MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An environmental group that organized a short film contest to promote solar energy got more than it bargained for.

Environment Minnesota hoped the $2,000 in prizes would attract a few good amateur and independent filmmakers. But the slickly produced winner announced this week came from a team of more than 50, many with extensive experience in the film industry. The James Bond parody “Man with the Golden Sun” cost way more to make than the $1,500 first prize. It runs under two minutes.

Environment Minnesota Director Ken Bradley says the winning team, Solar Hotdish, was motivated not by the money, but because it supports his group’s goal for Minnesota to get 10 percent of its energy from solar by 2030.

The winners can be viewed on Environment Minnesota’s web site.

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Comments (4)
  1. will we ever learn?? says:

    Even James Bond can’t save solar power. And no one can make economic sense of it either. It’s been around for more than a generation and it’s no more viable a serious source of energy than its proponents ever hoped it would be. How fitting that Solyndra, the American poster child for solar power just went belly up after sucking up a 530 million Obama-advocated government loan. A loan they will no longer have to pay back since they just filed for bankruptcy. Obama gave speeches praising it to the green heavens above. The company’s backers were frequent White House visitors, and of course we now know were-big time Obama contributors. And they couldn’t even make it fly with a half billion dollars in Obama stimulus cash. Are we learning anything yet???

  2. waste says:

    Funny how even a solar movie costs more to make than the revenue it will take in…

    1. me says:

      Lets give them $530 million in public money to turn a profit. We’ll promise not to be shocked when they go belly up. That seems to be the case lately.

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