ST. PAUL (WCCO) – A 39-year-old Falcon Heights man pleaded guilty in St. Paul Federal Court Thursday to possessing and using a firearm to commit the armed robbery of a Dunn Bros. coffee shop in Uptown last October.

Carlos Maurice Harris pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. Harris was indicted along with Ronald Harold Moore on Dec. 7, 2010.

In the plea agreement, Harris admitted that on Oct. 27, 2010, he and Moore entered the coffee shop with the intent to rob it. Harris also admitted to tying up two employees with rope.

Moore, 48 of Inver Grove Heights, pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence on June 24. In his plea agreement, he admitted to pulling a .9 millimeter pistol during the robbery and demanding money from store employees. He also admitted to striking one of the employees in the head with his gun and kicking others.

According to court documents, Harris and Moore ran from the scene in opposite directions after the robbery. Moore ultimately surrendered to police and Harris was captured.

Both men are still in custody and have long criminal histories. Their prior convictions include first-degree aggravated assault and aggravated robbery in Washington County in 1994. Harris was also convicted of aggravated robbery in Anoka and Dakota Counties in 1990 and third-degree burglary in Dakota County last year.

Moore was convicted in Ramsey County of second-degree assault in 1983, third-degree criminal sexual conduct in 1986 and drugs prohibited acts in 1989. Moore pleaded to a 30-year sentence and Harris pleaded to a sentence of between 22 and 30 years.

Comments (4)
  1. DB Cooper says:

    the link on yahoo said “known felon accused of rubbing coffee shop.” Last time I checked rubbing a coffee shop is not against the law…. Maybe strange but not illegal. Maybe it depends what he was rubbing at the coffee shop!

  2. userdud says:

    A “.9 millimeter pistol”? So it shoots bullets as big around as a paper clip?

  3. Funny stuff says:

    Ha, the editor(s) here are much like the old physicians who used to bury their mistakes.

    The story used to be headlined noting that the naughty boy “rubbed” the coffee shop. That generated a few hoots ‘n hallars which have now been dumped from the comment section now that the headline has been neutralized.

    Heh, heh

  4. just sayin says:

    What pathetic losers.

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