MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With so many different kinds of plastic, it’s tough to tell which ones you can recycle, but two recycling companies will soon make it easier by accepting more of your plastic products.

This could result in a lot less trash. According to the Star Tribune, Minnesotans throw out 1.2 million tons of potential recyclables each year.

Some of the things you’ll be able to soon recycle include plastic hangers, compact discs and bottle caps.

Waste Management and Allied Waste Services will expand their plastic recycling programs in January.

The companies currently take plastic bottles, milk jugs and some shampoo containers, as well as any other items that have the recycling triangle around numbers one or two.

Now, Waste Management will take plastics with numbers three four and five. Allied Waste will collect anything with numbers one through seven.

Here’s a look at some of items you’ll be able to recycle that you currently can’t.

Category three includes things like garden hoses, vinyl records and rigid piping.

Category four plastics include squeeze bottles, like mustard containers, as well as flexible container lids.

Category five is the most common. It involves things like bottle caps, butter tubs and yogurt cups.

Category six has things like egg cartons, plastic foam and coat hangers.

Finally, category seven includes recycling compact discs, prescription glasses and even baby bottles.

The companies will launch a promotional campaign letting everyone know about the change.