BURNSVILLE, Minn. (AP) — Burnsville police say a Northfield man who had just lost his job committed suicide in front of former colleagues by locking himself in his car and shooting himself in the head.

Fifty-one-year-old Patrick Joseph Graves was still alive Thursday morning when officers arrived. He died about an hour later at a hospital.

Graves had just been let go from Goodrich Corp., where his girlfriend said he worked for three years. Jill Murphy says Graves received an unexpectedly poor performance review Monday and was fired Thursday.

A company official declined to say whether Graves was fired, citing employee confidentiality.

Murphy tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press Graves told the company he struggled with depression.

Graves was divorced with three daughters. His 15-year-old daughter says all three knew he loved them.

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  1. Deep Thinker says:

    Always a need to sue somebody, right Jeff? Yep, that’s the answer, thanks for your brilliant insight.

  2. Everybody Wants To Be A Victim says:

    First of all, learn how to spell. Second, why lay someone off if they deserve to be fired.

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      If they’re never recalled, what’s the difference?

  3. Rico Suave says:

    I think we all see the signs of your insanity. Are you mental. People don’t always broadcast their intent and you can’t just chase people around because they’re depressed. Some times when you’re depressed you hide it. You can’t make anyone responsible for you. Only you can really care for you. Lawsuits are out of control and it costs us all. Thinking like yours is why.

  4. Joanna Bostwick Backman says:

    Most companies’s insurance policies will cover counseling and therapy for its employees. But, as someone who has also had a lot of trouble with depression for many years, you have to usually make the first step yourself, or at least have someone in your family help you out. I think blaming any company for this is wrong. Lawsuits don’t solve all of the problems in society.

  5. Everybody Wants To Be A Victim says:

    common (not sommon)

  6. Sad in MN says:

    I would like to read it, so please do. A co-worker of mine committed suicide and no one would have ever guessed that that person was depressed. We learned later that they never sought counseling or took any medication that could have helped.

    My sincere condolences to Mr. Grave’s family and friends.

    1. SMR says:

      The question is; did the person commit suicide because he was depressed already, or did he become depressed from the firing, then take his own life. Seems to me, an event like this one, in Tunisia, was the spark that kindled the “Arab Spring”.

      1. Chris in LA says:

        Dealing with depression is like treading water. Even if you can’t swim out of it, you can usually keep your head above water. Until Goodrich tosses you the 40 pound rock and yells, “here, catch!.”

        1. ty harris says:

          A very good analogy Chris. Spoken like somebody who has been there / got the T-shirt. That is exactly what depresion is like. I don’t blame the company though. You dont really know somebody is going to react like that.

          1. John Galt says:

            Consultants recommend Monday for layoffs. Less depression and fewer deaths stats.

            1. Lumberg says:

              In Office Space they say Friday is better.

          2. Allison says:

            No, but you can absolutely ensure no one ever has an UNEXPECTED bad performance review. If true, that’s bad policy and bad management. The correct thing to do is give clear verbal and written declarations about performance issues over several weeks/months before it gets to that point. If the issue is some other abrupt thing–bizarre unexplained absences, etc. then you refer to EAP first before it’s viewed as a performance issue.

            1. BolshevikObama says:

              Perhaps the company has been planning to cut their headcount for some time now, and the company put trumped-up adverse information in the performance reviews of those who they wanted to get rid of. That way, if the victims sue for wrongful termination, the company can claim that the employee was a poor performer.

    2. xyzzy says:

      As much as I can’t stand Obama politically, I think your comment is in poor taste … I know what you’re saying, but what’s the point … just feel sorry for this poor man, and keep an eye on your friends. I had an acquantance who got layed-off, grew despondent, got drunk/drugged, went to hospital and was dead a week later … he didn’t WANT to live, and so be it … but it’s still sad. Trust me, I’m basically with you, I feel the general ‘depression’ of the nation, at least those with a brain … but still.

      1. Rocky Mountain says:

        This is about Bush and politics? Didn’t people kill themselves during the Clinton administration?

  7. ez says:

    First of all I feel for his family, suicide is a terrible thing. Second, I must say that you have no idea what you are talking about. It does not matter how long it took from the review to his firing, he was an at will employee and his family does not have a leg to stand on. I worked with a man who blew his head off with a shotgun, I never knew that he was depressed until after he was dead. How can they have seen the signs? And for that matter, what law says that they are responsible to give him treatment?

    1. ZZ says:

      Perhaps they do not have to provide treatment, but the DAD does cover depression as a disability. Depression is serious. It is a physical disease in the brain and can be completely debilitating.

      1. ZZ says:

        Not DAD, ADA. Sorry. Just woke up.

  8. Brian says:

    @Jeff from Burnsville-you, sir, are a moron. And you are everything that is wrong with this country today. “Everybody should make MY problems THEIR problems so I’m not the only one dealing with them…and if they refuse, I’ll SUE THEM.” Goodrich Corp is trying to run a business in an economy that has swallowed many other businesses. It’s trying to keep a good employee base and because they fire someone who isn’t performing, they should be sued, huh? You’re an idiot

    1. Another common man says:

      How do you know that he was fired? I thought the company wasn’t releasing that. Anyway…

      Ultimately, yes, the company is not liable for this person taking his own life, yet I’ve never seen so much pent up rage towards someone expressing an opposing opinion to support a company in which there is no actual lawsuit against.

      Wow! Take a step back people, please!

      1. Another common man says:

        Also remember,

        That not every employee gets fired or let go because they’re not performing. Be careful when making assumptions. A lot of times they can turn into lies.

        1. Brian says:

          @Another common man-did you read the article? If you hadn’t posted a comment, I’d be shocked to find out you’re smart enough to have the ability to read. “Graves had just been let go from Goodrich Corp…Jill Murphy says Graves received an UNEXPECTEDLY POOR PERFORMANCE review Monday and was FIRED Thursday.” I have no pent-up rage or anamocity..at least, no more than Jeff from Burnsville did when he made his original comment. Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit. Lets take accountability from everybody except the one with the deep pockets so maybe we can get some cash. Pathetic.

          1. Paul Solinger says:

            It always amazes me how some people, like Brian, can react with so much hatred towards another man’s opinion.

            1. Another common man says:

              Yeah no pent up rage or anamocity there.

              and I quote:
              “@Jeff from Burnsville-you, sir, are a moron. And you are everything that is wrong with this country today.”

              Nope no anger at all.

              1. Ferris Lind says:

                a man kills himself .. and you add yourself to the idiots like jeff and brian .. Another Common Idiot

          2. Paolo says:

            “Unexpectedly Poor Performance” Are you this gullible to believe this? Just another way to unload an undoubtedly more expensive hourly assembler function Mr. Graves had and come in with cheaper labor. Boy Brian u are very arrogant to call others idiots and wet behind the ears. What do YOU do for a living tough guy?

            1. Chili Boots says:

              This is the Corporate Structure functioning as designed.

              We kill It, or It kills us. Those are the only two choices.

              1. Daniel Morgan says:

                Poor performance review and this is fault of the Corporate Structure how?

                Your logic is most peculiar.

                Or perhaps you like it when companies give poor service and/or distribute products of poor quality?

                1. Alex says:

                  Performance reviews are so subjective that they should be declared meaningless. It is like a lot of things where they try to put a patina of legitimacy on things that are just whether you are liked or not.

                2. June says:

                  Sounds like blame the victim. For 2 years I recieved excellent reviews. Then I was sexually harasssed, 3 seperate times. I found out after the grievance questioning there was another person that filed a sexual harassement grievance also. Management made my life hell for 3 months, transferred me, and then fired me. Oh, and they gave me a bad performance review after I filed grievance.

  9. Willow says:

    Not every depressed person shows signs that are inherently obvious. The only sign my former housemate showed is on the day before he set a fire to kill himself, I had offered him his favorite food because I had some extra, and he refused it. That was it. So don’t make the assumption that there are always obvious signs. There aren’t always.

  10. Deep Thinker says:

    @Dan…sorry, I meant @DJ

  11. bill halsey says:

    By commenting that makes you one of the morons…bang! 🙂

  12. krp says:

    So more regulations from the DOL adding to the cost of recruitment and employment. Companies would just be better off going to full automation so that employees are not needed at all, and that would eliminate all of these “problems”

  13. leebo says:

    I have the same issue as a former NASA contractor who just endured winning a large contract. 4 months llater they tossed me out, and in their own paperwork show they kept a younger guy. The name of the company ITT. Being a middle aged white guy is a crime these days.

    1. huldah1776 says:

      Oil and gas companies are hiring, defense companies need help, too. sounds like you are a smart guy, keep looking, some companies are looking for clearance capable people. Look for them. Military sites, oil company sites, tech sites. Keep looking.

      1. HH Fan says:

        As a middle-aged White engineer, I can tell you that companies would rather hire young H-1b slaves for half the money.

        1. Ernaldo T says:

          How true. My former company fired me after two years of highest sales and profit of any of the 21 branches, and cited “poor performance”. They replaced 58 year old me with a 32 year old fire brand, that lasted four months…..
          Some companies suck

        2. George Burley says:

          I guess you didn’t actually read the comment you replied to. It was talking about jobs for clearance capable workers. Foreign workers and H1-B workers aren’t going to be eligible to receive a clearance because they would be ineligible. But then again you were just looking for an excuse to complain anyway. Maybe you can’t find a job because you suck, not because of your age.

      2. June says:

        Wow, I like your reply. What a great attitude:) Thanks

  14. Liberalsarefunny says:

    I have no doubt they will….

  15. Wall street greed says:

    If you work for a mult national corporation like B F Goodrich, your job is not secure, it will go to China, Mexico ect . Capitalism chases cheap labor. If you lose your job at the age of 50, you chances of being employed are very low.
    So, all you College educated American workers thinking you are secure in your 6 figure income jobs , I say BEWARE. Your jobs are being outsourced to China, India, Central America. for $5.00 an hour. American greed at the top level of corporations will continue thanks to the ilk like Newt Gingrich who passed the NAFTA agreement and sent millions of jobs overseas. I feel so sorry for this man and his family.

    1. The Grande Wazoo says:

      Hey @ Wall street greed, just an FYI for you. NAFTA was negtiated by Bush 41 and his Canadian & Mexican counterparts prior to 1992 and was signed by Clinton in 1993 after ratification by a bipartisan House vote in 1993. Newt Gingrich did not become Speaker with a Republican Majority until after the 1994 elections. It was a Democratic President & House delegation that left the American middle class holding the bag. Remember Ross Perot & the “giant sucking sound of jobs going to Mexico”? He was tight. Furthermore, Clinton pushed to open China up to moving manufactuing jobs there with his push to get them full status in the WTO in 2000. Remember the riots in Seattle? I bet the Democrats would just love to get the taxes those well-paying manufactuing jobs would have paid now if they were still on shore!

      1. Luxomni says:

        If anyone thinks that there is any difference in who Clinton, Bush, or Obama report to, they are mistaken. Hint, it isn’t the people of the US.

        1. Denver says:

          Bravo! Somebody else gets it. Republican/Democrat is a sham designed to keep us occupied so that we can’t see what they’re really doing to us. Bush, Obama, Reagan, Clinton all work for the same puppetmasters.

      2. The Bobster says:

        Yes, amazing how libt ards will rewrite history to fit their aganda. Beelzebubba actually thinks he didn’t veto welfare reform twice until he was forced to pass it.

    2. Dan in Burnsville says:

      A man’s sense of pride and self-worth is so shattered that he takes his own life and you’re in here staging a protest.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.
      All of you, turning this political, shame on you.
      More than likely the only politics this involved was with the supervisor who ripped him in his evaluation and then fired him.
      Rather than spouting off about matters so far removed, say a prayer for him and his kids, because they’re the ones who are going to carry this the rest of their lives.

      1. Rebecca Hoover says:

        Unfortunately, this is not just about one man losing his job. There are millions facing desperation in this poor economy.

    3. Jimmy T. says:

      Hey wall st guy. Wasn’t Clinton president at the tim of passing the Nafta bill? he was all for it and signed it right on TV. .

  16. Gregorovich512 says:

    What pure BS! There are 6:1 MORE non-union jobs in this country and things like this are an infitismal percentage. It is a shame and heart-wrenching this has happened. However, it is NOT caused by the lack of a union. More people are killed each year in union-sponsored violence – you don’t seem to remember to cite that one do you? If the employees elect to NOT have a union – that TOO is democratic. So your whole premise of what good a union is, is washed away in the tide of truth.

  17. Liberalsarefunny says:

    HA HA HA HA!!

    Brilliant, genius…

  18. sumunownguy says:

    Or maybe he was one of those who are doing the jobs of two to three people, while the compnay is stockpiling money. Meanwhile the government is in the way of businesses being able to forecast, so they just keep on making a profit, but noit hiring anyone to take up the slack.. We the American people are being taken for a ride my friends. My condolences to the family of this man.

    1. diane says:

      What in the world leads you to presume ALL companies have money to stockpile? And publically held companies answer to stock holders – not employees. The these huge profits you imagine go back into the company for R&D and to hedge future losses. This protects the jobs of employees there as well.

      1. Kyle Davidson says:

        Right, Apple needs more money than the US government in cash on hand as a hedge.

        1. Turk says:

          And just who are you to decide how much money anyone can have? Whats next, should all houses be the same size? Should we only be allowed to have one car? Are you going to limit us to 2 children per family? Its obvious you dont care for Americas brand of freedom so move to a communist country!!!!!!

          1. TcKale says:

            yeah turk go on over the deep end because someone criticized the people hoardng all your cash/value…I’m certain they EARNED it right? Theft should not be rewarded no matter how bad you want to be a thief yourself

            1. BLem says:

              Tc, I think you don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘theft’. Theft isn’t selling a legitimate product or service. Theft is taking money that isn’t yours, say by having the government confiscate it and distribute it to their voter base.

              You may need to come to grips with your envy.

        2. MidWestMike says:

          Your showing your economic ignorance, quit before you look like an idiot

    2. Keys Carolyn says:

      Or maybe he was doing a lousy job, and knew it. Meanwhile, the company kept him on out of empathy and concern, and probably because most bosses don’t like to fire anybody. He felt worse and worse because he couldn’t perform to the reqiuirements of the job. I doubt if a man who struggled with depression could have held the jobs of two or three. He would have been lucky to do well in his own job, which apparently he couldn’t. … There are many scenarios for this particular situation, and we can’t know which one is true, but I think yours highly unlikely, and also suspect. You have an agenda and everything gets bent to fit it..

  19. Randy Phillips says:

    millions of employees feel unduly presured by supervisors in this unforgiving econmy, and lat of supervisors want to show how tough they are. Many people are likely fired unnecesarily or in a heartless manner.

    One wonders why this poor guy ogt an “unexpectedly” negative review.

    One thing is sure, no one except Mr. Graves and his family will sufer any consequences for his dismisal.

    1. Cranios says:

      Injun: Re-read your comment above over and over again, until you can spot the inconsistnecy between what you are telling Randy to do, and what you are doing yourself.

      1. Jack says:

        Nice try, ignorant arrogant psycho.

      2. Shawn Wilson says:

        I have to agree with Cranios.Randy did not say anything venomous. The indian started the negativity.

    2. Kenny West says:

      You are absolutely right. I have worked in the corporate world for 30 plus years and recently am seeing more and more abusive “supervisors,” who usually are just drone workers who managed to get promoted and are on horrible power trips because those they supervised have no other options than to put up with their tyrannical treatment. When we get a decent president and the economy straightens out, I imagine a lot of workers will be singing the Take This Job and Shove It song.

    3. Bachmann says:

      You are right. And nobody else should.

  20. Mentaloaf says:

    Wrong…There are hundreds of rules and regulations that an employer has to abide by in regards to ANY employee, union or not…As for this guy, you can’t say that he killed himself because he lost his job or whatever. Lots of people lose their job and don’t kill themselves. There is much more going on in this guys head than you think. I just had a good friend commit suicide who was the last guy you would EVER think to do that…He was depressed, and I believe was prescribed an antidepressant that made his thinking go the wrong way. This happens quite a bit with antidepressants and suicide, google it….poor daughters, I’ll pray for them

  21. somewhereinus says:

    This is going to be a hard time for his children, and ultimately for the community as a whole. It is important that everyone keep the lines of communication open and get through this sad outcome for a man that was struggling with depression. There are countless directions that fingers can be pointed, but all fingers belong to the ones that need closure and my hope is that they will find it. My condolences to Patrick Graves’ family, co-workers, and friends.

  22. ignorantsoutherner says:

    None of the cruel trolls posting unfeeling comments can know the pain of despair that would drive a person to do this. I pray God will grant comfort to his family. I am glad they know he loved them.

    1. Cranios says:

      I totally agree. This poor man and his family. It is only his own fault that he did it, not the company’s, but yet the feeling of hopelessness that he felt in order to do this must have been beyond imagining. May God have mercy on his soul.

    2. Shaun says:

      You would be amazed what makes sense to you when strong emotions take hold. Have you ever acted out of anger? Maybe had one of those days where you’re so worked up and thinking of things you would say or do? Later, when you calm down, you realize those things were out of line. Depressions is much the same way, and with the right trigger (sorry for the term), a lot of dark things make a lot of sense.

    3. ugh says:

      Seriously? You’re a closed minded bigot. Honestly. YOU lack compassion.

    4. Mort says:

      Ever been depressed fern? Ever had a bout of depression in your life? How about being diagnosed with Clinical Depression? No? How piously cynnical of you and your ignorant position (shared by far too many others).

      Having been diagnosed as ‘Clinically depressive myself, I can certainly empathize with this man’s actions. What seems irrational and selfish to others no longer seems revelvant when you feel like the whole damned world is against you.

      Don’t give me the God argument, either. While many find solace in religious belief, many do not. Like it or not, religion is not necessarily the answer every time. I question not just others blind faith, but my own belief as well. If it works for you great, but it does not work for everyone. I was raised a catholic (long since renounced), and am still extremely conservative, but I am a secular conservative. It is my logical belief in what is right and wrong that keeps me going. I hope that God exists, I really do, and try to live my life accordingly, but as far as I know-its just us.

      I hope you (or anyone else) has to experience the darkness that dwells just behind the inner wall I’ve created to keep it out. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But as for this man, I grieve not for him (because I believe he is finally free), but for those he left behind.

      1. Mort says:

        I misspoke in the last paragraph and I apologize. I meant to say: ‘I hope NEITHER you NOR anyone else.’ I needed to clear that up as I was not trying to be hateful or vitriolic.

  23. Jack says:

    @Dan – While I agree with you assertion that companies can not coddle under-performing employees that may be on the brink – I do think that in the case of Mr. Graves, he may have seriously tried his best, and may have been a good and competent worker. Sometimes, we have bad bosses, and it doesn’t matter what you do – you may be the best worker, but if a boss has it out for you, you may feel a victim. I just want to consider the other side of the under-performers comment.

    1. GsGirl says:

      @Jack and @sumunownguy, I agree with you…my husband was an awesome employee and respected by his bosses and those he supervised at his previous job (in the IT field). When a new CIO came in (this was a large hospital/corporation), he started getting rid of people he didn’t like, or making the environment almost impossible to work in so that people would leave. My husband stayed there until he could find another job, ($12,000 less a year in pay – net!). He had to leave because the job was causing trouble with his physical health. In a year’s period of time, 25 people left and looked for other jobs, even taking jobs that paid less because they couldn’t stand this new CIO. A year later the CIO was fired. My husband never gave less than a stellar performance and always scored high on reviews for the previous 3 years, then this CIO came in and knocked him down in the review in spite of my husband actually taking on MORE work, etc…I shudder to think of how much worse my husband could have been if he hadn’t found another job. Fortunately, several corporations found out about my husband’s skills and wanted him to come work for them, so he was able to take on another job…but the $1,000 a month net income that we lost due to the job change has been really difficult…and all because some jerk CIO had attitude…I realize that this may not have much to do with the depression end of the issue, but my point is that there are two sides…a poor performance review doesn’t necessarily mean a poor performer!

      1. Billw says:

        Ah, but @Dan is probably one of the folks like the CIO you are discussing. I had the same thing happen to me (in IT, no less) but it resulted in my going out and starting my own business. Corporations are full of incompetant jerks we call managers who are useless but want to seem important. To do this they steal recognition from their employees and if the employee says, “Hey, wait a minute. I worked my butt off doing that and you took credit for it, got a raise and then dinged me on my review because you wanted to justify the lack of a raise/promotion?”, they make life hell for the employee.

        This is why America is such a poor performing nation. The useless ones are in charge and those of us who do make the real value are subject to them. I work for myself now and I make twice what I made working as a corporate drone.

        Now I actually have a “career path” and a realistic chance at retirement.

        1. Dave says:

          Bravo, Bill w……everything you’ve typed here is dead on…..

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            So its people like you that are hoarding money and not hiring anyone…shame on you. (enter extremely sarcastic smirk here). Good for you, you took control of your career!

        2. Dan in Burnsville says:

          Billw, you exactly right. I had one of those myself. They set you up for failure, they exploit your weaknesses rather than your strengths, nit-pick the hell out of whatever you do while the people they “like” get away with murder.
          I know what that feels like. But for my beliefs, and having had a suicide in my own family when I was 14 — I SAW it! — there have been times when that path was a lot more attractive than waking up the next morning and pushing on.

  24. MrSid says:

    Gonna have to disagree. Originally unions were exactly like that. However in this day and age they have used their power to milk corporations out of business. This is wrong, Hamsting the Unions!

  25. ecomamacita says:

    Dan – did it ever occur to you that his “unexpected poor performance” was just a scapegoat for the company to let him go? Use a little imagination next time…as well as some respect for the deceased. There are a ton of bad corporations that are showing their true colors for NOT caring about their employees — but focusing on their bottom line.

    You are not a nice person. I hope our paths never cross.

    1. TomB says:

      ecomamacita – did it ever occur to you that possibly he was an actual poor performer and deserved the review he got? Did the AP have access to past reviews to substantiate or did they just take the man’s girlfriend’s word that it was “unexpected”? So all corporations have agendas but the AP doesn’t, eh?

      The man needed help, and it is too bad he did not receive it in time.

      1. Eric says:

        I had a friend who killed himself by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. He was filthy rich, had 3 children and tons of friends – his funeral was standing room only with at least 500 in attendance. He did it because he was sick and although he was being treated the drugs he was on were either not enough or, more likely, too much. Anyone can be sick and I’m sorry to say your post shows little compassion for someone who seems to have loved and been loved and who died in such a sad way.

        I would give anything to have my friend back.

        1. lilbrick says:

          Would you give your right arm? i didn’t think so.

      2. mike severson says:

        Wow tell us what you really think man. Anybody married to you would probably kill themselves to get away from you.

      3. Franklin 245 says:

        I respectfully suggest some counseling, Conan.

  26. John M says:

    Nothing indicates he had a gun at work. Article states he shot himself in the car.

    Deepest sympathies and prayers for the family, friends and coworkers. Depression is nothing to trifle with.

  27. cgnnightmare says:

    You’re pretty pathertic to make a comment like that.

  28. Brad Skidmore says:

    I feel so sorry for his three daughters… What is to become of them…

    SO SAD!

  29. rene says:

    i also would wnt to express my sympathies for all family members and friends and fellow workers of this man who felt he had other way . it is getting so hard out there in America , but people please do not kill yourself . this is not the answer as i am sure this family can tell it is painful and you never eer get your loved one back. dying for firestone or any other job is not worth it. do not let anything get between you andd your destiny. i love every Americn citizen who loves America and who beleies that America was founded on God and the bible and i love those who dont as they need to come around and embrace the joy of knowing their savior jesus Christ to rest in the knowledge .

    1. truthinspector says:

      I love your post and agree with it; my deepest sympathies to the family of this man…my heart cries at his anguish and for the hole he left behind for kids who will feel cheated by his leaving prematurely. I also love i love those who who need to embrace the joy of knowing their Savior Jesus Christ…may God use this tragedy to save those he left behind.

  30. Beavis415 says:

    Every time I’ve lost *any* job, I’ve thought of suicide. People just don’t understand what a horrible impact it has on one’s entire being. To some people your job is who and what you are and if you lose it, it can have a devastating impact.

    They should have at least given him a chance to clean up his act and THEN fired him.

    1. Jack says:

      One way to try to alleviate this sort of self-worth being equaled to one’s profession is this. I have made it a habit not to identify my self – that is my identity as a human being with my profession. If never ask anyone what they do for a living – rather I might say, what interests you? We need to recognize the beauty and talents within our own individual selves, rather than relying on the collective [shout out to Jeff Burns], whether that collective be the company we work for, a Union, or societal norms – to label us, or quantify our self-worth. It’s never to late to find new interests, pick up a new skill. Consider these things. I know that if we do what we love – money (or the ability to support ourselves) will follow.

      1. Jennifer Ramirez says:

        I am in total agreement with you Jack. I’ve been laid-off from my job for over a year now. It has changed my life and my future in ways that I did not anticipate. Did I think of comitting suiciide because of it? NO.
        My life, my being and my self-worth are not tied to my job. It’s a paycheck, and one that I cannot depend on being there 100%. So I save up when I can, depend on the kindness and creativity of my family to help (I’m currently trading nanny skills for room and board at my Sister’s) and move on. Challenges like a job loss test you. Are you going to kill yourself over a job? Or are you going to choose to see what’s more important: Familiy and Friends. I’m sure this man’s 3 daughters would have preferred their Dad over a job any second of the day.

      2. Dan in Burnsville says:

        Great point, Jack! Unfortunately for most of us we have to wait for retirement to get there.

    2. diane says:

      How do you know they didn’t give him time to clean up his act? He was there 3 years???

      1. Corp World says:

        My guess is they were responding to “Graves received an unexpectedly poor performance review Monday and was fired Thursday.”
        MOST companies will allow you to correct the issues from a performance review – and give you more than 3 days to do so. Of course that would depend on the severity of the grievance and prior performance.

    3. old white guy says:

      i was fired a couple of times. the first time i sued and won. the second time cheques were produced prior to my being let go. a job is not worth worrying about. depression on the other hand is a serious problem.

      1. maggie frair says:

        i was fired from a job where my supervisors were so threatened by me that they constantly wrote bad reviews and criticisms of me for 9 years till finally a new manager came in and listened to them…i felt relief when they let me go!

        1. Hahaha says:

          Maybe you werent good at your job?

    4. iswearbuyit says:

      Another way is to not be reliant completely upon your job. Become a personal conglomerate.

  31. gs says:

    As the brother of someone who committed suicide, this is a very selfish act on his part.. I feel for the family, and co-workers who had to witness and now have to live with it…. Although its been 10 years for me, its still in my mind all the time…

  32. Joel Weymouth says:

    I think media outlets should not put “comments” on the reporting of a death of a private citizen-particularly suicide. Furthermore, how is is this news? It in no way affects the general population, so in that respect, it should be treated with the simple respect and discretion of any other obituary. General report of a death and leave it alone.

    In the respect of laying of as opposed to firiing. You are going to find that in this economic period, companies will start firing people because it is cheaper and a fired person doesn’t get unemployment – unless it can be demonstrated that there was wrongful termination. And the way companies handle this – they have the employee alone and without council – and several managers available to act as witnesses in interest of the company.

    These aren’t greedy corporate owners that follow this – but the coworkers going along with this policy. They have to, they would lose THEIR jobs if they didn’t.

    I am a capitalist and a strong believer in free enterprise. – but these practices used by HR and companies now have nothing to do with capitalism, it is called Critical Theory, and taught in all Business management courses. It was developed in Germany in the 1880s by Marxists to destroy free enterprise from within. It essentially teaches that the employees are chattell but at the same time using terms like “empowerment” and “self determination” to think they are special. It is quite insidious and is destroying American Business. Unions play into their scheme of creating an atmospher of confrontation and no cooperation, that in the end, usions are destroyed by simply moving the jobs to a 3rd world nation that can employ people at a lower rate..

    1. maggie frair says:

      omg….this is sooooo true…i didn’t know this business practice had a name but that is EXACTLY what happens in the corporate world…corporations like idiots…they do not like thinkers.

  33. Jeff Burns says:

    Agreed it is called fascism.

  34. Brassia says:

    Thank you for that thoughtful and factual post!

  35. Jeff Burns says:

    Competition is culturally induced, it is not a biological predisposition. Cooperation actually satisfies the biological imperative to survive, better than competition. What you believe has been taught to you by those who brought us Divide and Conquer. I’ll bet you still believe in Nation States also…. silly rabbit.

    1. Jack says:

      @Jeff – Competition has been around since the beginning of time – it exists in all cultures through the world and likely outside our galaxy. If you ignore the fact that competition exists, and it’s inherent dependency on our individual right to exist, then you are part of the problem.

      All of these communes that were started by hippies in the 60s – all failed. The reason why they failed was that the hippies realized that sharing and equality just didn’t work, and they all disbanded their little communities.

      1. Jeff Burns says:

        NOT TRUE! Competition is NOT inherent in all societies, only those who eventually fail. There are many indigenous cultures which have been working cooperatively for thousands of years. Also there are hundreds, literally of intentional communities in the US and thousands more throughout the world, all living cooperatively among themselves and their neighbors. I just came back from The Farm in Tennessee and it is still doing quite nicely thank you very much. Still delivering babies and peacefully coexisting. 10 million people have read the Ringing Cedars books in Russia and are forming thousands of individual communities based on cooperation instead of competition as we speak.

        You do not have an individual right to exist, except that which is given to you by others (inherent dependency). I’m sorry you are so wounded you can’t have a conversation without calling other humans (who are as important as you) names. This is why competitive thought will only bring eventual destruction to a society. Competition is the old meme, cooperation the new.

        1. Jack says:

          Competition is survival, whether that be survival against one another or survival against the elements of nature; ability to live off the land, survive off the land, or the ability survive within oneself or amonst others – competition doesn’t have to be at the demise of another, but when the well runs dry or the crops dry up, competition becomes the very nature of survival.

          I hope you and your Socialist readings are very happy together.

          With Love [but without the commune]

        2. Miguel says:

          Co-operate all you want, but if and when the real rubber meets the road, those societies which are programmed to co-operate will die by the hand of those societies which are either crazed and violent or are more :competitive”, a word you use to demonize those who are able to survive that which co-operative societies would not be able to withstand.

          Not that co-operation automatically removes a society from being competitive, since many times co-operation is the key to survival, but not always, and when that time comes to survive and you cannot survive, you are simply dead and forgotten.= in a wisp of time.

          So, your arrogant self-indulgence is uncalled for.

        3. judahbenhuer says:

          Sorry, but if you are an evolutionist, then you understand that competition is essential to that theory and cannot exist without it. It is inherent there from the fisrt “spark” of life.

          If you live by faith, then the focus is not necessarily on competition itself, but the intentions of the heart behind it as well as living by those laws that govern our convictions.

        4. old white guy says:

          i sure as hell have an individual right to exist once i have been born.

        5. Justin McCarthy says:

          Tragically, but inexorably, we have seen what happens to indigenous “cooperative” societies when confronted by “competitive” societies.

        6. Randy says:

          This man was 51. I doubt he was part of the liberal brainwashing school system. If anything, he was dealing with personal problems and this was the final straw. God rest his troubled soul. Hopefully, more employers will take other factors into consideration when an employees does poorly. Sadly, this may have been preventable.
          My condolences to his family and girlfriend.

          1. Shane Stryker says:

            I’ll agree here. At 51, he was part of the original schooling that taught right from wrong and have high emphasis in the 3 “R’s”. This poor individual simply could not face the world of today in the current destroyed and ransacked economy. Being “let-go” at 50 is a death call.

            I find it unfair though that someone “let-go” does not get as lucrative a retirement package at corporate execs. This is why you do not see CEO’s blow off their heads unless the FBI or SEC is knocking on their door.

          2. rook says:

            At least someone around here has some sense and compassion.

        7. n22s says:

          Please excuse the errors in the post. I am cheesed at the stupidity of those who never seek out any ideas other than what they learned from some acid addled mind of an academician who has never had to learn how to survive in the real wordl.

          Here’s a thought for the left, crack open a book written by someone with who you disagree. I do it all the time. And it only hardens my conserveative values.

          What are you afraid of learning oh you geniuses on the left?

  36. Adam Smith says:

    Tragedy for this man and his family. Depression is a treatable disease. At another level, had we not been living in such a stagnant economy perhaps his sense of hopelessness would not have been so oppressive. This man’s suffering it the tip of the iceberg of what happens to people in a stagnant economy with unprecedentedly long periods of unemployment, it is the consequence of what happens when a well-intended but ignorant group of politicians foist policies of hyper-regulation, hyper-litigation, high taxation, and creation of massive entitlements that make it impossible for businesses to make a return on investments and as a consequence create stagnation. Economic is a bad thing, something made in Washington, DC.

  37. NavyGuy Guy says:

    Depresssion is a disease. It’s no different then cancer. Feeling sad/mad because u got fired is an emotion. Suicide is a disease of the mind. A person is in a far darker place when they kill themselves. If he was in his right mind, do u think he would have killed himself, having 3 daughters.

    1. John Galt says:

      but you forget, depression is treatable.
      also as a father, it’s your responsibility to never hurt your children.

      1. ttj says:

        If the guy was depressed about being fired and a series of other problems that there was no way for him to deal with, how was his depression “treatable?” What would you tell him — “Don’t worry, you’ll get your job back. Be Happy?”

  38. JM in San Diego CA says:

    Normal people just don’t kill themselves that way. The damage he has done to his poor family is incalculable and he was already out of his head if he was able to pretend that they’d be better-off without him. He had some major underlying malfunction.

  39. Pat says:

    If his depression was so bad, why didn’t he kill himself BEFORE he got fired??? Hmmmm?

    1. Sylvie says:

      Is this a valid question or a dig at someone who cannot reply? Your bad Pat. Its off the cuff remarks like this that keep those suffering depression in silence. If you really want the answer to that question, Pat, get educated about depression. There is a lot of information out there on the subject, so if you really care about it, do the homework.

    2. NY9Solyndra says:

      “If his depression was so bad, why didn’t he kill himself BEFORE he got fired??”

      Have you ever heard about the straw that broke the camel’s back?

  40. ETEE says:

    Obama’s Fault!!!

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      “Obama’s Fault!!!”

      Surely it is the fault of the Tea Party, Bush, Reagan, or Lincoln! Or maybe those slave-owning Founders and Framers!

  41. Chili Boots says:

    The craven modus operandi is to target an employee, lie about “poor performance” and attempt to incite that person into ‘insubordination’. Co- workers are complicit in
    these machinations, and are rewarded for their participation in such a campaign.

    This is done with the acquiescence of “human resources”, who are Total Pigs.

    1. diane says:

      Chili Boots – your slip is showig. Feeling a little paranoid? Everyone out to get you?

      1. Chili Boots says:

        NOBODY gets me, Sweetheart. And you, and your ilk are the ones advised to be paranoid. Collaborators in this process that you obviously are. But thanks for the inane, and worthless, ad hominem attack. Someone just DIED here, Fool.

    2. elisabeth says:

      I wouldn’t say it in quite such a conspiracy theory manner, but I have been there … buttons being pushed from every side while I knew I was doing my job properly and above a satisfactory level. Sales numbers and customer feedback confirmed it. Then all of a sudden, my happy little day to day turned into daily backstabbing, getting called into HR, management, etc. and being blind sided with lie after lie about things I had done or said. Schedule changed to the point that I was working 9 or 10 days in a row at all different hours … told that noone likes me and that I need to change my personality to better fit in with other employees because I asked a few of them to do their work and reported them for watching porn on their cell phones .,, and endless other sillyness that should never have happened. I finally made them happy and left with full unemployment benefits … that type of harrassment really does happen at work and management/HR often does play a role. Would I ever commit suicide because of it? No. But I have decent self esteem and believe my worth to my child is more than just my ability to provide a paycheck. I also don’t have underlying depression problems outside of what is normal for the situation … this guy obviously did. If anyone at work had listened to him, they would have known that from the sound of it … but maybe they didn’t care. I know my previous employer didn’t care how I would feed my son or how I felt when I left work crying almost every day after being constantly bullied and berated, sworn at and treated like dirt.

  42. teaisstronger says:


    In bad times like this, when people get fired, they cannot take the horror and take their lives. The boss should have had councilors in the building to review the employees options and help him lean to write application letters and resumes. Many companies have lost law suits over just this kind of happening. What a terrible horror to have happened.

    1. ted says:

      You are an idiot.

    2. Sanity says:

      Sue the company? Seriously- you are an idiot. Let me guess, you are an Obama supporter?

      1. Feels So Good says:

        Sanity. you’re an idiot

        Obama, Obama, Obama. . . You people are all morons. Are you really that ignorant? Like the other 535 have nothing to do with what the hell is going on. Yeah, put another idiot in the WH. you really think it will make a difference

        They’re f ing thieves. G E pays no taxes. So let’s lower the corporate tax rate. That way G E will owe “less” taxes.” Smart move.

    3. Jim says:

      I hope somebody sues you for intentional infliction of stupidity on my eyes.

    4. John Galt says:

      look up Darwin. Feel for the kids though.

    5. Finbar says:

      When the going gets tough, sue someone. It’s the American way!

  43. ChinaHarry says:

    None of you clowns knows the facts. You all argue about the man, the company, his state of mind, the economy as a whole. But nobody knows the truth. Why are you wasting everyone’s time with your protestations of sympathy or indignation?

  44. Mourning the loss of America says:

    Everyone will eventually kill themselves under Obama. Have you ever been to Europe. I love hope and change.

    1. jd says:

      Europe is friggin awesome, are you trying to be sarcastic?
      I think we should be asking you, cause apparently you’ve never been there. But then again, glen beck, or hannity probably told you Europe rescinded into the Dark Ages cause they didn’t give enough tax breaks and you just believed them.

  45. Alvar the Fool says:

    Wow! This will make a permanent impact on all folks at this company! Things are forever changed there…maybe something good will come out of this tragedy!

  46. TxnByBrth says:

    When a society defines a man according to his success in the work force, little wonder this happened…I’m more surprised it doesn’t happen more often than it does. Been there…and still there…and looking for the light…

    1. mike says:

      Jesus Christ is the light

  47. Eat The Rich says:

    The latest Wall St. victim.

    The banksters have blood on their hands.

    1. DUH says:

      The latest Union victim.
      The socialists have blood on their hands.

      (Makes at least as much sense as your comment) Touche!

  48. Leftlookout says:

    “Jill Murphy says Graves received an UNEXPECTEDLY poor performance review” Is it possible tht Jill didn’t know everything that was going on with Graves on the job, and just maybe his poor performance record was not “unexpected”? Just sayin. Regardless, this is tragic and employers should be sensitive, and act accordingly, to the potential for a tragic outcome when terminating someone.

  49. Corporate Greedy managers says:

    The blame is on greedy corporate America. If you work for a large corporation and your over 50 years old and making a good income, a target is on your back. If you lose your job after 50, good luck . The big corporations don.t want you because of the medical coverage. Thanks to NAFTA ,a law pushed by Newt Gingrich , millions of jobs have moved to Mexico because they can pay workers $5.an hour. All the big corporations are moving overseas. ” Capital chases cheap labor” if they don’t move overseas, they will outsource your job to India, China, Korea. The Judas company managers who fire employees will eventiually get their termination notices. Wakeup !!!!!!

    1. Jamesinaz says:

      NAFTA the bill signed into law by Bill Clinton. Pull your head out.

    2. Lisa Pell says:

      IF the ceos cut back on the billions of bonuses they haul in it would be better for the US. And if the greedy union leaders would create jobs by curbing demands and encourage a work product to be proud of instead of encouraging how to get away with doing less and getting paid more maybe businesses would be able to keep their doors open. This is such a sad story. Poor guy knew he was finished. Meanwhile our politicians and their chauffeurs, fundraising, lobby deals, big celebrity life work for themselves NOT for the people. All both sides do is BS everyone about how they care as they line their pockets. This is such a sad story. Poor family left behind . How can our leader justify raising 1 billion dollars to run for office and spending everyday trying to get elected again instead of making a difference?? So sad. Its only till they are out AFTER they build their billion dollar library to themselves do they become ” humanitarians”. All they ever cared about was themselves- hearts of steel that is for sure!

    3. Jimm says:

      This is where people need to understand that the Repulsivecan and Demon-rats work for the same global interests who don’t give a rat’s *** that the manufacturing base in this country has been eroded. Yes, that was a Repulsivecan Congress that passed the legislation (NAFTA), but it was a Demon-rat president (Clinton) that signed it into law. Yet, no one ever connects the dots and keeps voting for the lesser of two evils.

  50. Lee Graf says:

    “Graves was divorced with three daughters. His 15-year-old daughter says all three knew he loved them.”

    Unless he had really good life insurance, it shows ..

  51. moonmac says:

    Once a month someone steps in front of a train in Naperville IL which is always voted best place to live. This Economic Great Depression caused by the Fed is creating massive amounts of psychological depression!

  52. BillYBoy says:

    Maybe Obama will do an interview from the scene of the death, oh wait… Obama only exploits news that justifys his cause. RIP this gentleman. May Gog have mercy on his soul.

  53. Jim says:

    Very sad. I’ve had the opportunity to work at Goodrich Sensor Systems. It’s like an extended family. My thoughts and prayers go out to them, and the Patrick Graves’ family.

    1. Sad about this says:

      Jim, I have to agree with you. It is like an extended family at Goodrich. I can’t believe the things people write about an employer they know nothing about.

      To the others who don’t know what they are talking about: It does not matter if Mr. Graves was a good or bad employee, there is no reason to tromp on him. If you had taken any time to learn the facts you would know he was receiving treatment for depression.

      As a current employee at Goodrich I can say that termination is the a last resort at Goodrich. No I’m not in management, I am just an average worker and Goodrich is a very good employer. I was one of the very unlucky people that heard the gun shot while I was on my lunch break outside. It is something I will never forget.

      Not all depression is emotional, some is physical. I know because I suffer from physical depression from a head injury and I have to work hard everyday at keeping it under control. It can also get very costly with doctors and medications.

  54. Miguel says:

    My former party, the democrats are primarily responsible, though not directly. This man’s suicide is the direct result of my college comrades’ purposeful destruction of our economy, the destruction of our prosperity, even in this case our lives, in that many people have committed suicide under these conditions.

    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dodd, et al, along with Obama, are all directly responsible for destroying our economy (which means destroying our hopes, dreams and our children’s futures). The aggressive Chinese, Russian and Moslem governments are not nearly the dedicated enemies which our liberals are.

  55. RonnieReagan says:

    Drudge has linked here – hence the crude and uneducated comments about Obama. Truth is people have been killing themselves in America for hundreds of years under dems, repubs, federalists, you name it.

    I’m sorry for the family, and children.

    1. Gavrick says:

      This relentless offshoring and replacement of Americans with cheap imported labor began long before Obama, perhaps back as far as Nixon, and his opening up China. It got really bad with NAFTA and GATT under Clinton, Bush, etc.

      Obama is certainly not the main instigator of all this. But her surely could help the situation with a two-pronged approach: 1) Carrot – more business friendly regulation and 2- The stick – Replacement of the income tax with tariffs on goods and services from lave-sage countries. Honestly, I expected more from him in terms or support of the working people of the country.

      I agree with your sympathies. The kids had nothing to do with this, and now their father is gone.

      1. Gavrick says:

        he, not her, slave wage, not lave-sage. The fonts are very hard to read when inputting a comment.

  56. Michael Patrick Schmitt says:

    0-bamas America

  57. Pat L says:

    I’m sure he had the child support people all over him.

  58. AborialBiped says:

    Yes, this death must be Pres. Obama’s fault, because before his presidency there were never any recessions, nor suicides. And it was also Obama — when he was a 12-year-old boy, who began the huge outsourcing trend, hired millions of cheap laborers in China, Malaysia and Mexico, and therefore initiated the decline of American manufacturing.

    Run along back to your room now and take your meds, before the attendant gets back and catches you wandering around the facility.

  59. Lynn says:

    I’m so sorry for this man–any one over 50 with a mind and heart knows that the job world is crazy. Experience counts for zero. He might have been out of work a long time before this job, depression might have been there while he was working and affected his performance. We are all Willy Lomans now.

  60. Roop says:

    An unexpectedly poor job performance review led to his dismissal. It’s typical of employers to find reasons to blame the employee for “greed cuts.” I got laid off over a year ago…never had an evaluation, no warnings, nothing. I was a model employee and a leader, a go-to-guy and that of course was why my supervisor feared me and made the decision to put me among the cuts and keep those who were horribly inept. I feel for this man.

  61. blaine says:

    he could have been under financial pressure because of the money he was giving to his ex; maybe he was having trouble seeing his children (women frequently use the children as pawns). If he was battling depression, then to be unceremoniously fired may have been the last straw. Contrary to the incessant need of feminist “academics” to portray women (white women, particularly) as victims in our society, the reality is that it is men who really need help – but rarely receive it. This guy may have been socialized to internalize his problems until he finally couldn’t deal with it anymore.


    1. McBain says:

      Blaine, You speak the truth.

    2. karen wald says:

      Wow, sounds like you’re projecting your own issues on the deceased at the expense of “women.” Why don’t you get off our backs? Women are victims 100x more often than men.

      1. Chris says:

        Wow… we’re having an arguement over who is more of a victum in this culture… You should be proud of yourselves

      2. Swamp Willow says:

        While women may be ‘victims’ more than men, it doesn’t lessen the impact of men being victims.

      3. Faust says:

        somewhere there is a kettle wondering whee the pot went

        1. me321 says:

          You are sick, the man died!

    3. Patrick says:

      Spot on. Well said.

  62. diane says:

    Yes- employees take positions with companies at will. They are trained and/or have a 90 day or more period during which they rarely achieve full productivity – and are paid full or close to full salary by the company during that time anyway. As an owner of a business I can tell you that you lose money on this employee during whatever ‘start-up’ time they require. The employee can and will decide they don’t like the boss, the job, co-workers, the desk they work at, the drive to work or the coffee (free) in the break room and leave with 0-10 days notice, whatever works for him/her – NOT the company who has just carried them for the training period. They may even leave to work at a competitor across the street for 10 cents more an hour or $20 more a week and experience no qualms about sharing with new management and employees what your company was like and how your company runs . That’s his/her right to do that. As someone who hires and fires I can tell you there are plenty of nice people out there but not all of them have the requisite abilities to work in any given position. I know plenty of people who have been let go from a sales job and been great working in an office somewhere. Many of the posts here assume that any job can be filled by any person – being let go from a job is not a reflection on you as a person… it simply says you are not THE person for THIS job. It also should tell you that, after 2 years (in this particular case) of training, working with, shifting responsibilities to, et al letting someone go in whom you have invested a considerable amount of time and money is difficult and expensive.

    Today, cutting overhead is paramount to the success and even the continued survival of many many businesses. The MOST expensive piece in overhead is employees, employee health care, employee pensions. So guess what’s going to get cut first? As part of that the demands of most jobs and workplace is changing. One post talks about a new CEO who started firing people he didn’t like and keeping those he did. That might be the case or…. the new CEO is there to hatchet the overhead and his/her evaluation of employee performance is different than the standard under which her husband received positive reviews before. Now the expectation for the same job may be in overdrive as the hatchetman looks for current employees who can meet the new, cost-saving standards.

    1. fullofit says:

      Diane, I call you a liar. You aren’t taking enough risk. Pure and simple.

  63. diane says:

    Jeff Burns… seriously. You just used a movie as a source? You need to get outside the coffee house more often

  64. Donna S. says:

    I’ll never forget the faces of the people coming out at lunch time from where my husband was formerly employed. As they were coming out of the building and holding or opening their paychecks about half realized notices infomring them of their layoffs were also encloded with their paychecks. Many just started crying right there..none had been notified this might happen. The employer must have known many weeks ahead and had the time to decided who went and who stayed. Fortunately my husband was not one of those who had been layed off. We live in a small town and knew the owners of the company and went to church with them..so did many of the other employess. It was devastating to see people treated so calously.

  65. james says:

    This incident would not have been possible if Goodrich took the preferred route and outsourced the jobs to india or brazil..

    1. Jimm says:

      Obviously, you’re unaware of their India Design Center, which is relatively new.

  66. SeaOtter says:

    On a related note…

    Death-By-Foreign-National is not laissez-faire!

    Death-By-Foreign-National is not free-market!

    MNCs’ [/media/and academia] are not [supposed to be] in charge of U.S. immigration.

    Visas such as H-1b, should be immediately suspended. MILLIONS of our better paying jobs would be instantly RETURNED, to Americans, in America.

    HOW can anyone speak of returning jobs to Americans, while they ignore, or worse, lobby for, the CONTINUED replacement of MILLIONS of Americans, in American offices and worksites, with foreign nationals.

    Start Article:

    MUMBAI: US diplomat Peter Haas, recently appointed consul-general in Mumbai, stressed the importance of people-to-people contact in Indo-US ties.

    US-India people-to-people connections are more powerful than any government initiative, said Haas. “While 8 lakh Americans travel to India each year, the US issues half a million non-immigration visas to Indians yearly,” he said adding that Indian citizens formed the largest group of people to be issued H1B and L visas by the US over the last year.

    End Article.

    H-1b, L-1s, OPT, J-1, B-1, lotteries, green-cards, and on and on, and on, and on, it is no longer enough to stand as a nation and compete with the world-at-large, but no, the world at large will be brought to you, so that you may compete with them in your own offices and worksites…

    Start Article:

    The J-1 student work-travel program was created in 1961 to offer work opportunities and cultural enrichment for foreign students, and in the process, create goodwill ambassadors for the United States.

    But the kids aren’t working in professional settings that complement their studies.

    They’re toiling in warehouses for huge companies such as Hershey’s, which have laid off hundreds of workers, and resorts, from Disney World to Morey’s Pier in Wildwood, and for much lower wages than Americans earned doing the same tasks.

    It’s a great deal for U.S. companies, because they don’t have to pay payroll taxes, Social Security or health insurance for J-1s.

    One Spring Lake staffing company even has a nifty calculator to help businesses compare the costs of hiring J-1 vs. American workers.

    End Article.

    We should also revoke some or all green-cards, RETURNING a MASSIVE number of jobs, for Americans, in American.

    And then there is the issue of sending our jobs offshore, often implemented by those brought to our country on visa, or those having become a green-card holder, who then coordinate the shipping of entire departments, knowledge-bases, and ultimately, entire industries, out of our country.

    And what of, low to medium wage jobs? We can look towards our wide-open borders, and consider the traitors that advocate a nation without enforcement of its own borders, its laws, and disinterest in its own sovereign best-interest, survival.

    And yes, it is Americans who have facilitated this betrayal of Americans, by corporations, supported by a sold-out government and press.

  67. Tom says:

    Remember your first sentence. If someone in your family does this, suck it up. You have no room to comment on a board or at a funeral.

  68. bdk says:

    There is a high rate of suicide for parents that are divorced and paying child support. I am not against child support mind you, we all have a responsibility to pay our share for are children. In my case I have 48% of my after tax salary taken for child support. When you loose your job, the support does not stop it just adds up even if you are unable to pay. They also take child support from your unemployment. So a 400 dollar check is now 250 or so. You can ask for the support to be temporarily reduced while unemployed, but with three kids it would still be more than the unemployment check, I have three kids, and my ex makes 50k a years as a teacher. But she gets another 1800.00 a month from me tax free for support. I am very much betting that this man loved his girls very much, even his current girlfriend. But the financial strain of the uneven child support system is a very heavy weight. At 5k owed, you loose your drivers license and any professional licenses and your passport is revoked. At 15K owed, it is a federal felony with 5 years jail time. As this man had only been with the company a few years, i would bet he had all ready been through hell with child support and just could not do it anymore. My heart goes out to him and his girls..

  69. Willie says:

    Good. It is a wonderful thing to kill yourself, and get out of your misery. I hope to shoot myself, someday.

  70. stanley says:

    Because the first things a grieving family does is spend time searching out the comments sections of news articles.

  71. Nancy says:

    I will not ever buy a goodrich tire again. If he had depression, then that means they were not caring about their employees to begin with.

    1. SeeYa says:

      This is Goodrich, not BF Goodrich. People should do their homework before they plan to boycott!

  72. P. Rabin says:

    My deepest condolences to that poor man and his children. How very, very sad.

  73. kenn lassiter says:

    Take charge, Try megadoses of FISH OIL, 10 casules of 1200mg per day, for suscidal depression. Eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest.. Goggle fish oil for depression for lots of good articles. It worked for me.

    Traditional white men should stay away from “progressives” of all sorts, especially radical feminists. They are two faced haters who would prefer you dead.

  74. Rocky Mountain says:

    And you know, for sure, that this guy was an “under-performer”? “It is what it is” is a pathetic comment when you’re talking about a person’s life.

  75. Rocky Mountain says:

    Unions will solve all our labor problems?

  76. GoodCopBadCop says:

    You are obviously a woman. I have seen it many times. A divorced women is surrounded by girlfriends and other men. A man is completely isolated. Divorce is a killer for men and a joy for women. Money goes from the Dad to the children. He was outnumbered: Four selfish females to one male. Now,lose your job ….BANG. BLAINE is absolutely right. How many women at HR did him in. RIP.

  77. PDH says:

    I worked for a Goodrich aerospace company in Riverside , Ca. They fired me the first week of December several years ago, This was a favorite tactic of the company. I had worked in a technical job going on 26 years and had had two minor surgeries in the past year. They like to let go the higher paid individuals (non-union) in my case. The management is known as the good old boys club. I had let management know that they needed to rely on my input, not corporate tor the latest updates, to help the company operate more efficiently. That was the wrong thing to do. I was labeled as a trouble maker, even though I helped make my laboratory run better by taking on responsibilities that my boss wouldn’t. He said I was NOT a team player. The fact was he was NOT a team maker.It IS very hard for a man to take this kind of treatment without internalizing it, or retaliating. It is NOT worth either option. One has to realize that power corrupts,especially in those bosses that are insecure. If you take your own life, you loose. If you try and hurt your former boss, you also loose your freedom by being in jail. Be the bigger man and let the problem fall off your back like water off a duck’s back.

    1. Tom says:

      I worked for Goodrich in Illinois. Yes the management was bad. It was one of the most depressing jobs I have had in my entire 35 year career. I would guess the job added to this man’s misery, and getting fired only made it that much worse.

  78. IwantsmesomeCain says:

    Without a job he most likley would have gone to prison for non support of his children.
    he took the noble way out. better to be dead, than bled dry by the misandry of our society

  79. eddie says:

    very selfish to leave your 3 little children beind PERIOD!!!!!!!

  80. m321 says:

    Poor man, he’s in my prayers

  81. Eugene says:

    I’ve lived in that town. Its enough to make anyone depressed.

  82. jamesnyc says:

    unexpected low performance and 51 years old? Sounds like age discrimination to me. Trying to face a job market where they refuse to hire people over 40 and adhere to Moore’s law? Who could blame him?

  83. Jay Palm says:

    A nation of wimps!

  84. SeeYa says:

    It is not BF Goodrich, but Goodrich Corporation. If you want to boycott them you will have to stop flying as their parts are on pretty much every airplane.

  85. Brandon says:

    I would like to read it.

    And I agree. we should be respectful and think twice about offering analysis that appears presumptuous.

    If this fellow’s daughters felt loved by him, he was probably a fine man. Little girls are pretty good at telling the difference.

    I hope the best for those girls. The very best.

  86. Jimm says:

    There was the comment about this person suffering from depression. I am going to hypothetically guess that he might have been taking antidepressant medications. Many medications for depression state that those taking those medications could experience suicidal thoughts (by using antidepressants). In short, this appears to be just a bad mixture of “all of the above” (a bad annual review being a trigger point, no pun intended). My prayers and thoughts go out to the family and friends of this employee. The irony in this whole modern drug culture is that people have to go for drug testing for illegal drugs, yet it’s the legal ones that can be just as damaging and are NEVER addressed in a corporate setting. If the corporations want to know if an employee is on drugs, they better start looking into ALL the drugs an employee is taking. Sadly, the most damaging drugs are those provided by your corner drug store. If a side effect of antidepressant medications could include death or suicide, why would it even be considered legal? What hypocrisy to have a zero tolerance for drug use in the company, unless a doctor prescribes it. If the corporations want to be consistent in their zero tolerance drug policies, they better start looking at people under the influence of prescription drugs too!

  87. Drago Andjelic says:

    First, I would like to give my respect and condolences to the family. I exactly know what your father was going through before the death. I had a almost deathly car accident with seven surgeries from back, brain, and neck. However, the biggest office supply chain which I cannot mention. the HR lady just kept gave me trouble consistency. In the end when I was trying to return and she terminated. One month later she quit and took another job. What I will say is their is a GOD and what goes around will come back around. I will pray for your father. Just remember he did love you three daughters.

  88. this says:

    America needs the Spirit of the Lord to come back. It’s empty.

  89. Bill says:

    Clearly, many comments left are exposing how uneducated people are about depression. It can leave you unable to reason. People who call this man a coward are so foolish and uneducated and frankly not worth anyone’s time or consideration.

  90. Dave says:

    Hats off to the writer for the last line of the story. Somber and touching.

  91. Garrett says:

    Simply put, Mr. Graves is a coward. Anyone who commits suicide only cares about one thing, themselves. He left his troubles behind for his family to deal with. The pure sorrow and pain they will have to deal with.

  92. Alexis says:

    I”m very sorry to learn about the passing of Mr. Graves. We send our respects and condolences to his family, who must have loved him very much. It seems that his dismissal was the last straw that finally broke his spirit. Depression is a highly misunderstood condition and many suffering from it are not given proper treatment in order to combat it. In America, men especially consider their work their lives as they are expected to support families and by working a man often derives not only his paycheck but his social position, self-respect and dignity. As an employer, the hardest thing I’ve had to do is let employees go. I would agonize over it for weeks even though I knew I had to reduce payroll just to keep my company solvent. Before I would lay-off a worker, I would call around to my competitors, most of whom I knew and we worked with each other, I’d try to find my employee a new position so he would be able to keep going with little interruption. I felt that was the morally responsible and right thing to do and I still do today. I understand that larger firms cannot do such a simply thing, but there must have been a better way to treat Mr. Graves than simply giving him a pink slip. Mr. Graves was a human being, who dispite his occupational shortcomings, and we all have them by the way, deserved to be treated with more compassion and dignity with which he was terminated. Why couldn’t the firm find a more suitable occupation for the gentleman instead of tossing him out completely? I know these are difficult times, but we all have to respect others with whom we meet and work with daily. After all, in tough times, we should do what we can to help each other even if only in a small way. To the Graves family, we will think of you tonight and pray for some comfort be given you. While writing this, I am nearly crying, so take care, others are sharing your grief.

    1. James says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Alexis’ comments, & appreciate her compassion & empathy. I’m troubled by how mean-spirited & presumptuous many of the comments are, esp. since these people (strangers) have no clue regarding the details or context of this tragic situation. If you don’t have something kind &/or supportive to offer when tragedy like this occurs, please have enough empathy & consideration to not comment at all.

  93. DC says:

    You’re not guaranteed a job, nor a pension, nor medical benz ‘EXCEPT’ if you are a guvt worker. You know, the people who treat you like dirt, and can NEVER be fired.

    My prayers are with his family. R.I.P.

  94. WayneLLewis says:

    What I learned from this is you don’t know what people are going through in addition to their jobs. So when tasked to fire someone (believe me the one deciding is not the one doing) bear in mind your previous knowledge of their personality and what else is going on in the their life. You are not just “following orders” you can give feedback to HR about better ways of handling it. This is not just being sensitive, but being a good supervisor. If you don’t know that then you are already a bad supervisor.

  95. Radioguy says:

    First, let me say my condolences to the man’s family in this story.

    Second, let me just say that the majority of comments here have been honest, caring and civil. This is a far cry from the trash I usually see as comments on the average article. This says nothing but good things about the people of the Twin Cities! If I could handle your winters I’d probably move there.

  96. ConanTheRepublican says:


  97. Gary says:

    Folks – Performance reviews are a fiction. If the company wants to FIRE you, then they create a paper trail in the performance reviews. Quite often, it has NOTHING to do with your performance. If the manager wants to hire his wife’s brother-in-law, then guess what? Someone has to get bumped off because the manager wants to keep peace at home and hire his wife’s brother-in-law.

    Performance reviews are a total FRAUD!

  98. Some guy says:

    The guys wife left him and she did not stay faithful to her vows of marriage that she swore in front of him and their families. Sounds like a cause of depression. Divorce is never the answer unless abuse is involved. What does anything after the divorce occurred have to do with it.

  99. Phil says:

    A long, long time ago, in a free market far, far, away, “human resources” was called “personnel”. Then someone realized that people were nothing more than trained cattle to be used to increase stockholder value in much the same way as natural resources, financial resources, and legal resources (patents, copyrights). Taking the “person” out of the equation dehumanized the impact of firings, layoffs, salary adjustments, etc.

    Yet, at the same time in the US, self identity and self worth (especially for men) is intimately tied to career and job performance.

    Many people reading this story will wonder “why didn’t he think of his children?” My personal experience with depression helps me understand this gentleman’s sense of being consumed by the abyss of sadness.

    Depression is an illness. What if you lost your marriage, contact with your children, and your job because you had pneumonia, diabetes, or arthritis? Would that be legal? Would it be understandable? Would society be “on your side” ?

    The depressed mind has a greatly reduced capacity for objective reason. I hope his children can come to understand that one day.

  100. kenny says:

    My heart goes out to his family. All you people posting all this garbage don’t have a clue about depression. It is a terrible illness. My mother suffered with it my whole life. She tried to take her own life three times. My wife has suffered with it for over 25 years. It is not the companies fault and it was not his fault. It’s an illness. Caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Sometimes even with treatment, it still can just overpower a person. Some of you people posting on here are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Off Duty says:

    Knowing depression is part of the human condition. We ALL have known depression to one degree or another. That this fellow felt so boxed in, that he chose to end his life…..I am moved to great sadness. It could have been me. I pray for his soul, like I’m praying for my own. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and those who are also being boxed in right now. I pray for us all. May God have mercy….

  102. Pete Dooley says:

    Ah Danny boy, you have mastered the Abu Ghraib mentality, kudos (I guess). The concentration camp guards were only obeying orders. The Wall Street vermin were only competing “in the market place”. Sociopaths like Eric Cantor and the amoral right wingers feel just fine withholding aid to areas decimated by natural disasters. I guess we are supposed to be impressed by the “tough guy” approach. Automatons like yourself have created and fortified the numbing nerd herd, smothering America today. Sorry but it is what it is. And you are what you are. Ayn Rand follower?

  103. Reality says:

    Good, end of the genetic line. as all society suffers.

  104. n22s says:

    I am a conservative’s conservative and I was laid off 3 years ago from a company I had worked at for 25 years. I had fantastic reviews but didn’t click with my manager. She hired an ex-CFO to do my job. He couldn’t and was laid off a year later after training because he couldn’t hack the job.

    Then I had heart attack and nearly died. It has been a rough 3 years with sporadic work. My family has suffered and it kills me.

    My point isn’t to feel sorry for me. My point is to reach out to those in trouble. Did any of his co-workers reach out to him? Give him a kind word? Ask him if there was anything they could do?

    It was hard for me. I never felt like giving up but sometimes wished I could. I can only imagine what it is like to go through what he went through or what I went through and be depressed. Luckily I wasn’t depressed. Was he “weak”? Don’t even say it. You have no idea what you would do in a similar situation.

    How many of you have reached out to those in need? You all speak of seeking help or asking for more government intervention. Stop waiting for someone to seek help or government action. Start picking up the phone. Call a friend in need. You can’t believe what a simple phone call can do.

    How many of you caing individuals refuse to give change to a street beggar because he/she might use it for booze? What if 1 in 10 people REALLY needed that change. You can’t help them out?

    Why am I a conservative? Because I don’t believe I should hire the government to be the arbiter of kindness. The acts of kindness need to begin with me. Warren Buffet, you want to pay more? Why? Why don’t you write a check NOW to a charity? You give already? How much do you need? Could you make do with a few million less by giving directly through a charity instead of passing your largesse through a middle man. If you have more to give to the government, you have more to give to charities. Buffet Rule my arse.

    You know what greed is? Greed is demanding you get your cut for being the middle man for charity. THAT my friend is exactly what the government does for charity. Cut out the middle man Warren. Give more right now.

    1. Dan in Burnsville says:

      @ n22s


      PS — That definition of “greed” would make a Great bumper-sticker.

  105. Karl Magnus says:

    People commit suicide for a variety of reasons. The main reasons were delineated in the 1890s (during The Industrial Revolution) by Emile Durkheim. Men are much more successful than women. Women want “help” when they fail to kill themselves is the excuse, men are diminished as men and as bread-winner, so they off themselves WITH prejudice – guns in other words. Maybe the guy didn’t want to be jailed for being unable to pay child support? Now there’s a smart move by bureaucrats, eh?.
    If the deceased suffered from depression, SSRIs (anti-depressants) might have helped, but many people can’t take them.
    Now, he may have been trying to punish (a fairly common theme) the people who fired him. Inflicting emotional pain on others can be a motivator.

    Whatever the motivating factor – or maybe they just piled up beyond his ability to cope – May he now rest in peace.
    Vaya con Diós

  106. JIm McDonald says:

    Please remember his Children in your prayers. Often, people left behind feel it is their fault somehow. Don’t feel like that Girls. Depression is a real & powerful force, and can get the better of many a good man. Never forget that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  107. Kel Stewart says:

    We live in volatile economic times, that Mr. Graves took his own life after being fired is sadly not unusual. I can only say from my own personal experience that the numbers of victims of escalating domestic violence and other such crimes, depression and panic attacks, and suicides corresponds to high and increasing rates of unemployment corresponding to fewer jobs as businesses are forced to make cuts. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to his family and friends. While I don’t believe Mr. Graves’ suicide was caused by losing his job per se, it was a trigger. I would ask that we all take a step back and look at the pattern with our returning military men and women where these same issues are substantially higher yet largely unreported. Taxpayer funded institutions, like Walter Reed Hospital, have been closed and services to properly attend to the needs of people in crisis are now “Words, just words” with no action or reality behind them. Talk is cheap my friends, what can we each do to stop businesses from crashing and workers from facing unemployment with uncertainty in their future? This tragedy should be a clarion call for our Country to change its priorities and strengthen mental health services as well as making the U.S. economy business and investor friendly. Just my opinion, but I’ve seen this far too often.

  108. davidL says:

    This just proves that the company made a good decision by firing a mentally unstable man.

    1. PowerPC says:

      You really are a freaking DORK! You may be mentally unstable yourself…..the mentally unstable person is usually the last to know….Your statement reveals a lot about the stability of your mind. Might want to ask some of your acquaintances to find out for sure. I would say friends but hey……your superior mental stability probably keeps you a loner.

  109. Joan Sedely says:

    I bet Dan is about 38-45 years old. Wait, Dan, until some younger, “on-the-ball” boss of yours thinks that 10 guys can do your job better/faster/more innovative. My Mom worked for a med testing company-billing, etc. worked hard, was well-liked, had absolutley impeccable job reviews until they got some hot-shot, younger supervisor who promptly started giving all of the older workers bad reviews(everyone that knew my mom was shocked), and fired many or made life miserable so they would leave. I know this makes the higher ups happy but one day,Dan, you will be older too. Doesn’t matter how well you do your job-you will be gone. All of these young people we coddled will eat you for lunch. Try being 50 or over and finding a job. Really, try it.

  110. Regulas says:

    Who died and made you comment god?

  111. albert8184 says:

    This country is so broken. God help us. It makes me want to cry like a little kid sometimes. I’m a grown man and I feel like crying sometimes. I keep going for the sake of my own wife and kids, but sometimes I feel llike this guy must have felt. You give it your all and it isn’t good enough.

    What do we have to do to get these politicians to LISTEN TO US?

  112. Ted says:

    Bosses are pressured to let older guys go & replace them with younger, cheaper labor. I was in that situation, refused to do it (as a manager) and got canned.

    Hope the Goodrich HR dept & this guy’s boss are proud of themselves – one less expensive over-50 guy on the payroll

  113. DA says:

    It shouldn’t be about coddling poor performers. It’s about lousy managers. A poor performance evaluation should never be a surprise. A good manager would have let him know what the problems were before hand. Too many people want to be managers but don’t want to manage. If the employee can’t fix the problem then letting them go wouldn’t be a surprise.

  114. Lawyer Nathan S. says:

    This is classic bad HR. First of all, you fire people on Monday, not right before the weekend. You fire on Monday, they hardly wanted to be there anyway, they give you the finger and go to the unemployment office. You fire on Friday, they stew in it for the weekend when they can’t talk to future employers and sometimes the show up on Monday with an axe to grind. I wonder if the children can bring an EEOC complaint on the parent’s behalf. If BF Goodrich knew about the depression, they could be in trouble for how they handled this.

  115. John Czach says:

    Now the employees are going to have to walk around all the teddy bears in the parking lot.

  116. Aj says:

    ?? LOL< yeah…he killed himself because of a "reveiw." Wake up…..
    He lost his job. Doesn't matter how he was let go.

    1. ByteRider says:

      Agreed.. it’s not HOW or WHY but the “WHAT THE HE_LL DO I DO NOW?”

      Look at the economy, people… There has been a huge spike in suicides since 2009 which are attributed to the economy. People just give up.

  117. GodIsWatching says:

    In reading many of these comments, I can see we have lost our humanity.

  118. Alex says:

    Actually you know nothing of how depression works on the human mind.

    1. Dave says:

      Alex, you are so right! UNless you ahve been there, you have no clue what depression can do to a person.

  119. dk says:

    didn’t see that coming….lol

  120. xstudentx says:

    driveby_poster the flaw of the logical reasoning in your argument is so absurd it would be on an LSAT exam…

    1. Ruth says:

      It sounded tongue-in-cheek to me. But you fell for it?

  121. steve says:

    If he had put his children’s well-being first, he would have made his marriage work!

    1. Dan in Burnsville says:

      How the hell would you know, steve? You know nothing about his life except that he ended it tragically. You don’t know who his wife was, what their issues were, how hard he tried to work on it or not, or if those issues or his divorce affected his work. Who are you, or any of you, or any of you to sit in judgement of him?
      Unbelievable how cold and callous some people can be.

    2. jd says:

      You are clueless. If you found your wife cheated on you repeatedly, would you stay with her just to say your marriage works?

  122. dk says:

    depression is a serious thing. Especially if its divorce driven. Think about it, the man was probably paying alimoney and child support. Only getting 40% of his pay check. struugling to pay bills. The exwife just spending the money on her new boyfriend. His 15 yo daughter is probably the eldest, that means he has to pay for another 8+ years. Its the court system that will put you on the edge. Losing your job will send you over. I know …. I went through it too. I lost my job. Fortunately, I have custody of my kids and I only had to pay alimoney for 4 years.

    1. jd says:

      This was linked from the Drudge Report, these conservatives have ZERO sympathy for anyone, only THEIR paychecks.

      I love how these same types will say they are the flag bearers of the founding fathers, or are christians, yet they spit on a man who was kicked one two many times. That doesnt sound like something Jesus would do, or our founders.

      1. Dan in Burnsville says:

        What makes you think they are “Conservatives” jd? Because it was linked on Drudge? You’re here, aren’t you?
        Whatever their politics there are some crass, callous and thoughtless people.

  123. Larry says:

    Jerome, I certainly hope you are not always this cruel. To be grateful when a person takes his own life is about as heartless as one can get. Please reevaluate your attitude toward your fellow man.

  124. Larry says:

    What is wrong with those of you who are actually REJOICING at a man taking his own life? Is this what has become of our society? May God deliver us from attitudes like this.

    I knew nothing of this man or his problems, but I think I would have much preferred to have him as a friend and to try to help him deal with his problems than to have to work along side someone who celebrates the death of another.

  125. bill says:


  126. jd says:

    You can tell this was linked by the drudge report, there’s isn’t ONE person who sympathizes with the fact that life can throw crummy stuff your way, and that depression is one of life’s cruelest ailments.

    Wheres all the sympathetic republican/christians?

    1. Dave56 says:

      Hey id, I came here from Drudge and I HAVE and am being treated for depression! I know whats down in the dark hole and I dont like it one bit. You dont just shrug this stuff off. Your last comment that depression is one of lifes cruelest ailments is truly dead on. I wish I nover had it but I do, so I deal with it.

  127. UrsusRexx says:

    Re: “Man fired, shoots himself in head, etc.”…
    I see the war on the ’employed, under 6 figures of income” is working ALMOST as well as the wars on poverty, (lost), the so-called ‘drug war’, (‘any amount any time, just pony – up the $$’), and/or, the ‘profiteering war’, (…called the ‘war-on-terror’ by a reletively few, uninformed individuals)…
    Why do so many prolifers, (Bush, Blair, Ben-16, etc.) bring our species so many un-winnable wars?

  128. schmed says:

    This is what happens when you put mean faced, clipped haired czarinas in charge.

  129. dity says:

    To those of you who feel is necessary to say that this man was a coward for taking his life….I deem you cowards for only portraying ignorance instead of compassion.

  130. kevin says:

    Maybe extreme mental crudity at work. , let’s see if the mother/wife of this man will benefit some how on his death. .depression sucks ,especially when there’s no where to turn. and continuity being Bike rd by you so called lady/ wife…. i have been their and it ain’t easy.

  131. jasperddbgghost says:

    I’d tend to side with the employer here.

    Chances are though, somebody in management didn’t like Mr. Graves and it looks like he got the last word on them. Bad last word though. How much you wanna bet somebody higher up needs to step on the heads of lower employees to get to the top, no matter how many of them end up with a sunroof.

  132. anton bayer says:

    I was fired a year ago from a job I had 14 years, I was fired for reporting a possable security rist to a safety coordinator. I am 56 my wife had health issues they replaced me with a younger guy @10 a hr who was the sales guy brother. It was a set up I was told 5 months earlier that my job was in jeopardy and that person didnt know why all he said was that everyone blames you when something goes wrong but no one could tell me what I was doing wrong. I was getting 20 +a hr and had 21 vacation days a year. I belive I was fired for my wage grade,vacation and mostly health care risk because of my age. Man was I depressed I am still struggling now I got a job @ 9 a hr its not enough I contintue to search for a seconed job or a better one. God bless that poor soul who killed himself, Tony

  133. Kevin says:

    Bottom line if you get the same reward for busting your butt and being under a ton of stress, or sitting on the couch drinking beer , watching TV and playing video games, eventually you have to few of the former, and to many of the latter.

  134. bassman says:

    Pray for peace for his family.

    He murdered the father of his own children. He is not an object of sympathy or pity now that he has become that. Having recovered from a dark depression that lasted years, I can not feel sympathy for this man’s crime. How can any father eat a bullet knowing that a child is at home waiting for them to return. It is the most heartless and selfish act. Jobs and money come and go.

    You are not your job. You are everything that is connected to you. His employer did not cause this. They are no more responsible for his actions that the rock bands of the 80’s put up for character assassination for the people that committed suicide then. It is about personal responsibility. Not the government, not a political doctrine, not an artist, author or your dog. It is each individual.

  135. bill grim says:

    yes….he had no idea? But, had it all planned out? facts, people, facts

  136. King Julien says:

    I have read a lot of these posts and did anyone ever consider that this guy probably had an alcohol problem to go a long with his depression. 25% of completed suicides occur among alcoholics. Take depression, alcohol and losing your job when there are not a lot of jobs out there to apply for and you have a perfect recipe for somthing like this to happen

  137. JP1989 says:

    Old, stupid, and no longer funny

    1. Ken Morrison says:

      Wrong still funny,

  138. Highhorse says:

    Gee you think he might have been freaking out his fellow employees? Some people can’t deal with life, they need help. You can’t get help unless you want to destroy your life by being signaled as nuts. Even then there is no help, long or short term. If Obamacare does one thing it’ll help out these people who need a shrink. Everybody should have the ability to get medical help no matter what. Feel bad for family, not so much for the guy who offed himself. It sucks and that’s all you can say. God help his soul, he needs it now.

  139. m.e.s.s. says:

    My husband was recently let go from his position at Prudential. He was an outstanding manager, people were crying when they found out he was let go. With no notice by the way. His immediate supervisor was a young know it all B on wheels and couldn’t rest until she fired my husband. By God’s grace he has a new, much better postion.

    In the moments when it is all happening, the panic and anguish you go through is intense. Besides worrying about your house and bills, you are dealing with rejection and in some cases hatred against you. I feel so sorry for this man. You feel as if no one will hire you. Like you have a disease.

  140. Scott says:

    Alot of people take guns with them in there vehicles to work..I guarantee there are al teast 300 cars out here in this northrop parking lot that have guns in them… Having a gun at work is not unusual…You are just in a non gun friendly state obviously..

  141. Nick Austin says:

    This would not have happened if George Clooney would have done the firing…

  142. DC says:

    People need to realize that in times like this, suicide is not the solution. No matter how awful the struggle, leaving family members to fend for themselves is not a viable option. Just as soldiers would never leave a comrade behind, you don’t leave a family in a needlessly weakened condition.

    Employers are terminating so many people these days, the stigma of being fired is long gone. Effectively 20% of the work force is unemployed.

  143. Nealo says:

    What an idiotic comment. More jobs were lost under Bush you j@ckass.

    Leave it do the Drudge readers to find a way to make this Obama’s fault.

    1. Calvin Hobbes says:

      It’s actually your fault. No one cares about Drudge or Obama. This is about a man’s depression.

    2. ByteRider says:

      Not to turn this convo to something else, NEalo, but you are wrong. Bush “Created” more jobs than many of the previous presidents… COMBINED. Obama has LOST more jobs than ALL of the presidents COMBINED… he’s also spent more money than ALL of the presidents COMBINED.

      Maybe you should check your facts?

  144. Tom says:

    Obviously never have suffered from severe depression, but in your defense there are very good treatments available but its too late now!

  145. KP2GMU says:

    I don’t want to sound cruel and heartless, but at least he only killed himself. Too many times in the past few years we hear of stories where a desparate person murders their entire family before committing suicide. I do pray that his daughters are able to cope with this senseless act and that they find the love, comfort, and healing that they will truly need.

  146. Gordon Lamont says:

    I worked for a Hospital in Inglewood Ca., Centinela, for 30 years. I’m an experienced RN. They fired me because my DMV did not exactly match my RN license (for 30 years). Would I go shoot myself because some paper shuffling goon in the HR dept decided I was not going to work there any more – not bloody likely! Nor would I think about any kind of violence. I just thank God that idiots like these are not yet in charge of Health Care.

  147. PowerPC says:

    This man worked for the company for three years. That is long enough to qualify for disability. If his depression was so bad that it was affecting his job he qualified for disabilty. Assuming of course it was offered by the company or he bought DI from a group plan through work. Most large companies provide disability. I know there is stigma associated with men especially with taking disability for anything much less depression. I know how the man feels. I have suffered from depression following serious health problems. ie heart disease, liver disease, Aneurysm all piled on at nearly the same time. I could not work and the illness itself lead to depression. I wished he would have took advantage of the companies health plans instead of killing himself.

  148. Eyeball says:

    You can blame this on who ruined the economy and killed jobs.

  149. motimer says:

    Poor fellow we have not walked in his shoes, so we can not know his heart! too much is too much, and he just had enough, let him rest in peace.

  150. Dan Lacey says:

    CBS, you are accepting comments from people congratulating someone for committing suicide. This gentleman had a family. No one needs website traffic this badly.

    Please delete and block ‘The Drudge Sludge.’

  151. Doug says:

    Every job thjat I have lost I have found a better one. Believe in God or not things will work out.

  152. tbone says:

    Whille it is a sad story, that someone would kill themselves, it is quite obvious that this man had issues that he was not willing to address. I am sure that his employer addressed his performance issues long before he was let go. The fact that he allowed his personal issues to affect his job, and I am sure those he worked with, is what led to his firing. He worked for Goodyear, and if he was manufaturing tires, he may have been putiing out sub standard products that could have caused someone using them to be killed. Goodyear has a responsibility to its consumer to produce a safe and reliable product. Remember Firestone, and the deaths caused by its defective products?

  153. markH says:

    Depression is a state of mind-it is NOT a disease. Those who claim to suffer from depression typically have problems in their lives that they feel they have no control over-and who DOESN”T feel this way from time to time? Responding to this “ailment” with drugs is the last thing the person really needs. What they DO need is someone to talk to; someone who will listen to their situation without judging and offer help if needed. Most suicides can be prevented. If you have a friend who is depressed, take her to a movie or out to dinner. Most people will not kill themselves if they just had a nice meal with a friend. That should save at least thousands of lives a year. If the depressed friend is depressed because of sin (for instance, they are gay or chose the wrong religion) then it is up to God or Jesus to save them-do not get too close or they may drag you into their lair of wrongdoing. Trust Jesus. Peace.

    1. Dave56 says:

      Man Mark, it is so blatantly obvious that you have never had depression! Please do your research before commenting like this. I am speaking from experience so I know what I am talking about. God helps those who help themselves.

  154. somebody says:

    The gun/weapon itself made him lose his job.

  155. Murph says:

    Elect the conservatives to see more stories like this! All the NO’s are taking a big toll! One in one hundred people now contemplate suicide according to recent study/survey! Look it up!

  156. NoBuddy says:

    wow MARKH you are a so out of touch with reality! You need to wake up. The way you ramble on it almost appears you may on some heavy duty narcotics. This man was depressed and then losing his job broke his will to live. He may have had people trying to help him or may not have. I feel the company he worked for should have showed more compassion but I do not know what lead up to his firing. A respectful company would only do such a thing as a last resort. It is pretty common for major companies and their HUMAN managers/supervisors/leads/co-workers to play the yes game and back stab anyone to benefit themselves. We are a society of wanna be’s and we walk all over people to get to where we want to be, granted not everyone is like this but most of us know we are.

  157. nobuddy says:

    Let’s all work together!

  158. TLCRN says:

    How very, very sad that a human being was in so much pain that he felt his only option was to kill himself.
    Three precious daughters lost the love of their father.
    My sincere condolences to his family.
    I pray this precious life has found eternal Peace.

    And to all the writers here who are spewing such hurtful, hate-filled verbage,
    shame on you.

  159. MamaMia says:

    I live in Northfield. No wonder he was depressed. This community is a cesspool of corruption. I want out of this hellhole.

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