MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A car bombing in Mogadishu has shocked the Twin Cities Somali community.

An estimated 70 people were killed in the explosion and the radical Islamic group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility.

Dahir Jibreel, who heads the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in Minneapolis, said the car bombing — which killed a large number of students and other innocent people — had all the marks of al-Qaida, which has links to al-Shabaab.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

“They are trying to kill as many people as possible, in Somalia, in Mogadishu and elsewhere. They are heartless. They are killing our people,” said Jibreel.

The killings have sent a shock wave through the Twin Cities Somali community — the largest in the United States.

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  1. j speedbag 64 says:

    killers,kidnappers,hijackers you name it

    1. The car bomb says:

      You forgot pirates.

  2. Please address says:

    Dead serious question here – why would they be surprised? A whole culture that appears to thrive w/i or on violence and they are surprised????? Give me a fricken break people !!!!! – I have 5 children in school and they live in fear of the intimidation and meanness daily of the Somalian children, both male and female. Aggressive is their middle name based on my experience with them This should not make them bat an eyelash …. sadly at that

    1. Tarek Ibn Ziyad says:

      Your children will learn the word of the Prophet (PBUH) and then they shall know peace. Allah akbar!

      1. sam i am says:

        I will never learn the word of Allah. I will always love and follow in the path of Jesus Christ.

        Somalians can go to H3||.

        1. Tarek Ibn Ziyad says:

          How Christian of you, infidel.

        2. I'm Just Sayin'... says:

          Wow! Now I know why I don’t subscribe to Christian’s way of life.

          1. Hard on Idiots says:

            Well maybe you should!!! Sounds like you could use it

      2. allah back at the bar says:

        Tarek, Who is Pubah?

        1. Tarek Ibn Zayid says:

          Praise Be Unto Him . You profane the name of the Creator. Your blasphemey will not go unpunished, infidel

    2. Mary says:

      My son doens’t start school for a couple of years but I have heard from other parents the same thing. That their kids are terrified of the Somalian kids. From what I hear they’re out of control in abusing other kids…especially white kids. I have also hear that there is reverse discrimination going on with the schools and the schools don’t take action so they don’t offend the Somalians. They do take action on the white kids though. Is this what you’re experiencing too?

      1. Fire Walker says:

        We had to move schools because a Somali kid what was in the wrong grade shoved her into a wall and bruised the whole side of her face.
        Thanks for the refugees lutheran social services.
        Assimilate or leave.

  3. Meh says:

    Why is this news here in Minnesota. If people in that part of the world want to kill themselves, let them. Also if the Somalian community here does not wish to Americanize here they should feel free to go back to Somalia.

  4. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    What does that woman who is being held in contempt of court have to say about this? She raised money for this group, does she support killing innocent children in the name of her god? She should be strung up in Solamia for the killing of 70 innocent people since the money she raised caused this. She should face the punishment there, where she caused all this harm.

  5. A King says:

    I am sick to death of these Somalians and their muslim $hit, and the more die over there are just fewer to ship here later. THANK GOD The only reason they care is because the people who died were muslim. If it had been an “infidel” they would be cheering in the streets. Anyone remember Blackhawk down???????????
    I never thought I could hold this much ill will in my heart for another race of people.
    If we are not careful with these animals we will get bitten.
    And I don’t want to her anybody whine about my stance on these bottom feeders, they have PROVEN TIME AND AGAIN what a sack of human waste they are.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      He’s right. We need to establish “relocation” camps immediately to deal with this threat. Any Muslims or Muslim-sympathizers (like DFL or DemocRATS) get a one-way ticket to processing centers where they can be sorted and dealt with accordingly.

    2. You are correct says:

      I wish I could disagree with you but I can’t. I, too, have grown to hate these people. They say they are peaceful but their actions speak otherwise. And it isn’t just an errant few, it is spread throughout their entire population.

      The church groups who initiated this influx should start working on a way to relocate them to their own country. And I will ask this: Why didn’t those church groups choose to help Americans instead of Somalians in the first place? What a stupid move on their part.

      I would gladly contribute to a fund for one-way transportation out of the US for these worthless and ungrateful people.

      1. Cameron Mckelroy says:

        “Why didn’t those church groups choose to help Americans instead of Somalians in the first place?”

        For an answer to that question, read through this thread and then ask yourself who is more deserving of charity, the child refugees born into a war zone, or the people born in the land of opportunity who, rather than take responsibility for themselves, choose instead to blame their shortcomings on minorities?

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          Those minorities are responsible for all of our problems, Cameron. If they were to suddenly be removed to, oh, let’s say, concentration camps out in the desert, we’d all be much, much better off. You can’t deny it, unless you’re just a lying race traitor. Which you are.

          1. George D says:

            ALL of the problems. You would be a hatefull person regardless. Why don’t you take resposibility for yorself and go see a therapist

        2. Victim mentality says:

          awesome response. Thank you for adding a little sanity and perspective to this board.

  6. boo boo says:

    Sounds good to me lets get al-Shabaab over here and take care of our infestation.

  7. Boberto says:

    Lets face it. Most people can not stand these dirty brainwashed leeches, my tax dollars going to these filthy wretches. Go to any one of the markets off of central ave and see them use their EBT cards that we are paying for. This is where your tax money is going people, wake up. You are paying for people that want to kill you.

    1. kp says:

      yeah you see them and they know how to use the card but they certainly don’t know how to stop having kids every year.

  8. Good Riddance says:

    Time to send all the Somalian’s in Minnesota back to the homeland to fight for the cause.

  9. sam i am says:

    I wonder what Amena Ahmed the Jihad supporter thinks of this. She should be smilling in prison.

  10. me says:

    … …send ’em home…….all of ’em

  11. Harleymanmn says:

    So are we going to be suprised when we began to experience these kinds of terroist acts here in our own backyard? After all, they are recruiting them here so it would not be a stretch to expect them to start terrorizing us locally. We will have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing them to immigrate here. They prey on our open society and ignorance to their cause.

  12. Cameron Mckelroy says:

    CCO, if you’re going to provide a soapbox for these thuggish posters to spew their Anti-American filth, the least you can do is publish IP addresses as well so the rest of us can determine their real identities and avoid patronizing their businesses!

    1. just sayin says:

      Hey Cameron- GET THE F OUT if you don’t like it. YOU Fing DIRTBALL LOVING PIECE OF SHPIT!

      1. Cameron Mckelroy says:

        What are you talking about? I love having been born in the MELTING POT of America. It’s you who seems to detest everything my country stands for.

        Also, if you’re so proud of how much you hate America and it’s pluralistic foundation, why not post under your real name? (You don’t have to answer that, we all know the answer, and you’re right to be embarrassed by your own words. They’re subhuman.)

        1. liberal Cameron says:

          You’re so kind and understanding

          I’m sure they will kill you last

        2. Thor says:

          What kind of utopian weed are you smoking.

          They suck welfare benefits, are rude, dont pay taxes and leech off the system. Even the North Minneapolis thugs can’t stand them.

          These are the very people who would slice your throat because you don’t sign on to their beliefs. How ironic.

          1. Cameron Mckelroy says:

            Liberal and Thor: I live in West Bank Minneapolis, with the world’s largest concentration of Somalis outside of Mogadishu. So far this year, there has been 1 cross-racial murder here, and it was a suburban white woman who murdered a Hmong man (you might have read about it, her husband is Joe Sensor.)

            Somalis are a church-going, family oriented people. I don’t think twice about taking my dog for a walk at 3 a.m. I could NEVER do that in predominantly white Uptown, which is in the middle of a violent crime wave, and is the worst place in the state for auto theft.

            The facts just don’t lie: all minorities taken together, (African Americans, Latinos, Somalis and other immigrants) constitute about 45% of the population of the United States, but collect only 17% of the welfare, and commit only 29% of the crime. Statistically, they need to be more afraid of us than we of them, and I think the comments on this board bear that out. I have NEVER heard one of them talk about white people in the ugly, violent terms that I am hearing here towards them.

            1. liberal Cameron says:

              Hang with them all you want Cameron – you won’t last long thats all you’re being warned of.

              Keeping a dog with you is probably smart, I heard these types don’t like dogs very much. They do say that a dog is an excellent judge of evil – might just be why muslims in general try to avoid them.

              1. Cameron Mckelroy says:

                Actually, I can hardly walk down the street without one of them wanting to pet my dog or give him treats! The anti-dog stuff is mostly ultra-orthodox, akin to the similar Christians laws against shellfish.

                Dogs are rare in that part of the world, so the kids really get a kick out of them. And he loves the attention!

            2. get a grip says:

              um Cameron, they don’t go to church. And if they acted more like Ethiopians, there’d be positive comments. The family that moved next door came with their social worker, lives on section 8 and have nice cars. I can’t afford to pay for a car. What’s wrong with this picture?

        3. Jon Mellberg says:

          Sorry Mac but there was no muslim influence involved in this country’s founding. Judeo-Christian values were espoused by all. They were almost exclusively Christian or Jewish and of European descent. That’s why the difference between this established Judeo-Christian culture and muslim cultures all over the world is so stark. It’s also why no one is beating down the door to get into Iran or Somalia or Syria or Libya. Or the countries with eastern religions either. I’m OK with people of other cultures coming here as long as they admit that there’s nothing about their country of origin worth saving and acknowledge that our Judeo-Christian culture is what made America the place everyone wants to be from. I mean, why come here if not for that? Just for the paved streets and indoor plumbing and government checks? That’s not why our founders came.

          1. Sam I am says:

            Thank you Jon – very well said.

  13. Jeff says:

    Send all the somalian F**KS to N Minneapolis, battle it out with the human sludge from Chicago and Detroit, maybe they’ll kill eachother off…..too many towel heads here.

  14. send them back says:

    Hey I can put up with ghetto thugs, but I just can’t stand somalis.

    1. splattered pooo poooo says:

      with ya all the way on this comment.
      Funny – the original Afro people wanted to better themselves, wanted to work and be free and earn their way.
      The Somalia @#^ heads are the opposite….give not, but take take take take take and then still be nasty.
      I got an idea …….. tie them together and ship them off on a barge. It can drift ….no engine required. cya

  15. Max says:

    I am guessing some of the posters on here aren’t real fond of other ethnic groups either………

    1. @max says:

      I have never had an issue, per se, with another ethnic group. Some things may rattle me a wee bit at times and I am sure things I do may rattle them. That said – never had any bad vibes as a whole nor conflicts that were not easily resolved.
      That was until my daily ongoing encounters with the Somalian community. I will look you, them and RT the Idiot straight in the eye and say I detest them as a group and as a culture. Totally detest them ….. I detest them to the nth degree.

  16. Sign 'em up says:

    Population control in this manner should be celebrated. By their own hands, they kill their own kind. Better to hear about population control like this rather than the Irish of not so long ago or natural disaster. Go ahead, kill each other all you want. I’m sitting hear with the down tick.