MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minneapolis police say a man who witnessed an elderly woman being robbed and pistol-whipped shot and killed her attacker.

Authorities say the armed robber confronted the woman in the parking lot of a grocery store about 10 p.m. Thursday, took her purse and hit her in the head with his gun. A man who witnessed the robbery chased the suspect and shot him.

When police arrived, the witness told officers he had a permit to carry a gun and that he had shot the armed robbery suspect during a confrontation outside a nearby restaurant. He told officers where they could find his handgun. He was detained for questioning.

Police say the robber who was fatally shot was in his 20s. Investigators say they found his gun near where the shooting took place.

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Comments (53)
  1. Jake says:

    Know what?? It’s getting to the point that NOBODY CARES anymore about the reported senseless killings in Mpls, because our criminal justice system REFUSES to deal with them in the proper manner. So, ‘cco, milk this story all you want, it’s the same story that has been written over and aover again for the last 25 years, unless ‘cco is willing to do some really hard-core reporting on this issue, articles like this are POINTLESS.

    1. getoffyourhighhorseandreportyourselfthen says:

      Over and over again?

      Senseless killings?

      Did you read the story Jake?

      I don’t recall this happening recently if at all. Someone gets robbed, and somebody else shot the robber…please provide links to where this has happened recently, at it has to be local since you are so critical of WCCO’s reporting.

      As for this being a senseless killing – I’ll reverse that statement and say it was a senseless posting Jake.

      1. Thomas Schneider says:

        I remember the NYC Vigilante, and Chicago had the woamn who carried, not so long ago in the Northern Burbs the guy shot the off duty cop when the cop went nuts and chased the man and his family down in a road rage incident.

        1. @thomas says:

          Um. what?
          English, please.

          Besides, that post is related to the Minneapolis situation, how?

        2. markH says:

          @ getoffyourhighhorse- Please sober up before posting a comment.

          1. getoffyourhighhorseandreportyourselfthen says:

            and that adds what to this? ST you know what up.

  2. D says:

    Sounds like the shooter is a hero.

  3. It will have a sad ending says:

    The shooter will most likely end up in court for a long time since he chased the person after the robbery was complete. At least there you only one story to tell.

    1. Matt Pelphrey says:

      I don’t know if it’s a sad ending. I don’t know what the laws are in Minnesota, but if the guy CHASED the robber, then he probably broke the law

      I’m a concealed permit holder in Florida, home of the famous “stand your ground” law, and even here, if you chase someone, you’re doing it wrong. Use of deadly force is permitted ONLY when the life of you or someone else is in IMMEDIATE danger. In Florida, if the robber continued to stand over the woman and beat her senseless, then at that point you have a case. But if he just knocked her down, grabbed her purse and ran, the use of deadly force is still firmly against the law. At that point it is simply a robbery & assault, and a matter for the police.

      You might say that this creep deserved it, and the end justifies the means, but the fact is he likely broke the law. People who don’t know the law make the rest of us who do look crazy by association.

      1. Han solo says:

        HE needs to request a jury trial. Get me on that jury and he’ll walk. I’m sure others feel the same.

  4. KegHead says:

    St. Louis anyone?

  5. Thomas Schneider says:

    Vigilante justice arrives in the Twin Towns!!!!

  6. NotWhite says:

    Finally, someone stands up to these robbers. At least robbers will have to think twice about robbing now. Rob and get 50 bucks and get shot and killed or find a decent job join the rest of america by working.

  7. JUSTICE FOR ALL says:

    GREAT JOB HEREO!!!!!! Thanks for taking care of this DIRTBAG that our justice system wont deal with. Instead refuse to keep these people in jail and be held accountable for the crimes they commit.. GREAT JOB the good people of this city thank you for a job well done, it’s just to bad you had to do it rather then the justice system. I bet this DIRTBAG has a past of robbing people.

  8. Mannix says:

    All this guy has to do is use the same story the cops use and say “he went for my gun.” It works every time.

  9. Give him a medal! says:

    Justice For All and Mannix … AMEN bros! The city should have a ceremony and give this shooter a medal. Maybe even pay him a reward for garbage removal.

    Oh, and getoffyourhigh… we know who you are you pinhead.

  10. Beatriz Romo says:

    Although it is sad that someone died. At least this time it wasn’t the victim. This crime happens often, the robber gets away with very little, the victim is traumatized for a long while. The difference between a criminal and the witness of this crime is that he waited for police to arrive and explained what happened. The suspect would have fled until he was caught by police.

    I also read that the female suspect was questioned and released. Yet the good samaritan was arrested. Huh!

  11. JamieinMN says:

    The shooter should be PRAISED for doing his good deed. Good ol’ vigilante.

  12. Buggy says:

    Way to go Dude – Salute!!!!

  13. YES says:

    Thank You!!! This is a great story….one less thug on the street

  14. 70 year old lady says:

    I totally agree with shooting the person who robbed the lady, even if he had to chase the robber down and even if it is not legal to do so. I have considered getting a permit to carry, so I can shot anyone attempting to rob me. I know how to shoot a hand gun and would not hesitate to shoot someone trying to rob me.

    He is a hero in my book!

    1. whadupwichoo says:

      Conceal it in your depends! Great Idea Grandma.

    2. imagine it says:

      We won’t know if it’s a gunshot or taco gas coming out of that 70 year old bat cave!

  15. Scou says:

    Shooter should get a gold metal as far as I am concerned. The jerk pistol wiped an old lady. That boy is a hero for standing up!

  16. red says:

    If the shooter did not kill the robber, he probably would have been since the robber had a gun!. They better let this guy go!

  17. Killer says:

    Hats off to the shooter! There is a way around the system!

    You can find the released shooter in the Hennepin Jail Roster here (too much work for a Wcco reporter):


  18. Trash removal says:

    Finally some good news today.

  19. TL the alligator says:

    its people like Matt Pelphrey who posted earlier that scare the he..ll out of me if they were ever to sit on a jury….the shooter in this case is to be commended for his bravery and moxy…..and the shooter DID NOTHING ILLEGAL at any one point in this incident….on the contrary he did everything legally and he exemplifies why CC is a GOOD thing…..had this ordinary guy not been a witness to this crime the perp would have escaped and probably done the very same thing to someone else or even kill somebody……..this guy deserves recognition and a thankyou from every law abiding citizen.

    1. Bjorn says:

      Guess what genius…The shooter DID break the law, and he was too stupid to know it (you as well). He thought what he did was justified, and instead, he’s going to be in a heap of trouble. If he thought that he had the right to chase down a robbery suspect (instead of tending to the injured woman) and killing him over a few dollars, than he belongs in jail. Chasing someone down (premeditation) and killing them is called murder. It’s scary that idiots like him can get a C & C permit. It empowers them more. Maybe he’s watched too many bad tv shows or something. Like it or not, what he did was NOT justified. I can see maybe chasing the guy down and detaining him, but to murder him?!? This is not how to deal with a broken legal system. If you don’t like how it works here, do us all a favor and LEAVE!!!

      1. red says:

        Hey Bjorn- There was a confrontation- they both had a gun and the shooter defended himself! DAH!

      2. Lawyer says:

        He did the right thing and no he did not break the law. You read too many comic books Bjorn bro. Think of how many dollars he saved the citizens of Minneapolis Bjorn bro. Game over for another bro, bro,

      3. Blah Blah says:

        Wow, man. So how do you like robbing those elderly ladies?
        Those who condone the criminals are just as bad as the criminal themself.

      4. mannex says:

        The cops chase people down and kill them over a few dollars all the time. Now if this guy really wants to be a hero he should chase down and arrest a few wall street bankers.

  20. Kevin says:

    READ carefully. It appears that he chased the robber and then there was a confrontation between him and the robber. If at that point he was put in fear of extreme bodily harm or death, he had the right to defend himself.

    WAIT to hear the whole story before making a determination.

    1. Bjorn says:

      OF COURSE there was a confrontation! I don’t think anyone thinks he shot him while in full stride! Does anyone think that the fact that the shooter had a gun on him did not play into him chasing him down in the first place? Clearly, he knew damn well that that gun was coming out at some point, or he wouldn’t have had the ball to chase him until he caught him.

      1. Curt says:

        where in LA-LA land do you live?
        Why is it, we here very litle about the attack of the woman and how she is. Seems no one really cares.
        It’s about time people start standing up for the victims and not worriing so much for the rights of the criminal.
        We need more people with good old common sense and a CC permit.

      2. Laxwase says:

        I am afraid Bjorn is right. Minnesota law and courts generally look at four elements to determine whether a case is self-defense:
        — Whether the person was a “reluctant participant” and took steps to avoid the conflict.
        — Whether the person had a reasonable fear of immediate death or bodily harm.
        — Whether the person was faced with deadly force.
        — Whether retreat was impractical.

  21. The Rodentman says:

    As a MN permit holder I will be watching this closely to see how it plays out. Whether or not the shooter is charged is critical to the interpretation by law enforcement of citizens’ rights.

    1. smb says:

      You may also want to pay attention to the civil case that is sure to follow.

  22. sean says:

    A carry permit is just that… to carry (nothing more). This guy will on on trial for murder. Regardless of the whole story, you cannot chase someone down for any reason, get into a shoot out, and get away with a self defense claim.

    1. Jeff Hortian says:

      But if the cops do it is ok?

      1. bjorn says:

        This guy isn’t a cop. It is ok in the sense that its their job to do that. not some random numbskull with a gun.

  23. smb says:

    A conceal and carry permit does not equal a badge.

    While the gun in his pocket may have given him the courage to stop the robbery it also gave him the stupidity to chase the suspect.

    I’m not going to mourn the robber but we do not live in the wild west and I’m not going to praise someone for killing another.

  24. Jeff Hortian says:

    On kare11 they said that the guy who shot the robber has to prove that he is incident?? Under our system don’t the proctors have to prove he was in the wrong??

  25. QUETTA3182 says:


  26. MN Carry Permit Instructor says:

    Laxwase is the only correct one. The four pillars governing the authority to use deadly force in MN are:
    1. Must be in reasonable fear of great bodily harm or death.
    2. Must be a reluctant participant.
    3. Must have no reasonable means of retreat.
    4. No lesser force would suffice. Deadly force was required.

    While this man can claim 1, 3 and 4 reasonably, 2 is definately out.
    He involved himself in a conflict that wasn’t necessary. His only defense is to suggest he was preventing the bad guy from commiting another violent crime; which would be pretty tough to convince a jury of (based on what we know).

    Personally I doubt they charge him. Publicly it would look VERY bad to defend an old lady from an attack and then be charged for it, but he did in fact break the law and he broke the CARDINAL RULE when the police arrived. He didn’t shut his pie hole and he blabbed to the police.

    His instructor did a poor job and/or this guy is missing a few cards.
    While I applaud him for intervening on the woman’s behalf, he was no longer defending her and the subsequent shooting might land him in prison for a long, long time.

  27. PO'd says:

    He is a hero!!!! If more people shot these punks instead of candy a$$ judges letting them walk there would not be the problems we have now!!!!!! Load up and keep shooting people!!!!

  28. Better with age says:

    This time only the bad guy was hurt. What about the next time Johnny G-Badge decides to step in to get a purse? I don’t want idiots shooting to protect property, Life yes, property no. Wrong move. Play it forward, what happens if this guy really has to protect himself again, will he get a pass the next time??????

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