MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis girl who captured the hearts of both WCCO viewers and staff has passed away.

Last year, 8-year-old Gracie Joles was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. Her parents, both longtime Star Tribune photographers, captured her fight against cancer on camera.

Gracie passed away Wednesday morning surrounded by her parents, Liz Flores and David Joles, and siblings Spencer and Allison at her side.

Gracie’s illness began with a severe headache in November 2010, and doctors soon found a fast-growing tumor in her brain. The location of the tumor was in the medulla, an area doctors declared inoperable and so rare, they only see about one case in Minnesota every two years.

While Gracie went through radiation, her photographer parents found healing by taking photos of her journey. Her father says he was conflicted about being a photographer and being a dad.

“I have a tendency to be drawn to stories more about the human struggle than ever before,” David Joles told WCCO last March. “As journalists, we are taught to capture the moment good or bad, and sometimes it’s harder to take a picture, you feel like you are crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed. But every once in a while, there is a magical moment.”

Gracie was known for doing cartwheels in hospital hallways, or one day, she flashed a peace sign before she was strapped down before a radiation treatment.

Her pictures reached people across the world including a woman in Tampico, Mexico who saw a photo of Gracie and called her home to say a prayer.

Even though she knew she was sick, she always reminded her family that everything was going to be all right, and she was surrounded by “too much love.”

At first it seemed hope did heal. Gracie’s tumor briefly stopped growing, but in late summer, doctors told her family she had only a few months left. That’s when Gracie realized many of her personal dreams. She received an official proclamation from Gov. Mark Dayton, and named her new Yorkshire Terrier puppy “Dayton” after him.

She swam with dolphins in Florida. Through the Make a Wish foundation, Gracie also met her idol, pop star Katy Perry. She listened to Perry’s song “Firework” nearly every day during her radiation treatments.

Liz Flores told WCCO, “I will pray for God now that he will have a little firework in his arms. My heart is broken into a million pieces. But, I find comfort that she was able to leave this world with her father David, me, her sister Allison and her brother Spencer at her side and join the other Angels in heaven with Jesus. She was a child of faith and she is my true champion and the bravest child I know.”

Comments (11)
  1. Sara says:

    May Gracie fly amongst the angels in heaven. Rest in peace sweetheart.

    1. sad but true says:

      Very heart wrenching story. Rest in peace Gracie.

  2. Prince P. says:

    Beautiful child. Rest in peace little pumpkin. Shame on ‘CCO for using a child’s death and family misery to sell renterswharehouse.com, Cavalia, Six Sigma Certification, Life insurance for $12 per month, talgatefan.com, earndoublepoints.com, muscle secret workouts, auto insurance deals, deal of the day, morries.com, and more of their own shameless content.

  3. Susan says:

    Wcco and all sites are loaded with ad’s, it is not just Wcco. Let this be about what it is, rest in peace Gracie and god bless your family.

    1. Marty says:

      She was the little girl across the street. We hold her and her family in our hearts.

  4. Henry says:

    Everybody is doing it so it makes it right?…problem with our county. Nothing is sacred…the exploitation of pain and suffering for the sake of selling advertising is shame-shame-shame-shameful!

  5. Maria's dad says:

    Like Gracie Our daughter passed away 4 years ago and she too is with Jesus. Like Gracie she left way too soon. Like Gracie there will always be a hole in our hearts for the life they left. May Gracie;s family find strength in their faith through Jesus as they travel their road of grief.

  6. Emily Harris says:

    She was such a ray of sunshine living next door to us for a year. She was the most caring, happy, beautiful girl I had ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with and always brightened up our moods during such a hard year with her smiles, drawings and pictures. Rest in peace dear Gracie.

  7. Jerry says:

    What a shining example for us all.

  8. Kwan Exum says:

    I was blessed to meet the Joles family in 2004 when I began working @ the child care center where Gracie and Spencer attended. My sister was their nanny and immdiately upon introduction, they made me one of the family….even when they moved from WI to MN they left their door open for my sister and I to come visit, which we often did. Gracie has been MY baby since she was the little two year old baby screaming to dress herself every morning. DAVID, LIZ, ALLY, SPENCER, I LOVE U GUYS AND WILL ALWAYS BE HERE! RIP to my lil flip flop diva….u will forever be missed!