By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Most people enter college as a teenager with the hope of graduating in four to five years, but in that same time span, one University of Minnesota freshman will be getting his driver’s license.

Eleven-year-old Lucas Kramer is nearly finished with high school, but he spends most of his time on the university campus.

A profoundly gifted young man, Kramer could read three-letter words by age 2 and read college-level books at age 5. His academic brilliance has made his life pretty busy.

“No time for cartoons or video games,” Kramer said. “I spend my weekends doing homework most of the time.”

Kramer’s father, Tim Kramer, said that his son’s perpetual curiosity leaves him with few quiet moments. Even at lunch with his chemistry professor, Dr. Amanda Long, Kramer asks questions, usually about his lab work.

“He definitely comes in with some creative questions,” Long said.

One question that Kramer is still seeking an answer to is what he wants to be.

“I’m thinking about maybe being a priest, researcher or a scientist,” Kramer said.

Whatever he chooses, Kramer said God will influence his decision.

“It’s just the one thing that I guess is really important in all I do is just try to do what God would want me to do always,” Kramer said.

For fun, Kramer works with the university’s solar car competition team. He said that Friday night they’ll start work on the motor.

Reg Chapman