ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has approved an air pollution permit for an expansion at U.S. Steel’s taconite plant in Keewatin.

The company is promising to control increased mercury emissions that will come from new production. But environmental groups contend the permit includes no guarantees that mercury pollution will be reduced.

Minnesota Public Radio News reports the permit does not include a specific limit on mercury. Instead, the MPCA will wait to see how well the company’s controls work before it sets a restriction.

U.S. Steel officials plan to test a system — used in power plants — that captures mercury as it leaves the stacks.

The MPCA says it’s confident the process will work. U.S. Steel hopes to start construction on the $300 million project late next year.

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  1. Jake says:

    It’s ABOUT TIME. From mining to cell towers to bridges, these idiotic tree huggers have virtually shut down ALL job creation in this state. A ‘hint’ to the tree huggers: you can’t make something from NOTHING — you have to get it from MOTHER EARTH. When you come up with another viable, reasonable, RATIONAL, idea, I’m ALL EARS. And NO, wind, solar, and ethanol are NOT the answer.