MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Adrian Peterson says he’s happy for fellow running back Chris Johnson and the new contract he signed with the Tennessee Titans.

The Minnesota Vikings star, however, says he doesn’t believe Johnson’s deal will have a bearing on how much he’s paid in his next contract — or when that deal might get done. Peterson has started the final year of his rookie contract with the Vikings.

Johnson ended his holdout with the Titans and signed an extension Thursday worth as much as $56 million over six years, including $30 million guaranteed. Peterson and Johnson have engaged in friendly trash talk in recent years about who is the better runner, but Peterson said Thursday he and Johnson are “two different players in two different situations.”

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  1. TL says:

    If these footballers can’t honor a signed contract, why should the rest of us be held accountable? and I dont care how good you think you are or what youve done in the past….get a better agent who can forcast a players ability ….

    Just once Id like to see a team take a player to court for this.

    Good for Adrian for fulfilling his commitment and not being a CJ….NOW is the time for the Vikes to pony up.

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