The White House has given WCCO-TV an exclusive invitation to go to Washington, D.C. for a behind-the-scenes tour of the executive mansion.

And, while we’re there, our very own Amelia Santaniello will also get a chance to have a one-on-one talk with President Obama.

You can watch our exclusive reports from the White House starting Monday — with the behind-the-scenes tour and the interview with President Obama in our newscasts on Tuesday.

But before we go, we want to know what questions you have for the president. Leave a comment below — and who knows, Amelia might just ask your question to the Commander in Chief.

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  1. Mark says:

    Whether it is the Tea Party movement or the recent Occupy Wall Street movement it’s obvious that people from both sides of the political spectrum feel they have a government who answers to special interests and not the will of the people. Will you support a constitutional amendment reversing the Supreme Court’s interpretation of corporate person-hood and ensure that the U.S. Constitution protects only the rights of living human beings while corporations and other for-profit institutions are prohibited from attempting to influence the outcome of elections, legislation or government policy through the use of aggregate resources or by rewarding or repaying employees or directors to exert such influence?

  2. bruce & jane says:

    Please tell President Obama how important we believe supporting Israel is to the future of the United States of America. And ask him if he will unconditionally support Israel if reelected.

  3. Mike says:

    We authorized the expenditure for the Irag war. We authorized the expenditure for the Afghan war. We authorized the expenditure for the Wall Street bailout. Where did the money come from to pay for these expenditures? How are we going to pay it back?

  4. Dennis B says:

    When is the US going to convert from the English system of measurement to the metric system like the rest of the world?

    1. Danielle says:

      I don’t know that just straight up switching would be such a great idea. If it is decided we should convert some day, I would suggest integrating it into the lessons in the schools. Give it just as much attention as the English system is given. That way, more people would know it when or if they decide to fully convert.

    2. Little Tin God says:

      Late to the party here, but we already tried that about 30 or 40 years ago and it fell flatter than a pancake.

  5. Danielle says:

    I have heard reports saying that some of the people who supported him in the first election, won’t in the next campaign. What does he have to say to those people as well as others who are not sure they want to support him again to get them to vote for him?

  6. Daphne says:

    I would like to know how come my bank TCF can charge me if my account is negative more than $5.00 (for which it was but it was brought up to -12 b/c a direct deposit of 100.00 was put in, so now every day I am being charged 28.00 dollars. I don’t not have or will I have any money to pay this fee. I am currently paying my mortgage and Chapter 13 payments. I’d like to know why they can get away with doing this?

  7. Liam McLaughlin says:

    Bullying has been a huge issue with teens in the United States recently and I know you talked to Lady Gaga briefly in California about creating a law to make bullying illegal. I just want to ask, “Have you started to create a law yet?” and “Will it ever become a law under your presidency?”

    Thank you!!

  8. Vicki says:

    Why not take back congressional perks while cutting other programs? Warren Buffet’s ideas.
    *Congressional Reform Act of 2011*

    1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office
    and receives no pay when they are out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All
    funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security
    system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system,
    and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for
    any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay
    will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the
    same health care system as the American people.
    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12.
    The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen
    made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor,
    not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours
    should serve their term’s), then go home and back to work.

  9. Sally Mills says:

    Can the interest rate on student loans be reduced to what it was in 2000? (I think it was 4.3%). It’s ridiculous that at 6.7% it’s higher than mortgage interest rates. It never was before the Bush Administration raised it.

  10. lisa Laflair says:

    What does President Obama think his biggest accomplishment has been?

  11. nick says:

    How Does Taxing folks in a position of advantage {the Wealthy } have any affect on them ? Won’t they simply pass it on to us – the other 95%?

    Doesn’t the same go for taxing corporations?  How does that  help us tax payers? Aren’t they simply a tax conduit and pass it on to us the other 95% in their products and services.  

    More government revenue thru taxing the wealthy ineffectively is not the answer. 
    How does taxing the upper 5% of the income earners with a complex / flawed tax code help the other 95%! 

    Aren’t there ways to design a simpler tax system that would truly tax the wealthy if that is the goal vs a smoke and mirror political fast one?

    For Example As a start: Create linkage in publicly held companies between the core worker’s income [ I.e the worker who represents the DNA or essence of that company’s product or service]  and  privileged upper management.   Anything above that guide line ratio would need the owners [stock holders] approval.  We need to control excessive CEO pay & bonuses in public companies to limit core worker demoralization,  employee vs management adversarial relationships, and simple balance.  When even a bad CEO makes more money in a few minutes or when fired than the other 95% make in a lifetime the system is broken.

    Isn’t Paying for current spending increases / or reducing debt  via taxing the wealthy with our current tax system flawed? Won’t that end up as a back door tax on the non-wealthy { the other 95%} and only a  small percent of the wealthy who cannot pass a tax increase on because they are earning their wealth in the private sector vs a public company were the owners and even union employes have no control over top management compensation.

  12. Todd says:

    I would like you to ask him where he sees Education in this country going?
    Will we ever see the majority support education instead of blaming it?

    How about keeping families engaged and accountable for their childs education?

  13. Pauline says:

    My question realy has nothing to do with politics, I would like to get to know the man. So I would like to know what his favoite breakfast cereal is. I know this question is odd, but I think that many often forget that he is simply a man who has the same wants and desires as we do. I would also like to let Presdent Obama know that I think that he is noing a good job in his leadership of our country. There are those that think other wise , but if you step back and think about what he is doing and what he can do you will see he is doing the best he can with what he has to work with, Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry.

  14. Benjamin Schafer says:

    Why are the lawmakers considering cutting SS and raising the retirement age?

  15. Chris Moe says:

    With the overly-complicated tax code being what it is and missing so many people who are not paying taxes on cash they are bringing or getting tax credits, why not switch to FairTax instead? We’d make the tax money you want and also save money by eliminating a lot of what the IRS has to do to audit people.

  16. Denise says:

    We hear a lot about job creation, but what about job preservation? What is or can be done to stop the off-shoring of US jobs? I would have liked to attend President Obama’s last visit to MN, but I couldn’t — I was in Manila training people there to do my job while people in the US were being “let go” by the company.

  17. John says:

    I have three unemployed children They want to work but can not find jobs. A commone response is you are over qualified. Why is being too good a cause for not being able to work?

  18. A.M. Walls-Windhauser says:

    There are many families with children in homeless shelters here in Minnesota; homeless because of the crafty foreclosure scams of big banks.

    So, for obvious reasons those children do not function well in the classroom.
    What a big price to pay so that Wells Fargo can make record profits. MAKE THE BANKS HIRE THEIR BORROWERS!! Homeowner/Taxpayers don’t want “credit to buy a car” when they don’t have a JOB or a HOME for their family.

    Why is the focus on profiting from foreclosures and NOT families displaced?
    Banks are not held accountable for ARM loans PAYMENTS NOT DECREASING if interest rates FALL. Banks are not training their personnel to decrease ARM loan payments.

  19. Marilyn says:

    Thank President Obama for continuing to be a voice of reason amidst the cacophony of Washington.

  20. Mary Seidel says:

    Please ask him if he watched PBS “Frontline” report about the detention centers for illegal immigrants? If no, please do so, and if yes, when will he do something about the mistreatment of the “prisoners?” Mary Seidel

  21. Char says:

    Please ask President Obama to reveal the CORRECT Federal Employee’s pay. I myself am a Federal Employee in Minnesota and am so tired of hearing the media report that the average Federal worker makes $127,000 per year. When in fact, 80 to 90 % of the Federal employees make between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. If the Federal employee in Washington DC makes that much money, then something is very wrong with the system. And there’s is something wrong with the media for reporting false information. And because of the false information, Congress is trying to make the Federal Employee shoulder the whole burden of the deficit. We, the Federal employee are also affected by the rising cost of everything in this country. Without the COLA increase (which is very minimal, to say the least), it gets harder every year. I am one of majority of Feds that makes $44,000 per year, with a husband on Social Security Disability from an extremely rare form of cancer he got from Agent Orange when he served in the Army during the Vietnam war. We are struggling. His retirement has been depleted due to medical costs and we are now starting to dip into mine (TSP) to cover house repairs, etc. Please ask Congress to stop putting the Feds out in front of the firing line. We’re still working because we settled for the lower paying jobs in the first place, while everyone that is currently out of work, settled for the higher paying jobs. Now that the higher paying jobs are no more, everyone wants to persecute the Federal employee. Somebody needs to put a stop to it.

  22. Rita Schmit says:

    1. Why does congress and other government offices have different health programs than the citizens of United States? Why does the health coverage continue after the person is no longer serving office? Will the citizens of our country ever have a chance to vote on this issue?
    2. Will a limit of money spent for elections ever be limited to a certain amount? Could a certain percentage like 1% spent for elections ever be required to pay off the national debt? Also a time limit prior to an opening of an office for campaigning to begin?
    3. Why isn’t there a refinery built in North Dakota near the oil fields? Why are there not more refineries built in America? Is it big oil business that is stopping this so they can make more money? Why is electricity regulated and not oil?
    Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions.

  23. Sue Hendricks says:

    The republicans are aware that they do not have a candidate that will beat Mr. Obama, so they have resorted to fixing the vote by passing the Voter ID laws in forty-one states. Has anyone looked in the requirements of obtaining an ID? The easiest way is showing your birth certificate, if you don”t have one, you can fax or mail the application, after it is signed by a notary public. The cost is $18.00, and no walk-ins are accepted. It takes 2-4 weeks to process.. You can’t just walk into the DMV unless you have all the requirents in hand., People need to be aware of the time period if they wait too long, they wont’ be able to vote. How can the president win when the republicans have fixed the vote?

  24. RK says:

    Why don’t the democrats fight more, in a public way like they say they want to, for the ordinary people?

    Why are nursing home expenses so high for taking care of our elderly? The elderly need to be considered more of a priority and the costs need to be reviewed and regulated some how. There needs to be advocates for those who don’t have a family to participate in their nursing home experience (all aspects). We tend to forget about the elderly in our nursing facilities and need to remember we wouldn’t be here without everything they did before us.

    Why are we not increasing the minimum wage in proportion with all increased costs, such as health care, living costs, higher education, taxes, etc.? Many cannot live on minimum wage.

  25. Launette Tisdale says:

    There are all kinds of financial assistance programs for those people who can’t or don’t pay their mortgage or other bills (energy, etc) Why is there no “assistance ” for those of us who struggle to pay our bills each month to maintain our good credit? We live from paycheck to paycheck, but we do pay our bills. There is never any help for us! Yet those who can’t, or choose not to pay their bills get help. In fact, there are “fees” tacked on to our bills to help companies recover costs of those who don’t pay? WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR LOSS? (the phone bill fees are a good example)

  26. Gina Soukey says:

    I am wondering if they know about Girl Scout Gold Awards and Eagle Projects or do they just get a list of names?

  27. Kristina says:

    Hello, i really hope you ask this ? for me, i want to know when somthing will be done with the imagration reform because with out it this country will fall because they are hard workers. my husbend is illigal and we have been trying so hard for years and he still ant legal and we have been together for 7 years and married for 4 and have a 5 year old little girl. He works so hard to support us and he even wants to go to college so he is in process to get his GED, he has 2 more tests and he will be done and he scored really high on the other tests, so i dont get why this is so hard for the good people to get liegal please ask him why this is so hard, i thought they were going to do drug checks and criminal back checks and if they have none they should be good and expecally if your married and have been together this long and waiting for somthing good to happen like us, thats all we do is good and get nothing in return, i just want him legal so we can live our lives its bad when we dont want to have another child in case he has to go to mexico, if that happens i would not want my children their as well as my husbend, this is not living and we have waited long enough, i wish it was like it used to be if a us married an illigal they would get legal, you cant help who you fall in love with. please amila if you could help i would be greatful to you.

  28. Chris says:

    Given what happen with the BP oil leak in our beautiful Gulf of Mexico why would you allow more drilling,We still do not know the extent of the damage done that will never be restored in our lifetime.

  29. Tim says:

    Why do you drink water from plastic bottles (which take upto 450 years to decompose) instead of a glass like an environmentally-conscious President should? Also, why do you waste a new pen for every letter of your name when signing a bill into law? Aren’t we ALL supposed to be saving money?

  30. Catharine McEachern says:

    It is so horrifying how families are being broken apart by an arbitrary determination that individual illigals must leave. Some of them are married – some legally, as in hetero, some only by state as in gay. Many have children who are citizens here. Some are caring for critically ill or dying spouses (who are citizens), some in the news, some not, some even write to the president for help but it is not granted. By ill luck of chance, they must leave. What can be done to keep these families together?? Who is deported is so random…. families need to be taken care of, as the family members are taking care of each other.

  31. Colleen says:

    I would like to know why Medicare and Social Security are on the table for budget cuts? Millions of Americans have spent their entire lives paying into these two programs,and I would like to know why Congress or members of our Government don”t pay into these programs? Maybe if they did they wouldn’t be so quick to want to tap into it.

  32. Allen Messerli says:

    Ask if he sees any slmilarities between the Greek nanny state cultural situation and where we are headed.

  33. nick says:

    Why not reduce the cost of education and improve it at the same time?

    Why not open up some teaching positions to 2 year degree programs? Why does one need a Masters degree and its associated higher pay to teach
    something they learned in the 4th grade? They are clearly over qualified and bring this up with their comments all the time. “We are under paid relative
    to other professionals..etc” The unhappiness of our underpaid [ substitute over qualified ] teachers is epidemic.

    A happy teacher who’s personality and education investment are better matched to the level of skill actually needed would produce better outcomes.

  34. Gilbert L. Bauman says:

    Dear Amelia:

    Will you please ask the president the following question.

    “When the Fed creates new money, is it creating new wealth? If so, why are so many people living in poverty? If not so, what does money printing accomplish?”

    Many Thanks

  35. Carla Kurth says:

    Hello Amelia, please ask the questions that Vicki and Rita asked along with, why the American people have to have this health care plan while the senators and congressman have a better health care? What is good for us should be good enough for them? Also, why aren’t the US citizens in Arizona and Texas better protected in the USA from drug cartel in our own country?? I voted for this President and I think these two questions along with our economy are very important questions. We need jobs and we need money to live. How about taxing the richer people like Mr. Buffet said. He probably pays less than I do and I am middle class. Thank you for your time.

  36. Larry Ripplinger says:

    I agree with Carla above ie: there are areas in Texas and Arizona that are on our soil that our citizens are advised to stay out of because of the dangers from these criminal elements. If our National Guard are sent overseas, thier first and foremost should be to protect our own soil in our own country. I dont want to hear the lame comment that our national guard is down there assisting the border patrol, when we also have them in Kwait and Aphganistan. The National Guard should be what its name says “The National Guard”.

  37. Evelyn Bishop says:

    Hi Amelia; I am a married female veteran and I’ve been unemployed for over 2 years, it took 6 months to get part-time work and lost it in January. Ask WHEN will jobs start opening up? there are hundreds of applicants for every job so the companies seen to blow off or ignore most applicants. You announced on the news that social security will get a cola raise next year, will military retirees get one too? they raised the copay on our tricare insurnace so shouldnt a raise be coming to cover that? Due to my situation, I had to draw from my annuity to pay for home repairs and catch up on house payments.

  38. D Felten says:

    Please ask the President, why do employers do credit checks. What does your credit score have to do with how good of an employee you would be? It is worse then debtors jail. No one can get ahead. Where is the justice in this? Level the field and let everyone start from scratch. Forgive everyone’s debt.. and lets all start over. A persons credit score has nothing to do with employment. Give us all a chance. Thanks

  39. J.Johnston says:

    When are we going to start building our own refineries, we have the military bases that are not being used to plant them, let’s use them, get this country moving toward independence, we have the resources!! It takes time, so stop wasting it. Also, government is to govern not to run every issue that comes up, we are a nation of very intelligent people let us take care of ourselves independently. Also when are we going to stop spending what we don’t have, hasn’t the government seen what happens when you over extend yourselves. Govern please. People need to solve our own problems, government is not are solutions. We will have so many laws over us that we will not be able to do anything at all soon. Thanks for the chance to speak out.

  40. Ryan Olson says:

    I have two questions to ask, one about secret clearances and the other about the secret service.

    Is there secret information that the President of the United States can not even have access to?

    Does the President have the power to overrule Secret Service whenever he wants?

  41. Wendy Malecha says:

    Self employed people pay their entire individual health insurance premiums. Rates are so high many are reaching into their retirement nest eggs to maintain their policies. There are credits for businesses with employees to help with paying heqalth insurance. Why are there no credits to help self-employed people, the mom and pop businesses, the farmers?

  42. nick says:

    Why not fix part of the health insurance crises at no cost to the gov’t?

    Why do people who self insure or are uninsured get billed x amount for a medical visit/procedure while the median negotiated amount for the same visit/procedure is around 1/3 of x ( where x = the retail price) ?

    Billing the uninsured or self insured at a rate pegged to the median negotiated rate would make it up to 3 times easier to self insure successfully or for the uninsured to actually pay a bill that drives them into bankruptcy today.

    This would reduce the burden on the uninsured who struggle to pay their bills and allow more people to self insure all at no cost to the gov’t.

  43. Lorrie says:

    Hello Amelia,
    This is probably too late to make it to the list of questions you will be asking President Obama however, I do want to put these questions all related to Medical issues out to him in some way:
    Actually, my first 2 questions are derived from reading through the posted questions, the 1st one being, in almost any other employment sector, when employees resign or are not rehired, their Medical Insurance coverage ceases with an option to continue for a finite period of time utilizing COBRA. Why, then is it that those in the legislature are allowed to continue the same Medicial coverage and not have to ever go on COBRA even though the majority return to previous employment with insurance intact?
    #2 Continues in the same theme with Insurance but this time in relation to Small Business Owners: Why cannot the SBOs form a conglomerate and in that way be able to find other businesses of same type/size wanting same coverage thus increasing buying power?
    #3. Now, this concerns me & those also receiving Social Security Disablity Insurance and end up on Medicare & usually Medicare assisted health insurance: Obviously I and others on SSDI are receiving it because of a disability or a disabling medical condition/disorder or conditions/disorders. However, the none of the Insurance Plans provide or cover specialized care that I require. We have to fit in to “Senior Care” needs rather than Medicare meeting our Disability and Special Care needs. When will these medical insurance plans be split so that the needs of each group be fairly met?
    Please, also thank President Obama for his perseverance against the nay -sayers and Republicans and press on for the Americans that need his help.

  44. David says:

    Hi Amelia. I have a question for Presiden Obama. Hopefully it is not too late. Recently, President Obama proposed a law to help homeowners that are upside down in the mortgages with high monthly payments and high interest rates. The stipulations however were that the loans be serviced by Freddie Mack or Fannie Mae and the last six months payments current. Is there any help to those hard working Americans who have loans that are NOT Freddie Mack or Fannie Mae and the last six months are not current due to high monthly payments? Is there anything you can do to help those Americans wanting to keep their homes? David