WAITE PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — The mother of a young gay teen who killed himself last year delivered a petition to the staff of GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

Tammi Aaberg wants Bachmann, who has a long history of opposing gay marriage, to take a stand against bullying of gays.

Justin Aaberg was 15 years old and a student at Anoka High School when he took his life.

In the past two years, eight students in the district have killed themselves and the district is accused in a lawsuit of failing to protect gays.

Reporters were not allowed in the meeting at Bachmann’s office in Waite Park. During the meeting, Aaberg and three gay teen activists presented Bachmann staffers with a petition with more than a 100,000 signatures calling on the congresswoman to denounce bullying of gays.

Bachmann was out of state on the presidential campaign trail on Thursday. Aaberg believes Bachmann, who represents the Anoka-Hennepin School District area in Congress, could be an important ally.

“We think she, in the position that she’s at, especially running for president, a lot of people would look up to her and follow her lead if she could take this huge step,” Aaberg said.

She said her son Justin was the victim of relentless bullying over his sexual orientation.

“I loved him so much and I care so much about the other kids. I don’t want them to be in the same position,” Aaberg said.

Justin Anderson, who graduated from Blaine High School which is also in the district, blames Anoka-Hennepin’s policies for not protecting and reaching out to gay kids.

“I think it hurts kids. Because this policy is just shutting out gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, and questioning youth and their allies,” Anderson said.

Bachmann’s long history of opposing gay marriage has made her a longtime target for gay activists.

Recently, her husband Marcus’ counseling practice drew fire for trying to convert gays to become heterosexual.

But Aaberg is hopeful that the congresswoman will take a stand.

“Her office was really great,” said Aaberg. “I am very hopeful that Bachmann will either reach out or come up with a positive response for the country.”

The congresswoman’s press secretary issued a statement Thursday afternoon saying Bachmann will be reviewing Aaberg’s request as well as the petition and when she is finished with the review she will respond.

The Anoka-Hennepin School District also released a statement saying that the district “stands behind any and all efforts to end bullying of gay students.”

Comments (22)
  1. Bryson Powers says:

    This should be interesting. I’m guessing she tells the mother it’s God’s punishment or some other load of bull.

  2. rml says:

    Here is Bachmann’s chance to finally do the right thing…. let’s hope she does.

  3. Fearless Monstrosity says:

    Qui tacit consentit. Why do you think she’s remained silent on the topic of this bullying for so long?

  4. Murph says:

    When elephants fly Michele will still be slithering around in politics somewhere! She is either drugged up or completely off her rocker,most probably both! The girl ain’t right!

  5. Tom says:

    Good luck in getting Bachmann doing that! If she did that the Religious Right would come down her like a ton of bricks, and she can’t chance that now. Even though she doesn’t stand a chance of winning.

    Maybe she would say something if Marcus starts getting bullied lol

  6. Murph says:

    GOP’ers now have to deal with Palin’s secret sexcapades,the Mama Griz,seems to like the jungle better than the forest! Don’t need a coo koo clock with either of these two around. You could market a clock that tells a different lie every hour on the hour, the Palachmann clock!

  7. Mom of a gay guy says:

    She is Anti-Gay so I expect she will sidestep the issue. I know many gay people and they can not stand Bachmann because of her anti-gay attitude. My son is gay and he put up with a lot bullying as he grew up until we moved to a different school district and the bullying stopped.

    1. Sue J says:

      Nice to see you run from your problems. Way to teach your children how to stand up for WHAT you think is right?

      1. Otto says:

        Sue J
        You know not what you are talking about. Bullying is a very serious problem, especially in our schools, and sometimes a change of scenery is the only option left.

  8. Sue J says:

    Teach your gay? children how to fight! Dont depend on the government to do it, and they should not do it!!

    1. Realitybites says:

      This is for all kids who get bullied, the government has to step in because people like you create the bullies and rather have them fight. I told my granddaughter to fight back but never start the fight. She is more level headed than me and said no that is not right. She is not gay but gets picked on the teachers and parents do nothing and my daugther was going to pull her out and change schools.
      maybe all of us should teach these kids to stand up and visit you first.

    2. Superchik1017 says:

      ok, but when my gay child beats your bullying child to a bloody pulp, don’t try to get the school district or the government involved.

  9. Bill says:

    She wont as she hates gays. She is a freak.

  10. StraycatStrut says:

    Had to tune in on the daily ‘CCO Bachman story. I find it odd that she is the only Politician ‘CCO ever has a story on. We have notables Dayton, Klobachar, and Al Franken (dead people voted for Al) who are way more colorful. Only 2 reasons that I come up with over coffee today…. either ‘CCO is liberal and slanted in it commentary….. nope… cannot be that…… or….Dayton, Klobachar and Franken must be on vacation doing nothing at taxpayers expense. I like the latter since I’m a screaming Liberal.

    1. Realitybites says:

      This story is not about the nut case it is about the mother of a kid who killed himself. You must not read to well to see the whole picture, I am sure if she went to another politician it would say that name. READ IF YOU CAN.

  11. quentin says:

    This seems like a cause Marcus should be rallying around.

  12. Billy Bob says:

    If there were more gay bullying, Minnesota would not be ranked #1 for gays!

  13. Kevin says:

    I like gay bullying….it builds charecter…..

  14. Kris says:

    Tammi Aaberg wants Bachmann, who has a long history of opposing gay marriage, to take a stand against bullying of gays.???????? Sorry mom, you’re barking up the wrong tree! The republicans in this district could care less about your gay child or any child that is being bullied in school! Reading most of these comments proves how this school district is full of narrow minded, self-righteous, prejudice, ignorant people who are raising their children to believe it’s alright to mentally, verbally and physically harm others! It’s either conform to the bully’s way of acting and thinking or be what you deserve, the victim! When will the people of Michele Bachmann’s district realize they are the laughing stock of our state and other states!

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