ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton is remaining neutral on where a proposed Minnesota Vikings stadium could be built in the face of report suggesting more hurdles for a suburban plan.

Dayton said in a news release Wednesday that he could support a new football stadium in either Arden Hills or Minneapolis as long as the project’s financing is clearly defined and deemed acceptable.

A report from a government board outlines extensive costs for land acquisition and cleanup for the proposed Ramsey County plan to build it on a former munitions site in Arden Hills.

Dayton says he plans to meet in the next few days with Vikings owners, legislative leaders, local officials and others with a stake in the project.

The team’s Metrodome lease expires after this season.

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Comments (44)
  1. Thats a daisy says:

    Ramsey County panel on Vikings vote: We are not the 99%

    Last night, the Ramsey County Charter Commission held its long-awaited vote on a Minnesota Vikings stadium referendum, and voted 10-6 not to put a referendum on the November 2012 ballot. Their reason? Allowing a public vote would be undemocratic:

    Chair Richard Sonterre said that for him, it wasn’t a decision about taxes or a public-private partnership. It was a decision on the role of representative democracy. An appointed body like the charter commission, he said, shouldn’t be challenging the authority of elected county leaders.

    There’s still the possibility of a petition drive to force a referendum, but for the charter commission to act would have been a much clearer path to a public vote.

    1. jan says:

      Where do I sign up to force a referendum? Those who voted no are evil and don’t deserve to represent the people of Ramsey County. This doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s just what I expected from them

      1. jackactionhero says:

        They’re evil?


        You’re so dramatic with your overwhelming hatred of all things related to sports. Let me guess… You’re an overweight old spinster who hates men. See, that wasn’t tough at all, Jan. A little too predictable maybe.

    2. glory simon says:

      why can’t the whole state pay the tax on the stadi/um ‘they all go to the games .we all enjoy rhw game and i think the owner is very generous about paying his share.

  2. tbone says:

    I am not a footbal fan, never have been. I do not want my tax money paying for this stadium. If it is voted on by my fellow ramsey County neighbors, and passed, then I can live with that. I cant live with a couple of representatives making that decision for everybody, because they will be biased, I am sure the vikings are lobbying the hell out of these reps and giving them perks to buy their votes. Let the citizens make the decisions

  3. Lemmings says:

    You have zero say what tour tax money pays for. The amount of your tax dollars that actually goes toward something you will actually use is small. Your complaining on public media forums will not change that.

    1. gdog says:

      Actually you are supposed to have a say for this type of referendum. However, the county board approved to no allow the voters to vote so the state government can now make the decision for those that live in Ramsey County. Just like they did in Hennipin County. It’s dirty politics and it’s sad how they ignore the rules when it suites them.

  4. quentin says:

    We elect representatives to make these decisions. It’s a football stadium for crying out loud. It’s not life or death. You don’t get to vote on more important things, like sending men and women into battle. You get to vote for the people making the decisions.

  5. glenlainey says:

    Well, the Governor gets an “F” from me. Can’t take a stand on anything.
    True leadership for the State of Minnesota.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I’m sure he’s just crushed…

  6. Kevin says:

    Gov Goofy Eyes strikes again……the press calls it neutral….reality is he is just too stupid to make a decision…..unless its what kind of dog he will get….This is what happens when you vote a RICH person into office….one who has no idea about real life! Spoon fed moron….

    1. Zing says:

      It would not surprise me if this is the same Kevin famous for his stupid racist comments made safely from behind his keyboard. Anyway Kevbo, any serious politician would try and stay neutral on a stadium deal in this economy. If you endorse it you are considered a pro tax wasteful spender if you oppose the deal you are traitor to your community and all the football fans. I think Dayton should step up and say no to any taxpayer funding going to this deal but it’s no surprise he is hanging back. It’s not stupidity it’s just politics. Anybody with an IQ that at least approaches average and an ability to reason could figure that out.

      1. dan says:

        The problem is that Dayton already came out weeks ago that he was in favor of a new stadium and keeping the Vikings in MN. Knowing full well that this was going to come on the backs of tax payers. Now after he sees there are people not if favor of the Stadium he all of a sudden is “Neutral”. Go figure, what a spinless and useless Govenor.

        1. Otto says:

          If you read and comprehend the article, you will see that the Governor is only neutral as far as the site is concerned. He fully supports the new stadium, he just isn’t getting into the argument over its location. That’s as it should be IMHO. He shouldn’t be the one to choose Arden Hills, Minneapolis, or any other location. His motivation is only to get the new stadium and keep the Vikings in Minnesota

      2. Kevin says:

        Famous? Really? I would like to thank the Liberals for making it so easy for me! I would like to thank the Somalians, Hmong, Mexicans, and our friends from Chicago who keep coming and sucking this states dry….and I have to thank God and of course Zing for giving me the fame I so desperately desire…..the movement marches on…

  7. Sandy says:

    My favorite site is LA! Bye.

    1. Mike says:

      I’m with you, Sandy. Let ’em go. Did anybody really miss the North Stars? Maybe what Minnesota needs is a break from the NFL and a new team in a few years.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Yes. People missed the North Stars. Just because you didn’t, doesn’t give you the authority to speak for all of us.

      2. jack says:

        how much and who will pay for this possible new team’s stadium?

    2. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

      For the hundreth time the last place the vikings would move to is LA. If LA builds a stadium there are more viable candidates for it. For example, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, Jacksonville to name a few. There is about a 1% chance the vikings would leave. Also, when Ramsey county voters elected the officials that made the decision last night about a no public vote you have no one to blame but yourself for voting those people into their positions!

  8. Zing says:

    If schools have to be subject to a tax payer vote for funding increases then why don’t the Vikings? I will not spend a dime in Ramsey county if they hit the tax payers for the bill on this suburban nightmare development for the sake of a sports team. There are much more important things to focus on.

    1. dan says:

      I dont remember a vote on the new Gopher Stadium??

      1. Zing says:

        Should have been votes on all of them…..

  9. Bot says:

    Everyone who opposes the stadium going up in arden hills needs to get a grip.. the tax hike is the smallest of percentages, an amount you will hardly notice as an individual. Second, that site is not used and looks deserted, we could replace it with a state of the art facility, that would be a perfect fit in the north suburb area, which WILL create a boom for businesses and help to create thousands of jobs for Minnesotans. Not to mention, the proposed site is in a location between st paul and minneapolis which is conveinient for everyone who wants to attend the games

    1. Mike says:

      Yes, barely noticable tax hikes is exactly how the government works on us. That’s why they call it a hike. They don’t throw it across the field. They hike it from the ground into the hands of the QB who then sends it downfield.

      1. Mike says:

        One final comment today. I don’t understand why FANS aren’t jumping at the opportunity to do something for their team other than stand up and argue for a state sponsored stadium. If you’re a Vikings fan and you want a new stadium for your team, put your money where your mouth is. Organize, pass a helmet, and build the damn thing yourselves.

        1. James says:

          We do put our money in by buying tickets to support the team! Guess what I would buy a ticket for $50 every year for 30 years. This would equal what ramsey county folks have to put in for a 1/2 cent tax. Are you happy now?

        2. No new taxes says:

          Right on. Let the owner, players and fans put up the statium, We, who don’t watch sports should not have to pay for it

          1. jackactionhero says:

            Yes. You should.

            1. Guy says:

              Then YOU should be paying for MY new state of the art computer system/home theatre … surround sound … vibrating chairs … wet bar

              20K should cover it nicely. I’ll take cash or cashiers check … start digging out your pennies…

              1. jackactionhero says:

                Irrelevant argument. Your analogy falls flat.

  10. Sandy says:

    Zing, dumb question, schools are not privately owned organizations making billions per year and paying millions out in salaries.

  11. Sandy says:

    Sorry, read your note wrong, you get it, I didn’t.

    1. Zing says:

      🙂 It happens. You can also reply directly to a post rather than starting one of your own if you like.

  12. Carl says:

    This is one of the largest State expenditures and you remain Neutral? WTH are you in office for? Is this not part of your job? What a waste of space! If you find it too difficult to perform your job please move on.

  13. tom says:

    as I said six months age, when the dust settles it will be in congested downtown mpls!!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Umm no.

      Please try to pay attention, Tom. It isn’t that difficult if you try.

  14. zippy wilt says:

    No stadium for zippy the pighead.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      There never was going to be one for Zygi.

      It’s for the state of Minnesota, not that you’re bright enough to actually READ or anything, right? You should be embarrassed at your own ignorance, but alas, stupid people never think they are the stupid ones do they…

      1. zippy says:

        No stadium period. For zippy or anybody else, including you.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          You don’t seem to have any arguments why you feel that way.

          To correct you though, no individual stands to gain a stadium out of this proposal, no matter what the end result is.

          It isn’t going to cost the residents hardly anything overall, and the jobs and cash that the area will gain will be tremendous.

          You just don’t have a leg to stand on in this debate. All you offer are cheap insults and weak name-calling. Hardly worth the effort.

  15. What the heck says:

    .5% here. .5% there. Who cares?

    We Do!

  16. Commonsense says:

    Talk about a bunch of whiners on here – build the dang thing already-the longer you delay the more expensive it gets. The dome has outlived it’s usefulness and is no longer viable for alot of things (not just football). I am not a football fan, but then again I’m not a fan of alot of things my taxes pay for, but lets look at the jobs this will create along with the revenue generated – I guess my only request would be that if we the taxpayers are picking up the tab then we should get a cut of the revenue that is generated.

  17. zeleTogue says:

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