DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar says federal officials have pledged money to restart the wolf trapping program in Minnesota.

Klobuchar tells the Duluth News Tribune that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has promised money from his agency’s operating budget for the program which ran out of money Friday and shut down.

Klobuchar says the program is needed to keep Minnesota residents and livestock safe. The USDA has been trapping and killing wolves in Minnesota since 1978. Last year, 192 wolves were killed. Federal officials estimate there are about 3,200 wolves in Minnesota, where the species is classified as threatened.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service want to “delist” wolves as an endangered species by the end of 2011 and give management back to state and tribal natural resource agencies.

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Comments (22)
  1. dan says:

    Here’s an idea Amy…….Why dont we offer hunting tags on wolves and let the citizens of MN pay the govt to lower the wolf population? You can control how many wolves can be shot and the designated areas.

    1. Jon Mellberg says:

      Sorry Dan. Great idea but unfortunately it makes too much sense. And don’t forget, Amy’s goal is to spend your federal dollars, not to save them. I’ll tell you what, come up with another idea that includes borrowing more money from China, and spending more. Preferably one that involves hiring more federal employees. We’re all about job creation don’t ya know. Then we’ll give your idea serious consideration.

  2. Dean says:

    Amy, Instead of worrying about the wolves in Minnesota maybe it is time to look at the predators sitting in the White House and in the senate and Obama’s administration. And quit being a typical spend, spend, spend, senator.

  3. Pat says:

    Why can’t there be a sterilization program. Or trap and relocate. Why must we always kill animals that have just as much right on the land as us? WHY MUST WE ALWAYS RESORT TO KILLING???.

    1. Carl says:

      Lets just let a pair of sterilized timber wolves live behind your house and eat your little Yorkie for a snack and see how concerned you are then.

      1. As jack said... says:

        Actually, I’d pay to see that!

    2. Jake says:

      Because there is no other realistic way to control their numbers, THAT’S WHY.
      Trapping, tranquilizing, relocating, etc., doesn’t solve the PROBLEM, it just moves the problem to another area, and then eventually, it will have to be dealt with the way that it should have been dealt with from the beginning. I also have an issue with the number of wolves in MN. I keep hearing, year after year, for at LEAST the last 5 years, that the number of wolves in MN is around 3,000. Did the male wolves stop mounting the females, so their numbers wouldn’t grow, so they wouldn’t get shot or trapped, or did I miss something??

  4. Sam says:

    The wolf population doesn’t need to be kept down. It keeps itself in check. When there is a shortage of food, the wolves die off.
    There are methods to keep wolves away from livestock, and they work very well. Every once in awhile, you’ll get a wolf or a pack that figures out how to bypass these. That’s when the wolves need to be trapped and either killed or relocated (even if that relocation is to a zoo).
    As far as pets and children, if you live in wolf country, have a fenced-in yard and don’t keep your pets (or children) outdoors without supervision.

    1. dan says:


      Please give me one example of wolves dieing off due to lack of food. Wolves are the ultimate pack hunters. They will always move and adapt to the rise and fall of food sources.
      Your solution of everyone living N of Hennepin county should live behind fences is a joke!

      1. Paul Hester says:

        @ dan

        Please give me one example of of an animal people eat or one they pet being killed by a wolf. Thank you. People kill billions of animals in this country every year and thats ok. Placing a little perseptive here. Paul

  5. Sherry Dion says:

    I know that hunting is an entrenched cultural thing in Minnesota, but please consider the implications of taking out top predators that has been scientifically studied.

    1. Carl says:


      Nobody is talking about “taking out” Timber Wolves. The idea that the State of MN has moe than 3 times the levels of wolves suggested by the DNR is the reason most people in the State want the numbers reduced.

      1. Sherry Dion says:

        The article states that The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service want to “delist” wolves as an endangered species by the end of 2011. Last year 192 wolves were killed.
        In my understanding, that is “taking out” a top predator that is serving a greater good than we have previously realized or understood.
        I posted a link to that study in hopes of raising awareness…not to challenge anyone about hunting wolves. And I’m sorry to say, the DNR is not GOD.

        1. Carl says:

          Thats your problem Sherry,

          You think delisting and taking out or eradicating an animal are one in the same. Delisting doesnt even give anyone the right to shoot a wolf unless they actually create a season.
          Please spend your time saving something worthwhile

          1. Sherry Dion says:

            Your problem is that you are a right-fighter, and ain’t nothing gonna sway your rigid outmoded beliefs. So, you are right Carl. I’ve wasted enough time dealing with you. You wouldn’t recognize “worth” in any event.

    2. Citizen says:

      Thank you, Sherry, for a great link. I wish more people would read this, but I doubt that the posters on this story will or will understand it if they do. Humans are the ultimate predator dead set on playing God and killing off all competition. When the last lion or tiger or wolf is gone, I’m fairly certain that humans will not have much quality of life left. Who wants to live without them? As for wolves preying on livestock. Cattle do a lot of environmental damage…but that is another discussion.

  6. Herb says:

    To all those with their head in the sand. Programs for the public good should be funded by the state or feds. The real problem is that those taking the lions share of the gross both nationally and locally, are not contributing to the treasury. In fact they are doing everything in their power to strip funding to any program that doesn’t turn a profit or benefit their (Republican) campaign contributors. It won’t change any time soon because Dubya made sure the fix was in at the highest level of Federal lawmaking (SCOTUS). Glass house Republicans may be in for a major surprise when the economic base in the US is gone and nobody can buy the products they are manufacturing in China and other countries to avoid paying taxes to the country that allow them to make those huge profits. To those I say get responsible now to your fellow man, before everything YOU have is gone!

  7. Dave says:

    Ahh the three S’s, well traveled anywhere in wolf country……

  8. Henry says:

    Why doesn’t WCCO do real reporting? Like Fast and Furious? How many people have died because of that?

  9. Maddog says:

    I can’t believe that they would fund trapping of the wolves. That is a very cruel thing to do. If they want to get rid of them why don’t they just shoot them so they don’t have to be in pain? What would happen if somebodies kid gets accidently caught in one of the traps?

  10. A King says:

    I don’t want to see the wolves delisted, or trapped and killed. They are beautiful animals that we should revere, protect, and enjoy. And no, I don’t care about a few farmers losing a few bucks on a few cows…
    Millions of human beings.

    Millions of livestock animals

    A few thousand wolves.

    Does anyone else see the disproportion here?
    And no, I don’t care to debate it with anyone on here, it is my opinion and I am simply expressing it.

  11. sheila cunningham says:

    why can’t people learn about the lives of the wolves and that they don’t reproduce all the time depending on what they have to eat…lots of rabbits, mice, and deer..why are wolves always the BAD GUYS and have to shot by someone , instead of learning their habits and enjoying haviing them in our state…WOLVES have had a bad rap since people saw and heard them…they do not hunt people….really!!!!