ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — The St. Cloud School Board has approved an agreement which ends an investigation into complaints that Somali students were being harassed.

The school district has denied it committed any civil rights violations, but agreed to take steps to ensure students are not subjected to a hostile environment.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations lodged a complaint last year with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. The Minneapolis-based group said Somali students were subjected to harassment and discrimination and that the district did little to prevent it.

The district has agreed to better communicate its anti-harassment policies, among other things. WJON reports no fines were levied and the district won’t lose any state or federal funding.

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Comments (48)
  1. Lanny says:

    AGREE!!!!! all of’m including that one sittin in jail whinning about her headscarf, ship’m back!!!

  2. Down with terrorist says:

    agree there are homegrown terrorists who we educated and they go back and tires to kill us all we need to wake up.

    1. em1022 says:

      I blew a Somali cab driver last summer for a ride home to Burnsville after the Gay Pride Parade.

    2. 2012 says:

      Two Coffees in Heaven!Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, Barrack Obama meets a man with a beard.’Are you Mohammed?’ he asks. ‘No my son, I am St. Peter; Mohammed is higher up.’Peter then points to a ladder that rises into the clouds.Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than St. Peter, Obama climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs up through the clouds and comes into a room where
      he meets another bearded man. He asks again, ‘Are you Mohammed?’ ‘Why no,’ he
      answers, ‘I am Moses; Mohammed is higher still.’Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he climbs the ladder yet again, he discovers a larger room where he meets an angelic looking man with a beard. Full
      of hope, he asks again, ‘Are you Mohammed?’ ‘No, I am Jesus, the Christ; you will
      find Mohammed higher up.’Mohammed higher than Jesus! Man, oh man! Obama can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs ever higher. Once again, he reaches an even larger
      room where he meets this truly magnificent looking man with a silver white beard
      and once again repeats his question:’Are you Mohammed?’ he gasps as he is by
      now, totally out of breath from all his climbing.’No, my son, I am Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega, but you look exhausted. Would you like a cup of coffee?’Obama says, ‘yes please!’ As God looks behind him, he claps his hands and yells out: ‘Hey, Mohammed, two coffees!’Keep your trust in God; your president will be replaced.

  3. JMJ says:

    If these kids are acting like the ones at my daughters’ school I am not surprised they are harassed. One in particular got his butt kicked every day. He would call the girls filthy names, tell them they had no right to be in school and receive and education. He even had the audacity to tell the other students that they were beneath him. So with that attitude does anyone honestly question why the harassment starts? Especially when it was the Somali student who started it in the first place. And even through all of that my daughter still tried to be nice to him until she just got fed up.

    1. djp says:

      That is NOT right! I am impressed your daughter kept trying to be nice to him…I would have just kicked him in the nuts! Your daughter rocks!

    2. MN_Mom says:

      In my children’s schools, it is the Somalis that harass kids every single day and continue to get away with it. When the kids threaten to fight back or report it, they are told “Go ahead, we’ll just say you’re racist and you’ll be the one in trouble!”

  4. Steve says:

    Why on earth do we have to live with these people .we will not and can not
    stand to be around them.and i know that they feel the same way about us.
    so why are they here. I say give them all a fishing rod and drop them all
    on an island i think Zebco will be glad to kick in some fishing rods.

    1. djp says:

      I will kick in some fishing rods too!!!

      1. Rouf says:

        I have been having ugarler facial treatments (ultradermie) here for several years and I wouldnt be without them! An hour of pampering with dim lights and gentle music is sheer bliss, and the results are certainly noticeable even as I approach my 60th year, my complexion is the best it’s ever been and receives ugarler compliments. The convenience of parking right outside is an added bonus and, when time permits, the peaceful walk along the canal takes only 20 minutes.

  5. RFF says:

    Tired of them all. Smelly Rude and VERY inconsideate of all of us. If they don’t like it here then please move. We won’t miss them at all. Tired od bending over backwards for these unhumam beings. Time for WELFARE REFORM. Quit giving to these people they don’t deserve any thing. Send them back NOW. Call me racist if you want. But they have no manners. Going to go and have a ham sandwich right now.

  6. Cathy Miller says:

    Wow. I can’t believe the hatred being spewed all over this comment section. I work with many Somali families and while I readily admit that there are many cultural issues that complicate interactions, there is no need for this kind of venomous response. It says a lot more about the commentors than the Somalis. There was a time when people said the same things about my ancestors (the Irish). Maybe some therapy to get over your anger issues would be helpfuil?

    1. JMJ says:

      So my daughter who has been tolerant should continue to be harrassed. Told she is worth nothing & called names. We are irish also………WHAT IS YOUR POINT!

    2. Brandon says:

      Or how about Cathy you open your eyes, and stop living in such a sheltered world. Come to St. Cloud once…take a walk around downtown for a day, better yet, go to the SCSU campus. These somalians have ZERO respect for others, they STINK, they’re LOUD, and they act like they own the damn place, but then again, they’re mostly here on visas foreign passports… They are not welcome here, we could use more civilized people up here. Ship them back, because I don’t like my tax dollars going to supporting people like this. I would rather it go to someone who actually did something to deserve the money.

      1. Eyes wide open says:

        Well, I’m here with eyes wide open, and here are some of the comments I see:

        nobody likes these stinky freaks

        we will not and can not stand to be around them

        Smelly Rude … unhumam beings

        I have never in my life seen one ethnicity of people who are so uniformly disgusting as the Somalis.

        Sadly, there’s plenty more of this in the comments attached to the numerous stories about Somalis posted by ‘CCO these past few days.

        Brandon, can we assume that somewhere along the way you learned about the Holocaust? Six million Jews, beaten, stabbed, shot, and gassed to death. Six million people regarded as “unhuman” and “uniformly disgusting” by too many Germans who did not raise a finger in protest when they started rounding the Jews up.

        Perhaps when they were rounding the Jews up it was too late for the German to do anything without risking internment, or worse, of her own. But you know when it wasn’t too late for the German to speak up? The months and years leading up to the rounding up, when her friends and neighbors, in the shops and public squares the equivalents of this comment area, offered opinion that dehumanized an entire people for their way of dress and their religious beliefs and their failure to assimilate and, no doubt, their “stink.” That’s when the German citizen had a moral obligation to stand up and be counted as someone who rejected ALL manner of opinions that would characterize and entire people as inhuman.

        Had enough Germans denounced anti-Semitism as a matter of course, perhaps the atmosphere of anti-Semitism would have dissipated to the point where something like the Final Solution would have remained unthinkable. But Germans didn’t stand up early enough, nor often enough. And that’s why some of us are standing up now on behalf of the Somalis in our community. Because the Holocaust taught us that if we’re to resist the banalization of evil, we need to remain vigilant against the kind of dehumanizing filth being peddled by some here, lest these ugly and degrading ways of thought become normal and acceptable.

        Now, do you want to claim that our German citizen wasn’t morally obligated to denounce the idea that all Jews were uniformly disgusting? Supposing you and Cathy are transported back in time, back to 1935 Germany. Cathy stands in a public square and decries the hatred being directed against the Jews. Now some honking, hissing imbecile comes goose-stepping along and claims that Jews are “unhuman” and “stinky freaks” and “uniformly disgusting.” “Stop living in a sheltered world,” he tells Cathy. “Open your eyes. These Jews have ZERO respect for others, they STINK, they’re LOUD…” Do you voice your support for Cathy? Or are you, Brandon, that honking, hissing, goose-stepping imbecile?

        If you would have stood with Cathy then, why don’t you stand with her now? If you agree that the German had a moral obligation to denounce the idea that all Jews were uniformly disgusting, then why doesn’t the Minnesotan have the moral obligation to denounce the idea that all Somalis are uniformly disgusting? Because it’s (thankfully!) not the case that a Somali internment, or worse, is right around the corner? I don’t see how that alters your moral obligation to denounce language that would justify that internment. Perhaps you can explain to me how it does.

        Cathy acknowledged that there are many “complicated issues and cultural interactions” surrounding Somalis in our community. That’s looking that the issue with eyes wide open. Acknowledging that justice was served in the case of the two Somali women convicted of terrorism, but that not all Somalis are terrorists, is looking at the issue with eyes wide open. Finally, suggesting that our melting pot may require a certain amount of assimilation, and that some Somalis are resisting that to the detriment of the community, that’s also looking at the issue with eyes wide open.

        All that some of us ask is that we explore these ideas without trafficking in the filthy racial and ethnic stereotyping that promotes genocide in less enlightened places in the world

        Keep fighting the good fight, Cathy 😉

        1. Cathy says:

          Thank you. You were far more eloquent than I was.

          When my ancestors came here from Ireland, they too were called horrible names and told to “go home”.

          Ironically, Native Americans have the most reason to be resentful of all of us immigrants coming here, taking their land, and decimating their culture. And here sit all of us in judgment of the newest waves of immigrants instead.

  7. DWI says:

    I just don’t understand why generations of hard working, tax paying, american citizens have to endure these people. They’re lowering our life style and are counter productive to our society. An investigation should be conducted as to rather or not they should be allowed to remain in our country.

  8. Kevin says:

    Aint diveristy grand?

    1. Jimmy says:

      ma se non erro si era gie1 detto che il 3ds rende graficamente melgio di WIi, in quanto gode di effetti di luce ecc. superiori. In ogni caso gie1 su Wii i titoli migliori graficamente sono pregevoli, tutto sta nello sfruttare lb4hw disponibile e su di uno schermo cosed piccolo sicuramente lb4impatto e9 migliore . Questo titolo non lb4ho avuto su PS2 quindi e9 nei miei most wanted senza dubbio, salvo che non venga inserito nella collezione in hd per xbox360 in uscita sempre in autunno!

  9. Kevin says:

    Aint my balls grand????

  10. Billoween says:

    Really nobody likes these stinky freaks, who the hell brought these losers here?

    1. A sensible person says:

      The same charities that the (R) crowd thinks will be serving everyone once you have your “welfare reform”.

      Imagine that!

      Also, T-Paw was happy to bring them in to make his international politics record look all shiny while punishing MN for his national political goals.

    2. ali says:

      your own mother brought us in to this country….that’s how cool we are.

  11. Cathy Miller says:

    My point, is that NOBODY should be harassed, not your daughter or a Somali student. I work in Minneapolis directly with Somali families every day. My eyes are open, they’re simply not filled with hatred.

    1. saints and sinners says:

      You must be a wonderful person in the eyes of God. Bully for you.

      I honestly don’t think I used to be a racist at all. But … exactly how many times do you need to witness the way these people behave, to see them do what they do, and to experience the arrogance and hatred they project before you don’t even want to see another one of them, much less contribute to their support?

      I have lived in four other countries and I have never in my life seen one ethnicity of people who are so uniformly disgusting as the Somalis.

      1. Cathy Miller says:

        I am not a saint by any stretch but I work with Somali children and their parents every day and I see them as individuals with great potential. I have had unpleasant experiences with SOME but I’m not willing to paint everyone in the group with the same brush.

      2. A sensible person says:

        I’m not a fan either, but I suppose you have to give them somewhat of a break for coming from an absolute nightmare. If we’re led to believe that external conditioning defines personality traits and such, it stands to reason that someone that has grown up with the only goal of survival will have a hard time adjusting to a completely new world of manners and personal interactions. I mean really, they’re killing each other all the time over there so there’s no reason for them to assume that we’re all here to be their pals. Some of the more irritated posters here just further prove that point.

        In the end, I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt. If they’re a jerk then so be it, but I won’t assume they’re a jerk until they prove it.

        1. saints and sinners says:

          All I’m saying is that, for me, they’ve “proven it.” Again and again. They have now “conditioned me” to paint them all with the same brush. The absolute worst part is they refuse to assimilate themselves into the American society that not only supports them financially but also offers them the opportunity for a future.

          Instead, they bite the hand that feeds them and vow to usurp our way of life. They need to leave our country.

          1. cls says:

            They? Do you know all of them? I understand that you have seen a bad side of some Somalians, just as I have seen the bad side of many men. Does this mean they are all bad?

          2. Sybil says:

            Why don’t you praise Cathy and encourage her to teach the families that she works with to become more American? You’re complaining out how they are and here is someone that can help them assimilate.

    2. Zeek says:

      Cathy, you work with these people providing them with beneficial services, and any human being, regardless of race, creed, etc will show you their best side when being serviced. It is human nature. Many of the comments here are crudely put, but are true. And before you paint me as a bigot, I am Jewish, had relatives who died in the death camps, and was married to a black man for eight years, and all of my children are people of color. I lived for quite a few years in the inner city in a neighbor with a high population of people from Somalia, and their show of entitlement, rudeness, and disrespect was disproportionately higher than the rest of the neighborhood. And yes, when you come from a culture where perfume wearing involves using an extraordinary amount, you do have a distinct and unpleasant odor. And to be fair, not all Somalians typify the norm, but those who do not are the exception.

  12. ali says:

    Hatred unlocks no doors in heaven.

    1. practice what you preach says:

      Yeah, well why don’t you preach that to your fellow pirates while they murder and steal from everybody as an everyday way of life.

    2. Billoween says:

      I don’t have to hate them, I just don’t want them here.

    3. Rags says:

      What would you know about Heaven? Allah’s not there.

  13. Cameron Mckelroy says:

    What’s it going to be, ‘CCO? Are you going to be a news organization, or a platform for white supremacy?

    These boards only serve to teach us that anonymity makes people behave like children, and say things they don’t have the guts to say in person and stand behind. Either make commenters verify their identities, or get rid of comments altogether. If any of you white supremacists disagree, put your money where your mouth is and post your real name so us regular folks can avoid your businesses! (Then kindly make your way to stormfront so our children don’t have to listen to your garbage.)

    1. sez ze pot to ze kettle says:

      And ze pot calls ze kettle black. Mayhaps it is you who should practice what you preach.

      And guess what? This isn’t about white supremacy, it’s about finding Somalis’ behavior disgusting.

    2. really? says:

      how do you know Cameron, that “they” are white? That’s quite an assumption and quite racist too.

  14. See BS says:

    We’re suppose to raise taxes for public schools, so liberals can use public schools for their personal battleground for “Multi-culturalism”

    “Multi-Culturalism” is a form of liberal bible banging, it’s religion and it doesn’t belong in public schools at all.

  15. Phid says:

    The bottom line is that different cultures do not easily mix. Liberals miss this reality, and the people who suffer the consequences are the rest of society. Creating “pockets” of Somalis (or any foreigners from very different cultural backgrounds) in the U.S. simply serves to make it harder for them to acclimate to mainstream culture. A BETTER way would have been to allow them into the U.S. at a more gradual rate, or try to spread them around geographically.

    1. send 'em back says:

      So you agree all these pockets of somalis won’t work and we should send ’em all back home for a do over. Good. I can go along with that. As long as the do over means we don’t let ’em back in.

      1. cls says:

        I know of a Somalian family. The mother supports 12 people in the household. Her husband has shells in his back from the war and can hardly walk. This family servives on one person’s meat packing plant wages for 12 people. Some of the children are her nieces and nephews whose parents were killed in the war.

        The Somalians I know are humble people who would love to return to their country if it weren’t ravaged by war.

        1. cls says:

          ***bullet fragments ***survives

          I don’t need anyone ripping on me for not posting without errors!

  16. sadie says:

    So, we elect a new President who does not believe in keeping our doors wide open. Ship all Illegals back to their Country. We cannot afford to take care of everyone who needs help. Let’s find out where our dollars are going. I found out today that 770 million of our taxpayer dollars went to restore mosques in foreign lands. An Atlanta TV station put this on U tube. So this is money that USA borrowed from China? Entitlements are what Congress and the Government workers receive. Match their $’s and benefits with the private sector. ETC, ETC, ETC……………………..

  17. Rags says:

    Will the school board be installing HEPA filters and extra ventilation fans in the hallways and classrooms to deal with the So-smelly-ya problems faced by other students and staff?

  18. Connie says:

    I agree that the Somali woman who refuses to take off her head scarf or stand when a judge enters the room is using her religion as an excuse not to follow the rules in our society. But folks, lumping a race of people together and calling them names is truly racist. I am an older person (64) and recently supervised many Somali’s on the job. I found them to be, to a person, hard-workers, friendly and able to achieve an excellent result. I will enjoy learning more about their culture and how it will be incorporated into ours. Give them a chance, please!

  19. Rags says:

    Send the Somalis home so they can all blow themselves up.

  20. Tak says:

    Avendolo gi giocato respavo in un progetto totalmente nuovo SPOILER GIGANTE ma sono cos fessi da mettere tra gli screen la boss battle finale?

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