done nothing else…or he will be the Governor that LOST the MN Vikings while seated at the Taxpayer Funded Summit Ave breakfast table…. blaming others which…. as a Democrat… he is good at. Show some leadership from the front of the pack. Now that would be Change we can believe in. Get’r done on the Stadium issue.

  13. mello says:

    To roof, or not to roof. That is the question.

    Guess what, guys. The roof issue is what killed the deal with Anoka County.

    I don’t hold out hope for Arden Hills.

  14. Skol always says:

    1. Rupublicans stink and they have destroyed our country.
    2. Get a new stadium done.
    3. Relax and try to enjoy life instead of complaining all the time.

    1. gdog says:

      Hey Republicans stink, you should take your own advice. I don’t think liberals stink, I just think they’re not that bright.

    2. com says:

      OK, I get it. Let’s not blame Dayton for anything.

  15. Diane says:

    I will agree that building a stadium when the economy is so bad doesn’t make much sense, but this morning on the news (sorry it was Fox) they talked about the stadium, and the people who want to build it in Ramsey county don’t want the issue to go to the polls because the people of Ramsey would vote it down. So, that has to tell you something. If they push it through anyway, without the majority of the people wanting it, and not allowing the people to vote for it, are we still living in America? Would they do it because it’s for “our own good?”

    1. Harold says:


      If the people vote it down, maybe the people don’t like football.

    2. Alvin Frankenstein says:

      Dayton wants it and little rich boy will get what he wants.

  16. Simon says:

    No new stadium. Not unless the owners and players pay for 100% of it.

    Take your begging somewhere else Wilf.

  17. Fact says:

    Foget about Wilf, I got a raging purple helmut im gonna bury in a milf.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Yeah & the M stands for MAN

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