MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Vikings fans are reeling over Sunday’s second half collapse in the 26-23 overtime loss to the Detroit Lions. It puts the winless purple at the bottom of their division, and it couldn’t come at a worse time for a team that is pushing hard for a new stadium.

But a team’s losing record has little or no effect on whether it gets a publicly subsidized stadium.

The last time the Vikings went 0-3 was 2002, for example. It was Mike Tice’s first full year as coach.

The odds of a team with a 0-3 record making the playoffs — like this year’s Vikings — are very low.

It’s TRUE.

The Vikings playoff chances are about 1.2 percent, according to coolstandings.com, which runs a million NFL computer simulations.

But fortunately for the Vikings, a won-loss record on the football field won’t necessarily hurt their stadium drive at the Capitol.


In the five years before getting new stadiums, modern NFL teams had an average winning record percentage below .500 — .487 to be exact.

That’s for stadiums built between 1992 and 2010, including news stadiums which opened last year for the New York Jets, New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys.


The blog SmartPolitics goes back even further to the 1957 opening of New City Stadium in Green Bay, later named Lambeau Field.

The Packers had a five-year winning percentage of just .375.

Here’s what you NEED TO KNOW.

Over 60 years, most NFL teams with new stadiums were losers. Overall, new stadium teams had a winning percentage of just .474.

Put simply, of the 25 teams with new stadiums since 1957 — 11 teams had winning records; 14 did not.

The Minnesota Vikings 30-year lease at the Metrodome in Minneapolis runs out at the end of the 2011 season. The team is asking for publicly funding of a $1.1 billion facility.

The team says it will not renew the lease without the guarantee of a new stadium and it supports a new stadium on the site of a former army ammunition plant in suburban Arden Hills, Minn.

Gov. Mark Dayton has asked the Metropolitan Council to study the proposal and report back to him by Oct. 15.

Based on what the study says, Dayton said he is willing to call a special session of the Minnesota Legislature before Thanksgiving to consider a stadium plan.

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Comments (22)
  1. Jeff Geroux says:

    The Vikes dont need a new stadium, the dome is just fine..its a waste of taxpayer money. why doesnt Minnesota use that money elsewhere, like better roads, more cops on the freeways, etc.

    1. Come On People says:

      Well Put!

  2. AntiTeabagger says:

    Let them move to LA. Bye Bye Losers

    1. Iris says:

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  3. art says:

    use the metrodome, vikings.

  4. sush says:

    Get a stadium done.

  5. Doug T says:

    Ya, but the other [loosing] teams had ……….Fans 🙂

    “LA Vikings ….LA Vikings Sunday Afternoon…”
    (The Doors – LA Woman remake)

  6. skol Vikes says:

    I say the politicians pay 1/2 now and then the other half when the Vikes can finally finish a game…. Up 20 to 0 at half and lose to the Lions, really???

  7. Come On People says:

    No New Stadium !!! Even if they were good, As a fan of the vikes no matter what, I have been to the metrodome numerous times and feel its just fine for them… and was for the twins as well

  8. Scott Alan says:

    The idea of using taxpayer money is beyond stupid. I want state assisted skydiving but I don’t have the number of self centered fans to rip off the public. The Vikings and 7-11 and Wal Mart are private companies, let the sports crowd come up with the funding.

  9. xxx says:

    The losing record does not hurt the stadium chances at all.
    The reson is very simple. Before the vikings started the season, the chances of a stadium were 0.
    Now, after losing three games, the chance of a stadium is 0.

    Give the folks in MN a break. We have a state budget that is being funded by raids on emergency funds, by tobacco payouts, etc.
    The states credit ratings have taken a double hit in the last months, and someone even thinks or talks about a stadium with even one penny of state money involved?
    Is the person asking the question completly off his rocker?

  10. tom says:

    Ziggy needs to pay for his own stadium, it is his business, not ours. besides if he can afford to throw 30,000 dollars away for a dinner with obama he can throw his money away building his own stadium for his overpaid loders.

  11. NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A. says:


    1. Joe says:

      No Stadium, I agree with you no tax money, but why are you calling J Allen to be traded and a baby. He is the best one on the team and he works the hardest on the field. Comon

  12. jimmy says:

    Maybe they should just build a half of stadium.

  13. idiocracy says:

    Of course them losing isn’t going to effect the stadium deals… because the lawmakers are going to do what’s best for the state and not what the people want.

    This propaganda article convinced me that the vikings are getting their stadium, so let’s just end the song and dance.

    I will throw up if the new stadium wins all the ‘best stadium in the league’ recognition.

  14. Rockfish says:

    Good to see that the stadium will most likely get done. Progress is good.

  15. Not a fan says:

    I’m expected to invest in my own future at my job. Why aren’t the Queens expected to do the same?! They make MILLIONS! Let them pony up a portion of their earnings and become shareholders. LOSERS!!! Good riddance!

  16. Yurista says:

    Posted on Having just spent a year taking care of my swlloy dying father, seeing Hereafter really affected me, because it deals with the connection of the dead and dying to the living. Like the french journalist in the film, I discovered that no one wants to acknowledge the altered state in which you find yourself after you have been intimate with dying (not quite the same as being intimate with death). Remember in one of the Harry Potter books that the children always arrive at Hogwarts pulled by horseless carriagesor so Harry thinks? After he experiences first hand the death of a friend, he can see that the carriages are in fact pulled by beautiful black horses, and realizes that only people that have seen death first hand can see the horses. (I think its black horsesit might be black dragons). Anyway, the point is that I felt very grateful to Clint for addressing this hugely significant aspect of livingknowing dyingAND addressing the fact that our culture wants to keep the experience as sterile as possible. Made me go on a mini Clint Eastwood jag, re-watching Gran Torrino and everything except the Dirty Harrys (yuck).

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