DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — Jim Carlson is not the only person who sells synthetic drugs in Minnesota.

But his skirmishes with the city of Duluth and his outspoken nature have thrust the owner of Last Place on Earth to the fore of what officials view as a new threat to public health.

Carlson says his incense is legal and doesn’t contain any banned substances. But police say the incense is illegal because Minnesota law also bans lookalikes of those substances. He is currently challenging the Minnesota law, which took effect July 1.

He says he knows he’s operating in a “gray area” but he’ll continue to fight for people’s rights to buy what they want.

Law enforcement and health professionals say synthetic drugs are dangerous. Officials have linked two Minnesota deaths to the drugs.

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Comments (9)
  1. Deep Thinker says:

    Yeah Carlson, you are a dirtbag, even if you think what you are doing is legal.

  2. Use your Brain says:

    No one is forcing people to but the synthetic drugs. And a whole 2 people have died……take a look at what “legal” prescription drugs death rate are in MN. Get your head right before you make a stupid comment….Deep Thinker my ass

    1. Got my morning laugh says:

      Well formed sentence structure that doesn’t make any sense. Your the one that is Brain Dead. rotflmao (people to but drugs)

    2. Brain Dead says:

      I think you have your head stuck up your a-ss

    3. Deep Thinker says:

      Why do you make the comparison between prescription drugs & what this guy is doing, they are not related. I stand by what I said, this guy is a dirt bag, yes, nobody is forcing people to use these drugs but that still doesn’t mean Carlson isn’t a dirt bag. @Use your Brain……not to bright are you

  3. James says:

    I was in Duluth a few weeks ago and at 10 in the morning on a Sunday there was a a line of the most distgusting people in front of this guys ‘store’. What a gross sight! Duluth is a dump because of people like the owner of this store!

  4. Esmay B says:

    Lots of Duluth trash like this store. Hopefully it’s banned soon.

  5. Another common man says:

    There are a lot of people walking grey area’s these days to get around laws enacted to protect people.

    I’m not saying this guy or people like him are illegally selling this stuff. The courts can decide that. But I wonder if this person has asked himself, truly, if this product physically or mentally harms the people he sells too.

  6. Pauline Overby says:

    That ought to be fun, oregano herb is now illegal as it looks like pot. Powdered sugar looks like coke. How many things can you imagine that look like drugs?

    Wonder what the legislature was on when they come up with this one. Aspirin flavored coke?