MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Protesters hung a huge banner from the 10th Avenue SE Bridge on the West River Parkway. It reads “Fix this! Put America back to work.”

The group, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, called for local politicians to look at the state’s structurally insufficient bridges, instead of more tax cuts for corporations, as a way to create jobs.

“Here in Minnesota, we have more than a thousand bridges badly in need of repair and 7.2 percent unemployment,” said Kevin Whelan of Minnesotans for a Fair Economy. “It’s time to start investing in our state to put Minnesotans back to work updating our crumbling bridges and roads. Instead of giving away billions in tax breaks to Wells Fargo, we could spend that money creating jobs and rebuilding America.”

The protest was one of more than a dozen similar actions in the U.S. today supporting Obama’s jobs plan.

According to a report from Transportation for America, nearly 9 percent of Minnesota’s bridges are considered structurally deficient.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

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  1. Brad says:

    That’s not investment. There is not a monetary return. It is a necessary capital expenditure to maintain infrastructure. Perhaps the safety of bridges is more important than the enhancement of the train system in the cities. Grownups have tough choices to make, you can’t always get what you want or think you need.

  2. just sayin says:

    You 7 people sure made a difference!

  3. A Voter says:

    Right! Brad, How much money was lost when the 35w Bridge collapsed?
    How many more memorials do we have to build be for it sinks in?

    1. Bradley Johnson says:

      Hey A Voter. READ my comment next time. You will see that I am agreeing that basic infrastructure is a capital responsiblility of government and that my issue is with people believing it is an investment and that there are not Choices to be made. Glad to see you have an open, logical thinking mind and help prove my point.

    2. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

      WOW…you are a liberal damp dream voter! And remmember liberal boy….Obami already fiixed our bridges and roads with the tillions of dollars for shovel ready projects from TARP……how soon you liberals forget…..Obami just gave a speech to powder heads like you a bridge…he said there were hundrreds of bridges in that state that need to be repaired ASAP before they fell down (THE SKY IS FALLING)…but when the news investigated…..there NONE…ZERO…..bridges in the state that were in need of repair! Good God your are a liberal….powder head…go back to your mommies basement and watch the news…..educate yoruself….change your diaper…..and come back…

  4. me says:

    If only we had jobs that were shovel ready….that would fix everything….

  5. Kevin says:

    You have got to be kidding me! Put America back to work by fixing a bridge? Where do these morons come from? Flash back to Obami and the TARP money…you know…for all those “shovel ready” projects. You know…you rebuild Americas infastructure…..you know….roads and bridges….If you want to put Americans back to work….deprot all illegals and seal the border. Give those millinons of jobs back to real Americans…at the same time you will reduce the Legal, Educational, Medica, and Wefare burdens! On top of that studies have shown that over 80% of road construction workers are young white males….so building new bridges and roads is really a racist issue! Shame on those protesters for all being racists! And what POL at WCCO decided that 7 people with sign deserves 15 minutes of fame? Here is an idea….fire who ever decdied to run this news story…and hire one of the puff heads on the bridge! The will be putting America back to work!!!

    1. A Voter says:

      And what POL at WCCO decided that 7 people with sign deserves 15 minutes of fame?
      The same one that allowed you to post your racial trash here.

      1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

        Illegal is illegal …..how is the truth being racist? The dictionary defines Racist as the world thrown out and or used by a liberal when confronted with facts….now go pick up your sippy cup and bury your head in the liberal sand….

  6. Silly Rabbit says:

    Stop the money going to illlegal immigrants and Obama’s wars and we’d have enough money for everything.

    Why is it, they can hang a banner when it’s in line with Obama’s wishes? If I hung a sign on the bring saying ‘End the Fed”, I would be tased and thrown off.

  7. Mark says:

    So for all of the Republicans and tea partiers, how many Jobs bills have the GOP leadership in Washington brought forth since they gained the majority? ZERO ! That’s right ZERO!! They sure do care about getting this nation back to work.

    Obama’s wars? Last I checked the current conflicts we are involved in were brought on by the republican Leadership? of George W. Bush. And by the way, he also brought forth the initial TARP money to the banks and wall street.

    It is high time we quit trying to destroy the middle class, and work to bring back the prosperity that most people in this nation deserve!

    BRAVO! to the Minneasotans for a Fair Economy!

  8. Bradley Johnson says:

    Hey mark,
    I would argue that every bill that they pass, and then DIES in the “D” controlled Senate has been a jobs bill. Trying to create SUSTAINABLE private sector jobs not linked to one time money.

    Sustainability is more than just about the environment. One pump jobs related to Gov’t spending are not SUSTAINABLE! Further, how many job bills did the “D;s” pass that have created a net increase in employment while they had control from 2006-2010?

  9. Unemployed says:

    I hear we have trillions of jobs here in Minnesota, but employers want everybody to go to higher education to spend extra money to dig a large debt for themselves, and they still won’t hire anybody.

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