PRESCOTT, Wis. (WCCO) — When you go camping, you expect to see wildlife. But how about a three to four foot alligator?

Cheryl McKenna and her fiancé, Derrick Radke, thought the banks of the Mississippi near Prescott, Wis., would perfect for camping. In fact, it was Cheryl’s first time.

“It was my first trip to the river and my last trip to the river,” said McKenna. “Just as we got to shore, I saw something swimming.”

“It looked like a muskrat swimming towards me,” said Radke. “She thought it looked like a lizard.”

Instead it was an alligator. The animal climbed up on a tree stump lodged in the river to sun itself.

“There were a couple of turtles there the turtles jumped off when I pulled up the alligator just sat there and stared at me,” said Radke. “I did get a picture on my phone. I didn’t think anyone would believe me!”

The couple flagged down the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

“It wasn’t that big, but with little kids or animals of any kind it would have taken a bite out of them,” said Sheriff Nancy Hove. “That’s when my deputies decided to take action. We ended up shooting it before it hurt anybody. It would have probably died come winter time anyways, it can’t make it through the cold.”

The Wisconsin DNR is investigating. Investigators believe someone released their pet into the river. If they find the person, officers tell WCCO-TV they will pursue charges.

Comments (16)
  1. Uncle Rico says:

    why would you kill it? I have to admit I found the emotionless comments to be somewhat funny but dang, just cold smoked that fool. kinda harsh.

  2. Uncle Rico 2 says:

    Check the local pet shops for people who bought a baby caiman a year or two ago. Can’t be that many.

  3. stupid people says:

    They could have sent it down south where it normally lives. Why in the world would someone get a pet alligator? They must know they can’t take care of it forever!

  4. Sgt says:

    It bet its taste great!!

  5. Mike Hawk says:

    Sure a Penguin stays off course & the whole world wants to help but when it comes to the poor little Alligator who’s sunning itself. KaBAM!!! You’re dead….

  6. Harry Maylone says:

    Most likely if they sent it back down south it would of been caught and slaughtered for its hide and meat. Gator meat is good.The tail is all white meat and the rest of the body is dark meat. It is gator season down south until the rest of Sept. Our friend gator hunts down in Louisiana. Check out and see for yourself.

  7. em0886 says:

    I don’t think killing the alligator was necessary; they should have just let him die naturally in the winter time…I understand that he could hurt someone but I don’t think killing him was the best option.

  8. JKB says:

    Its too bad the alligator had to be killed, blame the thoughtless,irresponsible owner! He/she was the brain behind buying such a critter never giving thought as to what theyd do with it when it became too big to contain at home. These are dangerous animals, and to let loose in an area where people fish, swim, camp,walk or hike should be a crime. Not only that but pet stores should NOT be able to sell animals that have the ability to kill a human, and cant be trained otherwise.

  9. New Boots says:

    And the MN DNR was worried about the flying carp

  10. Jeffrey Fiterman says:

    that poor animal, why do people have to behave so irresponsible . Give it away don’t put it in the river.

  11. Later Gator up North says:

    Not kill it? What should the DNR have done? When the thing has your childs arm in it’s mouth or someones precious FiFi, will you think differently? Thought so.
    But they should have preserved the meat and made it available to a food shelf or nursing homes. After it was tested, of course!

  12. Dale Gribble says:

    That’s not a gator. That’s an Egyptian crocodile brought in by the UN. Mark my words, this is part of Obama’s conspiracy to destroy US sovreignity.

    1. babs1947 says:

      best laugh I have had in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dave's Not Here says:

    It’s cold-blooded and compassionless. It isn’t a dog, folks. You can’t make an alligator a pet, only a captive, because it will never relent to being confined.

  14. BN says:

    Momma needs new shoes!

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