MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Protesters who have occupied a government plaza in Minneapolis for nearly a month in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement will soon face new restrictions.

Hennepin County officials said Wednesday they will begin winterizing the plaza between the county building and Minneapolis City Hall this Friday. They say protesters will have to consolidate their possessions and can’t leave them unattended anymore or they’ll be taken.

The number of portable toilets is being cut from seven to three, and starting Friday no more signs will be allowed.

County officials also said for the first time that they won’t allow overnight sleeping once significant snow falls or the temperature falls below 25 degrees.

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  1. Goober says:


    1. Arnie says:

      Ticket them? You would actually have to talk to / smell them to hand out a ticket.

      I vote for fire hoses and dogs – its proven to be effective, and fun to watch!

      1. me says:

        Hey Arnie and Goober..
        Not everyone there is what you think they are…Many of us had good paying jobs…familys…homes…houses…etc. We are protesting because this country along with the world needs to be fixed. So to say we all smell or are trespassing is wrong. I shower..I work…I’m married with children. I protest because I give a **** about my country. I have a right right to voice my opinion in any public space where I have paid taxes. By the way…Many of us care about those smelling homeless people..perhaps it would do you some good to get some compassion.

        1. me says:

          Many of us have good paying jobs…not had…typos bah…

        2. Arnie says:

          lol at your attempt to describe the occupiers of the third world like tent city as something other than lousy smelly hippy wannabes.

          fire hoses and dogs is whats needed. My compassion is saved for the
          people who clean up after you and the taxpayers who have to pay for it.

          1. me says:

            Ummm we pay for our own things thank you very much. You OBVIOUSLY are clueless to anything but WHAT you choose to believe.

            1. molly says:

              So, you’re going to pay for the mess you pigs leave behind?

              1. Drew says:

                If you knew anything at all about these people you would know that they will clean up after themselves and it is quite possible that you wouldn’t even be able to tell they were there.

            2. Pat says:

              What good are they doing?

              Have a march, something… Just sitting there s boring. You are easily ignored.

        3. AntiTeabagger says:

          You protest because you are one of the 99% of the whiners out there who expect us people with jobs to pay your way, you are part of the ME generation. You give twocents about your country like you say? Go join the Military like I did and servered by country for 14 years. get off your tails and do something besides sit there looking like a tuna, the time you waste there you could be looking for a job, but then again, you expect 100.00 per hour “just because”

          1. Chris m says:

            Yep, did you injure your brain in the military? I kind of sound like you did.

            1. AntiTeabagger says:

              Don’t ever knock my service to my country, as a disabled veteran I am assamed in your comments, do you realize because of guys like me who put their lives on the line every day so that you punks can make statements like this. Cry all you want for this or that, all of you have been raised as spoiled brats and when the government finally has enough of your garbage you whine.

              1. Julie says:

                bite me anti-teabagger
                Just because you served doesn’t make you a hero.
                There are plenty of bullies in uniform.
                Stop using your stint in the service like Cain uses the race card.

                Your attitude really sucks.
                If you were true to your uniform, you would have compassion for the homleless AMERICANS because you are fighting for the rights of ALL, not just the pretty people.

                1. Timmy says:

                  you are a real P.O.S.

                2. Jake says:

                  Actually, JULIE, if you served honorably, especially in a COMBAT ZONE, you ARE a HERO, and I don’t care what you say. That person VOLUTEERED to sacrifice their LIFE, so you could put on your silly protests, which don’t resonate as being ‘courageous’ at all, not when you form mobs all across the country, with no coherent message, with no leadership, and act like a bunch of ADHD spoiled babies. Your message comes across as incredibly IGNORANT, for many reasons.

                3. Mad as Heck says:

                  Julie, get out of this country. You do not deserve the freedoms the military has served for. You think they aren’t heros? Try thinking again and studying the history. Each veteran has served proud and I believe in some way they are all heros. Why don’t you enlist and see what it is like before you make comments?

              2. me says:

                Ummm I have a job Thank you very much, in fact, I have a dang good paying job…so you know maybe you should quit judging everyone and sterotyping. NOT everyone at the protest is unemployed …check your facts before you speak.

                1. me says:

                  So Timmy, are you saying people that call people out on the carpet are P.O.S’s? becaus I tell you what, I agree with Julie. Anyone who is true to their uniform, cares about people…including the homeless. I have many of family members that fought and served their country from WW1 all the way up to Iraq…Soo I’m allowed like Julie, to call them like I see them.

              3. Milorad Paunovic says:

                You were fighting against whom? Someone who attacked US? No, we were free here and you fought for someones profit.

                1. AntiTeabagger says:

                  Yes, I have fought for not only other countries but my own as well. Yes the US was attacked, ever hear of a little incident on 9/11/2011? Oh that is right you were probably still sucking your thumbs and feeling all warm and cozy in your bed.

            2. AntiTeabagger says:

              Oh and tell me what are you fighting for? If you think your such a big shot, why not run for office and REALLY try to change things. Be the bigger man and try to get voted in and make a difference. Oh thats right it is easier to sit on your behinds and and cry on your computer. Back in the say you EARNED things by WORKING HARD for them, not sitting on your duffs and expecting things to change just because you hold a sign and cry on the street!

              1. Justthinkaboutit says:

                Are you looking in the mirror Teabagger?

            3. bobby says:

              @Chris m- agree or disagree with his statements…Do NOT EVER put down a member of our military.
              and as a point, if you are ripping someone for not making sense, you might want to proof read your comments…moron.

              @antiTeabagger- Thank you for your service. We ALL appreciate it.

            4. Jake says:

              Did you learn how to get stupid in college? “I kind of sound like you did”.

          2. julie says:

            Timmy, I am an American and I am free to have my own opinion.
            If you don’t like it, that is your right.
            If you are insecure enough, go ahead and flame me all you want if it will make your poor injured male ego feel better.

            I didn’t say ALL servicemembers are bullies lol
            I have family over there right now.
            By bullies I am talking about people like the wonderful service members who were torturing prisoners in Guantanamo Bay incessantly and sometimes beating them..

            Something to be proud of ya? Ohhhhhh. Makes a guy or two ton tessie feel really good about how big they are.

            Beating and sexually harassing men with bags over their heads.

            bite me.

            1. bobby says:

              Julie- I am American, and can have my own opinion too….and i think you are an idiot.

              So did AntiTeabagger give you the impression that he was involved in guantanamo? or that he was anything but a great service member.

              I am wondering why your first instinct was to assume he is a bully, rather than assuming he is one of the good guys and heroes.

              1. Orrin says:

                The tone and content of anti teabagger would easily lead one to believe there is a bully there. That goes along with the others here with the name calling over an opinion. Did Julie have to give you every example of what a military bully does?
                As far as criticizing former military people than should Tim McViegh get a free pass because he was a member of the military

                1. Jake says:

                  @orrin, RUBBISH. antiteabagger doesn’t sound like a bully to me, he/she sounds like a PROUD, CONFIDENT, ABLE, *COHERENT*, reasonable, patriotic, and responsible person. Bringing up McVeigh was really stupid. No civilized person condones his actions. He may have had a beef, but his response was barbaric.

                2. bobby says:

                  @Orrin- TONE? Are you fricking kidding me. You can tell someones tone from written words. You are an idiot. I hope you and Julie have fun freezing your toes off sitting at the plaza this winter.

                  oh wait, no I don’t actually because WE, the taxpayers, will probably be picking up the tab.

            2. Move to another country then!!!! says:

              I say send Julie over to Afghanistan and see how she feels once she has been put in that position. War is War, there are no friends in war. You are fighting for your survival and nothing should be off the table when it comes to war.
              Let me ask you this Julie, if a radical muslim walked up to you with a bomb strapped to his/her back do you think they are going to ask you to leave first or think that what they are doing is wrong so maybe they shouldn’t do it? I mean come on, do whatever it takes to get information from one of those dirt bags so that they may be able to prevent an attack and maybe just save your life. I applaud all you who have served and are serving and say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

              1. Orrin says:

                So we should have let all the Germans go at Nurenberg because you should do whatever it takes in war?

                1. Jake says:

                  Actually, we DID let a lot of German soldiers go when WWII ended. What we did was put their LEADERSHIP on trial, hung or shot most of them if found guilty, or sent them to prison for life. Same thing for the Japanese, if they didn’t commit suicide.

            3. AntiTeabagger says:

              I am certainly not a bully, but if it takes one person to waterboard a terrorist to save 3,000 american lives, I say where is the bucket. I did things for this country that you would never hear in the news about, you know why, because the American people love to feel safe and cozy, well guess what, we have to watch our back every second of the day, and if that means we have to carry a big stick, so be it. I hope you sleep well at night with the comfort of the freedom blanket I and others like me have provided to you.

              Julie, you obviously have never left the country and do not respect what you have, freedom.

              I still don’t see or hear what the agenda of the Occupy MN is, their are no clear objectives, no clear leadership.in this failed cause. It is like a chicken running around with its head off, eventually that chicken will die.

              You think it is “cool” to protest and don’t even know what you are protesting about. One day it is banks, the next the government, the next whatever and who knows. Pick a topic and raise your voices, that is your right! But don’t walk around blindly expecting others to do the same, you are all sheep following an blind man.

              1. Jake says:

                You go, antiteabagger, coming from a paratrooper. These ‘occupiers’ have NOTHING on you.

                1. Kevin says:

                  @ Jake. IT IS CALLED AN OPINION YOU ILLITERATE POS. We are all allowed to have one..POS like you like to put down and rip people who don’t think like you. Crawl out of your cave

            4. AntiTeabagger says:

              I tell you what Julie, why don’t you take a trip overseas and then go and tell those wonderful men that they can come over your house and kill your family and all your friends, oh, and have them strap a bomb onto your chest as well. You protect people that would slice your head off without thinking twice about it. Hmmm, really smart. What do you do with a rabid dog? Do you let him run around town biting everyone? No, you take it out back, put a bullet it it’s head so that it doesn’t harm anyone else. Wake up. Your in fantasy land.

        4. Deb says:

          Arnie, Goober,
          Protesting has always been the Patriotic thing to do. If you see a friend in trouble don’t you want to help them? Well America used to be the common mans friend, but now, not so much. 1% of the country owns 99% of the Country. Now does that sound like the United States of America from the 40’s and 50’s? or even the 60’s? America has lost it’s Democracy and well intentioned brainwashed citizens don’t understand that. They believe their still is truth being told to them by the media and are afraid to look left or right for fear they might learn the truth!!!! OMG! THE TRUTH! Read about it and free yourself from the uptight fascist government of the wealthy elite! Other wise do as you are told and shut up. The wealthy don’t want to hear about your petty complaints like no money, no food, no shelter.

          1. Mad as Heck says:

            Where do you get your statics Deb? In your little head? And since when is it a crime to work your butt off to earn a buck and if you become WEALTHY and ELITE, is that a sin too? Maybe a few of those protestors should do volunteer work instead of costing the middle class tax payers money. Look at the cost that mounts everyday they choose to exercise their freedoms.

        5. spare me says:

          I also learned you care so much about the homeless that many of the protestors are having sex with them. Keep up the great work! BTW, what exactly do you want to happen besides turning the US into a 3rd world country?

    2. peanut says:

      If it was me. I would ticket them and raise their taxes by 7%. That will teach them a lesson. Bunch of whine babies.

  2. tonkahlm says:

    No signs – really? Where’s freedom of speech?

    1. bobby says:

      I agree that telling them they can’t have signs is going a bit too far. But it is NOT a freedom of speech issue. Freedom of speech is not all encompassing. They are on county property, and the county has the right to tell them what they can and can not do.

      1. Julie says:

        freedom of expression?
        if I want to express myself on a sign, I will.

        1. bobby says:

          Not if you are on someone else’s property, Julie. You can’t do as you wish anywhere you want to do it.

          It’s called property rights, julie. Get a clue.

        2. Jake says:

          Signs, signs, everywhere signs, clogging up the scenery, breaking my mind, DO THIS/DON’T DO THAT, can’t you read the sign??

      2. julie says:

        it is public property you dolt lol

        1. bobby says:

          Pretty sure government Plaza is COUNTY owned property.

          1. Orrin says:

            And that would make it public property. It would be reasonable to hold a sign with your opinion on it as long as you were not blocking access.

            1. Jake says:

              When the Tea Party held their rallies, they had to get PERMITS, INSURANCE, SECURITY, and when they protested, they were CIVIL, DECENT, didn’t challenge the police or provoke them, they didn’t break ANY LAWS, and when they left, the places that they were were left just as clean as they were before they arrived. Quite a contrast to you ‘occupy’ protesters. No wonder your heads are getting broke.

            2. bobby says:

              The COUNTY owns the land. The county can make any rules to regulate the land that they want. It is public land, yes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the rules.

              1. Raymond says:

                Exactly booby – that’s what makes it “public” land. You, me, others pay our taxes to the county and this is part of the people’s property. If you’ve taken a college civics class, this and its SCOTUS case would have been covered. If they were protesting in the hallways of a mall that is privately owned – then the mall owner can legally have them removed.

                Hennepin County is treading on the edges with the limitations they are putting in place. I’m sure their lawyers are keeping track of how close they are coming to being sued over amendment rights.

                1. Citizen says:

                  With Rich Stanek, a Republican, as Sheriff, I’m waiting for the lawsuits. Watch how much that will cost the taxpayers.

                2. bobby says:

                  @Raymond- Can i walk into a city park and start cutting down trees? NO, because the park has rules, even though it is city land and “the taxpayers” paid for it.
                  If you think just because it is county owned, and public property, that you can do ANYTHING you want, then why don’t the protestors go inside the government building, or occupy the Hennepin county courthouse, technically that is public property as well, but you can’t because there are rules that need to be followed.

                  “The People’s Property” does not mean it’s a place without rules.

                  No one is going to get sued over amendment rights…freedom of speech is not all encompassing. You can’t say anything you want anywhere you want to say it.

  3. Cindy says:

    What do these people want? What is there goal? Would any of them accept 300K shares of IBM stock?

    1. Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu says:

      I would love to take 300k of IBM stock…. But I’m not a protester. I’m just a guy with a very small amount of money who believes that working hard (or enjoying 300k of IBM shares) might one day get me out of poverty.

    2. Jake says:

      Most of them wouldn’t know WHAT TO DO with all of that stock. They aren’t smart enough to know how to manage it. Pretty sad, after 4 years of college.

  4. Inthemidwest says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Mohandas Gandhi.

    Looks like the fighting is starting.

    1. bobby says:

      what will they win exactly? No one cares.

      1. anon says:

        Wrong bobby, I CARE…and am glad for the protesters, and someone brave enough to speak out on behalf of all that is wrong with this world, including the number one problem GREED….

        1. floyd says:

          Protesters? They’re nothing but a bunch of worthless street urchins!!!

          1. jackactionhero says:

            Prove it or admit you made it up and are an idiot, floyd.

            1. Jake says:

              The ‘proof’ is on the photo attached to this story. Enough said.

      2. Citizen says:

        Right now there is an online petition and movement for people to pull their money and investments out of the big banks that were part of the Wall Street bailout; it asks people to move their money to local banks and credit unions. That will help Main Street, not Wall Street. A great idea, but one I have already participated in many years ago to support my community.

        1. AntiTeabagger says:

          Yeah, so lets make the economy fall even harder by having everyone take money out of wall stree. What are you thinking?

    2. Jake says:

      Are you advocating MOB RULE??

  5. Donnie S says:

    Nobody pays any attention to the flea party. They are doing all this in vain.

    1. anon says:

      Wrong Donnie…
      I pay attention…you know why..because unlike some people, I actually care about my country, this world, and the corporate greed that goes along with it…Things need to change. Not everyone thinks this is in vain. Keep up the good work Protestors…speak on the behalf of us who are too afraid to stand up for our rights!!!!!

  6. barry says:

    They should blast Barry Manilow music from 8:00 P.M. till 6:00 A.M.. Just watch them scatter like rats at a McDonalds.

    1. someone says:

      Some of us actually like barry manilow. That would make me want to stay! Good suggestion! 🙂

    2. Jake says:

      Actually, I think that Hank Williams Jr. would be better. I would suggest that they play “Country Boy Can Survive” over and over again, REAL LOUD.

  7. Kevin says:

    Barry Manilow? BWAHAHAHA
    Now I have heard it all.
    Aint diversity grand?

    1. Kevin says:

      I am very, very ignorant.

      1. Jake says:

        Yes, Kevin, you ARE. Get a LIFE.

  8. Callina says:

    It’s sad. I hear a lot about corporate greed, and the protestors want to “fix” that. Other say that unions are just as bad as corporations when it comes to being greedy.

    Republicans are slammed for feeding corporate greed. Democrats feed the unions. In both parties, there is corruption and personal agendas.

    There IS no such thing as corporate greed. Or union greed. There is simply GREED, which is not a Republican problem, or a Democrat problem, but a HUMAN problem.

    Will the protests do any good? I don’t know. Perhaps they will change the HEARTS of certain people. Politically, we shall see.

    I support the right of peaceful protest. I lose respect for the protest when it becomes violent, but that’s just me. Only time will tell if these protests will actually make a difference in the political climate or not.

    Maybe it will… one HEART CHANGE at a time.

  9. I like the forehose idea!!!! says:

    You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.

    When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work, because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation!

    We live in a country of the so called free, so therfore you should be free to make as much money as you want. Why should anyone be punished due to the fact they did something with their life? To all those protestors that have a job but want us all to give more then I say why don’t you all give a little extra to cover us that feel we have given enough. In a nut shell that is what you want the rich to do is give more of what they have to you so why don’t you give more to that homeless person next to you? Just asking

  10. Opps meant firehose says:

    Opps meant firehose

  11. The Gooch says:

    Corprorate greed built this and every other country. Wall Street isn’t what’s wrong with this country. What’s wrong with it is everyone thinks the world owes them something. I’m so sick of this “the rich should give to the poor” attitude. The world doesn’t owe you anything…and neither does Wall Street. You want someone to blame for the economy….blame the people who lived above their means to buy homes and luxuries they couldn’t afford…

  12. lijingjing says:

    Unknown message

  13. nordy says:

    If you went to the U for four years starting in 1979 and ending in 1983 you would have paid a total of $4,152 in tuition. Now a freshman at the U will pay over $40,000 for for year. Furthermore, if you compare the minimum wage at those times ($3.10 in 1980, $7.25 now) a student in 1981 had to work 7 hours a week for 52 weeks to make tuition money. Now the students have to work 25 hours a week for tuition. I see this as the boomer generation refusing to pay for this generation as the greatest generation did for them. In essence they pulled the ladder up after they used it to get on top. If you see it differently, I would love to read it.

    1. Reality sucks says:

      Yeah nordy, and I remember buying a candybar for 25 cents and now that same candybar is more than a dollar. What the hell is your point exactly?

      1. Citizen says:

        Hi, Reality. Perhaps nordy’s point would be that while minimum wage doubled, the cost of tuition went up ten times. I always look at the price of a paperback book. In the 1970’s it was about 95 cents, now the price is $10–again 10 times the increase. I always ask myself if my wages went up that much from the same time. An even better comparison is property taxes. Ours have increased 20 times over in 30 years!

        1. Reality sucks says:

          Good morning Citizen! I think Nordy hates “old” people. I wish s/he had as much commonsense to understand inflation.

          1. Citizen says:

            Good morning to you, also, Reality. I am truly waiting for some enlightened coverage of the U.S. financial situation–particularly the latest budget talks since the present budget agreement is only good until November 15. Can the mainstream media get any more superficial in its coverage of current events? I see there is now a ‘CCO article now on college costs and incurred debt. Are you hearing any more interesting news out of China? I see that Europe is asking China for bailout money now.

            1. Reality sucks says:

              Yes! China’s housing is in serious trouble–hit by 50%. The banks are going thru QE with money printing galore. The most amazing info to flow was the situation regarding Europe and the restrictions on China bailing them out-IN THEIR OWN CURRENCY AND TO BE PAID BACK IN China’s OWN CURRENCY. Causing huge implications to the dollar and American bonds. Also news on U.S bond bubble that has developed and as far as the super committee….well, if that doesn’t happen you and I both know exactly what’s going to happen. It’s ugly out there.

              1. Citizen says:

                And the bottom line is that the banks after being so deregulated have caused the financial problems. The world needs to admit that and get the political solutions in order–break up the big banks, regulate the He11 out of them, relearn the lessons of the Great Depression. Of course, China also wants its currency to trump the dollar, so…..yes, very, very ugly out there.

                1. Reality sucks says:

                  Yep, and as we’ve seen with this last investment bank that just went under (with a missing stash of client money)—they’ve learned nothing! NOTHING. Greece is just the beginning. The haters out there of OWS will soon be fans.

    2. Jake says:

      nordy, if a couple of RESPONSIBLE parents put away a couple of hundred dollars away for each child every year for college, if teens put away a few hundred while working during high school, if they get good enough grades to get a scholarship, and if college students work during college to help pay for things, they wouldn’t be 40 GRAND in debt after 4 years of college. They might only be 20 grand in debt, which can be paid off. OR, they can join the military and get the GI BILL, or they can get employed at a good company that will help them pay their tuition. Ever heard of “supply and demand”?? College tuition keeps going up because there is too much easy money available to pay for it. College “professors” are laughing all the way to the BANK. Don’t go to college to party for 4 years and don’t pursue a bull**** degree, and you can make it. Don’t expect an $80K salary upon graduation just because you have a degree. Doesn’t mean SQUAT.

  14. Kevin says:

    Maybe they should get a job…take a shower……and stop crying…

  15. me says:

    Kevin…many of us protestors have jobs…I for one have a good paying job…why don’t people check their facts first, before assuming everyone at the protest is jobless???

    1. Jane says:

      well get to work and stop whining. Hold the pickles please.

    2. nordy says:

      I have a full time job and years of loans to pay back. The hypocrisy of the older generations is ridiculous, they had the privilege of having affordable secondary education and now they pull the ladder up on this generation

      1. Reality sucks says:

        Again nordy, I’m having a hard time following you. Are you confused? The so-called 1% is not referring to the population at the top age level. Got a problem with boomers? Well, they are here, they have every right to be—and unlike my generation, they earned it!

      2. AntiTeabagger says:

        Should have spent 4 years in the Military and then your college would be paid for. Enough said about that. Maybe next time study not drink so much beer?

    3. Jake says:

      So, WHY are you protesting then?? Wouldn’t your time be better spent at a homeless shelter, or serving your community, or teaching some kid how to be a model citizen, instead of contributing to a ’cause’ that costs taxpayers’ lots of money to ‘police’ your activities?

      1. AntiTeabagger says:

        Because they love to sit on their cans and cry about how NO ONE helps them. Help yourself, if you put half the effort in finding a job as they do protesting, there would be no protesting. All I see is a bunch of 19-25 year old whiners from the ME generation crying because they think it is cool and that they have had everything handled to them for so long they don’t know what else to do.

        Hard work gets you places, sitting on front of a building crying about it and putting up little websites doesn’t. This is why kids these days are taught in school, oh, little timmy your not a loser, your the last winner. Then they get in the real world and get their arses handed to them and then cry and whine about what is fair. I earn everything I have.

        1. Votenoobama2012 says:

          hahaha outstanding comment

  16. See BS says:

    Someone who makes $30,000 a year in the USA is among the top 1% wealthiest in the world.

    We have the most obese poor people on the planet.

  17. Jake says:

    Boy, the ‘occupiers’ sure got SHUT UP IN A HURRY. They must have run out of liberal LOGIC.

    1. AntiTeabagger says:

      OF course, because they have no leg to stand on! It is all about why mommy and daddy lied to them all those years and told them how special they were. When they should have gotten the belt and told that it is a dog eat dog world and get used to it. Love it they shut up huh Jake!!!!

    2. Citizen says:

      No, Jake, everyone is just tired of your posts and your flaming.

      1. Jake says:

        No, the MAJORITY of the citizens are tired of your leaderless whining, the total lack of ANY CREDENTIALS, and your immature, irresponsible, UNAmerican, never-ending whining. There are talkers, and there are doers. Talkers rarely get anything meaningful done. Doers, on the other hand, GET THINGS DONE.

  18. Jake says:

    Maybe you ‘occupiers’ should hire Jon Corzine to run your ‘organization’. He has a GREAT track record. He ran Goldman Sachs into the ground, then he ran New Jersey into the ground, now, he just ran HF into the ground. Sounds PERFECT for you, and ME.

  19. Bud says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…… what….., there are protesters somewhere? What are they doing? Sitting? What the bleep will that do?

    Back to something important, hey look a squirrel.

  20. DirtyHippie says:

    Look at all the Family Values on display!!

    1. Citizen says:

      @Dirty. I don’t know how old you are, but all these “family values” were played the same way in the 1960’s in the Civil Rights movement and the student protests of the VietNam War. The protesters better “gird their loins” to take on the powers that be. Posters on this website scoffed at me when I warned of deaths and injuries. Well, we now have injuries–the vet in Oakland, the protesters run over by a car. Now law enforcement is “creating” new rules, so here we go!

      1. Jake says:

        Yeah, citizen, I remember the Vietnam protests. I also remember hearing a COMMUNIST N. Vietnamese general say after the war that if it weren’t for the likes of people like YOU, there was NO WAY that they would have won. Then the Khmer Rouge masacred millions of Cambodians shortly thereafter. Really nice track record you have there. The vet in Oakland was in the wrong place at the right time, and the person who got “run over” was with a group pounding on a Mercedes Benz, maybe an EXPENSIVE MB, that was blocked on a street. Excuse ME, but a car is PERSONAL PROPERTY, and people like you should keep your filthy hands to yourselves, and off of others OR their property. Now, the new “ACORN” has been caught getting involved in NY. Your ‘messiah’ prez is in deep trouble in the polls, and you people are desperate to get him re-elected to continue the Greek replay. When you start the RIOTS at the RNC next year, it will seal your fate.

    2. Jake says:

      “Which family values” are you referring to? Do you mean the GAY ones?

  21. DirtyHippie says:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  22. Votenoobama2012 says:

    lets get some Oakland type of head cracking going on in minneapolis. Most of the protesters are gays who dont want to work. They are just wasting time and space. I cant wait till it gets 10 degrees then poof they will be gone. In the meantime we need the police to get in there and smash some of these lazy punks heads

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