MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minnesota Department of Commerce has identified 38 gas stations and 10 secondary distributors in southern Minnesota that received gasoline over the weekend with above-regulation concentrations of ethanol.

The department said that an investigation is underway to find the remaining stations and have the gasoline replaced immediately. An additional 10 to 20 stations may have also received the ethanol-rich fuel from secondary distributors, the department suspects.

Below is a list of the gas stations that received the ethanol-heavy gasoline and had it removed and replaced:

Name                                   Address                              City
Genesis Coop C-Store     840 East Main St                Belle Plain

Kwik Trip #330                104 Aspen Ln                        Belle Plain

212 & 1 Stop                                                                Danube

Kwik Trip #431               17 Stoltzman Rd                  Mankato

Kwik Trip #449             1291 Raintree Rd                  Mankato

Kwik Trip #334              1271 N River Dr                    Mankato

Kwik Trip #344              1549 Madison Ave               Mankato

Kwik Trip #432              1521 S Broadway St             New Ulm

Freedom                           627 N Minnesota St            New Ulm

Kwik Trip #806              303 Mineral Springs Rd      Owatonna

Kwik Trip #435              1075 W Frontage Rd           Owatonna

Kwik Trip #403              2270 46th St NW                 Owatonna

River Region C Store     509 W Main St                     Sleepy Eye

Super America               729 N Riverfront Dr             Mankato

Super America                201 Webster Ave                  Mankato

Hilltop Quick Mart        930 Madison Ave                 Mankato

Watonwan Farm Service                                               Blue Earth

Juba’s Fuel Express        219 S Main St                      Blue Earth

River Region Coop          PO Box 665                          Essig

UFC C Store                      1253 1st Ave                          Gibbon

HyVee Gas #5511              1720 S Cedar                       Owatonna

Cenex                                  1400 E Bridge                      Redwood Falls

Farmer’s Coop Oil           118Dupont Ave NE             Renville

Ericksons                            624 S Minnesota Ave       Saint Peter

Braun Oil                            23719 285th Ave                Sleepy Eye

River Region C Store       509 W Main St                   Sleepy Eye

Harvestland Coop             PO Box 278                        Springfield

Kwik Trip #466                1305 S Minnesota Ave      Saint Peter

Country Pride Coop          251 1st Ave S                       Windom

Erickson Freedom Value 712 2nd Ave N                    Windom

UFC C Store                        203 4th E                            Winthrop

Harmening Oil                  1400 S Valley St                 New Ulm

SSL Auto Service               626 N Minnesota St         New Ulm

Nicollet Mart                     220 Main St                        Nicollet

HyVee Gas                          2717 N Bridge                     Albert Lea

HyVee Food Store            1001 18th Ave NW              Austin

HyVee Gas                          2027 S Broadway              New Ulm

Tauers Super Valu           101 W Central St                Springfield

Secondary distributors that received the contaminated gasoline:

Name                                     Address                         City              

Wantowan Farm Service                                             Blue Earth

River Region Coop              PO Box 665                    Essig

Harmening Oil                    1400 S Valley St            New Ulm

Harvestland Coop               PO Box278                     Springfield

Staples Oil                             1680 N Redding Ave    Windom

Waterford Oil                      1260 5th St W                 Northfield

Hartland Fuels                     1530 Greenview Dr        Rochester

Olsen Bulk Service              336 Southbend Ave       Mankato

Farmers Union Oil              1208 W Lincoln              Olivia

Cenex Renville Coop                                                Renville


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  1. tammy says:

    so is there something we should be worried about if we got gas there and it was the bad gas????? will it reck our cars??????please update us on what to do.

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