WINCHESTER, Wis. (AP) — Winnebago County authorities say a hunter is in stable condition after he was shot in the face over the weekend.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Eichman says the man’s injuries aren’t believed to be life-threatening.

He says the 27-year-old Appleton man was in stable condition Saturday night. No updated status report was available Monday.

Emergency workers were called to the Winchester area Saturday about 7:20 a.m. The man was conscious when they arrived.

Eichman declined to say whether the shooting was believed to be accidental or the result of foul play. An Oshkosh Northwestern report says deputies questioned three other hunters at the scene but no one was arrested.

The man’s name has not been released.

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Comments (12)
  1. mike coxin says:

    Ban all guns! You can never tell what they are going to do. BAN ALL GUNS!

    1. I Love Guns says:

      That is a very stupid comment, Do U watch the simpsons. There was one episode when all the guns were banned and melted, then aliens invaded Springfield and there was no gus to be found, Luckily there was 1 gun left in the town and they were able to fend off the aliens.

      In the Real world, The aliens would represent the Criminals.

      I say bring back all the Fully Automactic Machine Guns for sale.

      Just look at Syria right now.

      1. Mike Coxin says:

        HA! Did you just ask me to compare a cartoon to real life?

        My comment was dripping with sarcasm. I firmly believe there could be more criminals could get shot and society would be a better place.

  2. R says:

    Guns dont kill people! People kill people!

    1. Redneck Purist says:

      Or more precisely, guns don’t people, I kill people.

  3. jan says:

    The hunter was there to shoot and kill and got himself shot instead. Is this poetic justice or what! Too bad when any person or animal gets hurt or killed. At least the hunter had the choice whether to go hunting or not.

    1. Mike Coxin says:

      Oh jesus you tree huggin liberal. Just STFU!

    2. here's your justice says:

      Actually poetic justice would be you gored to death by a Buck in rut.

    3. the jan haters club says:

      You are the perfect example for birth control

  4. THE TRUTH says:

    I think a firearm safety course is in order!!

  5. Mark says:

    the shooting happened in Winchester area…was it a Winchester gun used?

  6. Bob says:

    What a dumb article! Authorities declined to say whether iit was a ACCIDENT OR FOUL PLAY??? Why not do some digging before even writing the article? The reader is left wondering was this truly a hunting accident or was it a crime staged to look like a hunting accident. And why can’t we have the man’s name? We see so many of these poorly written articles with basically no information that leave more questions than answers. Where did these people go to journalism school?

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