ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Arwood reports raising just over $10,500 in the most recent fundraising quarter for his bid to unseat incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar in 2012.

Arwood is a councilman in St. Bonifacius in western Hennepin County. He and former state Rep. Dan Severson are the only announced Republican candidates so far hoping to take on Klobuchar, who is seeking a second term next year. Klobuchar announced last week she raised about $1 million in the third fundraising quarter, and has about $4 million total in her fundraising account.

Arwood reports having just under $7,200 in the bank He says in a press release that fundraising has not been his primary focus since joining the race in August. Severson has not yet released his third quarter numbers.

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Comments (24)
  1. Walter says:

    Minnesotans are stupid.
    The press will protect Klobuchar no matter what she does.
    She will win.

    1. gtV says:

      Quityourbellyaching! The fact is, regardless of MN political histrionics or rabid personal opinions from the MN hinterlands, Sen. Klobuchar is doing her job for all Minnesotans. Ask the folks who she has helped. At least, she is one of the rare US Senators doing her elected job as the Constitution states for her constituents. Now what’s your beef?

      p.s.; I speak as a classic moderate Republican, chum. She rocks for all Minnesotans even you!

      1. W Cronkite says:

        @gtV Well written, Senator Klobuchar’s public relations director. This almost sounded like it came from an unbiased citizen!

        Amy has been a great senator for you if you are very liberal. She votes with President Obama virtually all the time.

        1. Tom says:

          @ W. Cronkite

          Sort of like how the GOP voted for everything Bush wanted from 2000 – 2006!

          1. W Cronkite says:

            Yes, and I would suspect that the folks on the left would not have said the GOP folks were doing their job “for all Minnesotans” as the post above describes. The post appears to be a well-placed campaign piece intended to make Amy look more moderate than her record demonstrates. Likeable? Yes. Moderate? Not really.

        2. gtV says:

          @W C
          First of all, you ain’t Walter Cronkite or “W Cronkite”! With that said, I am no way shape or form the Senator’s PR director! Neither am I a full card-carrying liberal. Call me an American moderate with some very diverse views!

          Now, if you read what I said previously Senator Klobuchar is doing her US Senatorial duties in accordance with the Constitution and her MN constituency. Funny that you feel otherwise since MN politicians rarely do what they were elected to do. Get your facts straight, Senator Klobuchar represents Minnesota not a messed up political party dogma.

    2. Walter says:

      Yeah, you’re right. I really have no idea what I’m talking about when I make absurd and baseless statements about the press.

      I wish I had facts to back up what I claim, but I don’t. Mostly because there are none.

      1. Walter says:

        I will add that I am this way because I am a Tea Party member.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Walter

          I see you are Tea Party member! That does explain alot!

      2. Swamp Rat says:

        Your ignorance and laziness for the truth is showing!

  2. Kevin says:

    Who the bleepin’ bleep is “Joe Arwood”?

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Mickey Mouse’s distant cousin!!!

  3. just sayin says:

    So Amy can buy her way back into the Senate. All the un-employed people in her district should be really proud that she has over 1million to run on.

    1. Jim says:

      @ just stupid, she is a Senator. Tell us, just stupid, what exactly is “her district”?

      1. Jim's Civics Teacher says:

        Boy, Jim, you disappoint me. A U.S. Senator represents the people from an entire state. A “district” is “A part of a geographic unit marked out by law for a particular purpose” (See The American Heritage Dictionary), in this case, the State of Minnesota. Perhaps you’d prefer just sayin use the term “state” or Minnesota, but that doesn’t make his statement incorrect. I also think you got his or her name wrong. I thought we taught you to pay attention better than that. Sigh.

        1. effu says:

          Wrong dope. Congressmen and women represent districts. Senators represent states which are NOT districts, but STATES. States are then broken down into Congressional districts. IDIOT MORON, YOU need civics teachin’

          1. Effme? says:

            Wow, little feller. You really just don’t get it. A state can be a district, but a district is not necessarily a state. Nor is a state necessarily a district. In this context, a state is the district represented by a U.S. Senator. Your mom can explain it to you.

      2. just sayin says:

        Why are people just plain out right mean. Name calling, really. And let me guess you were a bully in school also. Grow up.

        1. just sayin says:

          Thank you Jim’s Civics teacher

          1. effu says:

            I read your posts every day, just stupid. You are one of the biggest name callers out there. Can’t take back what you give out?

          2. effu says:

            Civics teacher got it wrong.

  4. Murph says:

    Amy is a winner hands down when compared to any candidate from any political group! Nobody could beat her,not today,probably not ever.Certainly better than all the straw GOP POTUS boogers! The Mormons,the flip flopper,the pyromaniac,the 666 guy masquarading as the 999 guy.In the end NEWT will probably be the sacrificial lamb and take the 2012 beating!

    1. PollyAnna says:

      I sure wish I had your sunny-day optimism!

  5. Citizen says:

    $10,000 is nothing–barely enough to buy stamps.

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