ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton told business leaders at an Eden Prairie luncheon Wednesday there is no other stadium site in the works if the Ramsey County proposal fails.

“If they are saying there is only one site they are willing to consider and one site they are willing to make that very sizable contribution of their funds, then, realistically, there is not a plan B,” said Dayton.

Already one game into their final season in the Metrodome, the Vikings team said it will not renew its lease there without a new stadium. At this point, it’s Arden Hills or nothing, according to Vikings officials.

“This question about whether it is a fair assessment or not or if it’s trying to find a red flag. No, we think it’s an honest effort to get some answers and have a third party assessment that this is a viable site and project, and let’s move it forward,” said Lester Bagley, the Vikings’ Vice President of Public Affairs and Stadium Development.

Dayton said the Vikings are already committing $420 million dollars to the $1.1 billion project, and he expects that to approach $500 million before it’s over.

It’s a number Vikings officials did not rule out.

“The state’s in for $300 million firm, we’ve heard that from the governor. Ramsey Country has been solid at $350 (million). What’s left? Everything else. Who covers everything else? We do,” said Bagley.

A stadium site study is taking a hard look at the environmental cleanup cost at the old Army munitions plant near the stadium site and how much work it will be to rebuild the roads for Vikings traffic. The study is due to be released Oct. 15.

Even if the study is finished on time, that doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a special session. The study could reveal problems that are not known at this time, including much higher costs for cleanup.

So, right now, it’s impossible to know how a stadium bill will do i, because there isn’t one and there won’t be until after the study.

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  1. Jason says:

    No stadium for the vikings. I remember how this governor shut the state down 2 short months ago. Our state along with the rest of the nation have mismanaged the taxpayors money. To ask us to pay for another stadium is straight-up crazy.

    1. Torr says:

      I agree! No money for the Vikings.

  2. El Santera says:

    Yes to a stadium for the Vikings. Get it done. I will not lose another beloved team (North Stars) and then have to pay twice as much to get another team here in ten years when we could just keep them here.

    1. @ El Santera says:

      ten years?? who’s even gonna want a team in ten years?? who even cares about these overpaid illiterate chimps??

    2. g8bbgg says:

      We lst the Laker then the Stars, we now have the Wild and the T Wolves. You want it you pay. I am sick of my taxes going to Stadiums. Let Gov Trust Fund bring his money back from SD to pay for it!

    3. bmarty says:

      i agree 100% we have lost more then one team and had to pay more to get them back. we dont deserve to have to pay more to get the back. i get where everyone says get rid of them they are over paid. i come from a marriage and my husband absolutely bleeds purple and gold me..not so much. but the thing is… we make so much revenue off of the vikings. we get taxes off the pay the players get and not only vikings but the away team also. we make money on consessions and more. the clothing and all its revenue. just think about how much you will be throwing away if you say no. and yes you will have to pay for it but i bet you anything that if you make a purchase you wont notice a difference ya maybe 20 cents. i get it adds up believe me i am frugal. but to help the state thats a little cost. i mean the state could always just put a big tax on us at the end of the year and make us pay in. and if you dont wanna help pay for it then dont purchase items in the areas it effect. becuase its not going to effect everyone in the state.

  3. travis says:

    The money lost, that is generated by having an nfl team, would be significant. Build it!

    1. g8bbgg says:

      yes all the DWI fees that the State gets from the Vikings adds up

    2. Dale says:

      The owner does not live here so the profit of the team does not get spent here. Many of the players do not live here in the off season so their money does not get spent here. The money spent by the locals would be spent somewhere else locally. If there was a significant out of town fan base that spent money here the tam would be pointing that out. The only money that is really coming in then is the television contract. The state and local portion of that does not equal 600 million in 30 years. Football does not bring money to the state.

    3. So sayeth the tailgater says:

      Sayeth the brilliant financial expert from the tailgate area. Pass him another beer so he can get even smarter.

  4. Guy says:

    Dayton; Ziggy – what part of “HE!! NO!” don’t you understand. The overwelming majority of the people of this state DON’T WANT a new stadium. Thats why you won’t put it to a vote.

  5. qwnbe says:

    Let them build their own stadium with their own money. If I owned a business I would have to build a building to house it. The team is privately owned not owned by taxpayers. Taxpayers should not pay for it.

    1. informer says:

      It is completely different than if one owned a business. The state uses the vikings stadium more than the vikings. So you’re saying in your business it would be ok for you to use it roughly less than 5% of the year but you would still pay for said building by yourself?
      just like with the metrodome the vikings would pay the yearly fees, and are willing to pay almost half for a stadium. yet the state would use the stadium MORE than the vikings. High school sports games as a start would use the stadium more. the metrdome has events in it 200+days a year, the vikings only use it for 10 games including preseason yet the vikings pay for everything. all this means the state should put into the pot for a new stadium.

      The state will lose out on a lot of money without them here, and would lose jobs. two things this state cannot afford. The vikings have been trying to get this done long before the economy went down the gutter and had to shut the state down because polititians couldnt figure it out.

      The metrodome can’t function without the vikings and the state knows it. This will cost the taxpayers to just demolish the stadium. Why dont they just renovate the metrodome? well that seemed to be something the vikings have at times been willing to do, but when the politians put half a$$ed bills together a drug their feet the vikings got sick of waiting.

      I would be all for a publicly owned stadium unfortunately the NFL does not allow that. there is only one such arrangment in the NFL which is green bay and that is because it was grandfathered in. The taxes the give the state…gone, the taxes on the food…gone, the jobs (construction, and full and part time viking employees)…gone, the txes brought in from them jobs…gone. All these taxes certainly go towards improving the state. I for one would be willing to pay a small amount of tax increase to keep a long time franchise in minnesota to produce the state money.

      1. Brian says:

        One of the proposals was for them to take down the metrodome and put a new stadium there, however Zygi wants the Arden Hills site because he can buy up the surrounding land and turn a huge profit creating new developments there (basically what Robert Kraft did when the Pats put up their new stadium), so don’t paint the Vikings as innocent in this drawn out process. The fact is the state shut down due to a budget crisis, hence nobody comes out looking real good asking for more money in this situation. As for the money leaving the state with the Vikings, that’s not entirely true, the theoretical money created by the new stadium would simply be funneled into other areas, it doesn’t just disappear. Look I’m not saying the Vikings shouldn’t stay or some sort of stadium deal shouldn’t get done, my problem is the Vikings are demanding a more expensive proposal then necessary (Arden Hills is more expensive then rebuilding at the Metrodome site and what’s this retractable roof nonsense? Either put a roof on it or don’t, I see not reason to pay extra so Zygi can have a skylight for 3 games a year), so they have things built in that they can toss out as concessions.

        1. informer says:

          can you blame zygi for not liking the most recent lame attempt from minneapolis to replace the metrodome where it stands? That proposal was horrible. He is willing to take a stadium anywhere as long as it gets done. Maybe he would prefer arden hills…who wouldnt. He is a businessman that has put a lot of money into this to make a profit. But the fact is he has waited on hennepin too long, they have been sitting on their hands.

          The money they would bring in is not theoretical. It would very matter of factly bring in money. And where would this money come from that you speak of? unless they give businesses money to bring them into the state and lock them into a contract that requires them to stay around and create jobs…? I’d be for that too.
          there are few ways that I can see spending that little to futureproof a lot of gains. It seems like a bunch of money but it really is not compared to many things gov’t throws money at.

          They are not demanding a more expensive plan. They would have went with an open air stadium which is cheaper than putting in a roof period. they wanted to play outside rain, snow, or shine. And I personally feel that is the way football should be played…in the elements. But the state wants the roof so they can use it for their own functions in the cold weather months. so then so that they both can get what they want THAT is where the nonsense of the retractible roof came about.
          I dont care what kind of stadium is built. I just feel losing this franchise that has been around minnesota for much longer than I have been alive would be a shame. Not only because of all the fans of the team including myself obviously, but also because of the nordic ancestry on the region. A lot of the bloodlines around here are from scandinavia, some of us were decendents of actual vikings.

          1. outta here says:

            There is nothing Norwegian about the Vikings except for their name. The owners and the mercenary players have absolutely no loyalty or connection to this state. Even their logo is bogus. In reality, the Vikings never wore helms with horns. I am of Norwegian descent and my daughter is in Norway at this moment working on her degree in Ancient Scandinavian studies. That doesn’t mean I want to pay higher taxes to keep a team that has ties to my heritage in name only.

      2. Dan says:

        The state owes public schools $1.2 billion from the last two budgets. How could they possibly affort to rent a 50,000 seat stadium? Why would they want to? All area high schools already have adequate football and soccer stadiums.

        The “state” would not use a stadium. Organizations might rent it for concerts, truck pulls, rodeos, etc. – but then again there are a number of other facilities in the Twin Cities – Target Center, Excel Center, Target Field, TCF Bank Stadium, State Fair – no more stadiums are needed for public events.

      3. El Santera says:

        @informer – Finally, a person that makes sense. Whenever there is anything about the Vikings stadium story, it’s always the same people commenting over and over with “move to L.A.” or “what part of no public funding don’t you understand”…as if Ziggy actually reads these comments. They are either Viking haters or Green Bay lovers. Anytime I post a comment about something positive towards the stadium, I get replies that I should pay for it myself. Really??? Okay, I’ll happily pay the .05% extra sales tax when I buy stuff in Ramsey county. Or better yet, I’ll pay 10-15$ a year to Ramsey county and skip the extra sales tax, since that’s what it would amount to.

  6. Leave already says:

    NO stadium for the Vikings unless Zygi and the players and/or the NFL foot the bill for it. NO taxpayer money for it. None. Zip. Nada.

  7. Dennis says:

    Just think of the state’s portion as TIF, Tax Increment Financing. Some businesses have used this in the past to stay in the state. So, if no stadium for Vikings, then no more tax breaks for any kind of business. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    1. Dan says:

      I agree – let’s create a TIF to finance the public improvements needed for a stadium (e.g., roads, water, sewer, etc.) The Vikings pay for the stadium and their property taxes are used to pay off the TIF over time.

  8. Mrs McNabber says:

    Bye bye Vikings. You’re as ‘has-been’ as the last five qb’s you brought in.

  9. Bob says:

    The Vikings should sell stock in the team to build the stadium. This would provide the opportunity for Viking fans to invest and show their support. And if they couldn’t raise enough money selling stock, maybe they should revisit their business plan.

    In this economic crisis that the country is facing, if there is another community willing to build the Vikings a stadium, they should take the deal and move. Minnesota has bigger financial problems to solve.

  10. John says:

    So our country and state are in gridlock this year with Republican leaders refusing to raise taxes for any reason. Yet it would be okay to raise the sales tax in Ramsey county by 0.5% for a stadium? What? Would any Republicans who support the sales tax proposal care to explain why raising taxes is forbidden except for a stadium? I must be missing something…

  11. Jake says:

    Yes, John, you are missng something. Republican leaders are saying a sales tax increase for Ramsey County is ok ONLY IF a referendum vote takes place, which means that the legal, voting citizens would have to approve it, not the Legislature, which is, by the way, STATE LAW. Dayton and Mondale and the dflers, who love ANY tax increase, know that the voters there are FED UP with tax increases, and are unlikely to approve it. Which means that dayton and his cronies NEED to have Republican leaders get on board with a way to violate state law, and do what the dflers did to get the twinkies stadium built, AGAIN.

  12. mark says:

    See ya, Viking, LA is calling.

    1. Joe says:

      Yeah,,,,LA can have them…all the mexicans will love another football team where the can shoot eachother after the game. Good way of thining them out.

  13. PLAN L LEAVE!!!! says:


  14. Joe says:

    ALL sports are pricing themselves right out of business. We can’t afford them anymore period. Let them find a regular job just like (some) of us.

  15. Dano says:

    Jake – What? The GOP has –already raised taxes– with the elimination of the Homestead Credit, to the tune of $304 per person. And now with individual counties raising property taxes even though the housing market is still in the tank, c’mon, get real.

  16. Jennie says:

    I like my idea of a partnership between the vikes and the Mall of America. You build a stadium in the shape of a viking ship attached to the mall complete with oar walkways into stadium, hotel rooms, etc. In the summer you turn it into an outdoor dinner theater with Medieval Knights Jousting, etc. and in the winter you have skating rinks etc. It would be a great tourest attracktion and maybe pay for itself.

  17. good riddance says:

    The days when professional sports teams had any loyalty to a state or their fans are long gone. What are the Vikings to Minnesota? Nothing. The owners don’t care about Minnesota and the players are just mercenary free agents. Let them leave.

  18. A stadium will provide 20 kazillion jobs yasureyoubetcha says:

    Did you see Zygi’s plan for a convention center in Arden Hills? When the biz leaders saw that, the Vikings let out an “oops” and there was a quick “exit, stage left” of the map showing the convention center.

    Yeah, tell me how much Zygi loves Minnesota. The only thing he really loves about Minnesota is that he can con the politicians to stick the taxpayers with the bill for his new cash register.

    Don’t let the door hit ya on your way out of the state, Zygi. Goodbye and good riddance.

  19. StraycatStrut says:

    Gov Dayton is in a GREAT position to make things happen here on a Stadium. MN will lose revenue should the team walk….. even if MN puts in the pot for building. The Revenue thru income and sales tax will be something the Libs will be crying for shortly. Problem is…Dayton is not a “thinker”… thus no Plan B, C or Z. No leadership on the task…all’s he knows how to do is raise taxes and stay short sighted. He’ll be the Governor that loses 51 years of Viking in MN….. of course for “A Better Minnesota”.

  20. go away Viqueens says:

    I love the arguments put forward for stadiums. The teams say they have to have a new facility in order to be a winning franchise, otherwise they’ll just pack up their balls and leave. Then there’s the tired old argument that a new sports facility is going to be this great source of jobs and revenue. The whole state is supposed to foot the bill for a facility that provides a few jobs and some revenue for the metro area. In the middle of a recession during which the government shut down we are supposed to give a crap about a stadium for another bunch of overpaid professional athletes to enrich their owners. There are plenty of other teams and sports to watch while swilling lite beer. Good riddance Viqueens.

  21. Correctly Posted says:

    Open air.

    A roof wouldn’t even pay for itself. It’s just a scam to pull the wool over rubes’ eyes with imaginary economic impact figures. Historically, the superbowl has had no noticable effect on a host city’s year end tax receipts. Consistent regular season Viking games would be -by far- the most valuable event any potential stadium could host, and you don’t need a $200,000,000 roof for that.

    Build it open air on Zygi and the NFL’s dime. The state shouldn’t contribute anything more than road improvements. Robert Kraft threatened Mass for years before finding another way to finance his playground.

  22. Jeffy says:

    The State has NO reason being involved in building facilities for business’s. They already have enpty airplane hangers on the iron range for NW airlines that they abandoned. . The have a empty motor cycle buillding in Belle Plaines for the Excelsior Henderson Mortor Cycle company, that wnt bust!! They also have a empty chop stick factory on the North woods that Rudy P sponsered. when he was Governor. The Sate has wasted enough taxpayer money.Let the Vikings build their own play pen.

  23. Kody Olerud says:

    so what you are all saying is you are “vikings fans” but they dont matter lets see em leave and have no real sports teams left..other than the twins, but football is my sport the VIKINGS are my team. IGNORANT PEOPLE!!!!!!

  24. Whats a Sales Plan says:

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