MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A robber with a shotgun is targeting several metro area businesses. He’s hit five places since Oct. 4, taking cash from convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

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Molly Fritz’s family knows there’s a certain risk that goes with owning a convenience store.

“Just frustration. It’s constant, it’s irritating,” said Fritz, whose family owns several convenience stores.

At least twice a year, Fritz said her shop becomes a target for a robbery. Surveillance video from one of her family’s, Stop-N-Go stores shows a man in a brown hooded sweatshirt walking into the store at 9:45 p.m. Saturday.

“He’s pretty brazen. He doesn’t care if customers are inside or it’s empty,” said Lt. Michael Fossum with the Minneapolis Police Department.

He pulls out a single barrel, sawed-off shot gun and then demands money from the cashier.  He then turns his attention to the customer and takes cash from that person’s pockets.

“He’s very cool.  He’s done it before, which makes it more dangerous,” said Lt. Fossum.

Police believe he’s in the midst of a month long crime spree that started at a Flag Foods in South Minneapolis. Six days later he hit a Taco Bell on East Lake Street.

Three days later, South St. Paul police reported a similar robbery at a convenience store. Surveillance cameras there were able to capture some of his face.

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“He’s not nervous and not in a hurry, which makes it more important to get this guy,” said Lt. Fossum.

That was followed by the Stop-N-Go robbery and a Jimmy John’s on Sunday.

“Same thing at Jimmy John’s. He robbed the business and everyone that was inside,” said Lt. Fossum.

Fritz said he left with only $80 because the employees are constantly dropping cash in a safe.

“They don’t understand that. We don’t have the cash on hand. Our employees don’t hold that cash on hand,” said Fritz.

It’s a small payout and another reason why police think other businesses may be at risk.

“We suspect he has a drug habit and is fueling cash from these robberies,” said Lt. Fossum.

Police said they won’t be surprised if he’s responsible for other robberies in the area. He stays in the store for about a minute, which during a robbery, is a very long time to stick around.

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