MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A biologist says the death of a black bear is a blow to his research and to the northern Minnesota bear center that streamed her birth live on the Internet two years ago.

Lynn Rogers, founder of the North American Bear Center in Ely, told The Associated Press he was looking forward to documenting the dynamics of Hope’s family as she matured. When he announced this week that a hunter had killed Hope, it generated an outpouring of grief and outrage among the more than 133,000 fans that follow Hope and her mother Lily on Facebook.

Rogers has lost study bears to hunters before, but he said researchers had never before been able to follow a mixed-age bear family so closely, and that what they saw defied their expectations. Hope continued to nurse even after Lily gave birth last winter to two new cubs. While one soon died, Lily, Hope and the surviving cub, Faith, continued to roam together until a hunter shot Hope on Sept. 16.

“There was peace,” Rogers said of the family. Hope didn’t try to dominate Faith or steal all of Lily’s milk. Hope even acted like a second mother, he said, waiting for Faith to catch up when she straggled behind.

If Hope had survived, Rogers said, they might have gotten the chance to watch the family break up next spring. Hope would have been old enough to go into heat, so she and Lily would have had to compete for mates, and all three would have competed for territory, he said.

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  1. Pete says:

    Right If you want to follow this bear why did you not paint it orange or tag it somewhere you think hunter know which bear is in reasearch and which ones are not?…seems like a bit of improvement in identifing these bears is needed. I hope Lynn Rodgers has learned something here and will correct her mistakes if she continues doing this type of work.

      1. Snookie says:

        They could use bright orange ear-tags that the bears can’t take off … just sayin’ …

  2. Karma says:

    She did have a collar, that SOB took it off! I hope he gets sick off the meat!!!

    1. Get over it! says:

      Karma I know your slow but the so call researcher admitted they didnt collar the dinner I mean bear

    2. Al says:

      The bear had taken the collar off 4 times on it’s own. Do some research.

      1. Karma says:

        You don’t bother me….I know I am right and you are wrong…Thanks for playing!

        1. Larry F. says:

          Karma you are a fool. Plain and simple, you are a fool.

          1. Karma says:

            Why am I a fool? Because I am right?

            1. fearless says:

              all the reports I’ve read stated they never put a collar on Hope. Please provide a link which states they did. And what’s with the name calling ppl?

            2. Sam I am says:

              Karma – you are a friggin moron. The bear wiggled the collar off several times previously. There was no identification on the bear showing it was a research bear.

              Good lord, bury your head in the sand some more.

      2. Mark Too says:

        Al – You are right on. It has been reported multiple times that the bear was collared and the bear took it off. Good job setting the record straight.

        1. Karma says:

          Collar or not, he knew and he did it anyway.

          1. Wow says:

            How on earth would he of “known and did it anyway” without tags or collars? I agree.. it’s sad.. and I don’t think much of hunting.. but seriously.. Being ignorant helps no one.

  3. Hate for Hunters says:

    I agree with you Karma, it is disgusting what these hunters do and it should be outlawed. Tell them big rednecks with the big bellies to eat salad…God knows they could use it! hehe

  4. Love for animals says:

    Why would that hunter do such an awful thing? There is no need to hunt, I don’t care what the intentions.

    1. Jim says:

      Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it should be. Baiting a bear and then shooting it with a high-powered rifle while it’s got a mouthful of food is something only a coward would do.

      1. Duh! says:

        Whats the difference between that and putting a leach on the end of the hook to catch Walleye?

      2. TW says:

        You don’t have to use a high powered rifle. Plenty of bear have been killed with slug rounds from a shotgun or low powered rounds from a handgun, all of which are legal in MN. Some hunters also use bow and arrows. The anti hunting rhetoric sure runs deep. What or where that comes from is a mystery to me. How did the human race get this far without a bite or two or wild game over the millenia? So the grocery store is the answer to all our food needs as some have indicated. Great idea but food is seldom local and the price of locally grown produce is steep. I am a hunter, I don’t drink beer or smoke any substances or any kind, I grow and eat veggies from our own garden chemical free and when I can eating locally grown wild game I do so without guilt or remorse. The stereotypes of rednecks is not and does not apply to most hunters and gatherers. Go up to White Earth, Mille Lacs, Grand Portage or other reservations and see if you find rednecks. Good luck, you will find a lot of wholesome people who want to live traditionally and not be messed with.

      3. Norge says:

        Then let us start with the abortion clinics and save HUMAN lives first!! You liberal call it a choice…fine get permission from the fetus, and if the fetus ‘choses’ to be aborted then allow it, and if the animal choses to be harvested we’ll allow hunting. Will you liberals swap human lives by shutting down your murder-toriums in exchange for restricitons on hunting animals?

      4. Hmm says:

        I thought (and I am no hunter by any means!!) that is was illegal to bait and then shoot them ??

  5. Wayne says:

    Sounds like a perfectly uneducated response. People can disagree if it should be done or not, but the hunter did nothing wrong or against the law.

    1. Karma says:

      Yes he did…He is totally wrong, legal or not!

      1. Yummy Bear!!! says:

        umm, NOT …..why don’t you go run for some office and try to change it then, until then, shut it! It’s legal so go cry somewhere else

        1. Karma says:

          Again, for the slow people here….(yummy bear) it is morally wrong, not legally…say it with me slow now. He is a c o w a r d, as are you for condoning it! Cry, I think not! I am already doing somthing about it, I have a few million green friends helping me, along with Al Franken. So we will see who will be crying.

          1. Poor Karma says:

            Oh no, now I know karma is serious

            The little girl has the limp wrist greenies in her corner and being led by Stewart Smally himself.

          2. Guess what? says:

            Yeah, good luck on all that. :/

          3. Whata Snipe says:

            Karma – All the “greenies” in the world wont ban hunting… So march, bang gongs, kick, scream, punch, dont shower and smell bad as long as you realize NOTHING you do will take away hunting rights and the 2nd Amendment! Enjoy your waste of time!

            1. Lynn Sullivan says:

              How about this..If you can’t spell, can’t use an apostrope or period correctly. and can’t compose a coherent sentence, then you don’t get to go hunting.
              I think old Thomas Jefferson would approve.

              1. Hi Lynn! says:

                Well hello Lynn, good to hear from you again. Mr. Jefferson was certainly a proponent of education as the foundation of an effective democracy. He was a man of the Enlightenment. There’s already enough on this thread to win the prize. I hope you approve of my writing as I definitely want to go hunting. I got a doe permit for my area! You seem to be a reasonable person so beware, as reason abandoned this discussion long ago.

                1. Lynn Sullivan says:

                  @Hi Lynn! I approve of your writing and especially your civility. My money tonight is on Yummy Bear and Whata Sinipe, but, then, they won last time, so maybe it is time to choose somone else. Karma, although a good speller, is not civil. What do you think? Any favorites?

                2. Lynn Sullivan says:

                  @ Karma–I am sure we agree on more stuff than you think. I think you probably don’t want people to tell how you should feel or speak, so I won’t

        2. Lynn Sullivan says:

          I think I’d like to cry right here….Still a free country, Yummy.

      2. Sue says:

        sicko sicko sicko allow me to say your a sicko

    2. me says:

      Legally Wayne…YOu may be right but MORALLY… They Hunger committed a vicious and Useless act.

  6. Jim says:

    Food for his family? Was the supermarket closed?

    1. Jim says:

      Food prices tripled? LOL. Where do you shop? Kenya?

      This story is about bears and hunting, not your obsession with the president. Try to stay on topic.

    2. Guess what? says:

      Jimbo, the last time I checked the supermarket meat case, you couldn’t buy bear meat.

      1. Ted Nugent says:

        Or venison. Or grouse, or pheasant, or squirrel, or rabbit, or moose, or … should I go on?

  7. gordokong says:

    After reading this article and more importantly the comments. I have come to the conclusion there is no Hope!

    1. Whata Snipe says:

      Dont forget the cozy rug by the fireplace

      1. Lynn Sullivan says:

        Hey, are you guys back to compete for tonight’s prize again? As usual, extra points for being unable to spell…we’ll see. For those of you unfamiliar, the prize is for the most disgusting comment of the evening

  8. Karma says:

    Bahahaha…you’re too stupid to do that….no worries!

    1. ft says:

      Want to know how to gut a bear its easy

      1. MARK says:

        Easier than constructing a coherent sentence, apparently.

  9. Karma says:

    How would you pay for that when all you have money for is beer and tobacco? Oh yeah, and no job with your 6th grade education.

    1. Whata Snipe says:

      Boo hoo Karma, Hope’s skin is making a nice rug… Booo hooo!

      1. Karma says:

        It’s going to take more than that to make me cry. You don’t have it in you…You’re too weak.

        1. troll alert says:

          You are obviously a troll. Your posts are nothing but unreasonable, unsupported, hate filled trash placed for no other reason than to provoke. Find something better to do with your time.

        2. get out says:

          You are a troll

  10. Missed the Mark says:


    I hope your campaign to outlaw hunting is successful. I only hope you’ll have a solution for all the animals that starve to death or are killed in motor vehicle accidents because the populations are left unchecked. I hope you’ll have a solution for all the lost revenue when hunting and fishing license fees cannot be collected. I hope you’ll have a solution for decline in sales of hunting/fishing retail offerings – and in the sales tax generated by such purchases. I also hop you’ll have a solution to employ the nearly 55,000 people that the hunting/fishing industry supports in MN (see the DNR website for that stat).

    While I don’t hunt, and my family doesn’t hunt – my husband and his family do. They are respectful of land and nature, they don’t hunt for the sake of killing – they hunt and use the meat for food, they use the hide for mittens, slippers, etc – and they donate what they can’t use. The majority of hunters I know are like that. Sure, there are a few bad apples in every bunch. There are a few bad animals in every herd too. That’s nature.

    Not all hunters are “rednecks” just as not all Twilight fans are vampires or werewolves. My husband and his family are all college educated. In their hunting group, there is a CPA, an MD, a CEO of a small company and my husband is a 2nd year law student. Your broad generalizations do little to further your cause; your ignorance only serves to alienate people.

    The animal kingdom is not a warm & fuzzy place. If you’re ever lost in the woods, and you come across a bear – go ahead and try to be its friend. When you’re on safari in Africa and you cross paths with a Lion – give it a hug. I’m sure it’s just like Simba and would be happy to sing “Hakuna Matata” for you.

    I appreciate a respectful debate of ideas and opinions. There is nothing in your comments to respect, other than your obvious passion for your cause. Your message is lost in your violent, ignorant and incendiary rhetoric. Tone it down, be rational, and maybe people will take you seriously.

    1. Karma says:

      Answer me this, how do you respectfully kill an animal or anything for that matter? I never said that the animal kingdom was a warm and fuzzy place, I know animals are dangerous, that is why you stay the hell away from them. We have no business being in their territory. They come into our territory because they have no other choice. Again, our fault. (Humans)

      As for your husband, maybe you should get a better grip on him. I would never allow my husband to hunt…There is no need for it.

      As for over population, there are natural predators for that and it will take care of itself. There is no need for human intervention.

      As for the jobs, I am sure they can find another one and something else to tax in its place.

      Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.

      As for toning it down, I will do what I want to do and say what I want to say.

      I think I touched on all your rediculous comments.

      1. Sue says:

        You would never “allow” your husband to hunt BOY do I feel sorry for any spouse that their wife would “allow” or not allow them to do anything. You are controlling or rather out of control get a grip who you left you boss of the world? I really feel sorry for your husband do you tell hem when to pee and eat and sleep ick your a sicko

        1. MARK says:

          Sue, your grammar hurts my brain. Try cracking a book once in a while, it’ll do you good.

          1. Karma says:

            I agree, Mark. @ Sue read the chapter on punctuation as well! BTW ~ my hunsband has NO complaints he is completely satisfied! Thanks for asking!

            1. Ted Nugent says:

              Umm .. really? “hunsband” and “rediculous” and YOU are commenting on other peoples’ grammar and spelling?

              How do you respectfully kill plants?

              1. Karma says:

                I commented on punctuation, not spelling. Plants don’t have heartbeats. Next topic.

                1. Respectful Hunter says:

                  Just because it doesn’t have a heartbeat doesn’t mean it is not alive. Plants grow right? They die right? They drink right? They eat right? Just because they do not eat, drink or die the same way you do doesn’t mean they are not alive! Maybe we need more predators to weed out the ignorant people too!
                  There is nothing wrong with hunting, I am a hunter as is my spouse and one of my children. The majority of hunter’s are more respectful and caring about nature than naysayers. When was the last time you sat out in the woods and enjoyed watching a squirrel run and play or a deer frolic? I did just that a couple days ago and will again tomorrow. I can’t wait! Most hunters are more in-tune with nature than people who spout ridiculous nonsense about nature taking care of itself. If nature is left alone there will be an over population of animals, sick animals, and more animals in town. Congratulations to the hunter who harvested the bear! I am sure they did not go out looking specifically for that bear.

          2. Lynn Sullivan says:

            Preach it, brother.

            1. Karma says:

              They went out looking for that bear and killed a juvenile bear on purpose. Hunting is disgusting and shame on you for teaching that to your child. Bad parenting!!!! People like you make me sick. There is no such thing as a “respectful hunter” . Spin it any way you want it’s DISGUSTING and so are you! Lynn you know how I feel about you! Preach to someone else, you are wrong and always will be!

              1. Lynn Sullivan says:

                Actually Karma I mesed up. I was referring to Mark’s comment on Sue’s grammer. Sorry.

      2. Defending the Smart Folks says:

        Hi, I’m earth, have we met?

        You’re so right, Karma. Her comments were “rediculous.” There’s nothing “rediculous” in asserting that someone in a healthy relationship should attempt to control the (legal) actions of another (would you tell a man to get a grip on his wife if she wants to do something he doesn’t believe in?).

        There’s nothing “rediculous” about suggesting further loss of fees, jobs, retail revenue would strain an already recessed economy. Tell me, where are the jobs right now? There’s nothing “rediculous” about suggesting an increased tax to make up a revenue that directly supports conservation efforts will gain any support in a republican controlled government that care so much about natural resources … Nothing “rediculous” at all about that.

        1. Karma says:

          Thank you for agreeing with me! :)~

          1. Respectful Hunter says:

            Wow… You must be young or naive to not get the message behind the words.

      3. @Karma says:

        Karma — I left nut is bigger than my right one. My LOML says they both exceptional and she couldn’t decide which is the one she’d chosse. Can you please help me?

      4. Dusty says:

        @Karma, I bet you are hot. I like a woman that takes charge

    2. Mark Too says:

      Missed the Mark – Your comments were well thought out and right on point. I would agree with you that most hunters respect the outdoors and all of the creatures that live there. And sadly, there are always a few bad apples that in every bunch.

      As an avid hunter, I take pride in efforts of the DNR, other hunters, and non hunters like yourself that protect our natural resources and insure they will be around for generations to come. There is a lot more to hunting than just harvesting game. Hunting is a natural part of what keeps the world in balance. Always has been, and hopefully always will be.

  11. AnimalLover says:

    @Yummy Bear…you have been reported becuase of your stupidity. Go back to your shack. You obviously just need attention.

  12. Joanna Bostwick Backman says:

    This may have been a “mistake,” but I can’t understand the passion of people with guns and the need to shoot anything they can shoot. although i realize a certain number of animals have to be killed, and I eat meat myself so don’t barage me with that kind of remark, i just know i couldn’t do it, i love bears and even to think of accidentally killing one, especially such an obviously young bear, is something i couldn’t do, i couldn’t shoot it on purpose for sure. but, i respect hunters who are thoughtful and work within the guidelines of decency. still, it’s very unfortunate this little guy got in the way of the wrong person.

  13. John W. Noraas says:

    Your argument of how hard is it to take a baited bear is flawed? With a less then 25% success rate your position doesnt hold water….ever read this report it is quite enlightening….


  14. me says:

    ummmm we do not live in prehistoric times. We no longer NEED to hunt for food. You can buy organic and non organic from the store…take your pic,. HUNTING is NOT a NEED. It’s a useless Sport.

  15. Larry F. says:

    You would be breaking the law if you interfered with a hunt.

    1. Karma says:

      Then sign me up, cause I would interfere ALL DAY LONG!!! Bow chicka wow wow!

      1. ron says:

        would your husband ALLOW it??

  16. Love for Bears says:

    Animals give me more pleasure through the viewfinder of a camera than they ever did in the crosshairs of a gunsight. And after I’ve finished “shooting,” my unharmed victims are still around for others to enjoy. I have developed a deep respect for animals. I consider them fellow living creatures with certain rights that should not be violated any more than those of humans. ~Jimmy Stewart

    1. DeannaPixie says:

      LOVE your comment!! Thank you!! 🙂

  17. LLB says:

    I’m a NABC fan, here is the thing. Everyone has their right to hunt. I’m married to a hunter. Bottom line is the hunter shot Hope when he didn’t have to. Sounds like he knew the territory and new Lily’s family was around. He made a awful decision and now is paying the price with all these nasty things being said about him. Yes, I’m angry with the hunter too but it’s done and he has to live with it.. I’m very sad Hope is gone and Dr. Rogers won’t be able to do more research on Hope. People have different passions in life and people should have respect for them.. All said and done this is very sad for everyone who has a passion for the research bears.

    1. DeannaPixie says:

      Well said, BUT … How do we get over the anger and sadness with this ONE UNETHICAL hunter that shot Hope? I don’t know why I am still sooooooooo upset and angry with this person…?? Can’t understand this persons thinking at all!!!!! What price is he/she paying really?? How can we learn something useful from this horrible happening?

  18. Who Cares says:

    What gives this researcher the right to put a collar on the bear in the first place? Let’s put a collar around his neck and do some research on him. It’s a wild animal,he’s lucky the bear didn’t eat his ass!

    1. DeannaPixie says:

      really dumb comment

  19. Gloria says:

    I am very sorry that Hope has been killed. Lily had a nice little family. Yes, I would say and feel the same for humans…Anyway, baiting and then shooting animals is one of the most stupid, cowardly, lazy and inhumane practices humans engage in.

    People don’t need to hunt for food anymore, and to argue that animals die other ways more cruelly is a good cop-out. People who set up hunting areas for others to come in and track/kill innocent animals are also cruel. It’s senseless!

  20. Tired of mutant- pretend- hunters says:

    Dr. Lynn Rogers is a man. A man who respects all life. For those who can’t even have civil conversations with fellow humans; how can we expect them to understand that animals aren’t much different than us?

  21. John W. Noraas says:

    Here is the thing go ahead and ban bear hunting it wont last or work you will cause more bears to be killed due to nuisance behavior, starvation, or disease.

    The best thing the MN DNR can do with our resource is they manage it for all not some biased alterior motive splinter group interested in tampering with a resource that is all of ours.

    The MN DNR really needs to step up to the plate that is their job,

    1. Lynn Sullivan says:

      @John W. Norass Are you describing Dr. Rogers’ work with the bears as some”biased alterior motive spllnter group”? For one thing the word is ulterior, not alterier. That is really harsh and uncalled for. Many people from all over the world have totally enjoyed a glimpse into a world we knew nothing of, the bear world. And Dr. Rogers approves of hunting.

  22. rjmiller says:

    To all of you angry animal lovers out there on your soap boxes, you’re all Vegan right? If you’re not, don’t you see the difference between the pound of hamburger, the loaf of bread, and a carton of eggs you purchased at the supermarket? That hamburger and those eggs come from animal whose entire existence on this earth has been to feed you. So before you start bashing hunters who respectfully provide for their family as well as help to protect the animal population from starvation, disease, or becoming road kill take a look at your own habits. You’re consuming the product of animals kept in cages for your own benefit. And buying organic isn’t the solution, it just defines what they’ve been fed, not how they’ve been treated. “Free-range” just allows these animals “access” to the outdoors; it doesn’t mean they’re allowed to live their natural lives like wild animals can.

    1. DeannaPixie says:

      LOL – “Respectfully” is your key word here. Nothing respectable about this killing.

  23. Love for animals says:

    Support your right to arm bears.

  24. Huntress says:

    LOL! This is the funniest thing ever. First, Hope was collared 4 times, each time SHE removed the collar. If you even had a clue, you’d know that was the case, as Lynn has posted the information multiple times. Second, where do you think the neatly cellophaned meat from the store comes from? It comes from animals who are bred and born to live a very brief life of abuse before they make it to your dinner plate. Processed meats are not good for you, and it completely removes people from the cycle of knowing where their food is coming from. That’s not a good thing. I fish, hunt, and grow my own garden. I feed my family as much as I can provide without supporting giant corporations and feedlots that only serve to make the animals, and thus the people that eat them, fat and sick. Hunting always has, and always will serve a purpose on our planet. And oh, just because plants aren’t fuzzy and don’t make noise, doesn’t mean they aren’t still beings, and that they don’t communicate with each other. You cannot sustain your life, without being responsible for the deaths of other beings, whether it’s direct or indirect. So stop sitting up on your high horse and pretending you are exempt from the laws of nature. Your very existence causes the death of animals every single day, even if you are vegetarian.

  25. Karma says:

    Go on about what??…If something isn’t important to me, I forget it or them.
    Just sayin

  26. Love for Bears says:

    It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions. ~Mark Twain

  27. Yummy Bear!!! says:

    Karma, go out in the woods and interfere with a hunter, that’d would be great!!!!!!!!

    1. Karma Rules! says:

      You know what they say about Karma?? She’s a B_tch and damn proud of it! Yummy, you wouldn’t stand a chance against me, I am so much smarter than you…..BTW~ love the name

    1. Love for Bears says:

      I think Karma is awesome, especially when it comes back around.

  28. Vaaaaaaruum goes the goods says:

    my nards are on fire — how do you put them out?

  29. Claire says:

    Not long ago, I thought Minnesota was a beautiful state. I thought that money donated to schools and parks for everyones benefit was a wonderful thing. I thought that the economic benefits to the state of having respect for the interests of each other was the way it was supposed to be. Hunters hunted, while a host of small children and people around the world, primarily those shut in, many with physical illnesses enjoyed the wonder of nature through a videocam of a small bear. Sorry but now ALL I see is UGLIINESS and this Ugliness is being shown around the world,, just like a the birth of a tiny bear was in her den. I for one WILL NEVER again be a tourist in Minnesota. I will NEVER again send one cent of money to your state. I do not particularly blame any particular side,,, I do not in total blame the hunter, or in total the DNR, or in total the Bear Centre, but I am not seeing and experiencing and UGLINESS that I never want to see again.

  30. Jason says:

    @ Karma and the other blind followers,

    You are a clown, I will guarentee you, as a hunter I do 10 times the amount of work to benefit this planet as you do…. I want to preserve the very forest and waters that these beautiful animals travel and live. I respect ever aspect nature, the reason I do hunt is to get out and be in the woods or in the swamp. I truely appreciate every little part of it. And for you to call every hunter a fat redneck is funny as hell. As I also work out 4 times a week and have about 8% body fat. Not to mention that I am an educated IT Professional. (that all just screams fat redneck i know). You stating that is like me stating that sine you are a hippy tree hugger, you smell, you dont shave any hair on your body, you live off everyone else, and occassionally hold a job. So are you?

    1. Karma says:

      It;s okay, you can admit that you are none of those things. I won’t judge you. How many cars are parked in your front yard? hehe

  31. Lynn Sullivan says:

    I am responding to whata snipe and Yummy Bear. And there should be a comma after the word correctly.

  32. Anita Mitter says:

    The issue of Hope’s death is more than just an issue of should she have been hunted and shot? This bear was special to thousands of people around the world. They watched her from birth. They watched her grow and mature and play. Yes she was a wild animal, but her wildness is what made people watch the den cam, the videos, the pictures of Lily, Faith and Hope. The family became family to many of us from across the world. By losing Hope (Ho Ho, Miss Sassy Pants) we have lost a member of our extended families. We are mourning for the loss of a gentle creature. We have watched her den, nurse, play, wrestle, search for food on a daily basis. For the hunters out there please understand our grief and our mourning and allow us time to heal. There are too many problems in the world for us to go at each other with hurtful comments. Just let us grieve,

    1. Lynn Sullivan says:

      @anita Mitter Thanks and well said

      1. Karma says:

        We finally agree on something, Lynn.

    2. DeannaPixie says:

      Well said. Thank you too!

    3. DeannaPixie says:

      Well said. Thank you!!