MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The protest against the country’s financial industry, known as “Occupy Wall Street,” has grown to occupy cities from coast to coast and it’ll now be moving into Minnesota.

About 1,000 people are expected to protest economic inequality starting at 9 a.m. Friday on the Hennepin County Government Plaza. It’s in downtown Minneapolis between Minneapolis City Hall and the Hennepin County office building.

Organizers expect protestors, who claim they’re putting people before profits, will hold signs and chant, much like thousands of other protestors have done across the country.

“Make the corporations pay!  Cuts no way,” said some of them marching through America’s city streets. The mid-September rally at a focal point of American wealth, Wall Street in New York, has since pushed across country.

“And we still want a meaningful voice here,” said April, who’s one of the organizers of “Occupy Minnesota,” the name given to the protests coming to Minneapolis. “We are representing the 99 percent of Americans that don’t hold the power of the majority of the wealth here in this country.”

April said she wants peaceful protests, but if that stands, it’ll be dramatically different from what’s happened across the country. New York City Police pushed protestors back and arrested some once they recently rushed barricades. Tensions ran high in other cities too, including Los Angeles, where on Thursday police arrested 11 people for marching through city streets and in between high rises and other financial institutions before walking into a Bank of America branch.

Just like in other cities, Twin Cities protestors are expected to move outside Government Plaza and into other parts of downtown Minneapolis, as they push for economic change.  They’ll be coming from throughout the Midwest, from across Minnesota, the Dakotas and Iowa.

“We’ve got people spanning ages, spanning nationalities, races, everything. It’s a pretty widespread group,” said April, who added they plan to occupy Government Plaza not just for one, but for several days.

“I think we’re protesting this totally different than other cities,” said Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, who said he reached out to Twin Cities protest organizers and met with them this week.  “As long as we keep those open lines of communication, we’re not expecting problems at this point.  We’re expecting a very peaceful, non-event quite honestly.”

Protestors will be allowed to bring sleeping bags and sleep at Government Plaza, but a city ordinance won’t permit them to set-up tents. Protestors in New York City have been there for several weeks, but there’s no indication exactly how long these protestors might stay here.

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  1. stung4ever says:

    Wanting to keep your own money is greedy.

    But wanting the government to take away other people’s money for your benefit isn’t…

  2. sid says:

    bunch of bums with nothing to do. I’ve read a bunch of stories on these people and still do not know what they want other than a handout.

    1. Dave says:

      So, Sid does it make me a bum if I’m a recent combat vet. who’s in grad. school if I show up to the protest?

      1. sid says:

        If the shoe fits, being a vet and in grad school doesn’t disqualify you from being a bum. This group is very confused. They are mostly Obama supporters protesting against wall street which was a huge contributor to the Obama campaign. Obama bailed them out and decided not to have Eric Holder prosecute anyone. So shouldn’t you be protesting Obama?

        1. Dave says:

          I should mention that, yes I am a bum. I really don’t do anything other than school, which is paid for in cash due to my investments. I know I’m not anywhere near the “1%” but I’m comfortable. I also see the unfairness with the capital gains tax. Even though it does benefit me, why should it? I think if you were to ask a real economist about what is actually going on on Wall Street you’ll find your knowledge and logic is skewed. I doubt very much that anything I say will change your mind, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little more intellectually curious regarding matters this profound. Good luck to you, and I hope you’re doing okay and continue to do so.

          1. sid says:

            You definetly belong in that march. Its your kind of people. Hope it doesn’t rain on your parade and maybe you folks should get together and get your stories straight about what you want from the protest. You obviously have no idea.

          2. Jon Mellberg says:

            Dave, it’s a free country, pay as much in taxes as you like. Do you pay extra because you have it? I bet not not. There is a provision on your tax forms if you want to pay more than what’s owed. But you’re a typical liberal blow hole hypocrite. All talk. I hope you get the water cannon.

            1. Dave says:

              That’s really intelligent Jon. I’m glad I protect your freedom to throw poo. Why should I pay more taxes (especially when you don’t ask for it). I already donate approx. 10%-15% to charity every year, so you argument is moot.

              1. capitalist says:

                I donate to thrift stores. You shouldn’t have to pay more taxes.
                But he is simply implying that if you want to pay more, feel free, but I don’t want to, along with millions of other Americans.

                Unfairness with the capital gains tax stretches a lot wider than just big business, to your own personal life. Like, owning a house.

            2. Jane Highwater says:

              “Do you pay extra…” This is such a tired, illogical question. All the protesters are asking is that people who have MORE than enough, pay their fair share. If someone has already paid their share, you are essentially suggesting that they pay some fat cat’s share as well.

              1. just sayin says:

                How about the all the people that don’t pay taxes, pay taxes then?
                How about all the welfare collectors who get a little thing called an “earned income tax credit”? What’s the sense in that?

        2. SnowFire says:

          Sid – you don’t know the definition of a bum so why would anyone expect you know anything? Bush put the bailout of the financial sector into motion when he should have let it fail. You should probably oppose this group as they may put a dent in one of your many entitlements! Yeah, I’m calling you a wealthy bum – drain on the system. The financial sector doesn’t produce anything and you most likely don’t either.

        3. highwaterjane60 says:

          This group is not confused. This group is angry about 30 years of raw deal foisted upon regular American’s due to corporate greed. What is so confused about that message?
          So, as someone who will make over $150,000 this year, who has never been late on a bill in her life, who last year paid more than 50% of her earned income in State and Federal taxes, if I attend the protest, does that make me a bum?

    2. Let us fun MN says:

      Most American are afrain of anykind Protests just like you but these people are not. I bet you wont accept that. when is the last time you went out for protest>??

  3. Dave says:

    If they get what they want sid, it hurts rather than helps my immediate financial position. However, I’m about investments. And what better investment to make than in our country’s young folks? I do believe in a social contract sid. I didn’t get where I am by myself, society helped me, your tax dollars as well. The beauty of this thing is that it’s a “work in progress”. The issues that people are trying to grapple with and answer are vast and convoluted, although, they affect everyone regardless of political affiliation. You’re right, I have no idea either. But you can sense it just as well as I that there is something amiss. The protesters aren’t necessarily “pro-Obama”, many of them despise him. There are more Tea Party folks showing up everyday. This is the true “big tent” cause of our time sid.

  4. randy simons says:

    as ower of a small business located in minnesota since 1992 the past two years are the worst in my hard working life.our president said he was going to help the small business.my small company has been audited by the federal goverment and forced to pay more excess taxes.the state goverment has audited my company for sales tax also.there conclusion was i did not collect it corretly and i should pay the difference of the uncollected tax.my company charged tax on supplies and goverment says i owe it on the labor.no credited given to my companyfor the tax i did pay.department of labor and industry also audited my company and forced me to pay a large amount of money for not covering all employees under work mans comp.my question is how many more tax audits are being done on the small business since this new president.the goverment is trying to destroy small business.i see it as i try to create jobs and the goverment doesnt want myself to have a job.i feel like i have been robbed by the goverment i love and wanted to help now they try to destroy my hard work.also my grief with corporate america being a janitorial servive cleaning for a large corporatoin since 1996 have taken many pay cuts to keep my account or i am threatened they will find another cleaning service.i am very disappointed in this new america.

    1. SnowFire says:

      So you don’t think that your small business should have to operate on a level playing field with every other business and you are mad at the government for this, you should be mad at yourself. Successful businesses make a reasonable profit or get out; they don’t cut corners and blame the system when they get caught. They also don’t blame big corporations that can throw their weight around while you fold to their demands. You need to take responsibility for your situation and figure out how to be competitive and profitable instead of pointing the finger elsewhere. I know it would be easier if the government gave you a handout so you didn’t have to be competitive in the market place but that is exactly what the problem is.

      1. @Snowballed says:

        You don’t know jack about how to run a business, and the regs that are put on it!

    2. Jane Highwater says:

      I feel your pain, Randy. Hope you find a place to protest. The arguement that our government is trying to protect small business is a false front for the truth which is our government is trying to protect BIG business. Little micro-businesses like yours, are ants they crush beneath their greedy litlte feet without even knowing and certainly not caring.

    3. Citizen says:

      @randy. You tried to flout the laws. As a businessperson you should know the law. Remember that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. If you own a business, you are expected to comply with worker safety, IRS tax rules, etc. If you don’t, you can expect to be sanctioned. And that is entirely appropriate because other businesses are not lawless and have to compete and follow the rules. You think your business should be an exception? Then buy a politician like the big corporations do and get a piece of the tax code written just to benefit your business. It’s done all the time.

  5. End the Fed says:

    I know how you can protest. This is how my protest worked. I learned a foreign language. I quit my job. I left the US(S)A, and moved to Europe. I withdrew all of my money from the bank and bought land, gold, and silver in Northern Europe. These fools think the corporations are to blame. No, it is the Federal Reserve as Federal as Federal Express that has created this mess. Add in complicity by our ”Presidents” like Bush and Owebama and you see this mess. This organization has no leadership or goals. Go after the Federal Reserve, not the job creators.

    1. I wonder says:

      you wanna let those of us know how you found work in Europe? I’ve been trying to move there for the last two years but…my skills aren’t special enough. and my money in the bank will only last me about a year if that. So how did you get a work visa…being an american and all?

  6. Jennie says:

    This is so funny. Hippies from the sixties, union thugs, paid latinos, unemployed college kids. I hope it lasts, we all need a good laugh in this economy.

  7. John2 says:

    Well, People see big banks getting bailed out, making record profits, and those same banks are the one’s kicking family’s out there homes, gas prices going up,food prices going up, everythings prices going up but wagesare NOT increasing. What do you expect?

    Nothing wrong with RESPONSIABLE capitalism, just greeeeedy short term selfish capitalism is all we had for a while. They need to Occupy the FED, thats where the real greed is.

  8. me says:

    Good lord those people who are against the protest obviously have issues or, you’re one of those making well over 6 figures a year and have nothing better to do than to knock the little guy…those of us that are the 99. This needs to happen…it’s time the CEO’s stop making millions…when we make pennies…It’s time the banks pay us back for the bail out..instead of charging more fees and paying their top execs bigger salary’s. It’s time we bring jobs back from overseas to america so we can get those who have spend the last two years among thousands looking for work, back to work. It’s time we stop donating to charities over seas, and start donating to our own american charity’s. I’m so sick of everyone complaining about those who have a voice, being a bum. The fact is…they are just brave enough to finally take a stand and say NO MORE! I have a job…I am lucky..and…If I can …I will still be there this weekend…supporting the 99 who do not have jobs. because…I CARE!

    1. Jennie says:

      good one. ha ha

    2. snowman says:

      I compltely agree. This movement needs our support. I will be there too!
      Also, I heard Dave Lee on WCCO this morning making fun of the protesters
      Guess thats easy to do when you are making a 6 figure salary. everybody
      that supports this movement should boycott WCCOs sponsors

    3. Stick says:

      Get your facts straight. Only a few banks needed the bailout. Obama forced the other banks to take money so he could put restrictions on them.You can bank anywhere, local, internet, credit unions, whatever. They are competitive and offer differant services. They have the right to pay their CEO whatever they want and you can move your account. If you want to be mad at someone, Obama is the guy.

  9. Me says:

    Obama is my hero..for standing up against republicans who have done nothing but try to make him look bad by stopping everything he’s been trying to accomplish..in fact. Republican Majority leader said his number one goal is to stop Obama. he took over after this country was already destroyed by Bush..or was it Regan…so how about you get your Facts Straight!

    1. stick says:

      How could they stop him. He had two years of a demacratic senate and house for two years. He bailout the banks, he passed healthcare, he put the new restrictions on business, he slowed the expansion of oil and coal. He spent billions on boondoggles like solyndra. This is his economy and you are upset now when there is no jobs. Thats why this is so funny. You bought him, you own him.

      1. Proud Liberal-Democrate says:

        ummm if you recall…the bank thing happened during the presidential transition..it was also Bush..not just Obama…Most of this mess was already in the works thanks to Bush…

          1. Citizen says:

            @stick. Right. Bush is the President who started the bailout of the banks. Read your history.

      2. Citizen says:

        @stick. This Depression/Recession had its roots in Ronnie Reagan’s presidency. It has been 40 years in the making. It owes much of its birth to constant tweaking of the Federal Tax Code to benefit the wealthy and to encouraging corporations to create jobs overseas or not to create jobs at all. Since the wealthy vote with their money (or buy politicians and government with their money), it seems the only recourse for the 99% of the people without these huge cash reserves, is to put their bodies in the streets. Remember the Bastille?

        1. Carl says:

          So that’s why you are such a huge supporter of the Tea Party! Good to know

          1. Citizen says:

            @Carl. Would you like to explain your reasoning? I support the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution. I do not support the right-wing reactionaries who want to return to the 19th century or turn back the laws to stoning people for religious heresy. I eschew knowing what the Tea Party is because I do not read about them. The only political view I align myself with is the progressive populist movement which you can read about online.

            1. Carl says:


              You “support the rule of law and the US Constitution”. That is exactly what the Tea Party stanmds for. They also want to abolish wasteful Govt spending which anyone with a brain will acknowledge there is plenty of waste in our Govt. When it takes 13 govt entities to approve my business expansion, we are beyond the point of being reasonable.

              1. Citizen says:

                @Carl. As always the problem is in the definitions. What you see as waste another person sees as necessary. You want to expand your business….laudable. However, what is your business? Do you dispose of hazardous waste or garbage. Do you manufacture chemicals? Do you refine oil? A lot of people have an interest in having clean air or water. Or not having a junkyard next to a golf course. It is all about defining ourselves as a society and our goals. Since I presently have a role in some government regulations, I can agree that most “SEEM” wasteful, until you talk to others who share the opposing view. And that is what is presently missing in our national dialog, respect for the opposing view and an ability to pursue a national vision or even to define it.

        2. Jamestown says:

          Of course you blame it on a Republican. No mention of the 8 years Clinton had to fix it or the last 3 years of blowing money like white powder up a crackheads nose.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Jamestown. Um….I think Clinton did “fix” it. He left Bush a surplus and raised income tax rates on the wealthy.

  10. dan says:

    Amazing the Lib attempt at a Tea Party Like movement. I guess I didnt see any billy clubs being pulled on the thousands of Tea Party events over the past 3 years. In less than a week of the Libs attempt the police are already beating them back. Nice attempt at a civil protest.
    And whats up with no organized agenda? At least the Tea Party stands for following the Constitution and stop Govt waste.

  11. daneen says:

    I’m always shocked by how self rightous and hateful ppl are when defending the right. This is exactly the reason our country is struggling. Too much arguing and not enough compromise. I WILL be there to protest! My family and I have lost everything, including our home in the past. We are hard working, honest ppl trying to raise our children. Just like so many others, we continue to struggle financially. Always 1 missed paycheck from being homeless again. THAT’S why I’ll protest.

    1. Obama is your problem says:

      @daneen. What is your opinion of obamas job czar?

  12. hard rains says:

    Let’s all good people get behind the protests. It’s overdue, long overdue. Those who caused the wreck should pony up. It’s the right thing to do although the ‘right’ doesn’t want to. Playing fast and loose within the financial institutions then thinking they don’t have to be held accountable is more than just greedy it’s a childish reaction against accountability and a blatant attempt to deny what’s obvious. It’s also arrogance thinking we the common people should have to pick up the mess of a wealthy few. Protest we must.

  13. Citizen says:

    @hard rains. Yes, this is long overdue. The protester’s message is a fairly simple one: people matter, not corporations and financial institutions. People get hungry, cold, and homeless. People suffer deprivation. The youngest generation of job seekers entering the workforce is losing 10 years of productive work life to this Depression/Recession. I feel it should be called a Depression, but the media persists in calling it a “Recession.”

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Communist. Un-American. Traitor.

    2. Betty says:

      Lets see how quick we fall to 3rd World status once we close all corporations and financial institutions. Your Libby ways wont work. At some point in time the ones with the money get real tired of paying your bills.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Betty. If you read some news from other than U.S. corporate media sites, you would understand that the U.S. is already there, hence the protestors.

        1. Betty says:

          Let me get your quote straight. The US is already a 3rd World Nation? Just want to be sure before I tear you to shreds again.

    3. Richard says:

      200 people!! Insignificant!! Bye-Bye!!

  14. Citizen says:

    @Dale. If it is Communist to protest against government or business, then I guess the founding fathers of the United States who led the American Revolution in a fight against Great Britain, unfair taxation, and government occupation of the colonies fit your description.

    1. Dale Grible says:

      It is absolutely Communist to protest against capitalism and Freedom. I don’t believe that’s what the Founding Fathers were doing. You are full of treasonous, socialist lies. Ron Paul 2012!!!! God Bless America!!! Support Our Troops!!!!

      1. Citizen says:

        Thank you for affirming that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams and Ben Franklin were Communists.

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          No, they were protesting the tyrannical rule of a foreign monarch. The traitors today are protesting Free Enterprise and Liberty. They are un-American and they are opposed to the Liberty and Freedom that our Founding Fathers fought for. No amount of your treasonous obfuscation will make it otherwise.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Dale. Ah, yes your definition of free enterprise and liberty. Your free enterrprise is the right to enslave workers and pay starvation wages and the liberty to make all the money and leave people destitute and jobless. The right to watch people starve and become homeless–the new liberty in your world.

            1. Dale Gribble says:

              Spoken like a typical communist. Have fun while you can, comrade. When Ron Paul throws out the usuper in 2013, there are going to be some changes. Especially for atheist traitors like you.

              1. Citizen says:

                @Dale. Oh, I’m so sca-a-a-rd of your threats! My posts must be really getting to you for you to start threatening me with your insane rants. Ron Paul is a crazy old man on a power trip who is unelectable.

                1. dan says:

                  No citizen, your post are just annoying to anyone that waste their time reading your drool.

                2. Citizen says:

                  @dan. You are reading my posts.

      2. snowman says:

        Obama FOREVER!

        1. Betty says:

          Just like Jimmy Carter

          1. Citizen says:

            @Betty. Calling someone like Jimmy Carter is quite a compliment–not the sarcastic slur that you intended it to be. President Carter’s decency and civility were exploited and touted as weaknesses. They weren’t. His founding of Habitat for Humanity has been a boon to countless people and a second chance for them. He has done good works and lived his Christianity all his life. You would do well to heed his actions.

            1. sid says:

              He does well with his HfH, he just was a terrible president. That is undisputed.

            2. Betty says:

              @ Citizen.

              Carter was the founder of Habitat for Humanity? Wow! that’s like Gore taking credit for creating the internet. You may want to use google before making outlandish statements. Have you ever heard of Millard Fuller? Didnt think so!
              Again, another Lib taking something for themselves from someone else.
              Nice try

          2. jm says:

            Betty. Never mind Citizen. Every board has its know it all.

            1. Betty says:

              Everyone needs to put in their place. Citizen just makes it too easy, what a fool!

              1. Citizen says:

                @Betty. Ah, yes, Betty, name-calling, nastiness, put-downs, all the excellent tools of the uninformed and right-wing who have no coherent argument or facts to put forth. I take it as a compliment that you and I do not agree.

                1. Betty says:

                  Uninformed Citizen? Like calling Jimmy Carter the Founder of Habitat for Humanity. Talk about calling the pot calling the kettle black.
                  Try to state actual facts rather than making up stories and telling them with conviction. It makes your point a bit more believable.

                2. Citizen says:

                  @Betty. Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source or one to be cited to. I suggest you look for facts elsewhere.

                3. Betty says:

                  I guess reading Habitat for Humanity Website isnt a good enough source for you. You would rather read it in Al Gore’s how I stared the Internet Newsblog. Please just admit you are wrong and misspoke your facts, you are just digging a deeper hole Citizen.

        2. so sad snowman says:

          Snowman sounds a little worried he might lose his welfare.

  15. Citizen says:

    Conservatives apply ideology instead of common sense management to economics and that is why conservatives fail the people. They never let facts get in the way of ideology or reality.

  16. Historic says:

    That’s very true Citizen. They make outrageous claims about a history they actually have only the dimmest knowledge about and then speak as if they are saying something intelligent. They attack but have no real idea what they are talking about. That will never help matters but it is a guarentee that they will fight against the very things that will help our country and make it much tougher to remain a strong nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Ever notice that Communists and NWO United Nations stooges are always talking about “the people”?

      1. Citizen says:

        Uh, Dale, the U.S. Constitution was being quoted here by Historic. You remember the U.S.Constitutiion which founded a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people?

        1. dan says:

          And the Democrats are trying to change it to of ME, by ME and for ME!

        2. Todd W. Olson says:

          Actually, that’s Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

          1. dan says:

            OMG Citizen, How does you foot taste this morning? I almost fell off my chair laughing! First Betty, now Todd. Good work guys!

            1. Citizen says:

              @dan. Keep falling, dan. I quote for you, “We the PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” You can just look up the text of the U.S. Constitution for constant references to “THE PEOPLE.” Not corporations. And Betty’s citation about President Carter’s involvement in HfH, has a disclaimer at the top of the Wikipedia article that the information is biased.

              1. Todd W. Olson says:

                “Of the people, by the people and for the people” is a direct quotation from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Citizen. When you make a mistake, you ought to own up to it. People are more likely to take the rest of what you say seriously.

                1. Citizen says:

                  @Todd. When Lincoln wrote these lines it was a secondary paraphrase from the U.S. Constitution. When you officially cite something, you should refer to the source. Lincoln did not write these lines from thin air–he paraphrased them from the Constitution. The mistake I made was not being clear enough for the righties who can’t read and interpret.

              2. Betty says:

                Please read HfH own webpage on who the founding people were. Jimmy Carter is not one of them, side note in Wikipedia or not.

    2. Betty says:

      There you go, stick with Citizen. He has a great memory of our history. Like Jimmy Carter, the founder of Habitat for Humanity. You Libs are priceless!

      1. Reality sucks says:

        Stirring the pot? First of all Citizen is a “she” and we should all know that by now. Citizen has always been consistent in HER ideology so we shouldn’t be surprised by what SHE writes. Don’t have to agree with it, but her ideas are just as valid as the rest and typically very accurate. So, instead of attacking her, sticking to topic may waste less space. Jimmy Carter, if anything, put that organization on the map. These people protesting, for whatever reason they wish, have the right to do so. Considering the state of our economy, protesting seems to me the stand of last resort and over due. Gridlock, bickering, and stagnation have not worked. A question for Citizen: Since the Populists are not necessarily distancing themselves from Obama but not supporting him either, where do they stand? Are they just going to go with him because that’s all they have? Not that the republicans won’t be doing the same considering the line up of choices. Just wondering.

        1. Betty says:

          Jimmy Carter was not the founder of Habitat for Humanity. Call a lie a lie. Your shot at the Republicans could be the same for the Democrats. The question of the Populists is mute as they dont have a legitimate party or candidate.

          1. Reality sucks says:

            Jese, fired up there Betty? Forget the rest of your comment since it doesn’t make sense in response to mine—but really? Populists are “mute”? They are Americans with a political ideology and that is legit enough for me. When this country was founded, there were numerous parties in the mix just like now. I simply asked a question of a particular participant and instead I get an unrelated blowhole that discounts individual and minority thought. Thanks Betty. Lets just keep wasting space.

        2. Citizen says:

          @Reality. The Progressive Populists by default usually vote Democratic, although an enlightened Republican would be considered. That said, right now the PP’s don’t particularly care for President Obama, but are totally against the current slate of GOP candidates and what is being touted as the conservative agenda. The PP’s actually advocate working within or around the present governmental system to create economics that work such as organic agricultural cooperatives and business models that are not exploitative of labor or the environment. They support “green” causes that are workable. The PP’s are pragmatic and worker-oriented realizing that an economic system that cannabilizes and marginalizes the workers who build the wealth will not last. Even the wealthy must soon realize that without an educated, participatory workforce, their wealth will be endangered somewhere down the line.

          1. Reality sucks says:

            Thank you.

  17. just sayin says:

    All college kids, burn outs, high school, unemployed losers who haven’t contributed even a LITTLE dent into the tax system.

  18. Richard says:

    200 protesters. Almost as big as Code Pink!!!! Too funny!!!

  19. sortyman says:

    Looks like they are all hippies.

  20. Kristen Stueven says:

    Citizen’s my HERO! You tell em girl!!!

    1. Reality sucks says:

      I have to agree Kristen. I wish I knew her address, I’d send her a new lap top so she can keep herself goin’. I’m an independent, agnostic, fiscally conservative, socially liberal sort that holds my own line— but damn that chick’s got it goin’ on! You go Citizen. You do have some fans, though we are a little afraid of you at times. Ha!

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        She knows bugger all about the Gettysburg Address, though.

  21. Redneck Purist says:

    Man the water cannons. Time to clean the human debris off the streets. Hey, that’s a great idea. Bring out the water cannons and charge a few bucks for the opportunity to blast a few protesters. A lot of taxpayers would line up for that privilege. Think of all the money we could raise. And it would be great family fun. Bring the kids. Show them how capitalism works. Everybody wins

  22. common sense says:

    I wonder why? perhaps someone made some selfish decisions that led to all these people’s lack of money which means that they have nothing to give to the government. perhaps being poor is not a crime?

  23. AVET says:

    Im a vet, my sons are out there with Jesse, protesting Ifoght for that right..and if anyone starts shooting anything at them, we will be there all of us vets, from the VFW and the american LEGION IN MINN. GOD BLESS AMERICA

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