MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You no longer need a cord to post the digital pictures from your camera online.

New digital cameras are being made with Wi-Fi built right in. If you don’t want to pay for a new camera, there’s a less expensive option.

One example is Samsung’s new SH-100 Wi-Fi digital camera. It lets you post pictures to Facebook or email the photos right from the camera. It retails for $199.

There are also Wi-Fi cards available that will upgrade digital cameras. Eye-Fi makes a 4GB card that retails for $49.99.

Another new tech option helps you put those old home movies sitting in a box to good use.

Best Buy has a new service that will digitally convert your videos. A wide range of formats that include VHS, film, and Hi-8 can be converted through iMemories, which retails for $49.99. The cost covers the conversion of two tapes. Additional tapes will cost $19.99.

After iMemories receives the tapes, you can choose which parts of the video to keep and which to discard online before the video is put on a DVD. From start to finish the process can take 2-3 weeks.

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  1. See BS says:

    If you scroll down so you can’t see the video, the cute blonde sounds like one of the two girls at the bar being interviewed by Margie in the movie Fargo.

    “Go Bears!”

    Her Minnesota Accent is thick!

  2. Ain't happenin' says:

    $200??!! But does it have a phone attached to it??? Dream on…

  3. steve says:

    The hot blonde has only a slight MN accent compared to Fargo. Cool camera feature if you don’t want a $600 no contract iphone and need a new camera anyway. If you don’t need a new camera, $50 mifi is a cool option. Don’t forget the hazel eyes or great smile options.

    1. See BS says:

      Like “Good Question” — maybe WCCO should re-visit this local pretty blonde for a segment called “Is that useful to ya’!?”

      I’m from California, so maybe you don’t hear it – it sounds funny when she says “out and about” and “I can see Russia from my house”