MANITOWOC, Wis. (AP) — A Manitowoc teen says police overreacted after citing him for “planking” on a squad car.

Eighteen-year-old Alexander Hart says he was just having fun. He plans to contest his $202.20 disorderly-conduct citation.

Planking is a nationwide craze that involves posting photos or videos of oneself lying face-down, straight as a board, in unusual places.

A police captain told the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter that people can plank on their own parked vehicles but they shouldn’t be doing it on other people’s property. Capt. Scott Luchterhand says it “goes without saying” that officers don’t want people planking on squad cars.

A detective says Hart also planked near the courthouse, at a Walmart checkout counter and on a memorial to fallen officers.

Hart wonders whether the citation violates freedom of speech.

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Comments (37)
  1. me says:

    Planking started in Australia – why people do it, is beyond me. It’s not even funny. Its dumb.

    1. Mark says:

      Monkey see, Monkey do. It’s a meme. It’s just one of those quirks of being human.

      Planking on a squad car… brilliant kid, why not just ask to plank in the county jail?

    2. Hello! says:

      Agreed. I don’t understand it at all…. Now people are owling and doing other poses… its strange.

  2. smb says:

    I must be too old to get it. But even way beck when I was a dumb kid I was smart enough to know better than to get on a police car.
    And a police memorial is just disrespectful. I hope this kid gets stuck with his fine.

  3. Not all teens are made the same. says:

    This kid is an idiot! He won’t win–just trying to have fun is not a good enough excuse. If he pleas the first right to this citation, it’ll only degrade his intelligence. He’s only 18, what the heck does he know about his rights anyways. Gosh!

  4. Jake says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. whatever says:

    So a police officer can have sex on a car in uniform and not get cited but this kid gets a $200 ticket? I would definitely contest the ticket. No person or property was harmed.

    1. yeah... says:

      The cop probably owned the car and did it in the back woods some where. This kid was being an idiot and jumping on other people’s property. Doesn’t matter if it was harmed or not. He doesn’t own it..stay off it.

    2. GH says:

      So I take it you would have no problem if you found some kid laying across your car? PLEASE!! It’s not his vehicle so he has no right to touch it!!

    3. Jerry says:

      The Cop was put on administrative leave with pay, anyone else would have been jailed. That’s right he got paid to have sex on the hood of a squad car, isn’t that like prostitution?

      1. Max Power says:

        Yeah right, like you or anyone wouldn’t .
        Sounds like someone is SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO jealous !!!!!
        CLEARLY It kills you that not only was the cop getting some….but then got paid to do it !!
        LMAO, I say “RIGHT ON BROTHER !!!

    4. dan s says:

      Its not private property, the public paid for it. If this kid gets fined than that cop should loose his job and be fined. The cop was in no position to help anyone but himself at that time, and he was paid while doing it. This kid didnt put anyone in danger, and he gets a fine. And again i have no respect for the badge.

  6. idiocracy says:

    ‘When it’s not illegal- Disorderly Conduct!’

    1. ... says:

      Well, you can make stupid illegal you know.

  7. blows it does says:

    Yes, it does blow. They ban you by your IP address if you aren’t straight-arrow PC.

  8. Planking is out kid.. says:

    Freedom of Speech?! When does acting like a trend seeking idiot and violating property act as freedom of speech??

    No. What this KID was going to do was take a it to the internet and hope it goes viral as a stupid meme. He got he’s using the “My rights are violated!!!” rhetoric as a scape goat.

    Seriously..if it was my car I’d be pretty mad too.

    1. Jerry says:

      It is your car, your tax money paid for it. Cops have no sense of humor unless it’s their own, I hope the kid wins.

      1. Johnny boy says:

        OK Jerry, I see your logic. Lets say tonight you go out in your city and smash all the windows in the cop cars. Why not, you paid for them right? You’re an f’ing moron.

        1. GH says:

          Agreed Johnny boy!!

        2. Jerry says:

          Johnny boy, I don’t treat my property that way, I simply pointed out to the person above me that his tax dollars paid for that squad car. If that kid had planked your car or mine do you think it would be making the news? Unless he damaged it, what’s the problem?

          1. Max Power says:

            It’s a matter of showing some respect for property not belonging directly to you. I own a part of that car too, just like you do, & the cop, & everyone that pays taxes. I don’t want him laying on the car I own part of….that’s not why we bought it. The car & the cop serve a purpose that we pay for, nether of which are for personal entertainment.
            You are looking at this as one incident, which granted it is. HOWEVER, if this were to be allowed, ‘because we own the car & we pay the cops salary,” now it’s on a grand scale….now we have a line of tax payers. One person wants to sit in the drivers seat, one wants to turn on the lights, one wants to open the hood & look at the engine, & so on. Not one of these things are immediately & physically damaging. BUT NEITHER WOULD SERVE THE PURPOSE THEY ARE BEING PAID BY US TO SERVE !
            Now you have an emergency at your house & there is a delay in help arriving because help is busy doing picture time with Alex.
            Is that a problem Jerry ?

  9. Blah Blah says:

    It’s great to see the “entitlement” people think that doing whatever you want is ok. Do this on my car and you’re getting pounded.

  10. Ferris Lind says:

    so its bad to that .. yet a cop on duty can have intercourse on top of his in public

    1. Blah Blah says:

      No, neither is OK. Just because the cop did what he did doesn’t make it ok for somebody to act like a fool. You sound like a child with your argument of, “well look what he did.”
      Grow up.

  11. fred says:

    yes…..many times…..censorship…..not just for third world countries anymore.

    1. Max Power says:

      Censorship you say ????????
      What exactly is the message or statment when one Planks ??? Besides
      Hope to see him washing squad cars & raking leaves at the Officers Memorial !!!

  12. What Next? says:

    And thus we see what is wrong in today’s world. Nice one Billy!

  13. TL the alligator says:

    ….the cop simply should have said….while what you just did was extremely stupid it is not illegal to be stupid, no real harm was done….you are free to go but DO NOT do that again……..but of course these police like police everywhere are A holes.

  14. GetAlife says:

    I don’t undersTand the hatred for cops, its simple don’t be a D-bag and you never have to deal with them, I’ve had a cop at my house 1 time and it was for illegal fireworks, he said don’t shoot anymore off, I said ok, he left. Its so easy to never have to interact with them, if you act like a decent human being, its always the lifelong losers who complain about them.

    1. dan s says:

      But cops can have sex on the hood of a public paid for car, while he was being payed to protect. How do you like being an adult and told you cant shoot off a firework, that you paid for down the street. Get a spine, or go back to the old soviet union.

      1. @Dan S says:

        There will be bad cops, bad baNKERS, bad waiters, and so on, doesn’t mean all get lumped in to 1 category, get a spine? That makes no sense, I was performing an illegal act and was told to stop, I wasn’t cited. You’re condoning his actions which make you either a teenager or the kind of trash that constantly has run ins with the law.

  15. DCH says:

    Was it stupid? Absolutely. Not because it was a city vehicle, just the act alone is somewhat so. On the other hand, barring damage to said vehicle, it is also entirely harmless. Definite overreaction from the officer. Police have a tendency to suffer from all the weight of their badges. Not all, but a great many. “Protect & Serve” is a motto, not a job description.

  16. carolmarierust says:

    I don’t think most of you get the point of the story. He not only planked the patrol car, but also Wak Mart service counter, and the memorial for fallen officers. The fine could be for more the the car. And no one got hurt? Tell that to the families who lost these officers. As for having sex on the hood of the car, I don’t think so even a teenager will tell you the back seat is much better place.

  17. Steve says:

    Give him LIFE IN PRISON !! lmfao

  18. Mav Power says:

    LIFE ?! How about castration…..we certainly don’t need his evil spawn among us !

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